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THE MISSIONS I TO SEAMEN. '(Foundêd 1856.) r'" '— A generous gift has enabled THE MISSIONS TO SEAMEN to PURCHASE a BUILDING in a good position at I DUN KERQUE. -0 £ 10,000 i& required to convert it into an Institute and a small Church for BRITISH SEAMEN. Please send a Gill or an Offertory, as a Thank-Offering to God for the wonderful heroism and self-sacrifice of our Sailors and a proof that the Church is not forgetful of them. STUART C. KNOX, M.A., I ■■■ Secretary. THE MISSIONS TQ SEAMEN, 11, Buckingham Street, Strand, London, W.C. 2. THE FRIEND OF TMH VIJMNUX CORPORATION. TO POOR MARRIED CLERGY OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. The Committee of this Corporation, as Trustees of the gift-of the late Miss Dickinson, about December 16th next, will DIVIDE the sum of seventy-five pounds equally between FIVE CLERGYMEN, who must "bo married men of good character, in actual exercise of parochial duties, and having children v under 16 years of age. Candidates should apply by letter only, giving two references as to character, one of whom should be the Archdeacon or Rural Dean, and stating receipts (gross and net) from all sources for the past twelve months, and number, ages, and sexes of children, not later than Tuesday, November 25th, to the Secretary, 15, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, W C. 2. Successful candidates only will be communicated W'tb' Rev. A. R. NUNN-RIVERS, Secretary St.JghnlsEarisield Desperate Straits A Heart-Breaking Task This Mission District in South London, containing a population of 6 000 of the very poorest classes, has 10 CHURCH. A small hall for 240 people is all that is available for the 6,000. The lonely clergyman working single, handed sadly needs friends who will help him to build a Church and Mission •Room. Who will come to the Rescue ? Please send help to the Rev. H. P. FEWTRELX., 224, Garratt-lane, Earls- held, S.W. 18. QUEEN VICTORIA CLERGY FUND. (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1897.) OBJECT.—To impress upon all the members of the Church of JBngland the clearly defined Christian duty of contributing towards the support of the Clergy. CONTRIBUTIONS received by the Central Fund are distributed by the Council amongst the affiliated dioceses in proportion to their needs. Remittances for the Central Fund should be sent to the Secretary, SYDNEY W. FLAMANK, Esq. (Secretary to the Church House), Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster j S.W. 1. Cheques to be Crossed "London Joint, Stock Bank, Westminster Branch." WOMAN'S MISSION TO WOMEN. The Missionaries visit the Streets, Hospitals, Infirmaries, Police Courts, &c. 500 'Prisoners on Remand were helped during the past year. Bankers; I BARCLAYS BANK, 95, Victoria St., S.W. 1. Office: Victoria House, 117, Victoria St., S.W. 1 Secretary: ARTHUR J. S. MADDISON SOCIETY FOR THE ABOLITION OF VIVISECTION The Society offers to send a popular speaker free of charge to Literary Societies, Brother hoods, League Meetings, etc. With regard to the Lecturer the Secretary of a large Brother- hood said: "Mr. Reed did us very good service and the men were delighted with his earnest- ness and ability." Autumn and Winter engage- ments should be booked at once.—22, North- umberland Avenue, London, W.C, ni rRPV FRIENDLY uLCtlUI SOCIETY, > Secretary- Bev. R. B. Powell, Church House. Westminster. S,W Spanish and Portuguese- Church Aid Society. CHURCH HOUSE, WESTMINSTER, S.W- I"- ANNUAL MEETING- A ALI Church House, Westminster (Great Smith Street Entrance). Tuesday next, November 18th, 3 p.m. Chairman THE RIGHT REV. BISHOP INGHAM, D.D. Speakers REV. G. F. IRWIN, B.D REV. THOS. J, PULVERTAFT, I M.A., who have this year visited the Peninsula. Collection in aid of the Reformed Churches. Owing to the Exchange, the cost of currency grants to Spanish centres has greatly increased. Help is urgently needed to enable the Reformed Churches to main- tain their present work. They are unable to respond to appeals by the ministers for visits and for the appointment of local pastors. Contributions will be gratefully received by the Rev. H. E. NOYES, D.D., Hon. Finance Secretary; and by the Rev. THOS. J. PULVERTAFT, Consulting and Editorial Secretary, Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster, S.W. I COLONIAL AND CONTINENTAL CHURCH SOCIETY. Humbly, earnestly, and faithfully the Society is discharging the plain duty of alleviating the spiritual desti- tution and promoting the spiritual I welfare of our countrymen scattered I over the great portion of the earth's surface in the colonies, or settled on the Continent of Europe, by propa- gating the power of the Gospel of Christ, and seeking by wielding this two-edged sword of the Spirit to bring souls to His obedience and thus to hasten the day when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters eover the sea. The Society urgently requires £ 68,000 to meet most pressing needs. Will you, respond now ? Secretary: The Rev. J. D. MULLINS, 9, SERJEANTS'-INN. FLEET-STREET, LONDON. E.C. 4. 'Ada Leigh, Homes: in Paris. FOUNDED 1872. Patron: Her Majesty the Queen Alexandra. THa STRIKE means LOSS OF INCOME and increased difficulties. DONATIONS URGENTLY NEEDED to carry on. The Times," 6th September, 1919. _U The. C -Ada Leigh I Homes are doing most useful public work." GRAHAM SHEFFIELD, Esq., Secretary, The I Church House, Dean's yard, Westminster, London, S.W. 1.