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relephone 1157 Royal Established 1857. ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South, fe* *° Let in various parts of the town. "a*gw arranged. Valuations made. TBOMAS H. OWEN, ESTATE AGENT Y. «ACCOUNTANT, 4,6 WALTON ROAD, Liverpool. ProPeltJ bought and sold, and Estates 600nomiadly managed. Telephone, No. 177t. HENRY JONES, tstate Agent, Valuer "poperty Auctioneer, 5 COOK STREET, LIVERPOOL. 'en ta CoU4!Qted. Valuations made. Property IOld by Public Auction or Contract. Telephone No. 7909. **• LEWISTJONES, AGENT & VALUER, ho ^*c*or*a St., Liverpool. oa^fully managed. Bents personally >. Urchases and Sales negotiated. cee arranpd and Insurances aSeoted, TLIOMAS (j JONES, E SIT ATE AGENTS IMV VALUERS, 67 INVESTMENT BUILDINGS, Lord Street, Liverpool. T«lephone No.—5586 Central. and Sold. Mortgages arranged 8e. Rents Collected. STFD I1I)' 1872. ROBERTS & SON, '37 AXE & VALUERS, ^erton Rood, Liverpool fLat* 2 Staxifleld Boad\ CarSfu% Managed. Bents personally ■fOrohasos and Sales Negotiated. j aud Xasturanoes effected. tstaitki E. HUGHES, Cbe .I\gent. Surveyor & Valuer, r,"9 Cross, Birkenhead, SI^TO9 N°'—153 B'BEAD» °uf for Sale, in varions parts of the atsr' „ A.d~v» llcts- Also Land to be Sold for Building v. made to Builders, Estates laid out. "-Qd Property carefully managed. J*'e»fcoae 3034 Central. Va, WAM WILLIAMS, ?tAND ESTATE AGENT, ^OTT<AT PROPERTY SALESMAN, JOHN ST" Liverpool S. IYUP HOUSES, 6/6, near Sheil Rd. SALE. CHEAP. — Br*—^ °F ADDRESS t.s!?Hey Edwards & Co. A11^ Edwards» 6 Royal St-) IN4 P-NTS IMORTGAGE AND ]f\ AaNCE BROKERS, BBMOVBD TO a Rd., Liverpool I ^FIFORD & SSnfpr FA A oiaier, m.K.A.I„ Land Agents* *ValUera, |Civil & Sanitary 3(j » Elista u?e?ity Auctioneers, 8tate MatterS' ^olegj^ Street, Liverpool. ^6Phone 'I1J^PPro'val, Liverpool." tel. Liverpool Central, ftMighQd 1884. #St-S-.l?5nK Uth> JoK ces. Sw ^^reet, Liverpool lord ItrMt) T. WOOSNAM ROBERTS Practical Estate Agent, Bootle Estate Office, No 52 STANLEY RD., BOOTLE (2 doors from, Bedford Road), Litherland, Seaforth & Pierhead Cars pass. Established 1884 'Phonel 205 Bootl O. JONES WILLIAMS, ESTATE AGENT & VALUER, 24 SIR THOMAS STREET, LIVERPOOL. Personal supervision in every detail in general management of all kinds of Real Estate, Confidential Reports and Valuations for Purchase, Sale, or Mortgage. Est. 1885. Telephone 1903 entra The Well-known Remedy s from Wales for 0 RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA BACK-ACHE, WEAK CHEST, SORE THROAT, BURNS, CUTS, BRUISES, &c., is MORRIS EVANS' HOUSEHOLD OIL. Sold in Bottles, 1/U, & 2/6, by Grocers and Chemists, or frotIíe undermentioned Lancashire Representative— EDWARD R. HUGHES. 13 Dundonald Road. Aigburth. Agents- JACK SH RPi 38 Whitechapel, Liverpool. LEWIS JO LEWIS, 20 Verulam St.. Lpool. JkBeok of Testimonials, &c., sent Post Free on Application to the Manufacturers- Morris Evans & Co., FESTINIOG, N. WALES AIR COMBINGS made up, 2/- JJ per oz. COVERLETTE HAIR FRAMES FROM 3 /6 EACH. TAILS OF FROM I PURE K/A HAIR, J Gent's Scalps, Perfect Fit and Match. T. S. BROWN, 3 Leece Street (Car Station), Liverpool. r A Perfect Cure FOR Smoky Chimneys For full particulars apply R obt. Hughes, INVENTOR, PATENTEE, & SOLE AGENT, 12 Sophia St., LIVERPOOL, Telephone -1023 Royal. -==-==-===:=:===:====- Hones y Diwygiad aV Diwygwyr: Yn cynnwys hanes Mr. Evan Roberts, rieni, ei ddygiad i fyny, ei alwad i'r gwaith, &c., &c., gan y Parch. Thomas Frances, Gorseinion. Hanes cychwyniad a lledaen- iad y Diwygia drwy Gymru, wedi ei ysgrifennu gan lenorion adnabyddus. Hanes Mr. Dan Roberts a Mr. Sydney Evans, a chargliad o farddoniaeth y Diwyg- iad. Cynhwysa y gyfrol liaws o ddarluniau, y rhai a gyhoeddir am y waith gyntaf, megis darluniau o rieni Mr. Evan Roberts, Capel Casllwchwr, ac Ysgoldy Pisgah, &c., &c. PR1S HANNER CORON. nett E. W. EVANS, Swyddfa'r "Goleuad" Dolgellau PILES. WHY SUFFER FROM THIS DISTRESSING COMPLAINT ? WHEN YOU CAN BE ABSOLUTELY CURED By a few applications of a remedy that has never been known to fail to cure the most obstinate and long standing cases-whether itching, protruding or bleeding. WITH HEMROIDINE. Hundreds have been cured in South Africa, where the proprietor discovered this wonderful powder. It is now introduced for the first time into this country, so that all sufferers can give it a trial and be convinced of its marvellous efficacy. It is a clean, ready application speedy in the relief it gives and permanent in its cure. Testimonials on application, or the originals can be inspected at the following address, prepared for th proprietor and to be obtained from D. H. EVANS, Dispensing Chemist. 148 Lodg Lane, Liverpool. POST FREE 2/3 PER BOX tr kxEHOLD LAND FOR SALE 1 ^ARK, WAVERTREE, TOWNSEND LANE, WALTON AND LONGMOOR LANE. A ADVANCES MADE IF REQUIRED Vlv. R ——— Jones & Hughes, 13 Whitechapel. TP-LEPHONE-7732 CENTRAL,

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