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do 50,000,000 a Colds and chills, so they tell us, cost this country nearly a million a week. With still more Wolsey how much might be saved Let us forget for a moment the extraordinary comfort Wolsey offers, its steadfast refusal to shrink in wash or wear, its very useful range of weights and qualities and sizes, its uniform ex- cellence and its splendid service, and let us see how Wolsey prevents chill. Wolsey is pure wool, and the best thing about pure wool la that it is the worst heat-conductor in the world. In other words, clad in Wolsey wool, your body is proof against that sudden loss of heat or, if you like, that sudden assault- of cold which heralds Chill. By keeping the body's temperature equable—and Wolsey wool y does this better than aught else known to nature or to science-it performs a priceless service. Though Wolsey, admittedly,, costs more than it used to, its real worth, when you come to think of it, is beyond rubies. WOLSEY "THE EST THE WORLD PRODUCES91 You own Hosier, Outfitter., Draper or Store can supply Wolsey jn a size and weight to suit y^u. Every garment is pure wool and unshrinkable should any prove otherwise, you get. a brand new garment free. If you have any dit!iculty in obtaining IV olsey, kindly write the manufacturers. bsssstl. WOLSEY UNDERWEAR COMPANY, LEICESTER Jrm$ <Fe m. Vw MR,, As J.T. WHITE writes Phosferine has done my nerves more good than all other medicines pin. together after the terrible nerve strain that my nerves have had during the last 3 years. The splendid results I am still deriving from Phosferine are wonderful, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the benefit. My friends who have tried Phosferine are very thankful to me for recom- mending such a wonderful remedy as Phosferine.i, Chartcris Road, Finsbury Park, London, N.4. This recent sufferer from Nerve strain declares it was Phosferine alone which enabled him to outlast the exceptionally exhausting tax on his nerves during the last few years—Phosferine revitalised his exhausted nerve centres and supplied them with the extra nerve force to uphold his system throughout the most-severe strain. When you require the Best Tonic Medicine, see that you get PHOSFERINE A PROVEN REMEDY FOR NERVE STRAIN Influenxa Nervous Debility Indigestion Sleeples;sness Exhaustion Neuralgia Matefsiity Weakness Premature Decay Mentai Exhaustion Loss of Appetite Lassitude Neuritis Faintness Brain Fag Ansamia Ansamia Nerve Shook Malaria houmatiiam V.;eadache Sslatiea Phosferine has a world-wide repute for curing disorders ot th nervous system more com pletely and speedily and at less cost than any other preparation. rntT<7 A. I 131 TcflTVTroc Phosferine is mads in Liquid and Tablets, k3l E.'LIAL ™ JlLikJO F%\J I the Tablet form being particularly convenient for Business Men and Women, all Outdoor Workers, Travellors, Sportsmen, etc. It can ba used any time, anywhere, in acearate doses, as no water is required. The 3s. tube is small enough to carry in the pocket, and contains 90 doses. Your sailor or soldier will be the better for Phosferine -end him a tube of, tablets. Sold by all Chemists, Stores, etc. Prices; Is. 3d., 3s. and Ss. The 3s. size contains nearlyfcur times the Is. 3d. size. ,„ .H t 1-j,'wrnn' a;r'T'»'TTr,i' ,t1 sassy '• rn:. ■■ ■■■. ■■ '■ —— — .t M n Sam, SN NOOKS AND CORNERS HANDY im Alr BRITISH BRmsH 1 MOP Saves hard labour in ft geta, under the tables, and into all nooks and cor- I nen, picking LiMhe dust, carrying it away and' flMHHHB t making all clean and bright as a new penny. Price 5/6 including a 9a tin of Komo Mop socket. fitting handle. all parts are. Jm M iBI if II Chin rAKE-OFF-ABLE°e ■r w Mra and WASHABLE gf M Ijl If coS for use on walls, pictures, etc. eee. A W^Piiir 'OiM your dealer cannot,supplytsend^6. whea ■S we will forward a KOMO carriage paitf, Manufacturers: THE"ftiA'TCHLESS"afETAL POLISH CO. I TD MVERPOOC gDUJini.IilMIHininfllllHIIIIBIIHIUIIIiMtHllllllIU;ilMinilIRl»IHIIilNllllMHHIIOnODUIIHIIiUlHlllllHlflllfflIU]innOip> 1 MILKMAID 1 I CAFE AU LAIT § == Leaves no "Grounds" for Complaint g g|= The distinctive beverage of the Frencli-Finest pure coffee, rich II full-cream milk and sugar, all skilfully blended in correct ===' proportions, and "'On boiling, water |||' =: coffee and very economicaL Sold Cash Price 5kl., and 1 18 per tin. ■'||| EEs For introductory purposes a SJ-d. tin of Cafe f% .M~- 2 au Lait and, handsome book of recipes will 1%~rrlP^ SE, be sent FREE on receipt of 3d. to cover .==2 postage. II U NESTLE'S (D.FL DeptX 6-8, Eastcheap, London, E.C. 3. \ilnnTIl!IHnU ¡IIHIlflU ¡I II flU Illlt¡HJltll HI 1IIIlI In ItlUIHl11 [Ul!IH! IHHilJHI ¡UlII/IH HUHHIHHWI UUHHIllIHIUHltHlHI IUtlfHli IllH