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E. R. 5TH VOLUNTEER BATTALION THE SOUTH WALES BORDERERS. REGIMENTAL ORDERS By LIEUTENANT-COLONEL E. PRYCE-JONES, M.P. Commanding. Headquarters, Newtown, 28th December, 1901. GAZETTE.—The following extract from the Lcr.dolt Gazette of the 20th inst. is published for infoSnunat'on 5th Vol. Battalion the South Wales Bordered8 "°^n Joseph Sudborough, gentleman to be Secoi_ld'ljieufcenant- Dated, 21st December' 1901, ENKOLMEN'M^ undermentioned having been enrolled at Man £ g,fvnei^ are ^aken on the strength of the Battalion,jposfev' to Company, and allotted Regimental numbers IK stated against their names :—1081 William H >t^U8seiI> 1082 George D Evans, 1083 Arthur H Maddo^- and *084 Charles E Ives. MUSKETRY.—The following is the ^es^lfc of the annual musketry course in the Soafrh v»Vales Infantry Brigade for 1901 Trained Vohm.teera 3rd V.B., figure of merit, 191;. 4th Y.B. 172' ,lst V.B., 167; 2nd V.B., 145; and 5th V.B., 134. \hb LB'' 107 2nd V'B" 107; 3rd V.B., 105J; 5th V.B., 98; and 2nd V.B., 91. EFFICIENCY. The following War Office instruc- tions are published for information — The attention of the Volunteer Force is directed to Section VII. of Volunteer Regulations respecting the Conditions of Efficiency for Officers and Volun- teers, issued with Army Order 246 of 1901, viz j- In exceptional cases which may arise in any year, where it can be shown that a corps has made every effort to fulfil the requirements for' efficiency as1 laid down in the Order in Councit of the 4th, November, 1901, but has wholly, or as regards some of its members, failed to do so, the General Officer' Commandingjvill^be kept from time to time fuHj' will receive the special consideration of the, Secretary of State. This section is iutended to- meet the special case of an officer appointed, or Volunteer enrolled, previous to the date of issue of the above Army Order, and who, during the period of his present engagement with his corps, may be able to satisfy bis Commanding Officer that, owing to his civil occupation, he is prevented wholly or partially from attending camp in any year. Such engagement will not be held to extend beyond 1st November, 1904 Similarly, in the event of a corps satisfying the Commander-in- Chief, on the special recommendation of the General Officer Commanding, that, in consequence of iMI having experienced exceptional difficulties, it is pre- vented from complying with the prescribed condi- tions, its case will be specially considered. Volun-' teers of all ranks should, however, understand that. in view of recent developments in the conditions" and requirements of modern warfare, the trailing of troops, regular or auxiliary, most be conducted on a systematic and progressive principle, in which practice in the essen- tial duties of war is an imperative feature. For some years past the Volunteer Force has con- stantly claimed to be seriously accepted as a reliable and organised section of the Army for Home Defence. It is now determined that the responsi- bility claimed shall be realised. Under the old regulations it was impossible for either an officer or volunteer, although he might become technically efficient so as to earn grants for his corps, to attain the high standard of efficiency now requisite to enable him to take his appointed place in the Military organisation and defence of the Kingdom, It follows that the Force must adapt itself to sucht a system of training as will admit of its members,, from the highest to the lowest, being exercised andi inspected in actual tactical operations over suitable countrv or in actual works of defence. An annual; camp, with which the year's training should in thiss manner culminate, is therefore indispensable. To' facilitate such training in the case of those corps' which, in the opinion of the General Officer Com- manding, are unable to train in complete units,. provisional regiments or battalions under officers of the Regular Forces, and consisting of batteries or companies detailed from Volunteer corps, will be formed at suitable stations during certain months of the camping season. Fnrther instructions regarding these arrangements will be issned in due course. It is fully realised that the civil occupation of some Volunteers will not admit of their complying with the minimum conditions necessary for all effective course of Military training, and that consequently the Force must ultimately lose the services of such men. It is preferable to have a somewhat (smaller number of more highly-trained officers and men sufficient to meet all the demands for home defence. The State requires that a suitable standard of Military training shall be secured in return for the outlay of public money, and, consequently, the; enrolment in future of Volunteers who are unablelto, afford adequate time for any Military training, beyond elementary barrack-square drill cannot be; permitted. While it is confidently expected that, officers and Volunteers will endeavour to meet the, changes necessitated by the development of modern: warfare, the operation of the regulations will be, arefully watched, and any amendments which experience shows are desirable will be effected. A copy of this Army Order will be inserted in the Regimental or Battalion orders of every Volun- teer Corps." POSTING. — Second-Lieutenant Sad borough is posted to E Co. By Order, C WALKER, Captain, Adjutant 5th V.B. South Wales liordei-ers.

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