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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. SOITJI WAIES 3.1UY NEWS. WORDS. |0SCE. |™REF3Sjxi^3. 20 Words; 0 6 1 0 11 6 '1\ 't\ki\ ''IíI'J 30 Wordsj 0 9 1 6 2 3 3IX ™IKS j"NE*ws" N ENV 40 Wordsj 1 0 2 0 3 0 <« ECHO." Each extral j 20 VV or(is 10 Wordsj 0 3 0 6 0 9 21" 30 "Words SOI I S! W ILIS ECHO. Q — rT H k, K SFTl WORDS. ONCE. TIMES_ TIMES. 1 i j 40 Words 20 Words: 0 6 0 9 1 0 5/- :Eacli Extra 30 Words! 0 9 1 0 1 6 io Words :——!—; 1/- 40 Wordsj 1 0 1 6 2 3 50 Wordsj 1 3 2 6 3 9 -1- 60W ordsi 1 6 j 3 0 4 6 These charges apply only to the classes of Adver- tisement specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are ordered for consecutive insertion, and paid for pre nous to insertion; if cither or these conditions is not complied with, the Advertise- ment will be charged by the Business Scale: Aparlmcnts, Situations Vacant or Wanted, To be Let or Sold, Lost Found, and Miscellaneous Wants. SPECIAL Notice. sending replies to S Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious iiairies,.i t this office, are requested not to sepd original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies of testimonials only. „ ^nraottal. T Reynolds wishes to hear from his mother. Ha,ve not heard last 20 years.—Write to J. R., 93", Daily News," Cardiff. 9",7 Ot MOKE Archer's "Golden Returns." Sweetest Tobacco manufactured. 6231 1_1 artutrs bip. WANTED, Far net, active or otherwise; capital arra.ngeable established business good chance extend high profits.—Apply Middle, "South Wale; Daily New;, 177 #tairi«umial. BUSINESS Gentleman, comfortable circumstances, medium height, good appearance, age 26, would en, re3pfmd with affectionate Young Lady witn means view, marriage genuine strictest conthlenc; no agency.—Ad<tress Jack, Daily News," Swansea. 7130 iSUSINESS~ Gentleman (London), Welsh; 30 j 9 tall; in comforta.ble circumstances, wishes to correspond with an affeciu n&te Ladv, 20 to 30 (widow no objection), with small means strictest secrecy.— Jack," Daiiy News," Cardiff. 900__ DRAPER, with flourishing Business, wishes to cor- res ond with a Lad; not over 30, with view to marriage. Dressmaker, Milliner, or Showroom Hand preferred strictest, cOlliiderlfe as,iired.-H 959, "Daily News" Office, Ca diff. 959 ATRIMONY.—Orphan Lady (25), just lost her father, whose business (large milk and butter) she cannot manage by herself, wishes to marry in- telligeiit kind Welshman. She has also £0,COOÎ!1 bank.— Miss Morsan, 197, Drummcnd-street, Hampstead-ro d, London, N. \V. 364 YOUNG Lady, in business, age 28, medium height, good appearance, would like to meet Gentleman, with means, view to early marriage thoroughly genuine strictest secrecy.— Florence, "Daily News," wausea. 7178 I -r 4&itsxrstL BANV3SMEN.—Three llighzun's full size Bass tj) Dfiim; perfect good heads, one Coat of Arms on 55s to 62s 6d Three good F Flutes, 12s new Oboe, 45si—Turtle, Instrument Maker, Aruwick, Man- chester. 164 :sli 11 e, a MISS A»tle, after tweflyo very successful years in Cardiff, continues to give lessons in Pianoforte •And Singing.-— Lessons given at the residence of pupils, or at 22, Charles-street, Cardiff. Terms mode- rate. 5909 MUSIC Mwde Easy.—iteusy Practical Method for all t# play Pianoforte, Harmonium, is.—Rev Wis. Hugiifs. Mill-street-, Manchester. 23 .g. Pitm() beautiful waJnut case, iron frame, full 3^ compass, solid pannel wnrfh twice the money ^ew.—79,DWwpeneer-streot, Cardiff. 464 JH£icat CHEU Apprentice.—tt. H. Parlby. Dispensing ) and Family Chemist, near Albert Hall. Swansea, has a Vacancy "terms moderate comfortable home; in or outdoor. '^9 CtHEMISTS Assistants.—-Wanted immediately, a Junior, able to speak Welsh, and an abstainer.— C Junior, able to speak Welsh, and an a.bstainer.- Apply A. E. Evans, Chemist. Brynmawr. 833 'F- t4 .oM. t CSimratsrmal. ,n, AP,RY U,ID. Se,iool Assistart B Mistress 4 ex-P.T.) for Girls' School. Salary £50. Also Assistant Master (eji-P.T.) for Boys' School. Salary B60 advancing to Boo. Applications must Je made on the Forms of the Board (which can be obtained from Llil 'Inclersig,,e(t), and must reach me not later than 21 'th March.-W rf. Lewis, Clerk to the Board.—Hoi ton road, Barry Dock. ,100 BENCH —Requk rec'' Private Lessons; from French "person"preferret' on(- °f two hours per week.- Address, stating terlrk., French, "Daily "News" Office, Cardiff. IjWENCIl, Spanish, Italian, (ieriiu.a, Private Jo Tuition. Classf.s. S £ ecial Classes for Commercial Correspondence ami Cois,vel'sation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law- Civil Service, Excise ana Customs Examinations Stiholarships through the riost; Arithmetic Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr W Haines, PublicTrirslato:. 25.^ark-streot, Cardiff. 487 SHORTHAND, Shorthand.—Winter evenings spent pleasantly. Pupils taughfr the fascinating art and (juaiitie i for appointments by an experienced tutor. Corresponding and reporting ,tyles.-Apply Principal. 21, De Burgh-street, ttivaxside, Cardiff. ANTED. Ex-P-T. for St, Joints Boys'_ School, Crockherbtown, conancncibg £ 45.—Apply Vicar, Cardiff. 7103 Host anil Jouttii. FOUND, a Gold Brooch, 011 the 10th insfc. —Owner IF to apply to Head Constable, Westgate-street, C.,di ff. 299 Donwsiic trlJani£í. COOK, good plain, wanted wages, £ 16 to £ 13.— Apply Oakland, Rumney-hill, Cardiff. 903 Ij^XPERIENCJ 'D Nurse wanted for two children.— [i Apply Dr Greener, 1, Clare-street, Cardiff. 441 WANTED, respectable Working Housekeeper, age '7 40 to 50, educated comfortable home.—Apply Thos. Thomas, Carpenter, Manordilo, R.S.O. WANTED at once, trustworthy Woman as House- I I keeper only one chiitt moderate wage and a good b -Apply D., Echo" Office, Newport.7165 WANTED, strong Girl, 18, country preferred, help in Bedroom and wait in Cofl'ee Tavern good reference.—Apply Parish, Llewelyn Arms Tem- perance Hotel, Neatli. I,, i) General fr tf W"ANTED, good General Servant from the NV country preferred.-Apply Mrs Phillips, Lon- don House. Poutymister, Newport. 450 WANTED, immediately, General Servant good 'f character inùíspen.¡,ble.-App1y Avon House, If), Charles-street, Cardiff. 465 WANTED, good General Servant, immediately w no washing boy kept.—Apply Pleucaira Houe, Neath. 473 WANTED, General Servant, must be early riser and able to cook.—Apply personally, Mrs Lewi", 11, Gr,iigwen-place, Pontypridd. 211 WANTED, General Servant; good character, early riser, understand cooking small family.—Apply between 6 and 8 at 103, Newport-road, Cardiff. 116 WANTED, Young Girl as General in small family. W —Apply 5, Park-terrace, Penydarren, Mertliyr. WANTED, experienced General Servant, must understand plain cooking good references re- quired.—Apply, stating age, w^ges, Mrs John Davies, Hillside, Pontypridd. 894 C^JJKVEK COOKS can add iist of dishes In C^JJKVEK COOKS can add to their list of dishes In j the preparation of choice dainties, for a dinner and simper table by consulting the pages of a little book ntitled Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks send- ing their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sous, Binning- ham Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have Pastry and Sweets' handy for refere'ice. Theie is nothing to pay, and the book will be sent by return ost [we to any address. 11b5 ituatians <Harani. APPRENTICE Wanted; premium.—Apply, by letter, Jeweller, 16, John-street, Porthcawl,GI?ui. AICEII.Wai,ted at once, good Hand, well up-ill -B bread and smalls, who can use Ir Geo. Davies's Lion Steam Oven: must be a respectable btker.- Apply wages, T. Lewis. Htliort's To..n, New Ti\:dega.r. BAKER-s.-wantell. a good Man to smalls also a Boy, about 16, to deliver.—Apply at once, T. E. Jones, the Thomastown Bakery, Thomas- street, Merthyr. 434 BRICKLAYERS are requested to keep away front B Cardiff and District during the present Dispute. C1IVIL Service Appointments.—Salaries, £ 70 to £ 400 j Tuition by correspondence.—Wanted, Youn? Jkicn to prepare for Clerkships, Excise, Customs, &v no payment until successful; stamp.—Secretory, 43, I.inlon-,>tl'cet, Islington, London. 308 tllVIL Service.—Candidates wanted, aged 15 to 25, ¡ c ladies under 20 special preparation (orally or by ¡ correspondence) over 2,3CO successes 85 first places 350 passes in 1892. — Write for special teriiii to Mr Skerry, the London Civil Service and University Collf'KL', Limited, 67, Chancerv-lane, London, Boarders tken. 12 IT^URNITUltE Packer wanted must be steady, trustworthy, and experienced man.—Apply, with references, to Packer, EeilO" Office, Cardiff. 206 ROCERY.—Wanted, by March 20th or thereabout, X a Young Man as Haulier, and to make himself generally useful must be an abstainer, and accus- tomed to horses.—Apply at once, stating age, salary, and references, to J. Evans, Grocer, Pontnewynydd, Man. 480 d i KOCER Y.—Wanted, strong oung Man to attend VX to horses and deliver goods indoors.—H. G. Davie3, Aberkenfig. 180 HELVE Cleaver and Dresser wanted at once; must be good and steady workman.—Apply Katum, Timber Merchant, Kington, Hereford' hire. Katum, Timber Merchant, Kington, Hereford' hire. MASONS are requested tC) keep aw?y from Cardiff J..VJt and District. Strike still 011. 36J PAINTERS.—Wanted, a Working Foreman must be good all-round hand.—State experience, wages, &c., F. Speed, 2, Plymouth-road, Penarth. TAILORS are requested to Keep Away from the Rhondda Valley as a Lock-out is now on. 979 filAILORS.—Wanted at once, good Coat Hand B also Trousers and Vest Hand.—W. Davies and Son, Newbridge-ra-Wye, Radnorshire. 902 TO Brewers.—Practical and Experienced Brewer required must be well up in brewing high-class bitter and fresh ales, and thoroughly acquainted with bitter and fresh ales, and thoroughly acquainted with skimming and cleansing system, with good reference. —Anply Rhoudda Valley Brewery Company, Limited, Treherbert. 212 TO Butchers.—Wanted, young forshopit-id .L slaughter-house mnt hwe good references.- Apply, stating age, wae;&c. (indoors), to W. Sansom, Butcher, Abercarn, Mon. 316 WANTEl', Tinman.—Apply M. Fury, 8, Lamb- lane, Glebeland-street, Merthyr. 486 WANTED,two good Plasterers and Slaters at once —ReesiEdwards, Builder, Tredegar. 309 WANTED at once, Three Millboaid lakrs.r:1S, ? t Jacob and Son, Ferry-road, Cardiff. 294 WANTED, a Driver for Bread Round must be obliging and a good salesman.—James Coombs, Pontypridd. 7152 "TA-'rED;i.-Gčer:-âlSm'itJï;n:ust be a good W h()er.-Apply. with copies of recent testimonials, to Mr Wm. John, "Managing Director D. John & Co., Ld., Pentre, Rhondda Valley. 176 WANTEb7~a~Man Servant, 21 to 25, sober; f V acquainted with all farm work willing to truke himself useful.—Thos. Davies, Coedcae Farm, Tonyrehil. ANTED, a good, steady Lampman at once for 7 f large colliery.—Apply, stating wages required and experience, to Lampman, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 7117 WANTED, Commercial-room Waitress (experi- enced) also Boy, about 16.—Apply Hughes, Thistle Hotel, Llwynypia. 126 WANTED, a good Sawyer, accustomed to sharpen V saws.—Apply to Box 32, Swansea,. 7131 ~V57"AVi'l-D. Practical Millwright to Superintend t Y Seven Mills in Tinplate Works.—Apply stating age, wages required, and references, C. 7037," Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 7037 WEAVERS are requested to Keep Away from W Trefach, Llandyssil, as a Lock-out is now on.- W. 274 jn»2 Weekly and Upwards may be honestly realised by either sex, without hindering present occupa- tion.—For sample (returnable) &c., enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watts & Co. (P137), Merchants, j'in.jinghaiii.—This is genuine. 63 b(jp Assistants. CCLOTHIERS.—Wanted, a good Junior Welsh.— j Apply Hodges and Sons, Pentre. 397 I.OTIIING.-Wantei, an experienced Young Man as First Hand Welsh.—Apply to W. R. Edwards, Carmarthen. 181 It A P F, It V" .—Wan te d^r esp^ta>der You 111 (W ols h) I as Apprentice.—Apply B. R. Evans, Golden Key, Ammanford. DRAPERY.—Wanted, a Junior Assistant.—Apply to J. Whicher and Son, Milford Haven. DRAPER Y^AVanfe.r "immediately,Young~Laily for Counter c1oe two o'eock Wednesdays.- Apply personally, J. 0. Roch, 20 and 22, Broadway, Cardiff. 378 DRAPERY.—Vacancy for a Young Man for Fancy Departments outdoors.—Apply, lull particulars, Isaac Thomas, Wharton-street, Cardiff. 463 DRAPERY.—Wanted, Young Man, experienced good window dresser Welsh for new premises. Apply Knight and Sen, Swansea. 7132 DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, a steady Young Man; also a good Junior Welsh.- State full particulars, E. Owen. Drapery,Lr, Cardigan. 383 • I 'X RAP Kit Y.—Wanted, Young Man for Dress and R Manchester Department must- be gcod window dres;:er.tate particulars Jone nn" Co., Abertillcry. DRAPERY.—Wanted, a Sharp respectable Youth as !SjP an apprentice.—B. Williams, The Circle, le- degar. 317 DRAPERY.—Wanted, a steady, experienced Young _K_J' Man.—Apply, with full particulars, to R. Ed- wards, Merthyr. 404 D It APERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young L-'dy i II to serve must speak Welsh-Apply, stating ex- perience, salary, and age, Thos. Yorath, SwaIls1.. 7157 DRAPERY.—Wanted, an experienced Young Man for drapery counter also experienced Young Lady for fancy Wei h.—Apply to W. R. Edwards, Carmarthen. 182 DRAPERY.—Wanted, a, good Salesman and Win- dow Dresser. Also Young Lady.—Apply E. Carnage, Parade, Lea.mingt0!1. 130 DRAPERY".—Wanted, Experienced Young Lady fo>- Showroom good trade Welsh.—Appl w'itl1 ptrticulirs, Stuchbery, Bridgend. 36 Sj DRAPERY.—Wanted immediately, a Young Lady, J_} able to serve through also Improver (to sleep out).—David Davies, 33, Carlisle-street, Cardiff. 978 DKAPERY—Wanted thoroughly experienced Young Ladies, for ribbons and laces, outdoor.— W. Hughes, 15 and 17, High-street Arcade, Cardiff. 896 DRAPERY and Outfitting.—Wanted, Young Lady Apprentices to the Drapery also smart Youth as Apprentice to the Gent's Outfitting, indoors.— Applv Edwards, 35 and 37, Salisbury road, Cathays, Cardiff. 461 DRESSMAKING. — Wanted, an experienced Hand must be perfect fit and style.—Apply J. Jones, London House, Ytiysybwl, Glamorganshire. 27 A ROCERY.—Wanted, a strong Youthas Improver G Welsh good reference pply R. D, vies and Co., Skewen, Neath. 332 GROCERY.—Wonted, a Strong Lad .as Apprentice- —Apply Timothy Jones, Gorseinon, Swansea. £ ROCERY, etc.—Smart young Man Wanted M.JPT Welsh well up in provisions personal applica- tion preferred.—W. Williams, Trallwn, Pontypridd. J ILLINER.—VVpnted, First Hand, of good ex- jjf i perience Welsh able to ser ve in show-room full particulars.—Stephens, London House, Llandilo. MILLINFR.—Wanted, an experienced Milliner iTJL must have good reference.—Apply Donald Knight, Cardiff. :39 ILLINElt, thoroughly practical, to take and 1: execute orders, keep stock. and sesrve through.— State full particulars, Clarke, Crwys-road, Cardiff. 442 "iVJj ILLINEKS and Dressmakers.—Wanted, Second 1.TJI. Hands, of fivo or six years' good experience, for both branches.—Apply, full particulars, D. and J. Evans, Porth. 42 MILLINERY.—Wanted, a good Pnictical Second H Hand.—Apply to J. Whicher and Son, Milford Haven. "t 3 ILLINEBY.—Wanted an experienced Milliner. i* B —Apply for full particulars to D. J. Davies, Morriston, Swansea. 982 WANTED, stylish Milliner, able to serve. Also a t v Young Lady for General Drapery must be obliging.—Apply, with full particulars, A. Thomas, Manchester Heuse, Brynmawr. 344 WANTED, an experienced Milliner must have i good reference.—Apply Donald Knight, Cardiff. WANTED at once, an Apprentice for Grocery.— t Apply D. Price, Hong Kong, Porth. 393 WANTED, a Young Man (Junior) for General Drapery.—Apply to s. Buckland, Haverford- west. 39 J WANTED, an experienced Milliner; Welsh pre- t' ferred.—M. Williams, London House, Gilfach, near Bridgend. 12-5 WANTED, Manager at Co-operative Stores, Grocery and Drapery; married preferred Welsh. To commence duties April 11th, 1893.—Apply, stating salary and references, Chairman, Co-operative Stores, Nantyraoel, near Bridgend. 22 WANTED, strong Boy, about 17, as Improver to W the Grocery, willing to make himself useful. Thomas Lewis, Grocer, Llantwit Vardre. 23 V/5T ANTED a good Dressmaker must be thorough V j srood fit and style and able to manage work room.—Apply W. P. Thomas, Glasgow House, Aber- roora.-Apply W. P. Thomas, Glasgow House, Aber- tillery. 25 WANTED a Younsr Lady for the General Drapery, thoroughly able to serve through and well accustomed to window dressing.- Apply, with full particulars, to W. P. Thomas, Glasgow House, Aber- tillery. 236 accustomed to window dressing.- Apply, with full particulars, to W. 1'. Thomas, Glasgow House, Aber- tillery. 236 WANTED a Young Laxly for Showroom, obliging and industrious, good stock keeper, and to serve through when required.—Apply, with references, and .stating salary, to W. P. Thomas, Glasgow House, AbertilJery. ^37 WANTED, immediately, good Junior for Tea T Counter; smart counterman abstainer.-Apply personally Manager, Lightning Tea, Co., Market-square i>ui!(iing, .\ler,ly_r. 840 WANTED immediately, good First, Hand for butter counter good "decorator, and smart counterman abstainer. —Apply personally, Manager, Lightning Tea Co., .Market-square Buildings, Mgrthyr. Ckrks, lilanagurs, ^LEKK Wanted must be quick and correer,, sobei-, C willing used to Grocery trade preferred state sal;try reference. -Phil[ ips, Grocer. Merthyr. 485 TRX RANTED, good Junior Clerk, well up at in- V voicing.—Apply, by letter only, giving references and stating salary required, to Wilier and Riley, But ter Shippers, i redegar-street, Cardiff. 400 WANTED, an Office cierk, thoroughly conversant with the grocery and provision trade; must have a knowledge of Welsh, be a good writer, and accurate at figures.—Apply William Harris, 144, High- street, -Merthyr. 25ii «t. A GENTS wanted. Liberal terms. "Whole or spare .é time.—Address "Finance," 222 to 22o, Strand, London, W.C. 387 A GENTS wanted everywhere for" Eusiness AT5i_ Register," Tradesman's Account Book commis- sum and bonus; E4 earned weekly.—Messrs H. PamphiioD, Congleton, Cheshire. 142 AGENTS Wanted everywhere for our marvelled Nimrod Bicycles incomes largely inciease(I re- pairs a specitlity.-Ar)piy immediately, Nimrod Cycle Company, Bristol. 428 AGENTS wanted throughout Glamorganshire and .rJl. Monmouthshire to take orders (on our new hire systerii)forour well-known pianos, organs, harmoniums, melodeons, concertinas, violins, banjos, and all kinds of brass musical instruments watches, clocks, sewing machines, mangles, washing machines, perambulators, family Bibles, albums, opera glasses, electro plate, •Sc. First-cla-s commission to capable men no risk or family Bibles, albums, opera glasses, electro plate, •Sc. First-cla-s commission to capable men no risk or responsibility illustrated catalogues on application good references and security A'ndispensahle. -Jones and Jones, Porth. 6910 CLUB Agents Wanted, to form Clubs for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical Insts., &c. Members pay Is per week. Terms, Catalogues, &c., Kendal & Dent, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid value. Great success. Mention paper. Ladies'and Gents' Silver Levers 42s., worth 70s. d COALING Agency or Ship Chandlers' Agency V> wanted by advertiser at a Foreign Port or Colonies. Well acquainted with shipping business and the coal trade energetic, experienced in the manage- ment of men and piant; age 23 holds presentation for exceptional succe-s in last appointment.—Address Box 911, Sell's Advertising Offices, London, 227 WANTED, Traveller for the CoTarities of Brecon- V,. shire and Radnorshire, to sell oil commission hops and condiment.—X.Y.Z., Daily News," Cardiff. WANTED, an Ageot for Cardiff and District to represent a noted Welsh Brewery.—Address stating teruis (commission only), Brewery," care of l^ee and Nightingale, Advertising Agents, Liverpool. 8 WANTED, Bottling Agents for White's Non- V T lntoxicating Hop Ale and Hop Stout; prices on ai)piication.-Whife and Sons, Brewers, Pontypool. 9 3 WHEELER and Gee, Limited, are prepared to receive applications for Agencies from smart, active men in the County of Monmouthshire and South Wales, to sell, on the new hire system, pianos, organs, harmoniums, brass instruments, musical-boxes, violins, banjoes, sewing machines, mangles, bassinettes, watches, clocks, electra-plate, books, etc., etc.—Apply by letter, enclosing copies of references, to the Managing Directors-, 26, Castle-road, Cardiff. 986 Situations <$1 anted. ADVERTISER (13) seeks some Evening Emplov- ment good writer, quick at figures.—For par- ticulars address Junior, Echo" Office, Newport. 7138 BAKERS —Young Man requires Situation good second or third accustomed to making smalls state wages.-F. Leat, Bampton-street,Tiverton, Devon. COOPER, unemployed, used to the mixed work of town and country shops; temporary or perma- nency accepted.—9, Euzzard-st., Newtown, Cardtffc 780 | /ENGINE Driver, 22 years' experience, wants em- X2J ployment, locomotive or any other steam engine. apply 2. John-street, Llanolly. 472 X P ElTlENCEDF.ngi neL-r (Chief) seeks an Engage- mentof Trust with Shiprepairing or Shipowning Finn thoroughly conversant in general repairs highest reference.—Address Engineer, Daily News Office, Swansea,. 7041 IRONMONGERY.—Situation wanted as Junior As- c sistant; 5 years' experience.—Apply T. Jones, Ironmonger, Blaenavon. 455 MASTER Bakers.—Wanted, Situation good Bread Irl. and Cake Hand, cfce. best references.—Thomas Skith, care of M1- Gore, King-street, Nantyglo. 13 MASTER Tailors.—Yo ing Man seeks Situation as Cutter's Assistant or Trimmer; 6% years' ex- perience total abstainer.—A. Echo" Office, Newport SUB-contracting Piece work of all descriptions in connection with the Building Trade, including Dressed Stone,Walling, and Brickwork,to any amount; other branches if required, with or without finding materials.—Address 9, Tudor-road, Riverside. 323 rjlO Grocers. Wanted, a Situation as Third or X jingle, in. general grocery trade age 20 0 years experierce excallent references. F. Pile, Parra- combe, Barnstaple. 230 rfllO Master Tailors —Wanted, Situation as Cutter A holds first-class Loudon 'diploma, also London experience age 24 market town preferred.—J., South Walsly News," Cardiff. 475 r|WO Ladies, inexperienced, desire Engagements A Theatrical Company good appearance Ethel, dark; Rose, fair; ages 18.-K., "Chronicle" Office, Neath. ANTE]) to Apprertice, a. strong Youth to the V T Butchering at Cardiff.—Apply B. Harris, Lint- hill, Skenfrith, near Monmouth. WANTED, position 0:1 small farm as Bail-Iff, or any place of trust, by married man, aged 34 attend stock, garden, &c. life experience; highest references.—Thomas Berridge, Lye Grove Farm, Chip- ping Sodbury. 952 WANTED in South Wales, Situation Parlourmaid or Sewingmaid good needlewoman good references.—S. S., John-street, Thornbury, Gloucester- shire. 128 _u_- \7~ANTED, by a respectable young person, Situa- T Y tion as Barmaid willing to assist in house- worb-Apply397, Cowbi-idge-road, Canton. 835 YOUNG Man wants situation as Shoeing and General Smith good sliooer.—Apply H, Echo Office, Carditf. 380 -===:-=- 3tnj)gings, Apartnunts, &x. BOURNEMOUTH, the Health Resort, a lovely spot, Cremona House, St Nieholas-road.— 5s per day, or a Lady and Gentleman three guineas per week for Board and Apartments, all included. 356 FURNISHED Front .Sitting-room and Bedroom gas, fire, and attendance bathroom moderate tenns very centra.1.[l'S Pedlcr's, 22, Charles-street, Cardiff. 29 PENARTH.—Lansdowne Private Hotel. Extensive Channel view. Superi-rtecoiumndation. Nloderite charges. Special terms to permanent residents. 703 1TUZt5, & Mtantrit. HOUSE wanted at once Canton preferred rent about 8s per week .—Address G. F. C., 7, (Jon- way-road, Canton. 453 HOUSE wanted to rent, off Newport-road three sitting-rooms and kitchen on ground floor no basement.—Arnold, Park Hotel. Cardiff. 55 ONTYPRIIII).Vaiite(l, to a good A Dwelling.hoiU;e in Pontypridd.—Write, stating full particulars, M 134, South Wales Daily News Cardiff. 134 "VST* AN TED, House (4 rooms upstairs) to Rent or V V Purchase within 8 miles Cardiff.—J. Phippen, 86, Cottrell-road, Uoath, Cardiff. 827 8'1.8 „ „„„. —— Jfar ^aU.-ljcusis, «r. 1:7'01:' Sale, one semi detached Villa, at LIani"hcn, opposite Vicarage gates, near station 6 bed- rooms, 2 reception rooms hot and cold bath, and usual offices electric bells papered and ready f.->r occupation.—Apply B. 412, Echo Office, Cardiff. 412 FOR Sale, 8, Miskin-street, Cathays; nine-room house hot and cold bath, lavatory, w.c.—Apply premises, 6 p.m. i;S6 IjVJR Sale, at Penarth, with immediate possession, convenient, Villas two with 15 rooms, two with 1U rooms, one with three-stall stable and coach-house. — Apply W. B. Shepherd, Penarth. 85'1 FENARTH.—Smail Villas for .Sale~ £ 470To ^530 JB, good sanitary and plumbing work.—F. Speed, House Agent, opposite Station, P"uar,h. 81 A House; three reception rooms, five good bed- room- hot and cola bath, w.c. sanitary arrangements perfect well-stocked gardens capital stable, coach- house, conservatory low ground rent; moderate price. Apply above address. 110, Hs.l>er<hoti-street, The Moors.—For Sale, newly, built Dwellmg-house, containing front parlour sitting-room, kitchen, and scullery, three bedrooms, and the usual offices in sydendid condition; ca.nital situation for letting. Apply W. C. Clarke and Dovey, 31, Queen-street, Cardiff. 7013 "n: 11 ht ICd.-rliausrs, anù. &r. .OUNTH,y Residence to Let, situated close to Tre- c harris Station, and enclosed in an acre of ground possession can be had at once.-Apply David Prosser, Treharris. 374 i1.ESIRAELE Building Plots to Let. Penllyn Park BL" Estate. Newport, for semi-detached and terrace houses every facility offered to builders arrange- ments can be to finane good men.—Apply for Newport. ° 7140 particulars, W. L. Griffiths, Architect, 27, High-street, ORTFCRNXSHED ~and UNFURNISHED Resi dences, Cardiff and Penarth, see Messrs Hern's Register.—94,St.Mary-street.Cardiff 1049 Residence, contains L 2 reception-rooms, 5 bedrooms, bathrooms, kit- chens all ether requirements lar0 productive garden fruit trees close to railway station.—Apply J. W. Jones, Gwily House. 88 MONMOUTHSHIRE.—To he Let. unfurnished, for 1' a term of years, most charming Residence and Grounds, called "The Chapel," Abergavenny, and altogether about Twelve Acres of Land, Stabling Kitchen Garden, two Orchards, two ornamental ponds well stock rl with fish, two full-sized Tennis Lawns, mountain stream running through middle of pleasure garden; ten minutes' walk from town; 011 rising I ground very sheltered, south aspect, and gravel soil. House conttins three sitting-roomí-l, five g-ood bedroom, dressing room, two servants' bedrooms, bath room (hot, and cold), kitchen and back kitchen, and usual offices. —For further particulars apply to J. B. Walford Abergavenny. 7062 PENARTH (Plyniciith-roati), coTnfort-tb;y _E_ Furnished House. Two sitting-rooms, five bed- rooms, good garden.—Apply 20, Plymouth-road, Penarth. 584 FEVCOED, Bridgend, Maes yr Hnf.—To Let, this Commodious Residence, with six acres of excellent land possession in May. House contains nine rjoras and offices, excellent supply of water, st-ible, coach- house, saddle-room, cowhouse, good garden, vinery with heating apparatus.—Apply George Evans, Sunuv Side, Pontypridd. 202 FORTHCAWL.—To Let, immediate possession, 8- JJL roomed House, Shop, Stable, and Coach-house, suitable for any business good position close to r, ilviay station.-Apply to Pugh, Hadnorshire Dairy, Porthcawl. 193 TO be Let, that desirable semi-detached Villa Resi- dence, known as Carlton House, situate in A venue-road, Aberga.venny, containing en ground floor aining and drawing-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen, china pantry, lo,rder, and usual offices; 011 first floor three bedrooms, dressing, and bath-room, and w.c. on second floor two bedrooms, servants' room, and box- room. Has been recently painted and decorated throughout, and is in close proximity to the L. & N. W. Station excellent cellar, lawns at front and rear, conservatory and small kitchen garden, planted with choice fruit trees. Possession arranged to suit tenant. —Apply to Mr T. H. Tomkins, 55a, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. 7150 rjnO Let, small Farm, about 70 acres of rich arable A and pasture land in a high state of cultivation, admirably adapted for market gardening and dairy purposes, with water-power Grist Mill and 8-roomed House, close to ail way station, and three miles from Cardiff. Rare opportunity romantically situated. Immediate possession can be had, and unexpired lease can be taken over subject to landlord's approval.— Apply No. 7069, Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 7069 TO Let, St. Fagan's, two minutes' walk from G W. Railway Station, 4 miles from Cardiff, a charm- ing Country Family Residence, with all modern im- provements, bath-room, hot and cold water, 2 cottages, 23 acres pasture land, stabling, coach-houses, barn| piggeries, fowl-houses, and other outbuildings.—Apply S. Biukewicli, 112, Bute Docks, Cardiff. S92 T| IO Let, No. 1, Sc. Andrew's-piace; corner house A just re-papered a,nd painted consel vatories.- Apply S. Brukewich, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 973 mo l>et.-Building Ground on the Tredogan Fa.i in* A situated near Barry good site for villas splendid view of the Clio niifl. -Apply to J. William- Agent, Trealaw, Pontypridd. 147 öTø £ d.lusin^ss r£ntiz£5 &r. I 4 large number of Front Offices or Show-rooms, IlL with kitchen, cellars, dinuer and luggage lift:" "Sc., Pebcan Club Buildings, Custom House-street] Cardiff, to be let in one lot. or divided into suites, with immediate possession.—Agents Jenkins, Clarke and Co., Cambrian-chambers' Westgate-street, Cardiff. A DAMSDOWN.—Large Shop and Premises, suit- Jr\_ able restaurant or butcher low rent early possession.— Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian- chambers, Carditf. 1050 BUTE-Street (223).-House and Shop last eight jL) temperance hotel; long lease may be had. Apply LOO, Bute street, Cardiff. 914 CANTON.—Convenient Shop and Premises, with C Bakery and Stable low rent; immediate posses- sion.—Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian-chambers Cardiff. 1050 OOD Suite of Offices in St Mary-street, with XX immediate possession.—Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., 12, Westgate-street, Cardiff. 1050 NEW PORT.—To be Let, Suite of Offices, four rooms and lavatory centrally situated in Tredegar- place.Par.icnlars of Manager, "Daily News" Office, Newport. 1308 OFFICES to Let (double or single suites), ground floor, Masonic Hall, Dock-street, Newport, Mon. —Appily Henry Hellyer, 107, Dock-street. 542 to Let single or tlier rooitis, second or third floors. Reform Club, Custom House Bridge, facing Great Western Railway Station.—Jenkins, Clarke and Co., Cambrian-cha*nbers, Cardiff. 1050 PONTYPRIDD.—To Let, With irradiate "posses- sion, large Grocery Premises main thoroughfare, containing Shop, Warehouses, splendid living accom- modation, stables, coach-house.—Apply j. Williams Latimer-road, Llandilo; or 4, Chapel-street Poiity- Pridd. 2f11 IIOP to Let, on lease, 33, Commercial-street, New- port, near Town-hall, suitable for any business.- Apply 10, Commercial-street, Newport. 7048 TO Let, Office in Town Ilall; second floor; leadini thoroughfare suitable for solicitor.—Terms and particulars, Phillips, Town Hall, Tooypandy. 452 mo Let, as lock-up Shop, large Premises at Market- JL street, 72ft. x 20ft. double plate glass front mahogany counters and fittings complete. F. E. Griffiths, Market-street, Llanelly. TO Let, double-fronted pJatc-glas^Tfine shop, with or without stock established 14 years proprie- tor retiring.-Jt-.nes, Draper, Uandilo. a 830 TOjtLet, 3-Stalled Stable and Loft~ also Drawing^ room and five Bedrooms.—Inquire Edwin Beard** 220, Bute-road, Cardiff. {¡20 WELL-enclosed Yard and Buildings to be"had on lease and moderate terms suitable for en- gineering or similar purpose, with siding, etc., adjoin- illg Docks, Newport.—Apply Joseph Heald, Rolling :'tock Works, Cardiff.$705 WESi'ON-SUPER-MARE.—To Let, valuable Busi- ness Premises, n best part of town command- ing shop, with dwelling-house and usual offices, in tirst-class repair.—Particulars of H. G. Miller, Water- loo-street, Weston-super-Mare. 64 WESTON-SUPER-MARE.—Royal Arcade Shops plate-glass fronts; splendid thoroughfare tnousands visitors promenade immediate possession leata from £ 25,—Apply Forse, Contractor. 946 ^mimsscs fat Disposal. A Lady is desirous of disposing of her old-estab- lislled School ou very advantageous terms; 8 miles from Swansea.—Apply "Scholastic," "South Wales Daily News," Swansea. 7072 BAKING Business for Sale in good suburb of Cardiff 12 sacks weekly easy in-going.—Write F, 905, Echo Office^ Carditf. 905_ A CAPITAL Refreshment House, with Confectionery and Tobacconist Business attached, in centre of Cardiff rent and ingoing moderate.—Apply for full particulars to Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian- i chambers, Cardiff. 1050 CIGARS, Tobacconist, and News-agency Business, direct route to famous Suspension Bridge good living trade everything £ 60.—Apply Tebbs, Agent, Bristol. ^lo ClOFFEE Tavern and Dining-rooms profits £ 4 j weekly letting beds partly cleavs rent; price for everything as it stands, £ 135 great bargain.—Apply Tebbs, Agent, 83, Old Market-street, Bri-tol. 121 FOR immediate Disposal, a good Drapery Business principal thoroughfare 011 Moors, near Dowlais Ironworks stock optionaL-Apply 54, Cowbridge- road, Cardiff. 170 17WR Sale at Cardigan, a well-established and lucrative Millinery and Fancy Business in the best street, and recently fitted, and with all modern requirements. Rent moderate the most searching investigation permitted into the bona-fides of the concern.—Apply Graystone House, Cardigan. 194 FOR Sale, a goad sound Coal, Wood, and Salt Business and Premises, in central position, in growing town.—Apply Esperenz, Clevedon-road, Weston-super-Mare. 6940 ROCERY Business for dispssal, in the centre of \JC Pontypridd best position, doing a good ready money trade, which could be greatly increased satis- factory reasons for disposing.—Apply T. Evans, Draper, Pontypridd. 7139 OPPORTUNITY seldom met with, smart Colted 0 Tayern "and Dining-rooms, taking E12 weekly letting clears rent everything, including furniture, £ 75.—Tebbs. 216 OWNER Retiirng after T4-)cars'oCCUr)atïoIl-Ólct: established Dining-room Business profits about £ 10 weekly capital necessary £ 500.—L 892, Echo," Cardiff. 892 SUIT Lady admirably, Confectionery, Sweets, and Registry Office delightful neighbourbood,Clifton profits £ 3 weekly proprietress retiring everything only £ 63.—Tebbs. 216 f glEMPERANCE and Commercial Hotel, command- in finest position, Bristol made nearly £20 weekly always commanded good trade ingoing 200. -Apply Tebbs. 216 public Hansts. A TTRACTIVE Central Beerhouse, doing living c\- trade same tenant 11 years good opportunity for business people only £30 c'\sh required.-Apply Tebbs. 129 FOR Sale by private contract, the full-licensed -1 House, known as the Albert Inn, Dimond-street, thep incipal thoroughfare in Pembroke Dock unex- pired term 58 years reason for sale, decease of the -Apply on the premises. 87 FOR Sa.le, Lease of Free Beerhouse in Bristol, five years unexpired no agents.—Apply Beerhouse, Small-street Auction Room, Bristol. 7033 NEWPORT.—To Let, Royal Oak none but capital- ists and principals need apply.—W. Gibbs. Pro- prietor. 7145 SMART and attractive bold corner Outdoor Beer- house and General Business respectable street, Bristol profits nearly £ 5 weekly easily managed only B70 cash required. -Apply Tebbs, Agent, 83. Old Market-street, Bristol. 129 m6 Brewers and 0~thers.o~Let or Sell, thi»fc old". JL established Free Double-Licensed House, known as the Farmers' Arms, opposite the Cattle Market Gates, Abergavenny.—Apply on the premises. 381 I!Io.. r WitutUs, &r. I CCOMMODORE Safety, cushion tyres, good condition; CCOMMODORE Safety, cushion tyres, good condition; j ball bistrings throughout; cost, £ 14 14s price, £ 7 C 'sb, approval.—10, Couetlaiid-terrace, Merthyr. 53 PNEUMATIC, 1893 Dunlop, detachable tyres, long wheel base, ball head, weight 301bs, full roadster, warranted to stand as well as any machine that cost £ 20 cash £ 9 L5s. Sent on approval with pleasure. Also new machines, never been ridden, cushion tyres, at £ 4 10s.—Waralow's Cycle Works, Weston-super- Mare. 774 DAPETY, diamond frame, ball head, cushion un- lO soiled £ 7' 10s worth £ 16 faultless.—Wrile to F. G. P., Daily News," Cardiff. 451 SAFETY, semi-diamond, solid tyre balls all parts ball pedants, hammock saddle, lamp, bell, well plated, lined, and eiiainellorl w'rranted new not I, used six times 110 use to owner, S3 15s approval.— Frank Burnell, 5, Regent-street, Weston-super-Mare. SAFE I Y, diamond frame, ball head, cushion tyres s IVi'n., best quality, ball pedals, and all other parts splendid inachine, 1893 latest pattern, Humber. new (not used a tioosen times), hammock saddle, best lamp, bell, & ttpnroval cash B6 10s bargain.—F. Meager, 45, Great Alfred-st., Weston-super-Mare. 640 SAFETIES Safeties Safeties !—Write for most complete List in the Trade, post free, csntainiue; over 5 0 New and Second-hand Machines, all of the latest pit terns. Machines from 25s, cheapest arid best in the world. Trade supplied. Fifty percent, cheaper than other makers. Large list post free.—W. R. Witi-ri- low, Regent Cycle Works, Weston-super-Mare. 6626 O R R I S jj > P. O S. eye T, f; WORKS. PONTYPRIDD £ «2,000 W orth of Cycles and Children's Horses, &c., to be cleared about Half-price for Cash, to make room. WTe offer the best show. We have taken the lead in ;outh Wales for 20 years, and ciani)ot be beaten, because we have fully equipped engineering, electro- plating, and enamelling plants, with competent men at our disposal, and give prompt, attention. Repairs at trade prices. Cyclist's outfit for 6s 6d, carriage paid, with lamp, bag, alarm, &c. See onr Light Racers, Geared Ordinaries, and Patents of all kinds. Parcel of Books, Lists, and Hints, &c., 9d post free, worth double. 1186 ° C y c 1 1 S T b. Our LARGE STOCK of CYCLES for the COMING SEASON NOW ON VIEW. We SELL THE FINEST MACHINE in the WORLD The HUMBEB Also the much-boomed NEW HOWE," theunrivalled RIJDGE," and the celebrated QUADRANT and B.A., amongst others Rudge Racers, 20lbs weight; Road Racers, 271bs all 011. W. H. DAVIES & CO., THE CARDIFF CYCLE DEPOT 6847.481e CARDIFF. iltucljnurir, Waals, \t.. jpECKETT AND SONS, jar J^OCOMOTIVE JgNGlNE jgUILDERS, BRISTOL, Have in Stock, ready for immediate delivery, NEW LOCOMOTIVES with Cylinders from 10" to 16" diameter, 4 and 6 wheels coupled, with all the LATEST MPROVEMENTS. Full particulars on application. 1081 OILERS.-Three 30ft. x 7ft. and two 28ft. x 7ft, P4 for 801b working pressure, and others for 7GJb, 601bs, or lower good second-hand at proportionate prices. Vertical, double-rivetted Boiler, 13ft. x 4ft. diameter, and other sizes. Several Egg-ended Boilers, both for steam pressure and receivers or tanks.—Rat- cliffe and Sons, Ilawarden Iron AVorks, Chester. Tele- grams, Rate] iffe Sons, Ilawarden. 7128 RICK Machinery.—9ft. Perforated Pan, vitli heavy Rollers about 5ft. 6in. diameter, and three tons each very strong pan, bv Leeds maker, £ 95. 9ft. solid bottom ( itv Pan, strong false bottom, £38. Strong horizontal Pug and Brick-cutting Table, £35. 8-h.p. Portable Engine, by leading maker, to be seen under 691bs steam pressure, £ 53. Box 7130, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 7130 IjlOR Sale, Locomotive, 20 tons three wheels 1 coupled first-class condition.—W. D. Kees and Co., Engineers, Swansea. 7020 FOR Sale, 20ft, by 4in. stroke Vertical Pumpiug Engine, or .uitable to work a colliery fan, equal to new, price £ 80 Boiler. 20ft. by 6ft., with Galloway tubes and all fittings complete, nearly new.-Apply Davies, Oxford Buildings, Swansea. 7074 FOR Sale, Six double-flued doub 1 e-rivetted Boi 1 ers, 30v x 7' for 751bs. pressure. Five ditto, 28" x 7' for 701bs pressure. Fifty others for pressures up to 65lbs Engines of all descriptions, singly and in pairs including 6", 12", 15", 18", 23", 26", and 30" for winding' driving, and hauling. Locomotives. Portables, Semi-Portables and Pumps EDWARD RATCLIFFE, 6781 Ilawarden, Ilcar Chester. Telegraphic Address: MERCHANT, HA.WARDEN." TO be Sold, a b-irgaiii, one of Clayton and Shuttle^ JL worth's double 8% cylinder, 12in. stroke, 16 h.p. Portable Engines;; had very little wear.—Apply Lemon and Sons, Hayes, Cardiff. 57 |lV0R Sale, KYTE and CO/s well-known MORTAR A MILLS at Reduced Prices. Intending Purchasers should call and inspect them before going elsewhere Good second hand inlillsin Stock Also a large number of New and Second-hand Portable Engines from Six to Eight H.P. Saw Benches, Pumps, &c.. and all kinds of Machinery, VERTICAL and OTHER BOILERS. N.B.- Sole Agerts in South Wales and Monmouth- shire for Marshall, Sons, and Co., Gainsborough. GEO. KYTE, Mill-lane and Atlas Engineering Works, Cardiff, 2013 £ 1 A S N G 1 N E r. 14 N.H.P., by Crossley, horizontal, with all connec- tions awl fittings and 2 massive fly-wheels as good as new throughout. JE160. 6 N.H.P., by Crossley, horizontal, with all connec- tions and fittings; can be seen at work by appoint- ment a thoroughly good engine. £100. 3 N.H.P., by Crossley, horizontal, with all connec- tions anil fittings a specially constructed engine, and has only done a few weeks' work. 3 N.H.P., by Crossley, vertical, complete with water tank, 2 fly-wheels, &c. £25. The above Engines are ready for immediate delivery, are as described, and can be seen at any time by appointment on application to CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, NEWPORT, MON. Telegrams Machinery," Newport. 5026 C1LAYTON & HUTTLEWORTIL 7 IO LINCOLN. MAKERS OF SIMPLE AND COMPOUND POnT ABLE ENGINES, UNDERTYPE ENGINES. HORIZONTAL ENGINES, SPECIAL ELECTRIC LIGHT ENGINES. AGENTS P. jgAKER & CO., CARDIFF. WHO HAVE TWO OR THREE NEW PORTABLE ENGINES ALWAYS IN STOCK. Also Improved Mortar Mills, Saw Benches, and Machinery I of every description. 3880 o. A S. have Made and Sold over 27,600 Engines t(Ha0flns aub (Mlimr ^iequisitfis. A CARDIFF Rolling Stock Co. (J. Heald) always have \_y new Wagons in progress to the Iatofct regulations also a large number of good second-han-I Coal and other Wagons ready for lettering several Locomotives in stock prices on application Worb and Offices. East Moors, Cardiff. 52 0 CASH advanced upon all kinds of Railway Waggons inspection and valuations made. — Apply Andrews and Baby, CardiS 116 I RAILWAY WAGONS for Hire or Sale. Cash or j deferred payments.—T'tie Midland Railway Car riage and Wagon Company, Limited, Midland Works 1082 npiO Coal Merchants.—10 large 8-ton G.W. Coal 8 W¡IgO\1S, with side and end (lool's suitable either for retail trade or shipping cheap, for cash, or 5 and 7 years' purchase hire.—Apply J. Heald, East Moors, Cardiff. 6683 TON COAL WAGONS FOR SALE. A number of New to Latest REGULATIONS, Side and End Doors, ready for instant delivery. Also 25 SECOND-HAND in excellent condition, Side and Hud Doors, and of first-class build. All IO-TONNERS, and can be seen at Cardiff. To inspect and for prices apply THE BUTE WORKS SUPPLY CO., 133B, BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. Telegrams—" Gething, Cardiff." 5363 (*0 Ten-ton Coal Waggons, side end doois, spring > buffers; 20 do. with dead buffers; 40 ten-ton low side Trucks 20 eigiit-ton Coal Waggons cheap for C,1:Í1 or redemption purchase. New waggons with steel or oak frames supplied at few days notice.—Andrews and Baby, East Moors, Cardiff. 115 Horses, 3Eibt tJ.i£k Carriages. BY Private Sale, my very handsome dark brown Mare, Winnie, height, l"; or 15'1, 6 years old with nice action, fast, free without vice and sound perfect in harness, and clever hunter up to 13 stone, good tempered, nice mouth, carries lady with stylo reasonable trial and V.S. allowed; price 30 guineas.— Apply 11, Edward-street, off Queen-street, Cardiff. 245 CARRIAGE L^mps.— inspection invited.—Best se- C lected Stock in the West.—C. E. Gurnsey's Carri- age Lamp Works, Merchant-street, Bristol. 7126 GURNSE\ 'S Carriage Lamps, first quality and best value ever offered. Lamps repaired. Large stock new and second-hand lamps.—Works, Merchant-street, Bristol, and 13 and 19, Bute-lane, Cardiff. 7126 DWARD ROGERS and CO., Coachbuilder College place, Bristol. Telegrams, Carros;;ier, Bristol. Telephone, No 247. Established nearly a century. 1168 FOR Sale, two good van Horses, set shaft Harness, set leading Harness, and a furniture removing Van, complete, in good condition, E60, cost £ 160.—W. Teague, 17, Alexandra-road, Swal1ea. 7049 FOR Sale, a Dog-cart and Harness, nearly new also Bridle and Saddle.—Apply to J. Vaughau" Cymro Inn, Brynmawr. 54 [710R Sale, first-class 1-horse Trolley, carry 30 cwt. also good light business Cart, cheap.—Boulter and Whitrow, Pentonville, Newport. 70:4 JOBMASTERS and Undertakers. — Great Sale of Carriages at John Marston and Co.'s, 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham, including twelve Lan- daus, twenty Hansoms, forty Hearses, (new designs), lteform Funeral Cars, elegant Washington Cars, Light Omnibuses, ten Brakes (JHrge and small), several Char- a-bancs, ten Broughams, some second-hand Vohicles. Great bargains. Easy terms. Catalogues free. 709 STRONG Useful Spring Trap for Sale also two Sets of Harness great sacrifice, giving up busi- ness.—Apply D. Bloo berg, Ammanford, Carmarthen- shire. 396 WANTED, light Coburg, to suit Baker.—Apply W.J.K., "South Wales Daily News" Office, S W¡lusea., 718.3-658e -a 00 Riding Saddles, bankrupt stock must be cleared. J Price, pigskin, 40s, 32s, 25s, complete; sent on apt roval.—Saddlery Company, Arcade, Swansea. 7071 ifjWLLFR, BIRTILL AND COMPANY, CAR 17 RIAGE BUILDERS, CARDIFF. TELEGRAMS CARRIAGES, CARDIFF.. TELEGRAMS CARRIAGES, CAILDIRF. ON SALE NEW and SECOND-HAND LANDAUS, BROUGHAMS, VICTORIAS, WAGONETTES, STAN HOPES, FOUR-WHEEL DOG-CARTS. Surrey, Collingwood, Basket, Panel, Battlesden, and Rustic Carts, Prince Dog-Cart, all latest improve ments. Continued increasing demand for our own-made Carriages. WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS GUARANTEED. THE LARGEST CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY AND SHOWROOM IN THE PRINCIPALITY. 1246 -w sultry rgig&nts, &r. CANARIES.—Prize bred Norwich plainheads and crested, grand songsters, from 5s 6;1 upward; also Mules and Goldfinches.—J. Blacker, 22, Le.vis-st., Aberaman. 315 FUED Thomas, Penygraig, Pontypridd, is clearing JC his Lofts; can spare some grand Homers, winners of Firsts ami Specials bargains approval. Jfnr alt. A Bargain.—A good Box Mangle for Sale.—Apply J. Andrews, Kobin's-laueJCottagc, Cadoxton.near Barry. 4 3 A Second-hand Magic Lantern, only once used; JT*. bought a? £ 2; sold £ 110s.—Address J. Lewis, Abergorlech, Carmarthen. BARGAINS.—Manufacturers* Remnants in 101b. ijt parcels of Prints, Velvets, Calicoes, &-c. price list free.—Black and Co., Bull's Head-chambers, Man- chester. ',18 BILLIARDS or Bagatelle !—All those requiring new or second-hand tables, requisites, or billiard work done should, before going elsewhere, send for price list to Hennig Bros., 29, Higli-st., London, W.C. jjfjUREWOOD—Oak and Larch. Special quotations A f°r two tons and above 011 rails.—Price and ivilliams. Timber Merchants, Builth. 198 FOR Sale, 20.000 Wheeler's Improved Cabbage 11.1 Plants warranted, 5s per thousand.—S. Phillips, L Gardener, Filter Beds, Llanishen. 103 FOR Sale by Tender, Steel Ingots.—478 tons Siemens'-Martin, 413 tons half Swedish and half above, 40 tons Tin Bar Metal, 11 tons Special Swedish. W. D. Rees and Co., Engineers, Swansea. 7079 TpOR Sale, cheap, two new Chip Potatoe Machines, Jt. with frying boilur and cart complete handsomely painted, with covering ovoihead yelling through ill- liealth no reasonable offer refused.—Apply T. Wall, iviugsniead-square, Bath. 935 Ult BOA.-I,a(ty has for immediate private dis- 1 posal a real Russian Tail Fur Boa, very dark brown, 10 feet long, immensely thick, soft, value 75s sacrifice for 19s 9d perfectly new.—Can be seen by writing P.H., "Daily News, Cardiff. 133 JEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Toys, Cutlery, Musical Instruments. Pipes. Wholesale list sent free.—Wright, t. l,u1;:e's-nL''IJ)inghL._7 LADY, having Remnants, forwards iO pieces Plush, JtLj Satin Velvet, is 2d 40, 2s 2d 300 Crazy Pieces, 2s 6d.—Graham, Margate. 358 NETTING (tanned) for seed beds, poultry fences, fruit trees, protection from frost, &c., ld square yard; carriage paid_- E. Parnall and Co., Netting Makers, Bedniinster, Bristol. 7061 Splendid rei or light soil Magnums, A grand cookers, loose or in buyers' sacks; also splèndill Seed Magnums.—G. Graham, Potato Mer- chant, Whitchurch, Salop 86 SEED Potatoes, Early Myatts, Beaut\7 oFHebron, Magnums, cheap; guaranteed pure.—Young, Rotunda-buildings. 26 SPOONS and Forks cash urgently needed.—Lady offers new seven-guinea Silver Plated Service 12 each table spoans and forks, dessert spoons and forks, teas 60 pieces, for 3os approval, carriage paid.— Mrs H. Dalton, 312, V auxhall Bridge-road, London. TAXABLE Cutlery, Bargain.—Three-guinea Service JL for 21s cash wanted must sell pe fectiy new approval parcels post,.free 12 table knives, 12 cheese knives, pair carvers, and steel white pinned balanced handles makers, Huley and Sons, Sheffield (Queen's cutlers).—Address Mrs Neville, 39, Aldebert-terrace, Albert-square. 'i.ipham, London, S.W. 137 r PH Matrimonial Herald and Fashionable Marriage A Gazette Official organ of The World's Grea t Marriage Agency, the only High-class Marriage Insti- t'tuon in the British Empire. (10 years' public refer- ence. Vide Press.) Price 3d (in envelope secure from observation 5d).—EDITOR, 40, LAMBfS CONDUIT- STREET, LONDON, W.C., or ordei of News- agents. 1134 WELSH Books, Papers, and Music, at Roberts Brothers, 15, Working-street (late High-street Arcade), Cardiff. b\b2 WILLIAMS'" Typewriter excels all others. Brought for inspection on application.— WILLIAMS'" Typewriter excels all others. Brought for inspection on application.— Wade, Agent for Wales, 04, Wind-street, Swansea. 2J4 10,000 feet ifrst-class Dunnage Boards, Scantlings, and Deals, all sizes and lengths, cheap.— ShanJand, Canal PariLie, Cardiff. 809 vV E L S II F E A TIIER B E~ D S THESE CELEBRATED BEDS ARE MADE IN WELSHPOOL, NORTH WALES. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FEATHER BEDS NOW OFFERED. No 1.—Single Bed, Bolster, and Pillow, 6ft. 3in. s. d. by 3ft. 6111., weighing 401bs 30 0 No. 2.—Double Bud, Bolster, and 2 Pillows, 6ft. 6in. by 4ft. bin., weighing 501bs 37 6 I No. 3,-Doub!e Bed, Bolster; and 2 Pillows, 6ft. 6in. by 4ft. 6in., weighing 551bs 410 WARRANTED DRY AND SWEET. These renowned Fea thers are put into Best Union Ticking, and well made, sent carriage paid to any ¡ Station in the United Kingdom. Any sized Beds made to orderfor 9d. per lb. Samples of Feathers and Ticking post free. Feathers without Ticking, 6d per lb. All orders must he accompanied by Cheque or P.O.O. payable to I 11. HANDY, FEATHER MERCHANT, WELSHPOOL. ept. 30, 1.8J2. 5749 iKiscfllaneous Mants. DRAPERS', Outfitters' .and Milliners' Stocks pur- chased for cash.—Apply Isaac Thomas, Stock Buyjr.JWharton-straet, Cardiff 7093 OLD Artificial Teeth purchased, cash best price given remittance return post; misfits re- modelled.—Parcels must be addressed Goodman, 5, Bristol Bridge, Bristol. 38 WAR Medals.—Wanted, to Purchase Naval and T V Military Medals, dated 1348 or earlier Regi- mental, Yeoiiiaiiry, or Volunteer.—Lashmore, Jeweller, Oswestry. 956 iltisallansoiis. IF you are married, or contemplate taking this im- portant step, we can send you valuable informa- tion which you ought to know. Send your address and we will send you catalogue and pamphlet free.— Address, II. G. Kerr, Westhill, Wandsworth, London. ITUIETW'ORK Fretwork 1 Fretwork !-Send for -1 two Illustrated Cattlogues of Fretwork Patterns post-free, 6d.—T. A. Egelstaff, 2, William-street, City: road, Bristol. 51 A. OLD Fields.—Party of working men intend pro- ceeding to South Africa shortly pamphlet and all particulars, six stamps.—Mr Brise, Porthcawl. 311 MARQUEES, Tents, Pavilions, Flags for Hire 1.' Tarpanliners, Waggon-covers, Bags, all Canvas Goods made to order.-Apply Jonathan Jones, Swan- sea 7191 "JV/jf ARQUEES and Tents to 73ft. wide for Hire JLTA distance no object.—Apply Thomas Pugsley and Co., Newport. Mon. 772 FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses of A partments completely furnished 0:1 a now sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Hou-sehold Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goodp, sold OIl the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made; 110 bill; everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent. less than any price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our ini- I mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ 6 worth for 2s od weekly £ 10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address; SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, worth, 6s weekly and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address; SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-sU (opposite the Castle), Cardiff. 12783-1105-10 JEcwetr. £ 25 wanted for One Year, upon Personal Security will pay good interest.—Write H.C., Daily News," Cardiff. "ONEY~to LelTi— £ 2^000] £ l7(K)0, £ 300, £ 600 these amounts and others ready to be advanced immedi11.tely 011 mortgage on good lellsehold or free. hold propei ties in Cardiff.—Jenkins, Clarke, and Co., Cambrian-chambers, Westgate-street, Cardiff. 1050 WANT E D. Loan ~ol of good VV freehold property, at 31/2 to 4 per cent.—Apply Abertawe, Daily News," Swansea. 7031 MONEY—ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT BILL OF iVi. SALE, PUBLICITY, OR FEES FROM ONE MONTH TO FIVE YEARS. THE NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, BALD W IN-STREET, BRISTOL. EST. 1875. CAPITAL, £200,000. The Directors of this well-known, old-established Bank are preparell to o1ilr xeeptional advantages to all responsible persons in need of temporary cash assistance. Private and Prompt ADVANCES made daily, on borrower's simple Promiswry ote, AT 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. The amount borrowed may be repaid by instalments or at the end of a stated period. SPECIAL NOTICE. This Bank is not connected with any Loan Societies or Advance Companies, and he usual objectionable loan office routine is entirely spensetl with. Apply in strictest confidence to MR T. C. MILBURN, 6001 Resident Manager MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT A FEW HOURS' NOTICE A Gentleman having a large amount of Capital is willing to grant advances, upon note of hand aione, oir Ji!'y te,rm ll0t exceeding 15 years, from £ 15 to £ 1,00C, at 5 per cent., to Clergymen, Farmers, Hotel Proprietors, Lodging-house Keepers, Tra.desmen, or to any responsible Person, Male or Femala, in Town oa Country. It illiotU loan o^ice-formalities or bill of sale Distance no object, and so long as the interest is paid the capital can remain. No genuine application re. fused. All communications are treated strictly private Apply to the actual Lender, H. Ibrrison, Esq., 87, York-road, "cstlmnter Bridge-road. London. 1115 ON El:- LENT AT FIVE PER CENT. FROM VVLI-.7 £ 10 t0 £ 2,000. ..a? Pay r"0re> w'len a Private Gentleman is pre- pared togmnt Adyances to Male or Female, iipon their NOT1 ALONE, in any partof England, Wales, or Ireland, without loan office formalities or objectionable inquiries ? No Bill of Sale or Sureties re- quired. the advance can be paid back by easy instal- nieuts, or can remain out from 1 to 15 years by paving the interest only. Call or write to the actual Lender, WILFRED WILBERFORCE, ESQ., 11, Stroud Green-road, Finsbury-park, London, N. IVS"°x-r Yfr^1?NT ON N.0TK <>*■ HAND AT SHORT 1' by a Private Gentleman, from £ 10 to *1,000, at 5 per cent. Why apply to Professional Money Lenders, so-called Companies or Banks, when any responsible applicant can obtain an advance Privately, without sureties and the usual formalities of a Loan. Officer For the benefit of Borrowers I am prepared to grant advances from one to ten years in any pM-t of England or Wales, to male or female (distance no object), and if desired the in- erest can be parld quarterly or half-yearly, or as may be arranged, therefore the applicants get the full benefit, of casli advanced Apply in confidence to the actual leader, H. HUNTER, Esq., 1135 13564 13Q, Westminster Bridge-road, London. E R C I A II AD V A N C E B A N K 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF S5 to £50J can be obtained on the same Ha, 7 as applied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, c.owkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest secrecy being observed. Charges moderate and no enquiry or other ees charged unless cash advanced. Country applica- tions attended to without delav. Apply personally or by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, U66 19, QUAY-STREET CARDIFF. MONEY LENT WITHOUT SURETIES, Borrower's simple Note of Hand, repayable as follows :— £ 20 24 Monthly repayments of £ 0 17 11 (io- do- £ 2 4 10 £100 do. do. S4 9 7 Other amounts in proportion. No commission or legal charges incurred. Write or call for Prospectus to actual Lender, GEORGE H. SHOVE, 21, John-street Strand, I,onùon, W.C. 4025 A*^ '° £ ^>000advanced 011 personal security, deposits, share certificates, <&c., without inquiry fees of any kind.—For particulars call or write to Manager, 3, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. 5935 tf»5 and upwards granted daily to householders, with- out sureties, no delay, no fees, and confidential.— \pply, by letter or personally, to F. Gould, 38, Pont- norlais, Merthyr Tydfil. 6570 JL6A rl Ready to be Advanced on good Freehold or Leasehold Property, in on good personal secu rity, reversions, annuities, &c., <fcc.—Messis Hern, Financial Agents, 94, St Mary-street, Cardiff. 10'0 .a_- ^parting. GUNS, Rifles, Revolvers, Air-guns, Air-pistols, Card Targets, Riflemen's Shooting Requisites, and General Sporting Tackle of Every Description at Prices previously IlJIkllOWn in South Wales; firearllls re- paired at from 10 to 50 per cent. below local maki" prices lessons given in the art of shooting on most moderate terms.—Wm. Ellicott, 18, Custom House- street, Cardiff. 70>1 ELLICO'lTS Specially-loaded Pigeon Cartridges are the Best the World Can Produce. One secret, of their great success is that they are loaded personally by William j':1licott, Gunmaker, Cardiff, who is well- known throughout the universe as a devoted lover of the trigger; inquiries invited. 7031 ONE Öi tb- Greatest Aids to Successful Shooting i; the confidence created by tl1e use of Perfect Weapons and Ammunition, hence the unvariable suc- cess of Ellicott's patrons. Hundreds of testimonials don't miss a treat by delay.—W. Ellicott, Custom House-street, Cardiff. Agents wanted in Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath, Newport, and Swansea. 70S1 -v." OC/I! W E. YAUGHAN AND CO., LIMITED, STEAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCH CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF-ROAD, CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS 52, QUEEN-STREET,) f,.Rm„p 218, BUTE-STREET, /CARDIFF. 60, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, 83, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. 27, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. 19, ARCADE, PONTYPRIDD. AGENTS IN ALL TOWNS IN SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE, Who receive and forward Parcels regularly to the Work Agents' Addresses and Price Lists sent in answer to Post Car da. POSTAL SERVICE. Parcels amounting to Five Shillings sent direct to Works will be returned Carriage Paid one way. W. E. VAUGHAN AND CO., LIMITED, DYERS, Are doing the largest trade and working the most efficient Machinery within a radius of Onp. Hundred Miles, and ARE CELEBRATED FOR CLOTHES AND DRESS CLEANING by FRENCH PROCESS, pro. ducing permanent colours, a superior finish, moderate charges, and promptness of despatch. 1000 ARTIFICIAL TEETH. THE CARDIFF AND SOUTH WALES DENTURE COMPANY, 4, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. PRINCIPAL MR SHELLARD. For the past six years Manager to Goodman and Co. Dental Surgeons, Cardiff. Established for the Manufacture and Supply of ARTIFICIAL TEETH AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, combined with skill, natural appearance, perfect fit, and best material. Teeth Fitted without the Extraction of Roots. Only one visit required from country patients. Liberal allowance for railway fare. P.S.—All Work Guaranteed. 527c AND AT PENARTH AND BARRY 6920 WILLIAMS' (PONTARDAWE* WOIlU LOZENGES For over Thirty Years this highly valuaole Remedy has met with the greatest success. The effect upon Weak, Delicate children (often given up as incurable) is like Magic. Getting rid of his tormenting pests by taking these Lozenges, the thill, p¡:t:-1,:cecl, mammate Child becomes strong, healthy, and lively, the pride, instead of the anxiety, uf his guardians. Sir,—I have for some tiipe used your Anthelmintic, 01' Won Lozenges, In my fr.nlÎly, amI tild them a very speedy and efficacious cure for ascearides, and theii agreeable and convenient form is a great recom- mendation for children. AV. HUTCHINSON, Vicar of Howdon. Sold at 9%d, 13%d, and 2s 9d per box, by most chemists, or for 101 01'34 stamps from J. Davies, chemist 30, High-street, Swansea. A list of testimonials symniOJi1". &<• nil application. 4783 OS'FAL DELIVERY JL OF THE SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. The Proprietors of the SOUTH W ALKS DALY NEWS beg to announce that by a special concession of the I Postal Authorities they are enabled to despatch their First Edition each morning by the Mails leaving Cardiff it, 2.30 a.m. and 3.45 a.n> Country Subscribers residing within the limits of GL AMOITG ANSRIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. As weli as those portions of BRECONSHIRE and MONMOUTHSHIRE comprised within the Tredegar s.nd Rhymney Vallpy Postal Districts, may now have the SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS delivered at thei residence3 daily by the Rallle post as tha,t w1úch con veys their London letters. London & West of England subscribers receive their papers OIl the forenoon of publication The THIRD EDITION of the SOUTH WALKS DAILY NEWS is forwarded (prepaid) to residents of the foUow- j tug and all other places within the Cardiff Postal District in time for the first morning delivery — St Fagan's Sully Michaelstone-le- Pencoed Courtyralla 1 Vedw S Brides-sup.-Ely Dinas Powis Castletown St. Nicholas Cadoxton Marshfleld Bonvilstone Barry Penarth Peterstone Caerphilly Liaudough Bonvilstone Barry Penarth Peterstone Caerphilly Liaudough Llandaff Bedwas Lisvane Radyr Ystrad Mynach | IJanishen Morganstown Pwllypant Whitchurch Meiingriflith St. Mellon s Taff's Well Pentyrch Cefn Mably | Tongwynlais St. Andrew's | W'ln'tTree Bdge PER QUARTER, POST-FREE .099 I PER HALF-YEAU 0 13 6 PER YEAR I 19 0 SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS OFFICES, Saint Mary-street, Cardiff. J ;J32tZ!!£55 :r£55£5. THE pEOPLE'S pAPER j IS TB E I /CARDIFF miMES j X AND GOUTH ALESY NEWS V S I jgEST JpiCTION JL- I 'yARIED JJVEATORES j gVECIAL ^RTICLES I The following are some of the Special Features j which appear weekly in its Columns. I « MEMORABLE DAYS. Echoes from the Calendar, dealing with Saints' Days, Holidays, and the strange and interesting individuals and customs recorded in the Calendar. S '————————— I WORKMEN'S TOPICS. I A weekly Article, specially written or the 1 Cardiff Times and South Wales ft'eekly Xews by Mr WILLIAM ABRAHAM (M \BON), on current Labour Questions and the Conditions of Labour in Great Britain. Read by thousands of miners in the Riicvfulda WELSH GLEANINGS Interesting Paragraphs oi the doings and sayings of Welshmen in every part, of the world. SONGS FOR THE PEOPLE. A drew Fletcher, of Saltoun, in a letter to tbe Marquis of Montrose, wrote ;—"I know a very wise j man that believed that if ii, man were perillittd to make all the ballads he need not care who should J make the laws of the nation. 1 Under this heading appear weekly Poems dealing with the life, the ioys, and the sorrows of I the People, culled from all sources. BOOKS NEW AND OLD. A special feature dealing with the best books published at prices within the reach of the People. ——————————————————————————— GOSSIP OF THE DAY. I Bright Tittle Tattle of doings and sayings in South Wales. OUR SATURDAY SERMON. I A Pithy Homily weekly on life's duties, selected from the writings of the "Great Ones of the Earth." MUSICAL AND EISTEDDFODIC NOTES, I By Maelgwyn, deal with all the more interest- ing Eisteddfodic and Musical matters of South Wales. FARM AND GARDEN. A weekly column of interest to Farmers and I Amateur Gardeners. j THE HOUSEHOLD. A collection of Recipes and Hints of value and interest to every housewife. — A WOMAN'S LETTER TO WOMEN. A special illustrated article on Dress and the Toilet, written by a Lady Journalist. j THE ORDER OF THE ROUND TABLE. The most interesting Children's Column pub- I lished.—Conducted by Aunt Maggie Symington. I Y GOLOFN GYMREIG, By DAFYDD MORGANWG The best Welsh Column published. Read by Webhmen the worlel over. FICTION. MISS DORA RUSSELL'S New Story A HIDDE CHAIN. A SERIES OF ORIGINAL SHORT STORIES, By FAMOUS NOVELISTS. EXPERIENi ES OF A LONDON DETECTIVE. A complete stary each week. WELSH TIT-BITS, Neu Wreichion Oddiav yr Eingion. By Ca.dra.wd. WIT AND HUMOUR. A column of selections from all sources QUEER STORIES. Grave and Gay True and otherwise. "FROM THE SOCIETY PAPERS. Interesting paragraphs of doings in the World of Fashion. j WELSH ECHOES FROM LONDON. Political, Social, Literary; specially written by Our London AVelsh Correspondent. "THE WORLD OVER.' I Under this head appears the cream of the Foreign Intelligence of the Week. "CAPITAL AND LABOUR." The Week's News in the Labour World. In addition to these Special Features the CARDIFF TIMES and SOUTH WALEb WEEKLY NEWS contains THE NEWS OF THE WEEK. The Largest, Brightest, and Best Weekly Journal Published in the Principality. All the Features of a Magazine and the News of a Great Weekly Newspaper. THE JOURNAL. JL 72 LONG COLUMNS Of Special Articles, First-class Fiction, and the Week's News for One Penny. ORDER FROM 10UR NEWSAGENT A COPY OF rjlHE CARDIFF fJUMES 'U JL AND gOUTH^TALES Yy ^EKLY JJ^EWS. ONE PENNY WEEKLY. IF YOU SUFFER FROM BILIOUSNESS HEAD-ACHES, INDIGE-TION, LIVER COMPLAINT, OR IMPURE BLOOD, THY EENICK'S yEGE TABLE pILLS. They are easy to swallow, bein very small, require no confinement indoors, stnmgthen the system, an(1 have been tried by t houaJl(ls, who pronounce them to lie the BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. TESTIMONIAL from J. BALBIRNIE, Esq., M.A., M.D., Lecturer on "Physiology," Author of "A Treatise on the Turkish Bath," &c., :— "I ha\\d e::¡::tllliu"d thb Pills known as' Kermck's Vegetable I certify their composition to be purely V"e;jetable. I have also tried their effed, and consider them onc oi the best Aperient Pill" for con. stipated habits that, I know of!" (Signed) JOliN BALBIRNIE, M.A., M.D. K E11N1 c K s Y E G' -K T ABLE pILLS STRENGTHEN THE SYSTEM BRACE THE N E RYES, PURIFY THE BLOOD, And are universally ùeebrell to bo THE BEST MEDICINE EVElt DISCOVERED They are specially recuilllIl0ulled tu FEMALES OF ALL AGES. Sold in 71¡d, Is and 2s 9d Boxes. TO MOTHERS! One of the most prolific causes of Worms in Children is unsound or unripe fruit; OJ. weakly child j; more sub- ject to them than others. The presence of these in- ternal parasites is shown by the following symptoms —Uncertain Appetite, Paleness, Disturbed Sleep, Grinding the Teeth during Sleep, Picking the Nose, and even Convulsive Fits. Happily;¡, 1110S1 efficacious remedy may be obtained in the shape of KERNICK'S VEGETABLE WORM LOZENGES. These Lozenges are entirely innocent in their charac- tor, anil may be taken by Children of all ages with per- fect safety, as rhey strengthen the system by giving all appetite. Hundreds of Children are now alive who would have pined away were it not for these invaluable Lozenges In 7¥2ù and W/id Boxes, with full Directions. Sold by all Chemists in the United Kingdom and the Colonies, or direct on receipt of Stamps by the Sole Wholesale Agents, KERNICK & SON, LMTD., Wholesale Druggists, &c., 12, NEW-STREET, CARDIFF-" f)7e » I iBusittess .A¡)rtssts. BRILLIANT jg E R I E S OF Jfl BY jr. WORLD-FAMOUS AUTHORS. J SECURED AT ENORMOUS EXPENSE ORIGINAL PUBLICATION IN THE vT CARDIFF TIMES AND SOUTH W Å WEEKLY NElVS. j^lA THESE STORIES HAVE NEVER FORE BEEN PUBLISHED. J are the Latest, Best, and "V Attractive Works ly the folloW Distinguished Novelists :— ————————————— ^tttil p MARIE CORELLI. Author of A Ronia" C of Two Worlds." JEROME K. JEROME7~Author of Tbi Men m a Boat. jnpH< JOHN STRANGE WINTER, Author Booties' Baby." 2 71LORENGE WARDEN, Author of House en the Marsh." A 11J-RS FRANK GRIMWOODTThTHeroi 1VJ_ of Manipur. „ A i rryrr, EDWIN L. ARNOLD. Author of Pbl A the Phoenician." the Phoenician." HELEN MATHERS, Author of Com' ttvrJ thro' the Rye. COMMANDER CAMERON, Author of Sitvag-e Africa." 0, C WILLIAM WESTALL, Author of Phantom City." H2, j MRS WALFORD, Author of "TheBabJ Grandmother." HUME NISBETt Author of "The Jo! Roger." HAMILTON AIDE, Author of "Carr »fpH Carrlyon." it,. H fi: ClTEPNIAK, The Russian Exile A form* lNi> S JO Professor of Kieff University. *hich —■" *ered sue THE EIGHTH STORY OF THE SERIES The WILL BE CONTINUED IN THE CARDIFF TIMES: ] AND jgOUTH ^YALE5^^EEKLY]^EV?i OF I SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH, 1893, BY &tyles 0OMMANDER ^JAMEROl The well-knowu Explorer and Novelist, J The „ ;mda Entitled &brai "VENGEANCE!" -j gTEPNIAK ijy Will write J A RUSSIAN STORY OF A SENSATIONAL Car TYPE. „ J ttA As one who has suffered and studied on beb J of his country, he writ2s with feeling and effect 10<1 MKS EKANK ST- CLAB ^(RIMWOOD, JLVJ Who received from the Queen the Royal B6' j Cross of India in reconttion of her heroism during the Manipur massacre, and who has written with success My Three Years in Manipur," and a novel, "The Power of an Eye," is writing a complete Tale, entitled. "TWO AND ANOTHER." IB MRS- L. B. WALF0KD B Is contributing a Complete Tale A COURT TRAIN A STORY OP SUMMER." ..0#; "^riLLIAM WESTALL I Will be represented by a Two Part Story, entitled* "DR. COLLETT'S REVENGE." j J( .J, JJ U M E ^J-ISBET, Who has distinguished himself as a Writer of J Australian and Sea Stories, is furnishing fo< this Series Nautical Story of a dashing character, THE DARK-EYED DARLING." ————————————— j JJAMILTON An Author welcomed by a large circle, is apotbei contributor, his manuscript being entitled "A MODERN ISHMAEL." j THE SERIES COMMENCED J ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 7TH, 1893. It is impossible even briefly to describe each individual contribution, but our Readers may rely upon, works of First I Class Character, Great Interest, and Thorough Originality. Thoro1[Jh Originality. ] NOW APPEARING IN THE CARDIFF TIMES AND ] go UTH ALES VfLBKLYNWS ] A WONDERFUL MEDICINE JgEECHAM'S PILLS, JgEECHAM'S PILLS, JJEECHAM'S PILLS, Are universally admitted to be wortn a Guinea a Box fer lliliou:, and Nervous disorders, such as wmd and pain at the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fnlnesa and swelling after meals, dizziness anti. drowsiness, cold chins, tiushings of heat, loss 01 appetite, shortuesa of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and ) trembling sensations, «!tc. The first dose will give relief in twenty miftutes. This j: no fiction, for the, have done it in countless cases. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of hese Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be ORTH A GUINEA A BOX. VV01{,TH A GUINEA A BOX. yyrORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages they are invaluable. Nff Female should be without them. 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BEECHAM:8 PILLS Have the Largest Sale o* any Patent Medicine in the World FULL DIRECTIONS ARE GIVEN WITH EACH BOX. Y Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by th Proprietor, T. BEECH AM, Chemist, St Helens Lauca shire, and by all Druggists and Patent Medicni Dealer- everywhere. In Boxes, Is IJ2d, and 2s M each. 6981 THE DE REES BILL-POSTING AND ADVERTISING COMPANY, LIMITED, fc PROPRIETORS of 150 of the LARGEST STATIONS. F NEWPORT, PONTYPOOL, RISCA, EASTERN and ft WESTERN VALLEYS. A TERMS ON APPLICATION 1009 -1 180 comjkwwciABROAD JSJSWKOBX>. »