Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

LIST OF VISITORS. I Adlam, Mrs, senr., Worcester 2 Lome houses Adlam, Mr, junr. and Mrs, Worcester.2 Lome houses Ault, F E Esq, Dorking Cawdor house Armstrong, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Atkins, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Aston, Miss, Witton, Birmingham Falmouth house Aston, H C Esq,Witton, Birmingham.Falmouth house Ackland, Miss, London Rebleen house Allen, Mr and Mrs Walter and family, Clifton Giltar house Allen, Mr and Mrs Herbert, Brighton Giltar house Allen, Master, Brighton Giltar house Allen, Mr and Mrs W D, Sheffield Malvern house Bowyer, E Esq, London Bridge house Bowyer, the Misses Bridge house Broughton, J. L. Esq, Mrs and the Misses, 43, Eaton Square Rosemount Bell, Mrs 2 Castle square Bourne, Mr, Mrs and Miss, Bicknor 1 Gunfort Barnett, Mr, Bicknor, Gloucestershire 1 Gunfort Booker, W, Esq 4 Croft Broughton, Miss, Lowdham Penally Burd, the Misses, Bowdon, Cheshire. Drummond house Babington, Mrs, Belgrave Place, Cork Lome house Babington, the Misses (2), Belgrave Place, Cork Lome house Brydon, Mrs and family, Bramhall, Cheshire Belgrave house Beaumont, Mr and Mrs Edward, Cheetham Hill, Man- chester Belgrave house Blandy Jenkins, Mrs and family, Kingston House, near Abingdon 1 Somerset houses Brockbank, Mr and Mrs E G, Fallowfield, Manchester Gate house Brockbank, Mies Dora, Fallowfield, Manchester Gate house Brothers, the Misses, Putney Hill, London.4 Bellevue Brookman, A Esq, Clifton 16 Warren street Bowley, Mrs W and family, Clifton 1 Rock terrace Bardsley, Mrs and family, The Vicarage, Ulverston 4 Rock terrace Biddulph, Mrs and family, Birmingham 2 St Catherine's terrace Burges, Mrs W T and family, Newport Rectory, Shropshire Beaufort house Bridgwater, Miss Kate E, Saltley, Birmingham Falmouth house Bridgwater, J P Esq, Saltley, Birmingham Falmouth house Booker, Mrs 4 Croft Brock, Miss, Swansea 2 St Catherine's terrace Baxter, Mrs, Scotland 10 Esplanade Broughton, Mrs and Miss, London 10 Deer park Burman, Dr W, Wath, Yorkshire 3 Olive buildings Booth, Mr and Mrs Geo E and family, Styal, near Man- chester 1 Rock terrace Brain, Mrs J H, Highmead, Cardiff 3 Bellevue Bevan, Miss D, Richmond, Surrey 3 Bellevue Barrow, Mrs and Miss, Fairfield, Maesteg Lorne house Bowyer, Mrs and family, London 24 Victoria street Bill, Mr and Mrs Ronald and family, Swansea 34 Victoria street Butler, Mr Ernest & Mrs, London Woodbine cottage Butler, Miss E M F, London Woodbine cottage Batten, Miss L F, Worcester Woodbine cottage Bicknell, Mrs and Mr, Clifton Cambrian house Carter, Miss. London 3 South cliff street Collins, Mr and Mrs John and family, Bath 3 Castle square Cutler, Miss, Brixton Brecknock house Cole, Mr South wales house Crampton Misses F and C, Cotham, Bristol 2 Primrose cottages Cleghorn, the Misses, London Drummond house Chabot, Mr and Mrs, Dorking Cawdor house Chadwick, the Misses, Manchester 1 Rockville Collis, J T Esq and family, Redland, Bristol 31 Victoria street Carr, Mrs and family, Oak Lea, Ashton-on-Mersey, Cheshire Belgrave house Coleman, Miss, Pontefract 13 Norton Goulborn, Master, Handsworth, Birmingham Ivy cottage Crafts, Mr and Mrs, Tottenham 1 St George street Clayton, Mr, Mrs and Master, London.Belgrave house Cook, Miss W A, Wednesbury Laurie cottage Cox, Mr and Mrs James and family, Cheltenham 2 Croft terrace Courtney, Mrs, Westminster 4 Croft terrace Cherbon, J Walter, Esq and family, Handsworth 6 South cliff street Cooper, Mrs and Miss, Clifton 1 Rockville Crutch, Miss, London 24 Victoria street Crewestead, Mrs and Miss, London 10 Deer park Dewing, Mr and Mrs 16 Norton Driver, Mr, Mrs and Miss, Bath Charlton house Davies, Miss, Wylde Green, Birmingham. Alma cottage Dew, Mrs E J, and family, Weston-super-mare 3 Rock terrace Davies, Mrs Arthur, Llanelly 19 Norton Davies, Miss W, Llanelly 19 Norton Darlington, Mr and Mrs, Hadnall, Shrewsbury Milford house Dean, Mrs and Miss, Alhampton, Evercreech Trafford house Dangerfield, Mr, Mrs and Miss, Bath.l Marine terrace Diprose, Mr and Mrs, Stvoud 4 Picton road Downes, Mrs A C, Shrewsbury 1 Esplanade Docker, Miss L, Manchester 2 Lome houses Darby, Mr and Mrs J, Taunton 8 Norton Dakin, Joseph Esq, Redhill Walmer house Donaldson, Miss, Wynnstay Gardens, London 6 High street Davies, Mrs and Miss, Llawhaden 24 Victoria street Dearie, Edward A Esq, Scropton-by-Foston, Derby Mentmore house Dew, Rev E N, Babbicombe Battersea house Davies, Mr and Mrs Alfred, Hampstead, London 2 Gunfort Duman, Mrs, Bridgwater 1 Clareston road Death, Misses, Bassingbourne, Cambs. Walmer house Edwards, Mr, Cheltenham 7 High street Evans, Miss, Newport 6 Esplanade Eicke, Mr and Mrs R D, London 21 Norton Edwards, Iorwerth W, Rhymney 16 Warren street Edwards, Mabel, Rhymney 16 Warren street Earle, Rev W, Vicar of Templemichael, Youghal Newport house Edwards, Mrs H, Liverpool 8 Bellevue Edwards, Mrs and the Misses, Cheltenham 7 High street Edwards, Mr and Mrs H G and family, Henbury, near Bristol .» 5 St Julian terrace Edwards, Mr Saunders and Miss, Brampton Vale Cawdor house Edwards, Mr and Mrs H G and family, Henbury, Bristol 5 St Julian terrace Edwards, Mr and Mrs Sydney and party, Clevedon 4 South cliff street Escombe, Mr and family, London 10 Esplanade Eberle, Mr and Mrs J Fuller and family, Clifton 21 Victoria street Fox, Miss B, Leigh Woods, Clifton.Cumberland house Fox, Miss F, Leigh Woods, Clifton.Cumberland house Fairfoot, Mrs, Harrogate 1 Kent house Fawkes, Miss, Stroud St Mary's buildings Finch, Rev C J and family, London.27 Victoria street Fortey, H Esq, Mrs & family, Clifton Bedford house Fry, C R Esq, Mrs and family, Shortlands, Kent 1 Lexden terrace Floyd, Miss Peel, Clifton ICambrian house Forwood, Mr and Mrs C B and family, Penarth Glendower Fortey, Mr and Mrs, Moseley, Birmingham Pembroke villa Fortey, Miss Annie, Moseley, Birmingham Pembroke villa Floyd, Mr and Mrs E W and family, Periy Barr Cumberland house Fooks, Mr and Mr6 C E, Gravesend.Cumberland house Fox, Mr Francis, C.E., Clifton Cumberland house Green, Major, Mrs and family, Poulton Hall, Cheshire 36 Victoria street George, 0 W Esq, Plasorwn, Narberth 13 Norton Grove, Mr and Mrs Edward K, Clifton .4 Picton road Goodwin, Miss, Tunstall, Staffordshire Kent house Goodwyn, Mrs Alf and family, Bath 1 Somerset houses Good, Miss and Miss M, Tenbury.2 St Mary's buildings Good acre, Rev A R and Mrs, London 3 Bellevue Gibbon, Miss, Roger's Hook, Narberth .24 Victoria st Goodwyn, Capt, Mrs & family, Jersey 26 Victoria st Garwood, Mr, Mrs & Miss, Bexley 1 St Mary's buildings Gwynne, Neville C Esq, Clifton 37 Victoria street Grindle, Mr and Mrs, Oxford 22 Norton Grindle, Mr G, C.C.C., Oxford 22 Norton Grindle, Master B, Oxford 22 Norton Gib.«on, Mr and Mrs, Eaton Road, Chester.18 Norton Gough, Mr and Mrs A M C, Bristol.Cheltenham house Goodeve, Miss, Kilburn, London Giltar house Groves, Mr and Mrs Edward K, Clifton.4 Picton road Groves, Miss, Clifton 4 Picton road Groves, Mr E W, Clifton 4 Picton road Gwyn, Mrs and family, Clifton 37 Victoria street Hickie, Mrs and family, Cork 3 Castle square Hare, Major and Mrs, London 4 Croft Hichman, Mrs, Clifton. Bristol 31 Victoria street Hichman, Misses, Clifton, Bristol 31 Victoria street Hill, Mrs J, Clifton Weston villa Payne, Miss and Miss E, Clifton Weston villa Hudleston, Mrs Wilfred, Reading 4 Warren street Hudleston, Miss Alice Mildred, Reading.4 Warren st Hudleston, Wilfrid Edward Esq, Reading.4 Warren st Hazard, J B Esq, Bishopston Marlborough house Hampton, Mr, Mrs and family, Putney Hill, Surrey 1 Esplanade Holmes, Mr and Miss, London 2 White Lion street Husband, Miss Gertrude, Clifton Pembroke villa Husband, Mr Herbert, Clifton Pembroke villa Hooper, Geo M, Esq and family, Beckenham, Kent Hanover house Herapath, Miss F, Clifton 1 Castle square Hollingsworth, Mr Allen, London Malvern house Hooper, W H Esq, London Milford house Horridge, Mr and Mrs A C and party, Rostrevor, co Down 9 Bellevue Hayes, Mr, Mrs and family, Salisbury Newton house Hinks, Robert, Esq and Mrs, Birmingham 23 Norton Hinks, Miss Annie, Birmingham 23 Norton Hinks, Master Edward, Birmingham 23 Norton Hooper, Miss, London Warren house Hunt, Miss, Newport, Mon Cambrian house Hunt, Miss, Altrincham, Cheshire 3 Rock terrace Hague, Major, Mrs and the Misses E and M, London Rebleen house Hooper, W H Esq. London 13 Norton Hughes, Miss Maud, London Ellesmere house Hutchinson, Mr and the Misses, Cahir, co. Tipperary 1 Croft terrace Harding, Mr and Mrs Cecil M, Oatford, Kent 2 St Julian terrace Harding, Master Claude, Oatford, Kent 2 St Julian teriace Howell, Major, and family, Solva, South cliff house Howell, Misses, Solva South cliff house Hall, J M Esq and Mrs, The Park, Ashton, Leominster 2 St Mary's buildings Heath, Miss Emily, Norton, Stoke-upon-'fIl'[.t Kent Lpuse Herapath, C K C Esq, Mrs and family, 11. Brunswick Square, Bristol 1 Castle square Hammond, Mr, Mrs and family, Clydach Vale 2 1 vy cottiiges Hill, Mr and Mrs E, Leamington Spa 5 St Julian st Harvey, Mr and Mrs and family, Leicester 6 Norton Hutchinson, Mrs, Cahir, co. Tipperary I Croft terrace Hudleston, Miss, & Miss Daisy, Bath.4 Warren street Hudleston, Master J W, Bath 4 Warren street Hazard, Miss, Bishopston Marlborough house Inge, Rev F George, and Mrs, Berkswich Vicarage, Staffordshire 2 Glendower Ingram, Miss, Birmingham 17 Norton Ingram, Miss, Edgbaston 7 High street Joyce, Mr and Mrs, Hinton, Whitchurch Milford house Jones, Mrs, Blackwood, Mon South Wales house James, Miss, Crickhowell South Wales house Jackson, Miss, Bournemouth 1 Somerset houses Jones, Mr and Mrs, Bristol 4 Picton road Jones, Rev Samuel and Mrs, Llangunnor Vicarage, Carmarthen South Wales house Joseph, Mr Howard Buckingham house Keeling, Mr, Mrs and family, Cheltenham North cliff house Knott, Miss Ella M, Monkton Combe, Bath Cambrian house Kirby, Miss, Shortlands, Kent 1 Lexden terrace Kinderman, Mr and Mrs, London Cawdor house Kipping, Mrs, Upper Sydenham St Agatha's house Knott, Miss Ella M, Monkton Combe.Cambrian honse Leigh Morgan, Mrs and family, Chepstow 24 Norton Le Breton, Miss, London Bslgrave house Le Breton, Miss Florence, London Belgrave house Little, Mr G E, Gloucester 2 Cresswell cottages Law, Mr and Mrs E, Cork 3 Castle square Lowington, Cyril E Esq and family, Clifton 5 High street Lewis, Miss, Kensington 7 Rock houses Lord, Mr (Inland Revenue, Manchester) and Mrs Black rock Lawrence, Mr and Mrs J Sealy and family, Kensington Beaufort house Malcolm, Colonel, M.P., and the Hon Mrs, Hastings Lavallin house Mathias, Mr, Mrs and family, Neath 8 Bellevue McAndrew, Mr, Mrs & Miss, Inverness Belgrave house Maude, Cyril, Esq and Mrs, London 6 Bellevue Mathias, Mrs John, and family, London 3 Rock terrace Muscroft, Mr, Pontefract 13 Norton Millington, L Esq, Mrs and family, Ingleside, Wimble- don Park, Surrey 4 Rock terrace Mitchell, Mrs William Stair, Mitcham.6 Rock houses Moffat, Mr and Mrs William, Sefton Park, Liverpool 2 Rock houses Moffat, Misses, Sefton Park, Liverpool.2 Rock houses Moffat, Mr J, Sefton Park, Liverpool 2 Rock houses Myers, Mrs and family, Birmingham 17 Norton Morgan, Mr, Mrs & family, Cardiff Warburton house Miles, Mr and Mrs, Abergwilli 2 Clareston road McKibbin, Mrs and "family, Liverpool 3 Bellevue Morson, Mrs and family, Cowbridge 7 Rocky park Maud, Mrs, Liverpool 18 Norton Molyneux, Mr and Mrs J H, Liverpool 18 Norton Manning, Miss, London Warren house Mathias, Mrs James and family, London 13 Nortoa Master, Mr and Mrs J H and family, Petersham Belgrave house Myers, Mr and Miss, Edgbaston 7 High street Nunnerly, Mrs and Miss, Belton, Whitchurch Milford house Nuttall, Mr and Mrs F R, St Helens Cawdor House Nuttall, Mr and Mrs Cawdor house Norman, Miss Margaretta, Bath Cambrian house Nettlefield, James, Esq, London 24 Victoria street Norton, Captain Buckingham house Norman, Miss Margaretta, Bath Cambrian house Oldham, H J Esq, Clifton 26 Victoria street Phillipps, Miss, Clevedon 18 Norton Palmer, Mr and Mrs, Haverfordwest Bellevue house Pegler, Miss, Stroud St Mary's buildings Pickering, C E Esq, Sheffield Falmouth house Porcher, Mr, Mrs and family, Cheltenham. Belmont Palmer, Mr & Mrs Llewellin & family, Haverfordwest Bellevue howee Phillips. Rev H, Llanyre, Llandrindod 24 Victoria st I Phillips, Thomas Ksq, Llawhaden 24 Victoria street Page, Mr, London 4 Picton road Phipps, Col and family, the Stone, Chalfont, St Giles 1 St Catherine's terrace Prothero, Rev J E, Mrs and family, Orcheston St George, Wilts 6 Rock houses Pearson, Miss, Wimbledon Park 4 Rock terrace Pearson-Hill, Mr and Mrs. London 6 Norton Pearson-Hill, Miss, London 6 Norton Payne, Mr and Mrs H, Clifton Weston villa Porcher, Mr and Mrs, Cheltenham 1 Belmont Porcher, Mr C G, Cheltenham 1 Belmont Price, the Misses 7 Esplanade Price, John Esq, Mrs and Master, Ffaldau Villa, Llandaff 3 Cresswell street Robertson. Miss, Sutton. Cheshire 8 Bellevue Reynolds, Mr Reginald, Leamington 6 High street Reynolds, the Misses, Leamington 6 High street Reid, Miss Annie, Coppenhall Rectory, Crewe 5 Bellevue Roberts. Mrs Pender and Miss, Cornwall 20 Victoria street Roberts, W E Esq, Ilfracombe 20 Victoria street Robin, Rev Canon and Mrs, Woodchurch, Cheshire 13 Norton Rookes, Mrs and family, Coleford 8 Rocky park Rees, Miss H E, Black Alder, Narberth.24 Victoria st Richards, Miss, Great Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Richards, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Reynolds, Mrs & the Misses, Leamington.6 High street Rees, Mr, Mrs and family, Llandeloy, near Haverford- west South Wales house Russell, Arthur Esq, London Cobourg hotel Roberts, Miss, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham..4 Rocky park Rowberry, Miss, Abergwilli Clareston villa Renwick, Mr G R and the Misses Mary, Florence and Lois, Brondesbury Minwear house Rowland, J H Esq, Mrs and Miss, Ffrwd Vale, Neath 2 St Catherine's terrace Ridler, Mr and Mrs H A, Bristol Cheltenham house Rawlinson, Miss, Altrincham, Cheshire.3 Rock terrace Robinson, Mr and Mrs H G and family, Gloucester 2 Rock houses Rawlins, Mrs Cyril, Kensington 7 Rock houses Swayne, Mr and Mrs J L, Brecon Somerset house Stevenson, Mr and Mrs, Edinburgh 3 Bellevue Smith, Miss, Haverfordwest 5 Rocky park Stokes, Mrs and maid, London Melrose house Sutton, H Esq, Mrs and family, Reading 7 Esplanade Smith, Mrs, Arundel House, Wednesbury Laurie cottage Smith, Miss, Sidcot Bellevue house Smallman, Mr and Mrs, Leamington Kent house Smith, Mrs and Miss Brooke, Stoke Bishop, near Bristol 3 Rock terrace Smith, Reginald Esq, Clifton Belgrave house Souttar, Robinson, Esq, Mrs and family, Oxford 6 Norton Spittle, Mr and Mrs J Albert, Birclifield Birmingham 4 Rocky park Senitt, Miss Bellevue house Saunders, Mr & Mrs, Wolverhampton.Cambrian house St John-Maule, Mr and Mrs M, Bath Kent house St Clair Ford, Captain, Mrs and family, Cheltenham Worcester house Smith, Mr and Mrs Reginald, Clifton.Belgrave house Smith, Mr Arthur, Clifton Belgrave house Shakeshaft, Mr and Mrs, Liverpool 3 South Cliff st Smith, Miss, Bexley 1 St Mary's buildings Strachan, Mr Walter, Clifton 21 Victoria street Skipper, Miss 4 Croft terrace Sheridan, Mr P C, Oxford 22 Norton Smith, Mrs and family, Abberton 2 St Catherine's terrace Strick, Mrs Talfourd and family, Swansea.6 Bellevue Selby, Geo Donaldson, Esq, Doncaster Giltar house Smith, Captain E H, Wednesbury Laurie cottage Sutton, Mr and Mrs, Reading 7 Esplanade Sutton, the Misses, Reading 7 Esplanade Turner, Mr and Mrs Maynard, Bishops worth, Somer- setshire Beaufort house Trower, Mrs J C, Brecon Somerset house Turner, Mr and Mrs Robert Maynard and family Beaufort house Taylor, Wilfred, Esq, London Drummond house Thornton, Rev J, Mrs and family, Yockleton Rectory, Shrewsbury 7 High street Truman, Mrs & Miss, Leamington Spa.Mentmore house Toller, Mrs, London 2 Lorne houses Tadgell, Mrs, London 4 Picton road Thomas, J F Esq, Mrs and Miss Laura, Edgbaston 1 Ivy cottages Thomas, Miss Mary and Mr Frank, Edgbaston 1 Ivy cottages Thomas, Mr and Mrs H, and family, Regent's Park, London Hallsville house Thomson, Mrs & family, Cheltenham.Belgrave house Taverner, Rev Fredk J, Skegby Vicarage 6 Bellevue Taverner, F J W Esq, Exeter Coll, Oxford. 6 Bellevue Tucker, Mrs Walter and son, Glen Lea, Salisbury 1 Ventnor houses Thomas, Mrs and Miss Buckingham house Thomas, Captain & Mrs Moreton Buckingham hoi. Todd, Mrs, Streatham Hill 2 Marine terrace Todd, Miss, Streatham Hill 2 Marine terrace Todd, David B Esq, Streatham Hill.2 Marine terrace Urquhart, Mrs and Miss. London The old Rectory Vevers, Master, Malvern 2 St Julian terrace Venour, Surgeon-Major and Mrs, Marlborough Man- sions, London, S.W. 13 Deer park Vassar-Smith, Mr and Mrs R V, Charlton Park, Gloucester 3 Belmont Whitworth, Miss, Heathfield, Littleborough Vine cottage Walby, Mrs and Miss, London 3 South cliff street Wilkinson, Henry, Esq and Mrs, Bayswater 2 Olive buildings Walters, Mrs and child, London.2 Primrose cottages Williams, C J Esq and Mrs, Edgbaston.Cawdor house Williams, W Esq and Miss, Edgbaston.Cawdor house Walker, Mrs Spencer and family, Bishopton, Stratford- on-Avon 4 St Julian terrace Walkinton, Miss Grace, Birmingham.Ellesmere house Whittingham, Geo Wm, Esq, Manchester Vine cottage Willcocks, Miss, Sydenham 1 St Catherine's terrace Weall, Mrs, and family, Twickenham Brecknock house Walters, Mrs, Blackwood, Mon South Wales house Walker, Miss, Redland, Bristol 31 Victoria street White, Mrs T H, Liverpool 8 Bellevue Walker, Mrs S R, London Bellevue Whateley, the Misses, Wyddrington House, Chelten- ham 9 Esplanade Whitmore, C H, Esq, Cheltenham 3 Rock terrace Whitmore, Miss H E, Cheltenham 3 Rock terrace Whitmore, Miss A E, Cheltenham 3 Rock terrace Walker, Mrs T R & family, London.Drummond house Wesley, G W Esq, B.A., Dorking Cawdor house Woosnam, Mr & Mrs C W and family, Cepillysgwynne, near Builth Malvern house Williams, C Lee Esq, Gloucester 31 Victoria street William Mrs C Lee, Gloucester 31 Victoria street Watts, Mrs, Kensington Beaufort house Wickham, Rev Douglas and Mrs, Horsington Rectory, Somerset 1 Esplanade Whitaker, Mr and Mrs Alfred and family, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire 3 St Julian terrace Willington, Mr and Mrs George and family, Ingleside, Wimbledon Park 3 Rock terrace Warner, Miss, Clifton 1 Rockville Watson, Miss, London 1 Belmont Wheeldon, Miss, Derby St Julian house

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