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TOWYN. Oar representative in Towyn is Mr 0 W Hughes, Cader View, and we shall be much obliged if clerks local authorities, secretaries of sports, &c., would send notices of meetings, and orders for advertise- ments and printing to that address. To OtJR READERS.—As we had to:go to press on Tuesday last, owing to Christmaa, some reports of last week's meetings which came in late are 'Publish ed this week. SHOOTING.—A good bag was made by Mr R B Yates, Sandilands, on Dolgoch farm, the property "Of Mr R T Roberts, on Tuesday the 24th inst. He secured five pheasants, one wood pigeon, two woodcocks, and five rabbits. GIFT.—A valuable gift has been presented to the Parish Church by an anonymousjdonor, in,the form of a complete set of new seats for the nave. The offer has been accepted by theYicara and wardens. BETHESDA IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—A competi- tive meeting was held on Monday week. The chair was taken by the Rev J M Williams. The first item wa? the adjudication on a book mark, and the winner was declared to be Miss Maggie Evans, Marine Parade. Second competition on explaining proverbs, winner Mr G D Williams. Following this, some extracts from Rhys Lewis were read by Mr Ellis Griffiths, after which a duet was rendered by the Misses M Owen and M Evans. FOOTBALL.—The Rovers were drawn to play the Volunteer Rovers, of Dolgelley, in the Challenge J Cup competition in the semi-final yesterday, and the following team was appointed. Goal, L Jones backs, E Jj Jones and Jos Lewis; halves, Bob Jones, J T Jones, and E Jones; forwards, Joe Edwards, Gao Davies, Hy Cotton, Gladstone Daview. Archie Evans. LECTURE. The lecture delivered by the Rev R R Williams, M.A., on "A Journey through Rome," proved to be very interesting to the good number who had assembled to bear it last Friday evening, and the views were capital. The lecturer, it is needless to add, treated the subject in a pleasant and instructive manner. ~.The time-honoured Plygain was iw 6 Parish Church on Christmas morning, but it was hardly up to the standard of previous years, the carol singers being conspicuous by their absence, and the attendance was much below the average. The singing of the church choir was. I nowever, very good, and this compensated to a great extent for the absence of carol singing, which is the feature of the meeting. BETHEL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.-At the meet- ing of this society held on Monday evening, a very interesting address was delivered by Mr J Maethlon James, on Notable events in the district during the last 40 years." There was a good attendance and the address was much appreciated. h ugh' Th'om as/Krro.^s?^ fh pcyjj?/?,, ] ,TC^Vt o £ Mr age of 84 years. The deceased was much respected in local agricultural circles, and leaves a large family to mourn his loss, one of the daughters being Mrs Jones, Pall Mall, with whom much sympathy is felt. WESLEY GUILD.— At the last meeting of this Society, held on Thursday week, under the presi- dency of the Rev Robert Jones, an interesting and instructive paper was read by Mr D 0 Jones, Frondeg, on Hymnolgy." Comments were made by Mr Jacob Rowlands and Mr Jones, Merton Villa, after which several of the hymns mentioned by the speaker were sung to appropriate tunes. A recita- tion by Mr Hugh Mason followed, and the Rev J M Williams read further extracts from Rhys Lewis." A quartette under the leadership of Mr Hugh Lewis, saug a carol which was much appreciated, and the proceedings terminated. IMPROVEMENTS.—The planting of young tree. and shrubs around the approaches to the Railway Station, is being carried on this week, by Mr R Davies foreman platelayer, and staff, and in front of the Intermediate School a large number have already been planted. Mr J Pritchard, signalman, has commenced to lay out flower beds around the signal box, with the evident determination, to again secure the first prize offered by the Company for the best kept signal box. We trust that the Improvement Committee will not forget to carry out their share of the agreement with the Railway Company, as so far nothing has been done. CHRISTMAS DAY.—Preaching meetings were held all Christmas Day. The morning service was held at the Congregational Chapel, when an eloquent sermon was delivered by Rev J Evans, Amlwch. At the Wesleyan Chapel in the afternoon the Rev Cadvan Davies, Barmouth, occupied the pulpit, and at the evening service which was held at the Welsh Methodist Church, the preachers were the Rev Morgan Jones, Aberdare, and the- Rev J Evans, Amlwcb. The previous evening, sermons were delivered by the Revs Morgan Jones, and Cadvan Davies, at the Wesleyan Church, to a large con- gregation. CHRISTMAS TREAT.—The break up for the Christ- mas holidays, was celebrated at the National school by an entertainment and Christmas tree on Friday the 20th ult, which proved to be a great success. A good programme had been arranged, and was well sustained. A mongst those present were the Rev T Lewis (vicar), Miss Lewis, Rev D R Pugh (curate) and Mrs Pugb, Miss C Gibbons, Mrs Shuker, Tymawr; Miss H Gibbons, Mrs Tookey and the parents and well-wishers of the school. Prizes for good conduct and attendance were awarded the following John Norton Lewis, Willie Dowsett, Maude Axe and Kate Lewis, in the above order of merit. The gifts on the tree which bad been presented by interested friends and were of considerable value were afterwards given away. The room had been tastefully decorated for the occasion and Mr Tookey (head. master) and staff deserve great credit for time and trouble taken, to make the proceedings a success. BETHEL IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY.—An interesting meeting was held on Monday evening week under the presidency of the pastor, the Rev T R Jones.— The adjudication on the questions from John xv. stated that the best replies were given by Ap Gwilym," who, however, did not come forward to claim the prize. A song, Yr eneth ddall," was tastefully rendered by Mr Hugh Morgan Jones. One composition on "YNadolig" came to hand, and was adjudged worthy of the prize, but no one came forward to claim it. A recitation, "Tke Lifeboat," by Mr Geufronydd Jones, after which a song, Y penill adrodda fy nhad," was sung by Miss Lizzie James. For reading unpunctuated matter, the prize was divided between Miss Lydia J Rowland and W L Hughes. A competition for quartette singing at first sight was very amasing. A dialogue, entitled John Jones, the moderate drinker," by Misses Annie Evans and Mary Owen, proved interesting, and another, Moderation and Total Abstinence," by Miss Lydia J Rowlands and W L Hughes, was excellent. A seng, Bwthyr yr amddifad," by Miss M A Evans brought a success- ful meeting to a close. SPECIAL SESSIONS.- THURSDAY. Before Mr H Haydn Jones. DOMESTIC JARs.-Francis Francis, tailor, Red Lion street, Towyn, was charged with unlawfully wounding his w-fe on Christmas Eve. Evidence was given that a serious altercation took place iu the course of wh,ch the defendant struck her with a poker, causing severe injury. She was said to be in a serious condition. The accused was remanded until the next Petty Ses"ions and was bound over himself in 110 and his Rees Francis, in a like sum. like sum. DRUNK AND INCAPABLE,—JN0 Bywater, labourer was charged with being drank and incapable the previous week. The case was proved by P.C. Jones and defendant was fined 5s including costs TO MR. AND MRS. J. E. THOMAS, PROSPECT HOUSE, TOWYN. We wish you joy, both groom and bride* ine season s prone to happy tide n°d,°fJ.!ymen With you dw'eU, And the Goddess Fortune serve >Wwell. YN- EDMUNDS.





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