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gloizces. SCIENCE AND ART EXAMINATIONS, 0 1893. CARDIFF CENTRE. EXTERNAL CANDIDATES who desire to be ex- amined must SEND in THEIR NAMES, with full particulars, before March 20th, to 71C5 IVOR JAMES, Secretaiw, College School Bnilding3, Dumfries-place, Cardiff. ^^TOOD-STREET CHAPEL~CARDIFF. A SPECIAL LECTURIC on the "PILGRIM FA THERS (with dhgratl1). havin special reference t the Tercentenary of John Penry, the Welsh Martyr, will be given by the REV W. SPDRGEON, ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15TH. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Chair to be taken at 7.30 by GEORGE FARDO, Esq., General Postmaster. Admission Free. Collection at the close. 519 JGOROUGH OF ABERAVON. HOUSE OF COMMONS—SESSION 1893. RHONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY BILL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a SPECIAL MEETING of the TOWN COUNCIL of the BorougH of Aberavon will be held at the COUNCIL-ROOM, ABERAVON, on WEDNESDAY, the 29th day of larch, 1893, at 5 p.m., to consider the provisions of a ct::rtain Bm introduced in the present Session of Parlia- ment, intituled A Bill to confer further powers upon tbe Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway Company and for other purposes," and to come to resolutions hereoJ]. Dated this 15th day of March, 1893. CHARLES JONES, Mayor of the Borough of Aberavon. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SUS- JL PENSORY BILL. TO CHURCHMEN AND NONCONFORMISTS. Misleading statements have been circulated. Church- men are ooposing this Suspensory Bill because it "11 parctlye the spiritual work ûf the Church, chiefly by seriously hindering the tilling up of vacant benefices. The Suspensory Bill is absolutely meaningless unless visestaolishment follt)w,<, and many who are con- scientiously in favour of Disestablishment have de. nounred this unfair attempt to hamper the Church, until the complete measure is introduced. Witness Mr Chamberlain's reply to the Editor of "The Baptist." But with Disestablishment will surely come Db- endowment, which means taking money entrusted to the Church long ago, to provide religious instruction for the peole, and putting now to secular objects. Nonconformists have endowments. The Church has no desire to touch these. Where is the fairness of this one-sided policy? Friends beware of aiding this unholy scheme under the false name of religious liberty Show that you are tree by thinking for yourselves, and if you love truth, fairness, and the religious wel- fare of the people, SIGN '1 HE PETITION 7176 AGAINST THE SUSPENSORY BILL. THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF JL FORESTERS. "The Combined Exnerience or Actuaries' Table" is the basis of the rates of the Independent Order of Foresters. The Premiums are not loaded to make enormous profits, nor for equally enormous manage- ment enses. ABBREVIATED COMPARATIVE TABLE. J Independent It"1/ -3 Order of saving Foresters. premium byjom- at— in Insur- ing the Foresters. premium byjom- Foresters. premium byjom- at— in Insur- ing the ¡-(;š ¡monfhly,¡per Co.'s I.O.F. For an £ s- d-|' £ s" d- £ s- d- Insurance 19 2 6* 1 10 6 3 14 10 2 4 4 30 30 1 16 0 518 358 J°S 40 38 240 6 13 2 492 ot XdA). 49 5 7i 3 7 6 | 8 18 10 5 11 4 I' „ 19 5 1 3 1 0 7 9 8 4 8*8 Poltv of 30 6 0 3 12 0 10 3 4 6 11 4 Jam 40 7 4 4 8 0 13 6 4 8 18 4 iw' 49 11 3 6 15 0 17 17 8 11 2 8 '-1191-51¡3101798:488 19 7 7 £ 4 11 6 11 4 6 6 13 ~0 Policy nf 30 9 0 5 8 0 15 5 0 9 17 0 40 11 0 6 12 0 19 19 6 13 7 6 i:ouu- 49 16 10i 10 2 6 26 16 6 16 14 0 The cost of joining is for £200, £114, 7d for £100, B2 Os lad; and for S2 5s Od, including medical examination. Court dues are usually 10s per annum, which may be added to yearly cost. Premium paying ceases at 70. after which the Assured receives an Annuity of £20, B40, or £60. ac cording to amount assured balance at death in each ease. The whole sum paid at death if previous. Only 5 per cent. can be taken for Ma11£¡ement Ex. penses. The Accumulated Funds exceed £120,000. £20.000 has been deposited with the Paymaster-General to secure members in the United Kingdom. Forms of application from the Head Office, 24, Charing Cross, Whitehall, London. where intending members may join from J. Marshall, 217, Buchanan-street, Glasgow. Mr W. F. H. Thompson, special organiser for Wales. will be glad to see intending memoers from 1 to 3 o'clock, and 6 to 8 p.m., at 16, Windsor-place, Cardiff. 7102 0APTAIN R. SHORT, R.C.A., Begs to annonnce he now RECEIVES STUDENTS FOR PAINTING AND DRAWING AT HIS STUDIO. ——— 6698 Full particulars, with Terms, may be obtained Qn application at 22. The Walk, Cardiff. MADAME GLANFFRWD THOMAS, SOPRANO VOCALIST, ACCEPTS ENGAGEMENTS AS CONCERT VOCALIST, AXD SIVES LESSONS IN SINGING AND PIANOFORTE 3378 ADDRESS ;-2, PAGE-STREET, SWANSEA. (Eon Watt fot: Classifitatiou. CAEDU COLLIERY, EIGHT MINUTES' WALK FROM THE BYNEA STATION, NEAR LLANKLLY. MR S. N. POWELL will SELL by AUCTION, on TUB-DAY, the 21st March, 1893, at the above-named Colliery, Three Horizontal Winding and Pumping Engines, 36in. cylinders, with fly wheels and drums complete Four Egg-end Boilers, 32ft., 21ft., 23ft., and 19ft., by 5ft and 4ft. 6in.; Two Donkey Pumps, 6in. stroke, 54yds. 12in,. lift 34yds 4in.; do., with clack pieces and copper lined barrel 200 Yards of 6ft. 8in., lift, with clack pieces and working barrel 400 Yards T-bead Rails, nOlbs. to the yard 600 Yards T-head Rails, 181bs. to the yard; 20 Tons Under- ground Bridge Rai: s, 3 Colliery Weighing Machines, 22 Iron Coal Trams, 16in. guage 3 Steel Wire Ropes, 140 and 82 yards by%; 31n., 4in., and oin. Pitch-pine Spear Rods; 3 Cast Iron T Bobs, 1 L Steel Bob, 20 Eirht-toii Railway Wagons, Iron Plates, Tools, Pulleys, Block, &c., Itc. Sale at 11 am. Terms Cash. Llanelly, March 13, 1893. FURNITURE ESTABLISHED OVER THREE- CARPETS FURNITURE QUARTERS CENTURY. CARPETS FURNITURE ——— CARPETS SJiSS'riiSS GOOD, ARTISTIC AND CARPETS FURNITURE CARPE'IS FURNITURE INEXPENSIVE. CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE ——— CARPETS RCKXLIRKE BEFORE YOU BUY IKS! FURNITURE ijAgrgjl FURNITURE OR CARPETS FURNITURE n CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS, CARPETS FURNITURE DO NOT FAIL TO CARPETS FURNITLRE VISIT CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE T AVERTON & CO. CARPETS FURNITURE JLj CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE CABINET MAKERS, CARPET,* FURNITURE UPHOLSTERERS, CARPETO HOUSE FURNISHERS, CARPETS SJKSTUBK HABY.LE.PORT STREET SSSSSTL W"6" SIBGG FURNITURE BRISTOL CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE ——— CARPETS IOTLNITCIK THEIR SHOWROOMS, GJGJGL JS'gg °VSB^y^B«W £ g»| FU RNITU E.E 1 1' CARPETS FURNITURE CONTAIN CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE tHE LARGEST, BEST, CARPBTS FURNITURE AND CARPETS FURNITURE CHEAPEST STOCK CARPETS FURNITURE IN THE CARPETS FURNITURE WEST OF ENGLAND. CARPETS 1179 THE PURE INDIAN SOUCHONG 'TT E A l AT 1 S. 7D PER LB. r Sample Parcel of 6%lb., including Postage for 11s. EXTENDED LIST OF PRICES ON APPLICATION ALL TEAS AT IMPORTERS' PRICES—NO MIDDLE PROFITS TO PAY. FJIHOS. JONES & CO. (LIMITED), TEA AND COFFEE MERCHANTS, 4666 9, PARKER-STREET. LIVERPOOL. INNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. This pure Solution is the b«st remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout, and Indigestion. DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. The safest and most gentle aperient for delicate constitutions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. Sold throughout the World. 5785 THE SKIN THE GLORY OF WOMAN -t- THE PRIDE OF MAN THE SKIN THE SKIN A LBION MILK THE SKIN AND SULPHUR QOAP, THE SKIN purestj most emo ill ent, an d most Ttt-ci QTj-T-vr Hygienic of all Soaps, giving to the Jj.Xi oxviJX skin thatsoitness and clearness so desired by all, and leaving in a THE SKIN pure, refreshed, and healthy condi. J_ tion. Invaluable for Ladies and TTTTT1 QTTTN Children with delicate skin, as it never irritates. Luxury for Toilet OTTTXT and Nursery. Creamy lather i I iHij oIvliN Delicate perfume. All Chemists, JL Grocers, etc. 1174a HERBERT A SHMAN & JQO 2 3, 4, and 5, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL LEATHER MERCHANTS, AND MAKERS OP LEATHER MACHINE BELTING, HOSE PIPES, &c., &Ie. Price Uats on Application 5958 !M! fgusttttss 3lb2irmcs. ROGERS7 AK I-ALES AND PORTERS In 4% Gallon Casksandupwards. PALE AND MILD ALES .from 10d per Gal; on PORTER AND STOUTS.from Is pe Gall BREWERY, BRISTOL. CARDIFF STORES, WORKING-STREET QQ 1161 EARLY SPRING F ASTIIONS. I B. E VA-NS & QOMPANY have just received I LARGE CONSIGNMENTS direct from the JMEADING jpRODUCERS IN ENGLAND, FRANCE, AND GERMANY, and are now showing A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF THE NEW DRESS MATERIALS, SILKS AND VELVETS, THE NEW BLACK DRESS FABRICS. MANTLES, JACKETS, AND CAPES, In the most recherche styles. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDER- CLOTHING, And Charming Productions in PRINTS, SATEENS, FLANNELETTES, &c. Inspection of the New Stock is respectfully invited. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. 1046 V I 0 T O R r 1 i P T o N s T E A S PROCLAIMED VICTORIOUS OVER ALL OTHERS. DIRECT FROM THE TEA GARDEN TO THE TEAPOT. NO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS TO PAY. RICH, PURE, FRAGRANT, S AND IS 4D PER LB FINEST TEA THE WORLD CAN PRODUCE, PER JS fJ-'D LB. NO HIGHER PRICE. OVER ONE MILLION PACKETS SOLD WEEKLY. SPECIAL NOTICE.—Delivered Carriage Paid for an extra Id per lb. to any address in Great Britain, on orders of 5 lbs. and upwards. Samples sent free on application. A GUARANTEE.—Money returned in full if Tea does net give perfect satisfaction in every way. L I P T 0 iN, TEA AND COFFEE PLANTER. CEYLON, THE LARGEST TEA, COFFEE, AND PROVISION DEALER IN THE WORLD. Sole Proprietor of the following celebrated Tea and Coffee Estates in Ceylon Dambatenne, Laymastctte, Monerakande, Mahadambatenne, Mousakelle, Poo- pr&ssie, H&nagalla, and Gigrauella, which cover thousands of acres of the bust tea aud coffee Jland in Ceylon. CEYLON TEA AND COFFEE SHIPPING WAREHOUSES MADDEMA MILLS, CINNAMON GARDENS, COLOMBO CEYLON OFFICE UPPER CHATHAM-STREET, COLOMBO. INDIAN TEA AND SHIPPING WAREHOUSES AND EXPORT STO ti ES ARMENIAN GHAUT, CALCUTTA INDIAN OFFICES LYON'S RANGE, CALCUTTA. GENERAL OFFICES BATH-STREET, CITY-ROAD, LONDON, E C. LOCAL BRANCHES: Cardiff Branches: 7, HIGH-STREET, and ST. MARY-STREET. Swansea Branch: ARCADE BUILDINGS, HIGH-STREET. Llanelly Branch 9, STEPNEY-STREET. Bristol: 22, WINE-STREET. Sranches in all the principal towns sf the Kingdom. 6990 SPRING CLEANING!! jgPRlNG CLEANING! DON'T FORGET LAWSON'S gAFETY" QLEANSER (REGISTERED) IS A GRAND SOAP FOR SPRING CLEANING. Useful for Everything and Everybody. 6909 ASK YOUR GROCER FOR A POUND BAR. I STONE BROS., (Sons of the late Aid. Gains Augustus Stone), COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Every requisite for Funerals of all classes. Proprietors of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shilli- biers, and Coaches. Superb Flemish Horses, &c. Price List on Application. Please Note the Only Address 5, WORKING-STREET. Telegraphic Address :— "STONE BROS., CARDIFF.' 661 RPEETH. -Complete Set, One Guinea Five years' warranty. GOODMAN AND CO., 56, Queen st. Cardiff 13041 1114 c ROSSLEY*S QTTO" GAS E NGINE. REFERENCES TO ALL TRADES IN ALL TOWNS REDUCED PRICES ON APPLICATION. The largest Manufacturers of Gas Engines in the world SECOND-HAND ENGINES IN STOCK. Crossley and Other Makes Exchanged for Larger. CROSSLEY'S PATENT OIL ENGINE, SIMPLE, RELIABLE, AND ECONOMICAL. Working principle same as the Otto Gas Engine. Write for particulars. South Wales Representative :— 1098 B. E. WALKER, 30, Woodville-road, CARDIFF.

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