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11 The LONDON LIFE with which is associated • The CLERGY MUTUAL tszr NEW CLERGY SECTION. Yearly reversionary bonus anticipated of 35s. per cent. of Sum Assured and existing bonus. Yearly reversionary bonus of 30s. per cent. guaranteed = for each year to 30th June, 1925. • Annual Premium for ■ I! birthday. 1^000 at death. || 30^1 £ 23:10:0 40 30:16:8 50 42:13:4 Open to Members of the Clergy Mutual, their wives and children, to Clergymen of Churches of England and Ireland or Episcopal Church of Scotland and their wives and children, and to all Ministers of Religion. fl For full particulars •write to Mr. JAMES F. MARTYR, 2 & 3 The Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W. i. H. M. TROUNCER, Actuary and Manager, .I 81, King William Street, London, E.C. 4. 11. j w— SKEFFINGTONS' NEW LIST, ADVENT, Etc. Sffi THE STATE OF THE SOUL -SB" WJZ 5?Ki DAVIES MURPHY, D.D., Author of "A Forgotten Gospel." Crown 8vo, cloth, price 5s. net. (Postage 4d.) This most striking and interesting volume contains a series of five Addresses on the Future Life, the titles being as follows J. Of Heaven, Hell, Paradise and Hades. II. The Soul is Conscious between rDeath and Resurrection. III. Those who have passed into the Unseen World know something of what is 'taking place on Earth. IV. Of Christ preaching in Hades. V. Why should we fear Death ? It also includes three most beautiful and comforting Sermons on our Boys who Fell in Battle. Messrs. Skefflngton desire to call very special attention to this Volume, which would serve admirably ,;as a gift book for the bereaved and those in sorrow. SERMONS IN BfSiEF FOR A YE AR. By the Rev. S. M. STATHAM, M.A., LL.D., Rector of Cottisford, and Hardwicli-with-Tusmore Oxon. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 6s. net. (Postage 4d.) An entirely new and valuable book, consisting of very full Sermon Notes for the Christian Year. They ;are both direct, concise and convincing, and should be of great help to the Clergy. At the end of each Sermon is printed a brief Word Outline, which.enables the Preacher to dispense with any notes in the .pulpit and rely on the memorial Word Outline only. They should prove of great value to the Clergy and to Lay Preachers, both in town and country. For busy preachers these Sermons are invaluable. In them there is wealth of teaching—we commend these full Sermon Notes with the confidence of their helpfulness and suggestiyeness." — —Church Family Newspaper. THE PERFORATED SERIES. Vol. 1. SERMON NOTES FOR A rEA R. By A CLERGYMAN. Foolscap 4to, with special spring binder, from which the. Sermon Note required can be detached for use and subsequently replaced. Price 7d. 6d. net. (Postage 6d.) Vol. 1. of the Perforated Series consists of an entirely novel series 6f Sermon Outlines, designed to leave the individuality of the Preacher free play; for they simply suggest and guide a line of thought. Each sermon can be removed from the binder and carried with the speaker, then replaced-a great ad- vantage over book-sermons. This first volume completely carries the preacher throughout THE CHRISTIAN ffBAE, from the first Sunday in Advent to the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity, and also includes Sermons or Christmas Day, Watch Night, Epiphany, Good Friday, Ascension Day, Midsummer and Harvest. In using them there will be no writing, and every Sermon follows an original line of thought and is drawn up on simple and exceedingly popular lines. A Clergyman writes I welcome this Perforated Series as a great help, and congratulate you upon it—it is a most excellent idea." THEY TESTIFY TO ME: A Simple Explana- jfSnwi Sfff 8 *2 By G. M. FORDE, Author of "A Goodly Heritage:" mm VMM 6wm mWMWS M&dSm Wbb&m Crown 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d, net. (Postage 4d.) This is a most valuable little volume, being a very simple explanation of the Psalms. Extremely suitable as a gift book for Members of Choirs, and also full of interest to all readers. The Rev. H. A. LESTER, Director of the Bishop of London's Sunday School Council, vrites: ,I have read through They Testify of Me' carefully, and have enjoyed, doing so. It will make. I think, a most useful little book and one which will help to endear the Psalms more than ever to the hearts of its readers." 1, These notes and comments with many excellent stories constitute a volume which no one can read without olit.Churah Ilime3. THIS MUMffl TfB BfM&iW TMF SSitRiF By GEORGE HODGES, D^an DAY. BBQM ww m W BWyjr VW B RK OiOL £ .f of the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass., Author of The Human Nature of the Saints." Crown 8vo, cloth, price 6s. net. (Postage 4d.). This volume contains in small compass the things the best scholars of to-day are agreed upon regarding the Bible, and it is written by a scholar who knows what the average man would be likely first to ask about this wonderful b ok with which he is so familiar and yet so profoundly ignorant. The task of selecting quotations that are characteristic and illustrative, and at the same time make the reader wish to know more of the book from which they are taken, Dean Hodges has performed with -care skill. It is hard to imagine that anyone who would take up this book at all would put it down unread. Uf THE GQUNTEM-REFGRMMTiQM IN THE F§&i £ BMM £ S By the Rev. SPENCER JONES, Rector WiB ftfla %MF JSieB s^fa»^8eia#« 0f Batsford with Moreton-in-Marsh, Author of Our Lord and His Lessons." Crown 8vo, cloth, price 2s. 6d. net. (Postage 3d.) This striking and clearly written book is a reply to a pamphlet by the Bishop of Manchester, and takes Op the position that the pivot upon which the Reformation in England turned was not a religious per- suasion, but a person in a passion that-religion was entirely away from its first critical moments, and that the Oxford Movement constitutes the Counter-Reformation destined ultimately to restore England to Communion with the Apostolic See. It will be very well if all churchmen will read this book, "-Guardian. SKEFFINGTON & SON, Ltd., 34, Southampton St., Strand, W.C. 2. A.ND OF ALL BOOKSELLERS. [All orders must be accompanied by a remittance,] Contents. PAGE COLOFN YR YSGOr, SUL (Gan y Parch. J. T. Davies, M.A., Ty Ddewi) 4 CYSTADLEUAETH: YSTORI NADOLIG 2 Y GYMDEITHAS GKNHADOL EGLWYSIG (Gan M. R.) 4 YR EQLWYS GYMRAEG 21 COLOFN Y BEIRDD (0 dan Olygiaeth Ap Ceredigion) 21 LLITH MORFA. 21 CLYWEDION 0 ORORATJ ERYRI (Gan Wmphra Llwyd) 4 EBION O EUTONYDD 4 MANION 0 FON (Gan Dulyn) 23 DEONIAETH WLADOL LLEYN (dan Oiygiaeth y Parch. J. Bangor Jones). 4 ARMISTICE DAY AT BANGOR CATH- EDRAL 2 COMPETITION: CHRISTMAS STORY 2 SWANSEA AND DISTRICT 2 VALF, OF CLWYD NOTES 2 MERTHYR AND DISTRICT 2 MEMORABLE SERVICES AT LLAN- GYNIEW.. 2 PROBLEMS OF LIFE. By Rev. R. J. CAMPBELL, D.D. 13 BOOK WINDOW: Wherein the Best Novels of the Autumn are grouped. By ELIOT BCJCKRAM 5 LITERARY LIGHTS OF THE NINE- TEENTH CENTURY: George Eliot. By MORICE IIF.R.IND 13 PREMIUM BONDS What They are 8 GEORGE ELIOT Her Religious Life. By ANTHONY CLYNE 11 FUTURE OF THE CHURCH IN WALES. i By CANON BARNES 14 Gleanings from the Dioceses 9 Fellowship in the Church A Voice from the Ranks. By Major-General Sir FREDERICK MAURICE 10 Clerical Poverty. By Canon PETER GREEN 12 Allies and Russia: Intervention at an End.. 13 i Earl Brassey Loss to the Church 7 Possibilities of the Parson's Garden. By the Rev. JOSEPH JACOB 20 Bishops' Incomes Not what they Seem 18 Premium Bonds Archbishop's Lead 7 Welsh Church (Temporalities) Act: Why it was Accepted. By the BISHOP OF ST. DAVIDS 15 St. Davids Diocesan Conference 16 Sermon Outlines. By the Rev. CANON MASTER- MAN 14 The Enabling Bill: Absent Members.. r C.M.S, Congress 18 C.M.S. Finance A Challenge 6ier 12 Church Family Talk 3 Letters to the Editor 17 New Novels 5 Monks-Lyonness: Serial Story. By CECIL ADAIR 6 Stability of Empire: Duty of the Church 10 Spiritualism and Evidence 19 Lh ir-ii iref tmsnts. Vacant Benefices .&,c I 22