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F. B. MASON'S F U R N I T U R E ROOMS, ST. JULIAN STREET, TENBY. New and Second Hand Goods of every description Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. Most of the Stock in these Rooms having been pur- chased at Auction Sales, Prices asked are often below first cost. Eight Show-rooms to choose from. Inspection solicited. LYDNEY COALS. From Stores. Price 19s. per Ton. NEWPORT COAL S. Sole Agent for the celebrated FFALDAU COAI., much appreciated for its slow combustion and the small quantity of ash made, is offered at 19s. per Ton. Special quotation for large quantities. Tliis-Coiii is 'Hare suitable for Close Ranges than any or her Coal brought to Tenby. Large or small quantities of FIREWOOD at 2r, 6d. per Cwt. delivered. Order from F. B. MASON, COAL MERCHANT, TENBY. For 0-aa.27iaa.gj Stoutness. M k| V si These elegant Pills, containing A^ivocene, IK'IU ■ H_ cure OBESITY very rapidly, wit! out Starving IVj H B or Banting'. If preferred, may b- t-aif >x cis- | V B ■ solved in Tea or Coffee. .CORPULENui The only scientific and lasunsf cure."— BklB H Bee Medical World. tsBljl 1 Send 2/9, 4/6, or II/- to Dr. GORDON, Br" 8 ■ ■ 10, BRUNSWICK SQUARE, LONDON, W.O IS ES H. MOBBELL'S REGISTRATION INK Is acknowledged to be the BEST BLACK WRITING INK KNOWN. Sold by all leading Stationers. T K X B ¥ B A T H S. THESE Baths, fitted with all the latest improve- ments for the comfort and convenience of Bathers .A-IR/IE ISTOW OFIEDSri Hot Sea Water Bath 1/6 Cold ditto „ 1/- HotFrMh Water Bath. 1/- Cold ditto „ Hot Sea Water, per dozen Books 15/- Ditto per half-dozon Books 7/6 Open Daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Medical Referee—Dr. BEAMISH HAMILTON. Tickets to be obtained of Mr JAMBS MOBBIS, Iron- monger, St. Julian qtreot; Mr G-no. JAMES, Chemist, High Street, and Mr M. P. DAVIKS, Chemist, High Street. SOUP. fT'A.MiLlES ciii rw supplied with SOUP from the L OOBOUnG HOTEL." J. B. HUGHES. Proprietor. FOR IMPROVED AND ECONOMIC COOKERY, 7 As Stock for Beef Tea, Soups, Made Dishes, Sauces (Game, Fish, ic.), Aspic, or Meat Jelly. Keeps for any length of time, and is cheaper and of finer flavour than any other Stock. FORTY POUNDS OF PRIME LEAN BEEF (VALUE 30/-) ARE USED TO MAKE ONE POUND OF EXTRACT OF BEEF. COOKERY BOOKS (indispensable for ladies) sent FREE on application to EXTRACT OF MEAT COMPANY LIMITED, 9. FENCHURCH AVENUE, E.C. -ft 40.- .11- _w. < I PEARS'soap?! These Remedies have stood the test of upwards of FIFTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE, And are pronounced the Best Medicines for Family use. Manufactured only at 78, NEW OXFORD STREET, LONDON, AND SOLD BY ALL MEDICINE VENDORS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. MR. F. B, MASON, [HOUSE AGENT. Post free on application, a complete last of Fur- nished Houses and Apartments to Let. BHLGKAVE HOUSE, ESPLANADE.—Hand- somely appointed suites of Apartments to Let in this House. All Sitting-rooms face the sea, and the larger ones have plate glass bow windows, commanding magnificent views of sea and country. Meals promptly served by means of a lift ascending from the kitchens, and speaking tubes are flitted to each landing. Bath- room, with hot and cold water. Perfect sanitary arrangements. The House is well managed, and the comfort and convenience of visitors carefully attended to. Families boarded if preferred. ROSEMOUNT, TENBY. TO Let, with early possession, this very desirable -L and perfect detached Private Residence, completely furnished, with the exception of plate and linen. Situated in the outskirts of the town, a few minutes only from Church, Railway and Sands. Full particulars on application. ESPLANADE-A handsomely appointed Private Residence, in this most fashionable part of Tenby, to Let for the coming season. Can be reserved for any date. Servants left, if required. Three Reception, 10 Bedrooms. MALVERN HOUSE, ESPLANADE.-To Let, with early possession, this Private Residence; well Fur- nished, and replete with every convenience. Three Reception, 7 Bedrooms, with usual offices. Moderate Rent to careful Tenants. HIGHFIELD, NORTH CLIFF.—A well Furnished House, in this lovely situation, to Let, without ser vants-Drawing, Dining, 7 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Ser- vants' Hall, &c., &c. Private path to sea shore; ten minutes' walk from centre of town. 6, BELLEYUE.—Suites of Apartments in this favourite House can be engaged for July and August, at moderate prices. Fine view of North Bay. First- class cooking and attendance. TENBY.—To Let, well Furnished House on the Croft, containing 12 Rooms, 3 W.C.'s, and Garden. Cook left, and use of plate and linen. GLEN, PENALLY-To Let, Furnished or Unfur- nished, with possession. Charming situation lovely views of sea and country. Drawing, Dining, and Breakfast-rooms, 4 Bedrooms, Dressing-room, and Ser- vants' Bedroom. Never-failing supply of pure water. Low rent. To Let, near G.W.R. Station, the front portion of a large and pleasant HOUSE, Furnished or otherwise, with or without attendance; most healthily situated; suitable for a small family, or shooting-box. Excellent stabling, &c., if required; shooting, fishing, and hunt- ing. Terms moderate. ROBESTON WATHEN. To Let, Furnished or Unfurnished, with possession, this capital Family Residence, together with about 25 acres of rich Meadow Land. The House contains Drawing, Dining, and Breakfrst-rooms, Conservatory, six Bedrooms, good Kitchens, Stables, Cowhouses, Dairy and other out- buildings, also large Kitchen Garden; and is situated within 200 yards of the Parish Church, If miles from 2 Narberth, and 10 miles from Tenby. Moderate rent. FURNISHED APARTMENTS.—Handsome Draw- ing-room, Dining-room, with 3 Bedrooms en suite, to let at four guineas per week. First-class cooking and attendance. Good view of North Bay. LARGE well furnished Sitting-room and 4 Bed- rooms on the Esplanade to Let, at 4.1 guineas per week. 2 PLEASANT Sitting-room, facing sea, with two Bed- rooms adjoining. Home comforts. Terms, guineas. UNFURNISHED. 5, CROFT TERRACE-To Let, Unfurnished, with possession, this splendidly situated and very comfort- able Private Residence, containing Drawing, Dining, and Breakfast-rooms, 7 Bedrooms, Butlers' Pantry, Kitchen, Servants' Hall, and other convenient offices. Hot and cold water upstairs. Perfect sanitary arrange- ments. SALOP HOUSE-To Let, Unfurnished, with pos- session. Sunny position, close to the sea shore. Drawing, Dining, and six Bedrooms, with very con- venient offices. Low rent. No. 1, ST. JULIAN TERRACE.-To Let, Unfur- nished, with possession, this well situated House, now being thoroughly drained and re-decorated. FLINT HOUSE, DEE" PARK, to be Let, Un- furnished. Contains 3 Sitting-rooms and 7 Bedrooms, Servants' Room, good Kitchen and offices. Nice Garden. MANORBIER, NEAR TENBY.—To be Let till September, well Furnished, semi-detached Villa, con- taining 9 Rooms. Flower and well-stocked Kitchen Garden and Stabling. TENBY RAILWAY S T ATION—The Temperance Refreshment Rooms at this Station to let. Very favourable terms to desirable tenant. Suit pensioner and wife, or persons with a small income. MORFA TERRACE, MANORBERE.—Two semi- detached Villas to Let, each containing 3 large Sitting- rooms. 6 good Bedrooms, Kitchens, &c., with productive Gardens. Good bathing, and magnificent views of sea and country; close to Church and Post Office; one mile from a Railway Station and five miles from Tenby. Both Houses have been recently occupied by one family on a long lease. MR. F. B. MASON'S List of UNFURNISHED HOUSES And RESIDENCES to Let in Tenby and County of Pembroke, POST FREE ON APPLICATION. BEAVER'S HILL FARM. WELL-FURNISHED Apartments to Let. Two W Sitting-rooms and three Bedrooms One mile. from Manorbier Station; fine view of sea and country with use of a quiet pony. Apply to Mr W. Brace, or Mr F. B. Mason, House Agent, Tenby. HALLSYILLE HOUSE, Victoria Street (corner situation), to Let, containing two Drawing- rooms, one Dining-room, nine Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scu lery, Butler's Pantry, and usual offices. Furnished. Gas through house. Drains properly and well venti- lated, and not in any way connected with the interior of the house. Hot and Cold Water Baths. Apply Mrs W. Da vies, on the Premises. ATON COTTAGE, Victoria Street, to Let, con- taining one Sitting-room, three Bedrooms, Kit- chen, and usual offices; Furnished. Situation within easy access to South Sands, and standing in from street front. Apply Mrs W. Davies, on the Premises. WORKS OF LOCAL INTEREST Published by F. B. MASON, and sold at the "Observer" Office, or by local Booksellers. NEW MAP OF TENBY.-Just published, price 2d.r a new Map of Tenby, showing, all* the Streets and Public Buildings in the Town, North and South Sands,, with approaches thereto from the streets, &c.. &c. "RECOLLECTIONS OF OLD TENBY." Oblong 8vo., boards. Price Is. An interesting collection of 15 Views of Tenby as it appeared in the latter part of the last century, with descriptive letter- press. Specially printed from copper-plates from etchings made by the well-known historian the late C. Norris of Waterwynch. ST. DAVID'S AND ITS CATHEDRAL." Imperial 4to. Price 2s. A series of 15 Views of St. David's Cathedral, as published by Norris in his History of St. David's in the early part of this century. Very rare. "A PARSON'S HOLIDAY; being an Account of a,, Tour in India, Burma, and Ceylon, in the Winter of 1882-83." By the Rev. Osborn B. Allen, Vicar of Shirburn, Oxon. Demy 8vo., 228 pages, with ,a Map. Price 4s. Now Ready, price 30s., "LITTLE ENGLAND BEYOND WALES; a History of South Pembrokeshire. By Edward Laws, Esq. 478 pages demy 4to.; in handsome case and welt illustrated. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR cools and refreshes the face an dhan ds of ladies travelling,. yaCh'tir>g' dPlllYin^ J|p|lfesun and dust, it MBjfe REMOVES IF SUNBURN" tan, f t e c k 1 e s roughness and 2>w redness, soothes ,;ï insect stings, irri- taiion, &c., renders the skin soft and smooth and produces a fair and DELICATE COMPLEXION It is warranted harmless and free from any lead, poisonous or greasy in- gredients. Bottles 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d.; half-sized bottles 2s. 3d. ASFANYWHERE FOR ROWLAND'S KALYDOR of 20, Hatton Garden, London. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acquired Or constitutional),. Gravel, and pains in the back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes. 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World; or sent to any addri-'si for sixty stamps by the Makers,, THE LINCOLN AKp MIDLAND COUNTIES DrwG COMPANY, Lincoln. A NEW LEASE OF LIFE. GIVING instructions for the speedy cure of Nervous and Skin Diseases and other complaints, which embitter life and produce premature decay and loss of nerve power and vitality. Full directions for self treatment with local and internal Remedies, which has cured thousands) of persons who had lost all hope and wasted money on quackery before reading this book of remedies. Published by a Surgeon (Registered 1870) for the benefit of Mankind. A copy sent for 2 stamps.-Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. MADE H SOILING WATER. F p Q 5 c few#" ut ft Vnor GRATHFUL—COMFORTING. 7 A COCOA MADE WITH BOILING MILK. SEASIDE RESIDENCE TO LET. rpO be Let, at Manorbere, near Tenby, Furnished'or X Unfurnished, a most desirable Seaside Residence,, known as CASTLE MEAD." The House stands on its own grounds overlooking the sea and Manorbere Castle, and within five minutes' walk to the Church. The House contains drawing-room, dining and breakfast* rooms, ten bedrooms, kitchen, larder, &c., with every other convenience; also good stabling and coach-houses, saddle room, with servant's bedroom over. The re- ception rooms overlook a full-size tennis ground, sur- rounded by a pretty shrubbery, with a large kitchen garden adjoining. A bountiful supply of good spring water. The Railway and Telegraph Station is about a mile from the village. Two postal deliveries every day. About 3i acres of rich pasture land adjoining, can be had with the House if required. Vacant on the fiust of September next. Full particulars and cards to view can only be ob- tained by application to Mr. GREENISH, Glan-y-mor, Manorbere. UNFURNISHED.-TO be Let, No. 3, ST. JULIAH U PLACE, Tenby, or Furnished. Apply to Mrs GWYNNE, St. Julian Place. TO be Let, Furnished, with possession, THE ROCK HOUSE No. 3. Apply Mrs G WYNNE, 3, St. Julian Place, Tenby. Lieutenant Gilbert, 1st Cheshire and Carnarvon- shire Artillery Volunteers, died at Eaton Hall, Cheshire, on Sunday night, from injuries sustained in a riding accident on Saturday evening He waa riding on the carriage drive leading to the Duke of Westminster's residence, when he met some vehicles, was thrown from his horse, and sustained severe injuries to his head. He was conveyed to Eaton, and attended by a doctor, but succumbed to his, injuries.