Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



DOVEY, MA WDDACH, & GLASLYN FISHERY BOARD. POLLUTION OF THE DOVEY. A meeting of the above Board was held on Thursday at the Police Station, Barmouth, Mr H Bonsai!, Aberystwyth, chairman, presiding. There were also present:: Messrs W R M Wynne, Peniarth; 0 Slaney Wynne, Dolrhyd C E J Owen, Hengwrt; Edmund Buckley, Barmouth; R Prys Owen, Byffiryn> C E Muuro Edwards, Dolserau; Morris Thomas, Corris; Lewis Lewis, Barmouth; E W Kirk'by, Llanfendigaid D G Jones and Dr Roberts, Pentiniog; Rees Evans, Llanbedr J Bullock, Dinas Nlawdd wy; W R Davies, clerk; and R Barratt, assistant clerk. ELECTION OF A MEMBER. Mr 0 Slaney Wynne (returning officer) declared that Mr E W Kirkby had been elected a repre- sentative Liember of the Board by a majority. DOVEY RIVER: ALLEGED POLLUTION. Mr E Evans, water bailiff for the Doyey River, reported that the water had generally been very "ow, which was insufficient for fish to travel. towards the end of October there was a freshet and a good number of nice looking sewin ran up. For weeks afterwards no fish came up on account of the low water, but about the last week of 1899 there came a flood and since then the water had been high continually. Some large salmon came up with this flood, and he had noticed that they had not gone very high up the river. He had not seen any big fish higher than about Aberangell. He had seen numerous sewin in the upper reaches, which, if left alone, would soon stock the river. The condition of the river as far as contamination Was concerned was very good with the single exception of what escaped from the Dylife Mines. He had paid a visit to the mine and found the water going direct to the river without passing through filter beds. The filter beds and the water course shonld be thoroughly cleaned. —Mr Munro Edwards said that he had not the least idea of the nature of the mine tnentioned above, but he thought it would not be amiss to write to the manager in regard to the pol- lution of the river, with the object of having the vil remedied. He proposed a motion to that •effect.—Mr W R M Wynne, in seconding, said he knew the mine had been a source of great evil to the Dovey in days gone by. They were lead mines and consequently very mischievous.—Mr Munro Edwards said he had not the desire to impede the owners of the mine in giving employment to men but simply to protect fishing.-Dr Roberts asked if it was practicable to protect against pollution ?— Mr Wynne replied that it was. 1.1he late Lord Londonderry had been instrumental in doing a great deal of good in this way.—The proposition Was then agreed to. GLASLYN RIVER. The Water Bailiff for the Glaslyn River reported that the spawning had been better than had been the case for the last four years. There had been less poaching owing to the flooded state of the river. Poachers had, however, been troublesome in the upper portion of the river, and he suggested that an assistant be appointed during the spawning season. —The matter of appointing an assistant was left to the local committee. FISH IN THE DYSYNNI. Mr Wynne, who said that he had seen the water bailiff, reported that at the end of the year there was a good run of large salmon. One of the bailiffs had stated that there was more fish in the river this season than for the last seven years. Mr Kirkby had done his best by engaging a private keeper on the upper part, and between him and the man employed by the Board the river was well looked after. Very little, if any, poaching had been done.—Mr Kirkby endorsed all that Mr Wynne had said. There had been practically no poaching this year from the lake down to Abergynolwyn.— The Chairman said this was the most satisfactory report received. THE CLOSE SEASON: PROPOSED CHANGE. Mr W R M Wynne said he had received a letter from Mr Steadman, Dinas Mawddwy, suggesting that the season should be open until the end of November. He thought it would be to the advan- tage of fishing as three anglers would be equal to one keeper. There were as many good fish up in November as at any time of the year. Mr Wvnne said that some years ago the season was open to the middle of November. He questioned whether the Board of Trade would sanction a change.—Mr D G Jones said he quite agreed with the writer. He was a man who knew something about fishing.—Mr Kirkby said he had seen spawning fish at the end of July. He thought it would be advisable to have the season open until the end of November for the simple reason that no one fishing with rod and line, as far as the Dysynni was concerned, had a chance of taking salmon in the upper waters until the end of October. This year they did not go up until the middle of November, and had been spawning up to the end of the year.—Mr Wynne then gave notice of a motion to the effect that the season be extended until the end of November.—Mr Morris Thomas said it was too soon to condemn the old arrange- ment. It had only been in force four years. ALLEGED POAChlNG. Mr Wyatt reported that the police were taking up an alleged poaching case at Nant Gwynant, and he wished to know if the Board would prosecute if the evidence was considered sufficient.-The Clerk advised the Board in view of the amount of their receipts not to take the case up. The right step had been taken in informing the police. LICENCES. The Board of Trade wrote informing the Board of the procedure to be adopted in order to improve shilling licences for trout fishing. As regards the exemption of the Cambrian Angling Association, they said that no particular district could be exempted. The way to come over the district was to issue general" licences to the Association.— The Clerk advised the Board to do so, ard after Rome discussion the Festiniog members, who were against the proposed change, consented to it after an explanation from the Clerk. SIZE OF MESH NETS DECISION IN FAVOUR OF THE BOARD. The Clerk read a letter from the Board of Trade stating that after consideration of the report of their Chief Inspector of Fisheries they formally sanctioned the by-laws made by the Board en- larging the size of the mesh to be used above Glandovey bridge from 2 to 2 inehes, changing the weekly close time for netting, and altering the ecale of licence duties for salmon fishing in the whole district,—Mr Morris Thomas proposed a vote of thanks to the clerk for his successful and very able advocacy of the case on behalf of the Board, and a sum of £10 10s was voted to him. FINANCIAL. The Clerk stated that the sum in hand after the credit of accounts was CI112,9 lOd. It was decided to divide this sum between the districts as follows Dolgelley, P,21 lis 7d; Machynlleth, C46 6s 9d; Llanbedr, £2 6s 2d; Towyn, X12 17s 6d; Maent- wrog, X12 13s 3d; and Portmadoc, Cl5 7s 7d.