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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

LIST OF VISITORS. I Acworth, Mr, Mrs and maid, Malvern Clarence house Acworth, Mr, Mrs and maid, Malvern Clarence house Acworth, Miss and Miss Rosamund, Malvern Clarence house Acworth, Mr D. H. (55th Coke's Rifles Frontier Force), India Clarence house Acworth, Master John, Malvern Clarence house Acworth, Mr E. C. B., Bombay Clarence house Allen, Miss, London Bridge house Austin, Judge and Mrs, Clifton Clareston house Austin, Miss, Clifton Clareston house Bowes, Mrs, Sunderland Troy house Bonnin, Mrs and family, Fleet, Lingfield, R S.O., Hampshire Cliffside Bush, Mrs and children, Bath 11 Deer park Briggs, Miss A. V.. Manchester Holmlca Briggs. Mr, Manchester Holmlea. Bevis, Mr and Mrs, London 2 South Cliff street Bevis, Mr E., London 2 South Cliff street Bevis, Miss D., London 2 South Cliff street Brooke, Mrs, Cheltenham 5 St. Julian terrace Brooks, Miss C., Stourbridge 3 South Cliff street Cole, Mrs, Cheltenham Cambridge house Cole, Mr C., Cheltenham Cambridge house Clark, Mr and Mrs T. P., Southampton Lyndale Curtis, Mr Arthur J., Birmingham 3 South Cliff street Curtis, Mrs, Miss and Mr Keith, Birmingham 3 South Cliff street Cox, Miss, Florence, Italy Marlborough house Carter, Mrs, family and nurse, Edgbaston Etnam house Conybeare, Mr H. Grant M., Delmore, Ingatestone 2 Somerset houses Conybeare, the Misses, Delmore, Ingatestone 2 Somerset houses Dumas, Mr H. C. S., Mrs and family, London 2 Paragon Docker, Miss, Malvern 6 South Cliff street Dodd. Mrs and maid, London 8 Norton Deans, Mr, Mrs and family, Neath I Sparta houses Dimond, Miss, Bristol 16 Warren street Dimond, Mr and Mrs, Bristot 16 Warren street Dowling, Dr., Mrs and family, Cheshire. 4 Esplanade Elliott, Masters P. and T., Cheltenham.Deva house Elliott, Mrs Gilbert, Cheltenham Deva house Evans, Mrs Colby, Miss Nesta and 'Miss Betty, Carmarthen 1 Avondale villas Eales, Mr, Cheltenham 4 Picton road Eales, Miss, Cheltenham 4 Picton road Egerton, Mr. Mrs and family, Hendon 5 Bellevue Findon, Mr, Kidderminster Shrewsbury cottage Findon, Mr, Handsworth Shrewsbury cottage Findon, Miss, Handsworth Shrewsbury cottage Fendall, Miss, London 2 Sparta houses Fendall, Mr and Mrs, London 2 Sparta houses Farrant, Mrs and family, Malvern 1 Croft Flutter, Mr. London 1 Primrose cottages Glasgow, Mrs B., Tunbridge Wells.Hereford house Glasgow, Miss and Miss A., Tunbridge Wells Hereford house Glasgow, Miss M. W., Nantes Hereford house Goodwyn, General and Mrs 2 White Lion street Grant, Miss, Harlow 1 Esplanade Grant, Mr, Mrs and family, Streatham Hill, London Giltar house Gibbon, Mr & Mrs, Port Talbot. 5a Harding street Glegg, Mr and Mrs, Wistanton Hall, Nantwich Deva house Glegg, Master and nurse, Wistanton Hall, Nantwich Deva house Goodyear, Mr and Mrs G. H., Stourbridge 3 South Cliff street Goodyear, Miss Winifred, Stourbridge 3 South Cliff street Garland, Mrs, Birmingham South Cliff house Garland, the Misses and Master, Birmingham South Cliff house Green, Mrs, Birmingham 18 Norton Holder, Captain, Mrs and the Misses 3 Marine terrace Hodscn, Mr and Mrs, Tasmania Fair view Hearn, Mrs and the Misses, Newcastle-on-Tyne 6 High street Hill-Lowe, Commander, R.N., Mrs and family, Court of Hill, Tenbury Bay view house Harries, Miss W., Pembroke-Dock 7 South Cliff gardens Hardcastle, Rev. E. H. and family, Maidstone Robeston house Holbrow, Mr and Mrs A., Brecon Osborne house Hanks, the Rev. —, Bath 2 St. Catherine's terrace Hill, Mrs and family, Edgbaston.24 Victoria street Holoway, Mr, Mrs and family, Bath 2 Frogmore terrace Hayes, Mr E. F. and Mrs, Oxford..Scarborough house Hayes, Mr W. E., Oxford ScafTJorough house Hornsley, Miss, Hendon 5 Bellevue Hayter, Miss, Fleet, Hants Marlborough house Hayter, Messrs., Ashtead, Surrey. Marlborough house Holder, Lieut. S. E., Birmingham.3 Marine terrace Houghton, the Misses, Birmingham.3 Marine terrace Harwood, Mrs, Warwick 18 Norton Home, Mr and Mrs, Cardiff 7 Culver oark Hunt, Misa, Calne Mentmore Jennings, the Misses, Brighton Westfield Jones, Mr, Mrs and family, Aberdare.l Ivy cottages Jones, Mrs, children and nurse, Llandovery Bryn-awel Kenworthy, Mr and family, Cheltenham 34 Victoria street Kingsnorth, Miss, Woolwich 2 Somerset houses Lloyd, the Misses Conway, London Maiden house Luget, Mrs, Miss and Master, London. 12 Deer park Lodge, Mr and Mrs H., Lydbrook Tudor cottage Lorimer, Mrs and Miss, London Clareston house Lampitt, Mr, Mrs and family, Birmingham Elm tree house Lucas, Mr and Mrs, Westcliff-on-Sea 7 Harding villas Long, Mr A., Mrs and family, West Bromwich 2 Langdon villas Manning, the Misses, Bray, Ireland Vernon house Moore, Mr and Mrs W. Greville and family, Mayringo, Upper Burmah Glan-y-mor Molyneux, Miss, Winchester Westfield Morgans, Mr and Mrs, Aberfan 1 Harding villas Morgans, Mr and Mrs, Aberfan 1 Harding villas Marshall, Mr, Ewell, Surrey Farnham house Marshall, the Misses, Ewell, Surrey.Farnham house May, Miss B., Narberth 7 South Cliff gardens Nichohon, Mrs Lothian and family, Fermoy. Cork North Cliff house Neuville, Monsieur Jean, Cairo 31 Victoria street Oldfield. Miss, Bierbage, Wilts Mentmore Osburn, Mr and Mrs H., London 2 Paragon Osburn, Miss and Miss L., London 2 Paragon Owen, Miss A. M., London Osborne house Owen, Miss, Birmingham 2 Primrose cottages Perks, Mrs Arthur. Norwich 8 South cliff street Perks, Miss, Norwich 8 South cliff street Phillips. Mr and Mrs, Carmarthen 1 Ivy cottages Packer, Mr, Mrs and baby, Llanelly Yelverton cottage Pilley, Dr., Mrs and family, Denmark Hill, London Etnam house Plowden, Master Meredith, Putney.Newport house Plowden, Master Trevor, Putney Newport house Phillips, Mr and Mrs Grismond, Cheltenham 20 Norton Phillips, Master J., Cheltenham 20 Norton Powell, Mr and Mrs, Gloucester 1 Laston cottages Powell, the Misses, Gloucester 1 Laston cottages Payne, Miss, Birmingham 2 Primrose cottages Robertson, Mr and Mrs, Clifton.South Cliff house Rivetfe Carnac, Mrs and the Misses, London 1 Rock terrace Reed, Masters J. and R., Eastbourne.Vine cottage Reid, Mrs Stewart, Boulston 3 Bellevue Reid, Miss H., Boulston 3 Bellevue Robinson, Miss, Cheltenham 1 Croft Reynolds, Mrs, Cheltenham 5 St. Julian terrace Sylvester, Mrs, London Newport house Sylvester, Miss, London Newport house Stanley, Lieut., A.S.C., Dublin Vine cottage Stanley, Mrs, Dublin Vine cottage Saunders, Miss H., Woking Osborne house Smith, Mr and Mrs St. Clair, Cheltenham Laurie cottage Smith, Miss St. Clair and nurse, Cheltenham Laurie cottage Shorts, the Misses, Kingston, Surrey 7 Greenhill avenue Slack, Mr and Mrs, London Battersea house Slack, Mr E. and Master Reggie, London Battersea house Tucker, MHS K. A. G., Clifton Greenhill avenue Treharne, Mr, London 8 Norton Tillett, Mr W. A., Mrs, children and nurse, Penarth 3 Bellevue Tempest, the Misses (3), Rochdale Bower cottages, Penally Thompson, Mr, Mrs and family, Cardiff Milton Thomas, Miss, Maenclochog 7 South Cliff gardens Tapp, Miss, Surbiton Farnham house Vulliamy, Mr C., Glasbury Broughton villa Worstevnholnine, Mr and Mrs, Birkenhead Warburton house Waddy, Mr Hubert, Mrs and family, Cheltenham Llanboidy Wilkinson, Rev. A. and Mrs, Cunmor Mentmore Wilkinson, Mr and the Misses, Cunmor.Mentmore Whitmore, Mrs H. Davenport, Harborne 6 South Cliff street White, Miss, Clifton Clareston house Weaving, Mr and Mrs, Moseley Rhos cottage Weaving, Miss L., Moseley Rhos cottage Weaving, Master Cyril, Moseley Rhos cottage Weaving, Mr Archie, Moseley Rhos cottage Washford, Mr and Mrs, London.2 South Cliff street [For continuation of Visitors' List see Page 2.]


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