Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon






MACHYNLLETH. WAR.—A public dinner was given on Friday evening at the Lion Hotel, presided over by the Mayor, as a send-off to two natives of the town, who are about to leave for the front. The two men are J Arthur and Alfred Harris. The dinner was arranged by Lieutenant Wakefield. POLICE COURT.-At a special police court held on Monday morning in the Town Hall, before Messrs Richard Rees aud Richard Gillart, Edward Jones, Lion Hotel, applied for an extension of time for two hours on the occasion of the railwaymen's supper on Thursday night.—The application was granted. THE NEW WOMAN."—On Thursday evening Mr W 0 Jones of Aber delivered a lecture at the Wesleyan chapel on "The new woman." Mrs Maglona Lloyd presided, and in a carefully thought out speech urged the women of Machynlleth to accept more fully the ideas of the new woman in as much as home government was affected. BOARD OFfjjGUARDIANS.—WEDNESDAY. Present: Mr David Evans (chairman), Mr Lloyd (vice-chairman), Messrs Edward Hughes, John Jones, John Rowlands, Humphrey Jones, John Owen, Ellis Jones, Rufus Owen, W Evans, John Davies, Ellis hughes, John Owen, Rd Morgan, Meredith Jones, and Rd Owen, with Mr Dd Evans (clerk), and Mr D Morgan (assistant clerk). MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that there were 31 inmates in the House as compared with 42 during the cor- responding period of 1899. John Wise and George Wilson, two tramps, some weeks ago absconded from the House. They were arrested and discharged by the magistrates on the strength of a statement that they left because their clothes were not dry. On December 15 the Marchioness Dowager of London- derry gave the inmates the usual Christmas treat. Her ladyship who was accompanied by Lady Beaumont, assisted at the tables. There were also present Canon, Mrs and Miss Trevor, Rev D T Hughes and Miss Shoening. A large Christmas tree loaded with presents was given by Lady Lon- donderry. The usual dinner was given on Christ- mas Day. There were present Mrs Lloyd, Mr David Evans, Dr and Mrs and Master Matthews and Mr David Morgan. The inmates passed a vote of thanks to the Guardians for the dinner. The following ladies and gentlemen sent presents: Mrs Lloyd, Mr Sackville Phelps, Dr and Mrs Matthews, Mr Edmund Gilliart, Mr R Gillart, Mr David Evans, Mrs Thomas Thomas, Mr David Morgan, Mr Edward Hughes, Mr John 0 Williams, Mr R Rees, and Mr E Rees. Mr and Mrs Francis sent zEl towards providing a tea on January 4th. During the past eight weeks 137 vagrants had been relieved as compared with 172 during the corresponding period of 1899. John Breakwell, aged 78, took leave of absence on January 2nd and came home drunk. For this offence he was put in the tramp ward.—On the motions of Mr John Rowlands and Mrs Lloyd, votes of thanks were passed to Lady Londonderry and all those who had assisted at the Christmas treats. THE TREATMENT OF TRAMPS. The Clerk asked what was the reason the clothes of the tramps were not dry.—The Master The men complained that the stove was small.—The Clerk: Then you say that this was the reason of their dismissal?—Mr Edward Hughes (who sat on the case) said that his impression was that there was some neglect, and the Master ought to have seen that the men were properly treated. Ap- parently the Master did not see that the men's clothes were dried.—The Master: No, it is quite unusual for me to go into the room. But I send a pauper to put the fires there.—The Clerk: He is not a legal official.-Mr Edward Hughes The Master should have seen that the clothes were dry.—The Master I never go into the room. I do not think it is right for me to go there. I will go if the Board ask me; but I think I will be risking my life by going there,—The Clerk: How is that? Someone must do it.—The Master: There might be infectious disease there and it is better for one to go than two.-The Visitors Committee weie asked to report upon the matter. THE COUNTY BASIS ASSESSMENT. A letter was read from the Clerk of the Mont- gomery County Countil enclosing a copy of a basis for assessment for the whole of the county. The rate had been made by a committee upon reports received from the several Unions of the county. Any objections had to be forwarded before the 17th inst and these would be considered on Friday, 23rd February.—The Guardians had no objection to the basis adopted. DR ROWLANDS' SALARY. A letter was read from Dr Rowlands, Towyn, as follows :—Dear Sir,—I do not accept the terms offered by the Guardians at their last meeting as a satisfactory answer to my application of the 4th September. Owing to the ingratitude of the Guar- dians I shall in future expect all those who have a right to order medical relief to do so in a proper and legal manner, and I shall expect. all such cases to be included in the annual list of paupers. I shall also be glad if you will explain to the overseers their duty as regards application for medical relief, as in future I shall give no more services to the guar- dians than my contract demands."—The clerk said that the cases mentioned could not be included in the list.-No comment was made on the letter. STATISTICS. The following amounts have been paid in out- relief during the past fortnight per Mr John Jones, Machynlleth, X17 14s, to 61 recipients; per Mr D Howell, Darowen, zC33 lis, to 136 recipients; per Mr Jones, Pennal, 928 6s, to 101 recipients.