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-l'pg fMkes. WATEKFOBD and CORK, anc! the whole of the SOUTH of xEELAND, per Jb'ast Trains on the GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY, and powerful Steamships, via. Milford Hanm, The ater lord Steamers run daily. The Cork Steamers leave ¡.; ew Milford Tuesdays, Thursdays, and aturday, and run: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 5783 /V7.-r ixUU)IFi<' AND BORDEAUX /turj^Kr The CARDIFF STt^AMSliiP 4^^@^^>COMPANlES FIRST-CLASS SCRkW STEAMERS will sail as follows OAKONNE ..Cardiff for Bordeaux Mar. UiSK Bordeaux for Cardiff ft*ar. V.'ith goods and passengers. r, r., i'or Rates of Freight, ifre., apply to Mr A. u. road 1, tjuai des Cliartrous, Bordeaux and at the of the Company, 51, Mount, Stuart-square, Cardiff, ivil b481 HOOPER CAMPBELL & CO.. Managers. I "1ARD IFF, SWAN SEA. \j AND NEWPORT, IMsML TO BELFAST AND GLASGOW. FIRST-CLASS SIEAMERS Are intended to Sail with Goods and Passengers as follows:- „ CARDIFF TO GLASGOW via. Swansea and Belfas EVERY MONDAY, p.m. tide.. c-t-™ SWANSEA TO GLASGOW, via Belfast, FAERY WEDNESDAY, p.m. tiele.. Belf, t NEWPORT TO GLASGOW, vjaSwaaseaand Belfast, EVERY ALTERNATE TUESDAY, pllJ: tide. GLASGOW TO CARDIFF AND SWANSEA, via Belfast, EVERY FRIDAY, at 2 p.m. GLASGOW TO NEWPORT, via Cardiff, EVERY ALTERNATE FRIDAY, at 2 p. m. Fares-Belfast; Cabin, 1/V. CI(I.; Steerage, 10s.; Glasgow: Cabin, 20s.; Steerage, 12: 6d. Soldiers or Sailors, 10s. Return Fare and a Half, available for two months. Further particulars from M. Jones and Brother Swansea • R. Burton and Son, Newport; or 1014 F. TAYLOR and Co., Cardiff. Telephone No. llIl. LIVERPOOL AND BIRKENHEAD. REGULAR STEAM COMMUNICATION. Ilie First-class Full-powered Of the South Wales and Liverpool Steamship Company. Limited, MARQUEES OF BUTK R/DR ORPHEUS, LLANELLY, 0r other Steamers, are intended to sail casualties excepted, and as per conditions '^JiJSiSWW'^ ,!i Company's sailing bills) as under :— From CARDIFF From LLANELLY (Liverpool Wharf, West (Liverpool Wharf, West Bute Dock), (Nevill's Dock), EVERY TUESDAY. l'ioir NEWPORT TUESDAY AND SATURDAY (Liverpool Wharf), EVERY WEDNESDAY From LIVERPOOL From LIVERPOOL m. 4 „ \West Fide, Nelsou Dock), est Side, Trafalgar Dk) EVERY SATURDAY. TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. EVERY SATURDAY. TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Favourable rates to Bridgwa ter and District, Burry Port, Carmarthen, Merthyr, Aberdare, Pontypridd, tod also all towns on thE. Glamorganshire Canal System. Apply to Robert Gilchrist and Co., Liver tool (Managers); Newport (Mori.); LlaneUy; and Consulate Chambers, 53, Bute-road, Cardiff. 1123 AMERICAN LINE. JgTSOUTHAMPTON—NEW YORK, UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT, Every SATURDAY at Noon Highest Class of accommodation for Saloon, Second vabin, and Steerage Passengers. LIVERPOOL-PHILADELPHIA SERVICE. Every WEDNESDAY.* LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, Calling at Queenstown every Thursday. Passengers and Goods are landed at Philadelphia on Wharf of the Pennsylvania Kailroad, which has &e Shortest and most Direct Route to all places in the Western States. TApply to Richardson, Spence & Co., Southampton or 7*rerpool; or to S. J. Davies, 9, Edwards-place, Tleen-street; T. C. Howe and Co., 31, Mount Stuart- &;<re; C. J. Cudlipp, Castle-road, Cardiff C. H.Per- 11. Somerset-place; Austin and Silcocks, Swan- a H. Austin, Neath-road, Landore D. S. Thomas, ^tish School, Llandovery; W. Hancock, Downing- Llanelly; H. Lewis, Bridge-street, Neath D. £ Jones, 23, Villiers-street Briton Perry J. Roberts, ..AitypricM; D. T. Davies, Merthyr J. S. Lambert, 2 Woodlands, Forth; D. J. Evans, Merthvr • VV Vli 42, Hannah-street, Porth; A. Tilney, Market- Abertillery A. H. Thomas, Blaina A. Davies }»Queen-street, Pontlottyu W. H. Hitchings, Aber- r*%g J. Thomas, Tredegar. l016 PALGITAVE, MURPHY & CO.'S LINE OF STEAMERS. TOSSA™ SWANSEA To HAMBURG. (YJ'V OF CADIZ Captain Iiehoe CL'LY OF .Captain Codd {)I'l'y OF AMSTERDAM Captain Hoare V 0f the above or other steamers of the same Line \ended to leave S vvansea for Hamburg every Ten „ Freights, <tc., apply to the owners, Patera ve jbhv & Eden Quay, Dublin, or to the Agjr BURGESS & CO., Swansea ^n't at Hamburg D. FCHBMANN. 5902 ■ST^KAVE, MURPHY, AND~C0 'S JL. REGULAR LINE OF STEAMERS p FROM H%BTJRG TO CARDIFF AND CARDIFF I TO HAMBURG. Wtr of Amsterdam, City of Hamburg ftvof Belfast, Cjtv of Lisbon, uj, nf Bristol City.of Liverpool, H of Cadiz, City of Malaga, }g 0f Cork, City ofOporto, fyy of Dortmund, ^it.y 01 J><>teraam. Oi f the above First-class Steamers is intended leav,HAMBURG for CARDIFF and CARDIFF foi HA\URG at regular intervals. ^particulars apply to PALGRAVE, MCRPHY, AND C0.,f Eden Quay, Dublin or to J. T. DUNCAN & CO., •Ht at Hamburg—D. FUHRMANN. CABI)Ifl96 7,EALAND, I^VTZEALAND, "TASMANIA, AUS- ^EVY ZEALAND SHIPPING IION^ „I F IJ STEAM ERS leave PW (BOJAL^LBW DOCK> every fourth Thursday, TOW^F11 ^OBAVT CA NG AT Cape MAR- ;,|"IGARIRO | 4,163 tons | CAPT^ p. Mayoss, A^l Aora% amid^T,^0"0^1^- Sutcliff. ,v,iimod:ition amidships. Music and sniokino-. r0° Metric light, and every comfort for a lone M!piSS?S&r" oof,S: ExV-gri^l teims for llound the World tn,„, tg Gamins. I PERMANENt INVESTMENT JGUL^ING SOCIETY Q1 I cent, on DFPOSITS-Short Notice. A P« nt on IiAKGB DEPOSITS for One Year. ent.on.1J ear. £ P centi 0n PREFERENTIAL SHARES. API THE 33RD ANNUAL REPORT and PFR F0Bto \V. rANuEPvS, AJAX-QI, P pectus to jyiary-sireet, Cardiff. NC'' AGENT^ 2„8' ;:>lr J. M; ^0?>D,J|4V?igh-stl'«et. NEWPO{C N(I Barry -EDMUNDS 53 afreet, Penartli. AND D0WLAIS GT)RLPI^S0CIETR °%o», SSSK SSgfW- aelodygar ,n, .rr<PD IN SUMS FROM L% APWjJ'fo «!<>.«»■ Easv in"^to 17 Yeais—Favourable N|. T,Sress">'°^loaMr FETER WILLIAMS Secret?r*u!ars apf^^se, Merthyr Tydfil; or tc JttS1tt'nnct. nrmi'-—^TSijirs"TONTINE sys^ SSWAlJD^tlier kind of l.fe assurance, ,hed lN APi>I,rI0> » A?JI) those policy holders whose Gives larg t u.ns to need money rather lives are J a„d *,i t«ra policies wluch complete '\li ,nVS THAN ALL THE >RN OF ft0>lS 15AI,X PREM1 flaturing in 1892, return A31 En-„o„t Polic'eH; nt rates between 6 and 7 tho premiifflent >st »t per cent. per cent. pt WitH Inter J' ^r.erul his NAME, AD- DBMS «V "fBirt" k J? Mi""8CT'°' M" Tan"vBnsl'I'T'S OF A POLICY ILLUSTRA oF TtlL W'(^VN AG13, >JED AT between £ 200 and £ 20,000 and for a01o«'>t MANAGEBf »^S»soOT"0i" STREET, CARDIFF BANK 2889 67 uro¡tl>- *VTO 1recommended as i\ This Cj is c°n^a i,ff!v-scurvy, scrofula to old, triedj succeSS!U' ^"okl wounds, ulcerated ^andular ri'0" the face and body, St ssuaS r M fheumatisr2»jiong (ic. It "'jn Gf every kind. blotches on ^.Iptioiw on the fistula, glan>sweUings'<tc" of either sex, are They niay ^ken hy ° the secretions •onie and 'n\tin<r, and, i'-ct V^ ^igers, and may be toey are »;lvafuablf bio- ^yfi«^0ititment m UsedincoATS.jjvriththe any of the ^^jseases. PTn.-scs. Price, soldinP°Sboxesby all ch ld without Jslid, and 2Cach No family shoui them inTF FAMIlY KTOOB- 4 pepsia, ^yare invaluable W0BS^ stsssiss: wssssssg 'S.oV« to is 1544"s"' —-rrr. OALH COAL.- Swansea, WholesaiIJT|etail <>lel'chantissOB AU jooal keptin sfcot (Bbittaiiatx. PENARTH. LALJLLI^OLLM]■ II LEY HOUSE, CH URCH-TEH RACE, PENARTH. PRINCIPALS FISHER, A.C.P., and Mis-s L, FISHER. Professors attend for Lanp-uages, the Violin, Dancing, < £ c. Trained and Certificated Governesses. Pupils very successful in passing the most important Local Exams. SEPARATE KINDERGARTEN. 6609 HE HE-FORD. EBEFORLT LADIES' COLLEGE COMPANY, LIMITED. REDUCED AND INCLUS VE TERMS. Education upon the High School System, combined with home training and domestic comforts. For terms apply to Miss Cast, the Lady Principal; or to the Secretary, Mr Edward Maddison, Led bury. 1087 — BRECON. ^IHPVIST COLLEGE^ BRECON^ 'J —— HEAD MASTKR Rev M. A. BAYFIELD, M.A., late Head Master's Assistant at Malvern College formerly Assistant Master at Marlborough College. The staff of Assistant Masters consists entirely of University men, who have graduated in high honours. Boys are prepared for the Universities, Army, Com- merce, etc. Fees, 5D guineas. In the last 10 years some 40 Scliolorsliips have been gained at the Universities, including (last year) the First Open Classical Scholarship at Balliol College Oxford the very highest distinction which can be won by a boy at school. The present Term began on JANUARY 17tli. Next Term will begin on MAY 3rd. For illustrated piospectus apply to the Head Master. 4190 j^EW gTORY EW STORY t NEW STORY! MORGAN THE JGUCCANEER. MORGAN THE BUCCANEER. J^/JORGAN THE JJUCCANEER. SEE THE 0ARDIFE FJLIMES AND GOUTH ^TALEO "^EEKLY J^EWS THE XJIFE AND EXPLOITS OF J^JORGAN THE JLJUCCANEER, BY DAVID WILLIAMS. Under the above Title, in THE 0ARDIFF TIMES .iL JL AND GOUTH '^TALES -^Y^EKLYJ^EWS OF SATURDAY A PRIL 1, 1893, Will appear the Opening Chapter of an EXCITING NARRATIVE OF THE JQARING JQEEDS PERFORMED ON LAND AND SEA BY THAT NOTORIOUS w ELSHMAN, SIR HENRY MORGAN, KNIGHT AND BUCCANEER. JJENRY MORGAN, JUL Who sprung from a branch of the Morgan family, settled at Lanrumney, MOD., was by common consent the boldest and most success- ful of the Buccaneers, whose terrible deeds in the Southern Seas set the whole of the Western World aflame in the latter part of the 17tb century. ACT, NOT "JJ1 ICTION. MORGAN'S ADVENTUROUS CAREER Is in itself so surprising and remarkable that a plain re-statement of the facts, drawn from works now mostly out of print and difficult to procure, will form a story as full of interest and excite- ment as any work of romantic fiction. AMONG THE MANY STIRRING JNCIDENTS of the Story are the following :— THE BUCCANEER AT rACK ON PUERTO DEL PRINCIPE. THE TORTURE AND STARVATION OF SPANISH PRISONERS. CAPTURE OF PORTO BELLO BY A NIGHT ASSAULT. BLOWING A GARRISON TO PIECES. THE TAKING OF MARACAIBO. DESPERATE FIGHT WITH THE SPANIARDS. CAPTURE OF THE CASTLE OF CIIAGRE. THE SACKING OF PANAMA. Look out for Chapter I. of THE L IFE AND JGJXPLOITS OF IORGAN THE BUCCANEER. -L-TJL It will appear in THE CARDIFF rjtfMES jL AND jgOUTH^r ALES "^7 EEKLY E WS, TV ON jgATURDAY, ^PRIL 1ST, 1893, And be continued week by week until completed. W FICTION I NEW F-ICTION NEW FICTION 1 DIDTEOTIVE STORIES. DETECTIVE STORIES. DETECTIVE STORIES. A COMPLETE DETECTIVE STORY APPEARS IN THE QARDIFF rpiMES AND gOUTH ALES WEEKLY NEWS A NEW SERIES OF DE, TECTIVE STORIES BY DETECTIVE SEKGEAST \V1\f. Under the General Heading of RECOLLECTIONS OF A LONDON JJETECTIVE. THE BEST FICTION. MOST SPECIAL FEATURES, AND THE WEEK'S NEWS, ONE PENNY. u5ín2,S5 j\bbr.ess.e.s. NEW NOVEL FOR THE QARDIFF rjlIMES AND SOUTHWALES WEEKLY NEWS J^Y MISS BRADDON. NEW NOVEL |>Y MISS BRADDON. NEW NOVEL Jg>Y MISS BRADDON SECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS SECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS gECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS (^OMMENCED~ON SATURDAY, JAN. J 21st, 1893. MISS BRADDONS NEW NOVEL IS ENTITLED ALL ALONG THE RIVER. I~T IS A LOVE STORY OF AM ENTHRALL- ING AND PASSIONATE TYPE. ALL ALONG THE RIVER IS A DOMESTIC NOVEL WITH A PLOT OF DEEP INTEREST. ^LL ALONG THE RIVER IS AN ENGLISH STORY FILLED WITH THE WARMTH AND BEAUTY OF A DEVONSHIRE SUMMER. THE HEROINE IS A LOVABLE ENG- JL LISH WOMAN. HER HUSBAND IS A BRITISH OFFICER ENGAGED ON ACTIVE SERVICE. THE VILLAIN OF THE PIECE—IF JL SUCH HE OAN BE CALLED— IS LORD LOSTWITH1EL. ROM FIRST TO LAST THE STORY SHOWS 1%/a iSS BRADDONS DESCRIPTIVE ART, iM. DRAMATIC SKILL AND LITER- ARY BRILLIANCE. ALL ^LONG THE JMVER (Our New Story) IS FROM THE PEN OF ]VI ISS BRADD ON, AUTHOR OF 'The Cloven Foot," "Cut by the County," "Dead Men's Shoes," "Aurora Floyd," 'Birdsof Prey," "The Day Will Come." "Dead Sea Fruit," "Ishmael," "Just as I am," Lady Audley's Secret," "Like and Unlike," One thing needful," "Phan- tom Fortune," "The Trail of the Ser- pent," Weavers and Weft," &c., &c. PUBLICATION COMMENCED IN THE 0ARDIFF PRIMES AND gOUTH WALES EEKLY NEWS YT w ON SATURDAY, JANUARY, 21st, 1893. pRESS QPINIOIsS WYLLARDS WEIRD. "MIss BRADDON is the Queen of the circulating libraries."—The World. ISHMAEL. I have, always ranked Miss BRADDON among the greatest benefactors of the present generation. When I read a novel I have no desire to b instructed or to be improved. I wish to be amused and there is not one of Miss BR ADDON'S books which does not enlist the interest of the reader. They are sensational, as all good stories ought to be. They are no reproduction of everyday life. The circumstances narrated are exceptional, and yet the details are so weJI worked out; that the improbable is made to appear pro- bable. vVhat, however, surprises me is tliat, far from her inventive powers falling off, they seem to expand with each new novel, instead of-as is often the case with writers of fiction-all originality being ab- sorbed in technique and mannerisms. 'Ishmael,' which has just appeared, is un- questionably one of her best novels. MISS BRADDON'S popularity as a novelist ought to be a lesson to the story-tellers of the day, who bore us with bread-and-butter trash, or with lengthy disquisitions between boys and tnrls about the mysteries of the universe, and who seem to pride themselves, hke the needy knife-grinder, upon having no story to tell. Wnh all the marvellous fertility of her uen, MISS BRADDON'S hand has not lost its cunning neither has her fancy faded nor wwerofmventionsunercd visible decline, But with the work of maturer years has been developed a riper style, tn it, discarding the fascinating element ot mystery still enthralls the deader by its pictures of romance and vice easily and freely, a mo™1 Lom> ,n?ral ]t^on underlie her descriptions bhe does not vice ailuring. All her l^d people, mi ana women, come to gnef, and most ot them begin early to taste, and ultimately t* them S bltcer t,mt poisons the dram to the ,^mhUn Freeman. °U" Miss BRADDON has stri ven to teach a le°son of forgiveness to erring human nature, lesson oi e purified through sufler- in^n Theeethicsof the book could not well be thi'V are when the most important We To tr.d v noble. "-Manchester Courier. "'M SS BR ADDON has been a great many AVilkie Collins, who is certainly the greatest master of plot interest we havener l'< Miss BRADDON is a conscientious and careful arUst, and what she attempts ,s ahvays done well.«^'r hxamvner. Extract from a Sermon pre^hed^ by the Rev W B Benliam, B.D., at St. btepnen •> Church' South Kensington — I have undertaken to speak freely conccrmng our social life and habits, and therefore I shall not shrink from speaking about two subjte^ not often mentioned within „ nhurch. I mean Sensational Novels as they are called, and the Drama. I know an aged living Prelate, whose praise is w^ely spread in the Church forhis„on- i -i t,, sacred literature, and who is lener't'd by all who know him for his piety and "aintliness, wno declares that the writings ofthe chief of these novehsts-1 mean Miss BRADDON—are anion? the best of the works of fiction." QUE NEW NoVEL, BY MISg gRADDON ENTITLED ALL ALONG THE RIVER, COMMENCED IN THE CARDIFF TIMES AND gOUTH ALES EEKLY NEWS ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1893. FRUIT AND ATA LOGUES NOW FOREST Vv READY. TREKS, POST FREE ON APPLICATION. ORNA. LARGE QUANTITIES OF FRUIT MENTAL AND FOREST TREES. HRUBS, &C. An Inspection of theLlandaff Nurseries Invited. Six minutes' walk from 1. V.K. UandaS Station. GARDEN WREATHS AND CROSSES, AND CUT FLOWERS, S!ED™F FLOWER SHOP HIGH-STREET ALL KINDS. ARCADE. Special Lines— APPLE TREES AND THORNS. WREATHS \\riLLIAM rpRESEDER, AND TT J- CROSSES NURSERYMAN, 1187 ¡ BOUQUETS. I CARDIFF. ;&usítttss J\b1rrtszts. FOUR GREAT ANNUAL SALJS Of gOOTS AND gHOES NOW ON AT gTEAD AND gTMPSON'S, 119, ST MARY S™- 03 QOWBRIDGE ROAD, AND 1, 0LIFTON STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF. ALSO AT 231 HIGH.STREET} NEWPORT. ENoRMOUS REDUOTIONS JM< TO EFFECT A CLEARANCE. 62; 115e P. JpREEDMAN & CO., NEWPORT, SWANSEA, AND ELLIOT'S TOWN, Being Manufacturers of all they Sell Offer Better Terms than any other firm in the Trade. THEIR STOCK OF £30,000 IS INDESCRIBABLE. Speci I Lines in— HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BRASS AND IHON BEDSTEADS, BEDS AND PALLIASSES, CARPETS, RUGS, LINOLEUMS, OVERMANTELS, &c., And every other Article that is required for House Furnishing. „ Illustrated C.talogues Free. FURNISH ON THEIR EASY INSTALMENT PLAN. B5 Worth 2s Od per Week. E10 3s Od „ B15 4s Oil BW 5s 6rt £30 7s 6.1 £50 lOsOd £100 15s Oil „ Goods Delivered Free to any Distance. Note our Address :— NEWPORT 1, 2, 3, & 4, Market Build- ings. Dock-street. SWANSEA 34, High-street. 13396 6593 NEW TREDEGAR ELLIOT'S TOWN. jJIURNITURE AT WHOLESALE PRICES, -=- DOWÑ & SON FOR coon SUBSTANTIAL F URNITURE, JgEDSTEADS, ¡ BEDDING, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF HOUSF FURNITURE, STEAM CABINET WORKS— 221, HIGH-STREET & MORRIS-LANE, SWANSEA. The Largest and Cheapest Steam Cabinet Manufactory in South Wales. Illustrated Catalogues Free on Application. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM Much Cheaper than London or Bristol Houses. Carriage Paid on all orders above £10. or de livered Ftee in our jwn vans. 6196 Established nearly half a century. JJ10R BEST POSSIBLE VALUE IN "JJOUSEHOLD JpURNITURE Inspect my Stock and Show-rooms. F. C. E D D E R S HAW, CABINET-MAKER, UPHOLSTERER AND COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER. All Woods thoroughly Seasoned and Carefully Finished by Experienced Cabinet-makers. Estimates Frse. Established 1835. Speciality. IIOME MADE FURNITURE. 5599 G. A. STONE CO., COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Proprietors of Cars, Hearses, Snellifciers, supeib Flemish Horses, Coaches, Broughams, and every necessarv equipment for Funerals. PRICE LIST on APPLICATION. 10, 11, & 12, WOI{KING-STREET,1109 CARDIFF. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. THE CARDIFF AND SOUTH WALES DENTURE COMPANY, 41 HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. PRINCIPAL MR SHELLARD. For the past six years lUanager to Goodman and Co. Dental Surgeons, Cardiff. Established for the Manufacture and Supply of ARTIFICIAL TEETH AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, combined with skill, natural appearance, peifect fit, and best material. Teeth Fitted without the Extraction of Roots. Only one visit required from country patients. Liberal allowance for railway fare. p.S.—All Work Guaranteed. 527e AND AT PENARTH ND BARRY 6920 FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE -y^TORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. rjlHE GREAT BLOOD jpURIFIER and RESTORER. FOR CLEANSING and CLEARING the JL' BLOOD from ALL MPURITIES it cannot be too highly recommended For Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood Diseases, and Sores of all kinds it is a. never-failing and permanent Cure. it Cures Old Sores. Cures Sores on the Neck. Cures Sore Legs. Cures Blackheads or Pimples on the Face Cures Scurvy. Cures TTIfPM. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Cures the Blood from all Impure Matter. From whatever cause arising. "Chester, March 5, 1883. I suffered from rheumatic pains in my arms and egS for over five years. I also had a bruised shinbone through which I could rest for only a few minutes at a dme All sorts of remedies were apphed, but none did nnv wood for more than a few days. I was reborn menled to try Clarke's Blood Mixture, which I did nn taking the first bottle I. felt relief. I was told fhat eleven bottles would effect a perfect cure. I only took nine bottles and a half, which cost me 2s 6d pe bottle now ten months since, ard I have not felt the least pain—in fact, I am perfect in my walk, and am in as <rood health as ever I was in my life. '^Moreover, I told two friends of mine who were laid up with rheumatic pains of my cure, and they tried your Clarke's Blood Mixture. They are tailors by trade, and in seven days they were at work again, and they say it cannot be too highly praised. —Hoping 1 am not intruding, I remain, yours sincerely, "G. HOWARTH, Sergeant, Depot Cheshire Regiment, Chester. As this Mixture is pleasant, to the taste, and war- ranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. Sold in bottles, 2s 9d and lis each. By all CHEM- ISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS through out the world, or sent for 33 or 132 stamps by the LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DRUG CO, Lincoln. TRADE MARK, "BLOOD MIXTURE. Ask for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTURE, an do not be norsuaded to take an imitation: lOQn %nzhms J\bbrtZ5£S. pALM SUNDAY. pALM SUNDAY. JL F. QASE HAS NOW READY IN GRAND BLOOM 140,000 FLOWERING PLANTS, Comprising 50,000 fed and white TULIPS. 10,000 HYACINTHS (all colours), 20,000 SPIREAS. 18.000 CINERARIAS. 10,000 CAI CEOLARIAS (Fisherman'sBaskets). 10,000 PRIMULAS. 10,000 LILY OF THE VALLEY. 5,000 GER ANIUMS. 1,000 CAMELLIAS. 1,000 ARUM LILIES. 50,000 DAISY, POLYANTHUS and PINK ROOTS. 10,000 Grand WALLFLOWER ROOTS to ba sold at 2s per 100. F. 0 ASE, 35 and 37, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. N.B.—Wholesale customers can be served at the Nurseries, Rumney, Cardiff. 7200 CROSS BROTHERS, MANUF ACTURERS AND MERCHANTS BEPOT FOR EVANS' STEAM PUMPING ENGINES. HAULING AND WINDING ENGINES AND AIR COMPRESSORS. COLLIERY STORE CONTRACTORS. IRON, STEEL, OIL, AND METAL MERCHANTS WROUGHT IRON AND STEEL TUBES WITH LOOSE FLANGE JOINTS, FOR COMPRESSED AIR, WATER, AND STEAM SCREWED AND SOCKETED IRON TUBES. IRON AND STEEL BOILER TUBES. ENGINEERS' BRASS STEAM FITTINGS. PATENT ROLLED IRON AND STEEL SHAFTING FRICTIONAL AND OTHER COUPLINGS. MILL GEARING. BRASS, COPPER, AND YELLOW METAL BARS AND SHEETS, PLATES, AND INGOTS. BRAZED BRASS AND COPPER STEAM TUBES SOLID DRAWN BRASS LOCO. AND CON- DENSER TUBES -—— 4646c 21 AND 22, WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. j^JEATH'S 0LEARANCE SALE, JJEATH'S QLEARANCE SALE, JLJL JJEATH'S QLEARANCE SALE, iJL OF MORE THAN 1,000 piANOS, QRGANS, J,JABPS, HARMONIUMS, MUSICAL BOXES, VIOLINS, BANJOES, AND OTHER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, AT ENORMOUS REDUCTIONS TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW STOCK. GREAT BARGAINS ON THE NEW HIRE SYSTEM AND FOR CASH IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. CALL AT ONCE, OR SEND FOR LISTS, POST FREE. M U S I C. 4s PIECES FOR Is 4d 3s PIECES FOR Is. R. J. HEATH & SONS, 51, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. FACTORY, LONDON. 1066 THKR OATH FURNISHING CO" 42, CASTLE-ROAD ANO VERE-STREET, ROATH, CARDIFF., CABINETMAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE FURNISHERS IN CARDIFF OR SOUTH WALES Being manufacturers are in a position to supply fully 20 PER CENT. CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER IèlRM. Goods RuppJied for CASH or on our New HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM on tlte flrIlowillg scale :— £ 3 Worth Is 6d Weekly. £ 5 do 2s 6il do. £J 0 do 4s Od do. B15 tlo 5s Od do. £20 do 6s Oil do. Larger amounts in proportion. DO not purchase elsewhere until you have inspected our immesise Stock. Catalogues Post free on Application. CARRIAGE PAID WITHIN 100 MILES. ROATH FURNISHING CO., 42, CASTLE-ROAD AND VERE-STREET, ROATH /'CARDIFF. ) 7C97 IMPORTANT j^T OTICE 8. TO THB J>UBLIC, QHEMISTS GROCERS, & all RETAILERS of PATENT MEDICINES. OWBRIDGFAS LUNG TONIC does not eon tain any Scheduled Poison therefore I ALL persHus hoiding Patent Medicine Licences can sell it, and no one has a right to attach Poison labels to the bottles. This Notice and Caution have been ren- dered necessary by the rEcent action of the Pharmaceutical Society in reference to Patent Medicines. THE known Superiority of Owbiidge's Lung JL Tonic as a safe and effective remedy for Coughs, Colds, or any affection of the Lungs, makes it important the Public should know that no difficulty exists in obtaining it. Sold everywheee at Is ld, 2s 911, s 6d. and lis by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. 13711 1153 JJ A Y M A N S J> A L S A M OF HOREHOUND RELIEVES COUGH IN TEN MINUTES. PREVENT INFLUENZA, COLD, AND COUGH BY TAKING on first appearance of Cold or Chill. CURED my son of a dreadful Congh. Send two more bottles."—MrsW. JOHNSTON,G.N.R.Office Belleek Station, Co. Fermanagh. July, 91. "DANGEROUSLY ILL with Asthma, it has saved my life."—Mrs H. HUBBLE, 63, Wood. pecker-road. New Cross, S E. Sept.. 1891. Prepared only by Alfred Hayman & Co., London. Sold everywhere. Price, Is 1-Jd, 88 9d,4s 6d. 1022 /CARDIFF ADVERTISING, BILL vy POSTING, AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITED) OFFICES CASTLE CHAMBERS 21. C^STLE-ST CARDIFF. SECRETARY FRANK H. SIMPSON. Best Permanent Posting Stations in Cardiff and figbbourhood. Contractors fo, all description* of A<lv»'tismg Circular Distribui in &c. 1014 312001 All orders promptly iu tended to. business ÀlÙr.eSZ£s. I rjl HREE YEARS' g ys tem rjlHREE YEARS SYSTEM JL jplANOFORTES BY BROAD WOOD, pIANOFORTES BY COLLARD, jplANOFORTES BY BR1NSMEAD, JpiANOFORTES BY NEUMEYER, pIANOFORTES BY KIRKMAN, JplANOFORTES BY ERARD, AND ALL THE LEADING MAKERS, FROM 10s MONTHLY Until Paid for after which, and Without any Farthe Charge whatever, the instrument becomes the Property of the Hirer. rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL LIMITED, QUEEN'S MI7;SIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF T IT-OMPSON AND gHACKELL IMITED, 32 CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL LIMITED, 118 HIGH-STREET, MERTIIYR. rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, -&- tO LIMITED 5, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT ALSO AT 30, BRIDGE-STREET, AND 142, NEWFOUNDLAND-ROAD, BRISTOL 60, STEPNEY-STREET, LLANELLY, MAESTEG, CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, PONTYPRIDD, &c. &c. FJ1HE rjlHREE "REARS' gYSTEM Was first introduced into South Wales by THOMPSON AND SHACKELL upwards of thirty years ago, since which time many thousands of homes have been ren- dered happy by the possession of a Musical Instrument on such, easy terms. The Montldy Payments are o low that there need be no house without a PIANO, AMERICAN ORGAN, OR HARMONIUM. rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, LIMITED, Are always pleased to send Full Particulars, with Descriptive Pamphlet, Photographs of the Newest Styles, &c free by post, on the application of any nten ding p urchaser. DISCOUNT FOR CASH. The mostlibernl Discount is I] owed to Cash Buyers and a large number of SECOND-HAND PIANOS are always in Stock to select from at about HALF PRICE. rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, LIMITED, CARDIFF, SWANSEA BRISTOL, CHELTENHAM LLANELLY, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, MAESTEG, PENYGRAIG, GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, 1047 169e CARMARTHEN, AND PONTYPRIDD COUNTY BREWERY CO., pENARTH ROAD, CARDIFF, Are now supplying their EXCELLENT MILD AND BITTER ALES, In 41h gallon casks and upwards. MILD ALE from lOd per gallon. BITTER ALE from Is. STRONG ALE, Is 6d. 6709 ESTABLISHED 1840. JJDWARD B. TRADER, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, (J H U R C H STREET, I..>, k cA R D I F F. PIANOFORTES by all Best Makers. ORGANS by all Best Makers. HA RMONIUMS by all Best Makers. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS OFALL KINDS. FITTINGS FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS. REPAIRS TO ALL INSTRUMENTS AND TUNING. Greatest feature m my Business is, I give GOOD VALUE ALWAYS. 5731—lG2e ELECTRIC LIGHTING | ELECTRIC PUMPING ELECTRIC HAULING. THE PRINCIPAL COLLIERIES IN SOUTH WALES SUPPLIED BY J. C. HOWELL, ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, LLANELLY SOLE AGENT FOR SOUTH WALE" FOR CROMPTON & CO., LTD. 12)1 JOHN J.JARBOUR & 00., MANUFACTURERS OF BEER AND MINERAL WATER CASES, CONFECTIONERY BOXES, &c., &c.. 6476 109, THOMAS-STREET, BRISTOL. JQ R. F x's c OT-TGFT AND N rOlCli, "TAFERS Instantly Relieve and Rapidly Cure COUGH, COLDS, ASTHMA- BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF VOICE AND ALL BRONCHIAi. AFFECTIONS. The Gleatest Remedy ever Discovered for Al Affections of the Chest tnd LUll. D R. x's COUGH AND VOICE WAFRIIS I Are prepared from the choicest Herbs and Fruits. Relieve phlegm, and are a real blessing to Asthmatic sufferers. Render the voice highly melodious, ,1!HI are not to be surpassed for the use of Vocalists, Clergymen, Actors, and Public Speakers, ivc., &c. DR. jp o x's £ JOUGH AND ^OICE WAFEPS, Preriared onlv by GEORGE le A D El. 72, GOS WELL-ROAD, LONDON. And sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. in tins at Is l%d each. 4552.1 Should there be any difficulty ill obtaining these valuable Wafers, the Proprietors will forward a Tin post free, on receipt of Stamps or Postal Older 71e jp R. y ox's Jf 0OUGH AND YOICE -WAFEPS. IMPORTANT NOTICE. M PAINE and. CO., Billposters, Aber- dare, beg to inform their Patrons that they have purchased the whole of the Billposting Business at Mountain Ash, Penrhiwce'ber, and District, lately carried on by Messrs P. R. James and Son, and Bill- posting Company, Pontypridd. All communications to be addressed to M.. Paine, 61 Dean-street, Aberdare. lltf?—13590 IBusiiuss XONE FACT WORTH A "V J? THOUSAND OPINIONS. TIT!. ENORMI IUS IN CR EASING I' EM AND iOR *» rjn U D O II I L L I A M S P A TF';T ALSAM OF N E Y. HAVE YOU TRIED IT ? IF NOT, THEN TRY IT NOW MY DEAR FRIEND. T UDOR W TLLIAMS' PATENT JJALSAM OF JJONEY. Thousands of Children have frolii an Un- timely Death by the prompt use of TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. No Mother .should neglect tc keep this Infallible ■Kcnieay 111 the house vearty for any emergency. Iverneniber that it is wiser to chock a slight Cou^h at the commencement than to n.How!t to develop into a lingeJ'Î1 complaint. A*kdistinctly for Imlor Williams' ILkun of Honey and see that you get the right article Thousands ofOUildven Cured from Whooping Coiurh and Lnnicmtis wnen nil other Remedies fail ■•iv "it°a trial u,fi froln difficulty of breathing should READ ON NOW BY I'lIVStCJA.NS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a nii.-erabie cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limb i tcliiug %viii, a ge)iei-,Il of smothering, a. lew doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away almost bafore you know it. There is nothing like it on the market. ;it i, thoroughly np to date it t rickles into all the system. A true I prompt and reliable in its; action. .TUST ANOTHER WuRD. When you ask or send for Tudor Piitent Balsam of Honey, do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchase omelhing else. If you uo, you simply w throw off the genuine article and take on with a false one. Wonderful Cures Daily. Thousands of Testi- monials to hand from all parts ol the World. RF.AD ON MJRTHER. SPONTA. X HOC S T F. ST IM O N V. WORTHY OF YOUH CONSIDERATION. Sir,—My wife desires me tc say that your Tudor Williain.i' Balsam of Honey has proved a most valu- able medicine in our large family (eight children). As soon as a congn or a cold makes its appearance a dose of Tudor's Balsam is at once administered, and its treatment is followed up until the cold disappears. Before using the in oiii: tie citilLIrc-li have been prostrate with colds fur several weeks, but now. by taking doses, as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. During the short time the cold is upon them the action of the Halsam is marvel- lous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.— ALTER. J. BRETT, C.M., Headmaster Severn Tunnel chool. March 16tli, 1892. READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff Chemist states:—Iha\e iarger Sales for Tudor Williams' Balsam cf Honey than any oilier Cough Cure. That's the opinion of all Chemists throughout Wales. Sold by all Chemists and Stores all over the World n Is, 2s Sd, and 4s 6d bottles. Sample Bottle sent post paid for Is 3d or 3s, from the Patentee, 3 5256 Jj) rpUDOR TSriLLIAMS, MEDICAL HALL. ABERDARE. 0 A T E S I PURE, UNADULTERATED, and DELICIOUSLY FLAVOURED M U N S T E R A U C E. -Li s EXTRACT OF ANALYSIS Its eget&ble constituents possess considerable Medical value as Stomaehics and Tonics." F E. ADAMS. M.D., F.C.S., Public Analyst for the County Borough of Bolton. H. P. BOATE, SAUCE AND PICKLE WORICS, CORK. I LOCAL AGENT :— 5S9 MR G. THOMAS, 6, IUOROKN-IIGAD, NEWPORT. E P P S'S GRATEFUL, COMFORTING. BREAKFAST OR SUPPER. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILK, 14858 3675 LOCKYERS SULPHUR HAIR ^RESTORER. T OCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER. THE SUREST. THE SAFES]. 'THE BEST. Tilt: CHEAPEST, T OCKYER'S SULPHUR HAIR RESTORER produces a perfectly natural colour. The gradual cliauge is certain, and for removing scurf, beautifying and cleansing the hair, causing it to grow wherever thin, Lockysr's ia unrivalled.—Large bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. DELLAK'S CORN PLASTER.-Boxes Is 1%11 and 2s 9d each. The Corn piasters are a certain cure for hard or sof corns, they completely dry up and eradicate painful corns; the Bunion Plasters, a proved remedy for bunions and enlarged toe ioints. Sold by all chemists. Be careful Dollar's Piasters are supplied." RESPLENDENT IVORY LIKE JLfej TEETH.—To make sure of these, CRACROFT'S ARKCA NUT TOOTH PASTE is necessary, dislodges tartar, thoroughly polishes the enamel, perfectly cleanses the teeth, hardens the gllmp, is astringent, aromatic, and delicious in flavour. Cracroft 's l'aáe ensures a fine set of teeth Sold everywhere Pots, Is each. DEAFNESS, Noises in the Ears, etc.— Dollar s ESSENCE FOR DEAFNESS has proved an extraordinary remedy. Ie always relieves, generally cures, and is strongly recommended by thousands who have derived benolir. It is quite harmless.—Sold iu Bottles, Is lV-al and 2s Od each, by all Chemists. DULPHOI^NE SOAP is a ddi^tdv- O refined, chemically pure soap, iutended for general us-e, but specially by those endowed with sensitive skins. For washing at all times, and bringh- the skin to a soft, pliable, healthy condition, SuN pholine Soap hold* the first place. Its odour is very dleasant, and the soap is Hot expensive. Tablets, 6d e 10')3 I A DIES should obtain particulars of the most Mliw-xCL LOUS MEDit.TNE for nil irregu- larities of the female system ever introduced to the public. Veil may have tried Pills, Powders, useless j lecipes, and other advertised so-called remedies, and all in vain. THOUSANDS have been relieved, Health restored, and DOCTORS' BiLLS SAVED bv this Medicine, which is the only real a;,d RELIABLE REMKDV of die A Perfectly harmless and El I1 EC t C AL. Stamped ad<ires-ed eiwelope tor Price List and Copies of Testimonials, which are guaranteed genuine under a Penaitv of open to inspection and investigation. <I S. W. N. DASMAIL, CIH, Langdale, althamstow. (Established 7067-blle HE MONMO U THS HIRE AND JL SOUTH WALKS PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY H J. PARN.AT/L,; J.P., Cliairman. RESERVE oi COi> j'lNGENT FUNDS :— £ <> ^169 9s 6d A D VAN C E S On Freehold or Leasehold Securities INVESTING OR PAID-UP SHARKS (interest 5 per cent, per annum And bonus). DEPOSIT SHARES 4i. per cent., payable half-yearly, and bonus)". DEPOSITS recsi> ed at tt per eent. interest, pavable half-yearly. V. J. lfEYBYRNE, Secretary I1EYBYRNE & BROWN, 1 1, Friar's Chambers, Newport; t816 And 21, "st RIte-street, Cardiff. :L"Iiib I, i-c at NOW READY THE MINING MANUAL FOR 1393, BY WALTER R. SKINNER, Contains full particulars of alt Mining Companies known to the Exchanges of Londoll allu tne Provinces. A separate sect ou is devoted to South African Com- panies. A fullli,t of mining direciors'is aho Pohen. The particulars given of each Mining Company in- clude the directors and other official. date of cslab- lishment, seat, of oper tions, description of the propelty with the purchase consideration, details of capita), calls, dividvmU paid, and the latest financial position as disclosed by the accounts. The present volume contains several new features. FIFTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. Price, ISs 6d net. Post free, lis. LONDON 4, BIKCHI.V-LANE, LOMBARD- STREET, E.C. MOO mi-IE ARCHITECT A N D~ CONT ItACT JL REPORTER. Established nearly a Quarter of a Century The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER has alirge and influential circulation amonyst Archi- tp.cts, Builders, Contractors, and the wealthy classes of the public, and has been found to be a very valuable medium of publicity. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains a larger number of Tenders and Contracts Open than any other paper. The whole of Prout's valuable Plates of Continenta Architecture are appearing in the ARCHITECT as two-page Permanent Ink Photos on Plate P tper, and are given in addition to the ordinary Architectural or Fine Art Illustrations. WEEKLY, PRICE 4d. PUBLINTIKTI BY P. A. GILBERT WOOD, 175, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. 1553 CARDIFF, SWAN SEA, AND NEW- c PORT SHIPPING GAZETTE. Published every Monday Morning. Price 21s per annum, or by Post 25s. The "CARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEWPORT SHIPPING GAXHTTE" it complete record of the Shipping business of Carditf, Swansea, Newport Bristol, Neath, Briton Ferry, Burry Port, &c., and cir- culates among all the Merchants and Brokers of the Bristol Channel Ports, and generally throughout the various ports of the United Kingdom. It is tiled at Lloyu s, the Lombard, and most of the Chambers of Commerce, and is a'so sent to the leading Foreign Ports loi, St-. Mary-street, Carddf Just Published, for Two Stamps, Bv J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.) a Treatise, entificd HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH ..i. most valuable Hoo for Young Men, on the Laws Governing Life, and the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of ail Diseases de fending on Nervous De- bility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Impaired S'ght and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude &< Sent pest free on receipt of Two Stamps Address :— J. A. BARNES, 11.1). t L7 S.) 1 48. Lonsdale-suuare. Thoruliill-road, London. N Uf>