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A WONDERFUL SEPULCHRE.-The Taj Mahal, or Crown of Empires, at Agra, India, is regarded as the grandest tomb in the world. It is an octagonal building of the purest white marble, the interior being decorated with inlaid work of precious stones, as agate and jasper, with ornamental designs in marble of various shades. In regard to colour and design, the interior ranks first in the world for purely decorative workmanship, while the perfect symmetry of the exterior can never be forgotten by the beholder, nor the aerial grace of its domes, rising like marble bubbles into the clear sky. It was begun in 1629, and finished in 1648, by Shah Jehan, as a mausoleum for his wife, Arjamed Banos Begum, The Exalted of the Palace "-the Light of the Harem in Moore's "Lalla Rookh "—and cost something like £750,000. The celebrated Bermier said that it deserved to be numbered among the wonders of the world more than the pyramids; and Bayard Taylor said "If there was nothing else in India, this alone would repay the journey. The distant view of this matchless edifice satisfied me that its fame is well deserved. So pure, so gloriously perfect did it appear that I almost feared to ap- proach it lest the charm should be broken." IMPORTANT AND USEFUL INFORMATION.—If you ask the best physicians in any country what is the best remedy for indigestion, nervous disorders, and a host of ailments resulting from them, as bilious- ness, sick headaches, heartburn, swelling of the stomach after meals, drowsiness, shooting pains about the heart, depression of spirits, bronchitis, asthma, spitting of blood, &c. ? they will imme- diately reply—" Quinine is the best." Again en- quire "What other substance is a remedy for in- digestion, liver complaints, fevers, &c. ?" and they will answer Dandelion." If you then ask, "What are the most reliable to purify the blood, and remove the ill effects of impure blood?" and they will tell you that Sarsaparilla and Quinine are best adapted for that purpose. If you then desire to know what will strengthen the appetite for food, the answer will generally be-Gentian and Quinine. The refore, when all these medicinal ingredients are united with others which possess like properties as remedial agents, forming a combination of all the most renowned medicinal plants of this and other countries, and known as Quinine Bitters, we have such a combination of powerful curative agents, that no weakness, debility, or any symp- toms of the above named diseases are able to with- stand its healing effects. And yet it is so free from any injurious substance that even the weakest infants, the feeblest females and most helpless in- valid may use it with safety, and the working man need not abstain from his labour whilst using this wondrous curative mixture, Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. At this season of the year no one should be without it. A course taken now will be invaluable in giving tone to the system, new life to the blood, and bracing the nerves. Avoid imitations. The unparalleled success of GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS has created a host of base imitations somewhat similar in appearance and in name, but possessing none of the virtues of this Great National Remedy. Remember that none are genuine except GwiLTM EvANs' QuiNiNE BITTERS. See the name on stamp, lebel, and bottle. Refues all others. Insist upon having the genuine GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Should any difficulty be experienced in procuring it, write to the Proprietor. who will forward it per parcels post. carriage paid, to any address, at the following prices:—Bottles, 2s. 9d.; double size, 48.6d. cases of three large bottles, 12s. 6d. Sold by all Chemists and Vendors of Patent Medi- cines in the Kingdom. Agents in all parts of the World. May be had direct from the Proprietors :— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.

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