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GENERAL NEWS. Lord Charles Beresford presided on Saturday at the annual inspection of the Wcirxpitt training ship of the Marine Society. He said that out of the sixty-one thousand boys who had passed out of the Warspite training ship. twenty-seven thousand had been drafted hto the Royal Navy, and, as an officer of the Royal Navy, he said they were very glad to have those boys. The Council of the National Union of Conserva- tive Associations has accepted the invitation of the Nottingham Association, to hold the annual Con- ference of the Union in that town in November. The meeting will be attended by either Lord Salis- bury or Mr. Balfour. Lord Dartmouthjs President of the Union for the year. The Hon. John Norquay, ex-Premier of Manitoba, is reported by Reuter to have died suddenly of heart disease, at his residence in Winnipeg, on Friday uigut. lae d«soeaaed was forty-seven years of age. A fire broke out shortly before seven o'clock on Sunday night at 103, Great Dover-street, Borough, upon the extensive premises of Messrs. W. H. and F. Croker, builders. Six great buildings, of two and three floors each, used as workshops, stables, engine and boiler houses, offices, and stores, became involved with great rapidity, ultimately eighteen steamers were set to work as they arrived. The firemen were busily engaged up to eleven o'clock on Sunday night. By that time Messrs. Croker's premises were entirely destroyed, and the premises of Messrs. Bonsey, corn merchants, had been greatly damaged. Other serious damages are also recorded. Great activity prevails in view of the approaching Review and Manoeuvres of the Fleet. Special moorings are now being laid down in Osborne Bay for the accommodation of the German men-of-war which will accompany the Imperial yacht Bohen- zollern. The Queen will view the inspection of the Fleet from Osborne, the German Emperor being accompanied by the Prince of Wales. The Fleet at Spithead will disperse early on the morning of Tuesday, the 6th of August, for the respective stations of the squadrons. Sixteen shipwrecks, of which nine were foreign- owned vessels, were reported last week. A foreign sailer was announced lost with all p3rsons on board. Two British sailers sunk by collision. Total number of collision cases for week 19, of which nine took place off the British Isles. A shocking accident occurred at Sheffield on Sunday morning in connection with a wedding. A young man, named Fielding, was married at All Saints' Church to a Miss Potter. Her mother, ac- companied by a neighbour, were hastening to the home of the newly-married couple, to welcome them and when near the house Mrs. Potter fell, and ex- pired. The bridal party reached the door as the corpse of the mother was being carried in. The will of the Marquess of Ely, of Kearsney Abbey, Kent Loftus Hall, Wexford and Ely Lodge, Fermanagh, has been proved, the value of his personal estate being sworn at f 52,327 7s. 4d. The Duchess of Westminster will give a ball, to meet the Prince and Princess of Wales, at Grosvenor House, on the 22nd inst. The value of the personal estate of the late Mr. Thomas Tennant, of Blenheim-terrace, Leeds, has been sworn at £ 155,840. The match for the lawn tennis championship of All England was played at Wimbledon on Monday afternoon, in the presence of several thousands of spectators, between the Brothers Renshaw. William Renshaw won the first two sets Ernest won the third, but in the succeeding sets William played very brilliantly, and won the championship by three sets to one. At Liverpool on Monday Daniel Edwards, painter, was charged with the attempted murder of Ellen Rowson, a woman with whom he cohabited. While drunk he asked for supper. She replied that it was too late, whereupon he cut her throat and then his own. Her wound was very dangerous, and confined her to the hospital for months. She now kissed the prisoner, and said it was the result of an accident. Prisoner was committed for trial. In the Queen's Bench Division on Monday, Justices Day and Smith directed that the argu- ments on the rule nisi requiring Mr Bridge, metro- politan magistrate, to show cause in the matter of summons against the Duke of Cambridge, be heard on the first motion day after Monday next. The Central News learns that a marriage has been arranged between Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice, brother of the Marquis of Lansdowne, and Miss Fitzgerald, an American lady, who is an accom- plished oriental scholar. At a mass meeting of wrought nail workers, be- longing to the East Worcestershire and Stafford- shire districts, held at Halesowen on Monday, a general strike was declared, the operatives claiming an advance of wages ranging from ten to fifteen per cent. About 15,000 operatives are concerned. A serious accident befel a man named William Cousins, 50 years of age, while following his occu- pation as miner in the Blaenycwm Tunnel of the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway on Saturday, Cousins was engaged in blasting, and fired several shots simultaneously. One of the shots, however, failed, and when Cousins approached to see what! was the matter, it exploded, inflicting severe in- juries on his head and face. On Saturday afternoon Thomas Evans, 17 years of age, succumbed to injuries received whilst em- ployed with his uncle in a stall at Blaenycwm Colliery on June 29th. Deceased, it appears, was filling coal into a tram, when a large stone fell upon him from the roof. Nathaniel Currah was charged at Lambeth on Monday, with the wilful murder of George Thomas Gorin, known as Letine, outside the Canterbury Music-hall, under circumstances already well known. Mr Gill prosecuted for the Treasury, and Mr Clewer defended the prisoner. Currah seemed perfectly composed and gazed about the court, turning occasionally towards counsel however, especially when his daughter's name was mentioned. Mrs Gorin was present, and appeared much affected. Her evidence was of the same character as that which she gave before the coroner. Beatrice Currah, she said, was most kindly treated, and never made any complaint whilst attached to the Letine troupe. Other witnesses were called, and gave evidence identical with that which they gave at the inquest. Ultimately the prisoner was re- manded for a week. The late Lord Stowell, who went to see every ex- hibition, provided it did not cost more than a shilling once presented himself at the door of a show where a spake of some more or less guady colour was on view. But the sight of so good a customer was too much for the conscience of the showman, who ex- claimed, "My lord, I will not deceive you It's only the old snake with a new coat of paint!



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