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VILLAGE FETE AT LYD5TEP. -4 I" v- LIST OF AWARDS. In connection with the above, held in White- wells Field, near Lydstep, last week, the fol- lowing is the list of the various awards PLANTS IN POTS. Collection-Mr Hemans, Ivy Tower. Geranium-Miss Alice Davies, Manorbier. CUT FLOWERS. Collection of Sweet Peas— 1st, Mr F Bm-nnn M„norbie, 2nd Mr W. Cl.rk,' aLorbiS? Sd,' Miss G. Davies, Manorbier. Bouquet of Flowers- 1st, Mrs Isaac Davies Lyditep; 2nd, Miss A. Harrington, Manorbier Bouquet of Wild Flowers — 1st, Miss Violet Griffiths, Lydstep; 2nd, Master T. Griffiths, Penally.. Table Decoration-Miss O. Davies, Manorbier. Collection of Pressed Wild Flowers-Master John Williams, White wells. VEGETABLES. Potatoes, two kinds-1st, Mr J. Gwyther, St Florence; 2nd, Mr James Williams, Whitewells • 3rd, Mr Henry Williams, Lydstep. Largest and Heaviest Potato—Mr II. Hnehe<? Manorbier. 8 1 Collection oj Vegetables, three hinds-lat, Mr D Davies, Manorbier; 2nd, Mr R. Phillips, St. Florence; 3rd, Mr E. Davies, Lydstep. Collection of Vegetables, six kinds—1st, Mr James Williams, Whitewells; 2nd, Mr J. Lewis St Florence 3rd, Mr George Thomas, Jameston. Collection -of Vegetables, nine kinds—1st Mr Thomas Penally 2nd, Mr J. Griffiths, Lydstep. Special Prize—Mr Clark, Manorbier. FRUIT. Collection of three kinds—hits Beddoe, Penally Collection of six kinds-Mr Minifie, Manorbier" Special Prize-Mr T. Brown, Penally. HOME EXCELLENCE. Currant Cuktr—1st, Miss Edwards, St. Florence: 2nd, Miss M. Hughes, Manorbier. Loaf oj Bread—1st, Mrs Philipps. Jameston; 2nd, Mrs Martin, Lydstep. Buttcr (plain)-lst, Miss M. Williams, Penally; 2nd, Mrs Murphy, Manorbier. Butter (fancy)—Mrs Griffiths, Lydstep. .Jam-1st, Miss E. Beynon, Penally; 2nd, Miss A. Rees, Manorbier. 1Iollcy-1st, Mr Meyrick, Jameston 2nd. Miss Protheroe, Penally. Egut (brown)—1st, Mrs J. Griffiths, Jameston- 2nd, Miss Voyle, St. Florence. Eggs (white)—Mrs Williams, Whitewells. Trussed FOlel-Miss A. Llewelyn, Jameston. Tudor Griffiths, Lydstep. Plain Seiviizg-lst, Mrs Dixon, Lydstep; Miss Lottie Griffiths, Jameston; 2nd, Miss Llewelyn, St. Florence. J F"nc!, Work-lst. Miss Ingram, Manorbier; Miss L. Beddoe, St. Florence; 2nd, Miss Schoiield St. Florence Miss Mansell, Lydstep. Knitting—Mrs Bryant, Manorbier. Ladies' Shirt Blouse-1st, Miss Murphy, James- ton; Miss C. Protheroe, Manorbier. Ladies' Trimmed Blouse — 1st, Miss Clifton Penally; Miss M. A. Murphy, Jameston. Trimmed lIat-Miss A. Davies, Lydstep- Miss Clifton, Penally. Wood Carving-Mr W. Watkins, Manorbier. Chip Carving—Mr M. Davies, Penally. Specimen of Daming-1st, Miss Lottie Griffiths, Jameston; 2nd, Mrs Athoe, St. Florence; Miss O. Davies, Manorbier. Starched Collar—1st, Mra Mansell, Lydstep j 2nd, Mrs Harries, Lydstep. Miscellaneous—Miss Parcell, Manorbier. Special Prize for Exhibit costing less than Is.- Mr L. Jensen, Lydstep. DRAWING. For competitors under 16 (animal, subject to be chosen by the competitor)—1st, Jack Sanders- 2nd, James John. Special Prize—W. B. James. SPORTS. Men's Race—1st, T. Rixon; 2nd, Holford Walker Bicycle Gymkhana—1st, W. Evans; 2nd Albert Edwards; 3rd, W. Phillips. Slow Bicycle Ilacc—1st, A. Edwards 2nd, A. Williams 3rd, A. Davies. !Joys' Race-1st, R. Scourfield; 2nd, A Williams; 3rd, A. Davies. Egg and Spoon Race-1st, Richard Williams 2nd, Holford Walker. 300 Yards Flat Handicap—1st, W. Lewis; 2nd E. Davies; 3rd, B. Harts. Three-Legged Race -1st, Bros. Brown; 2nd Allen Davies and partner 3rd, A. Edwards and A. John. Sack Race-1st, B. Harts 2nd, H. Brown 3rd O. Bancroft. Walking Race—1st, F. Meyrick; 2nd, F. B. Mason 3rd, T. Protheroe. Tug of Jf ar—St. Florence Team.