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fStrahwss J\br£SSt5. NEW jgTORY NEW JgTORY NEW gTORY IORGAN THE BUCCANEER ÑIORGAN THE JgUCCANEER. -Ly-i- ORGAN THE JgUCCANEER, SEE THE 0ARDIFF TIMES JL AND jgOFTH -yyALES "^TEEKLY j^EWS THE LIFE AND JgjXPLOITS OF J^JORGAN THE BUCCANEER, BY DAVID WILLIAMS. Under the above Title, in fJ^HE £ JARDIFF fJMMES AND gOUTH "TALES WEEKLYNWS OF SATURDAY APRIL 1, 1893, Will appear the Opining Chapter of an EXCITING NARRATIVE OF THE DARING DEEDS PERFORMED ON LAND AND SEA BY THAT NOTORIOUS WELSHMAN, SIR HENRY MORGAN, KNIGHT AND BUCCANEER. JJENRY MORGAN, Who sprung from a branch of the Morgan family, settled at Lanrumney, Mon., was by common consent the boldest and most succors- fu1 of the Buccaneers, whose terrible deeds in the Southern Seas set the whole of the Western World aflame in the latter part of the 17th century. FACT, NOT FICTION. MORGAN'S ADVENTUROUS CAREER Is in itself so surprising and remarkable that a plain re-statement of the facts, drawn from works now mostly out of print and difficult to procure, will form a story as full of interest and excite- ment as any work of romantic fiction. AMONG THE MANY STIRRING INCIDENTS of the Story are the following :— THE BUCCANEER ATTACK ON PUERTO DEL PRINCIPE. THE TORTURE AND STARVATION OF SPANISH PRISONERS. CAPTURE OF PORTO BELLO BY A IGHT ASSAULT. BLOWING A GARRISON TO PIECES. THE TAKING OF MARACAIBO. DESPERATE FIGHT WITH THE SPANIARDS. CAPTURE OF THE CASTLE OF CHAGRE. THE SACKING OF PANAMA. Look out for Chapter I. of THE LIFE AND JgXPLOITS OF MORGAN THE JgUCCANEER. It will appear in THE CARDIFF T | MMES AND gOUTH^ALES-^EEKLYJ^EWS, ON SATURDAY, APRIL isr, 1893, And be continued week by week until completed. NEW JplCTION NEW FICTION I NEW jpiCTION J JJBTBOTIVB gTORIES. JTJETEOTIVE gTORIES. JJETECTIVE gTORIES. A COMPLETE DETECTIVE STORY WEEKLY. APPEAKSIN THE CARDIFF TIMES AND (JJOUTH -YY ALES "^TEEKLY JJIFEWS A NEW SERIES OF DETECTIVE STORIES BY TYIPTTTT'TIVE SERGEANT UETEO I1 WM HOjjBORN, Under the General Heading of RECOLLECTIONS OF A J^ONPON JJETECTIVE. THE gEST FICTION. MOST gPECIAU pEATURES, ASD THE WEEK'S NEWS, ONE PENNY. UATR THE TIIK THE CNKAPESI__ T OCKYER'S SUI^JISS J_i RESTOKEH produces a pe"1^ • removing scurf, The gradual change is certain, an causing it tojfrow beautifying and cleau3ing the ^,1'a-Large bottles, Wherever thin, Lockysr's is unriva' Is fcd. Sold everywhere. — TpkELLAR'S CORN PLASTER-"Boxes -LF IS lVid and 2a 9d each. # r i,ard or sof The Corn Plasters are a certain cU]r^r„tiieate painful corns, they completely dry up and er reme(jy for corns the Bunion Plasters, a PJ, hvail chemists, bunrons and enlarged toe joints. SoiaoJ Be careful Cellar's Plasters are sup "HESPLENDENT IVORY _t\; TEETH.—To make sure of these; *-> ggarv. dislodges tartar, thoroughly polishes gums, is Perfectly cleanses the teeth, hardens (jj-^croft s astringent, aromatic, and delicious in ^a.v? Pverywhere Paste ensures a fine set of teefli Sold Pots, Is each. -==-= IARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE is ne^L, enamel, dislodges tartar, thoroughly polishes gums, is Perfectly cleanses the teeth, hardens (jj-^croft s astringent, aromatic, and delicious in ^a.v? Pverywhere Paste ensures a fine set of teefli Sold Pots, Is each. :f\EAFNESsT~S^oises iu the Ef JL/ Dellar s ESSENCE FOR DEAFNKb&bo(?*;eraUy an extraordinary remedy. It always veLi«Je'wlio cures, and is strongly recommended by t1"°, J_Sold hi have derived beneiit. It is quite liarMles»- Bottles, Is lVjd and 2s 9d each, by ail Che^i^—- CJULPHOLINE SOAP is refined, chemically pure soap, i'lteii general use, but specially bv those en 7 hringinS Sensitive skins. For washing at all times, antj ^ui- skin to a soft, pliable, healthy coram1 > very 5«oIine Soap holds tuo first place. Its odour. 6c[ ^^asant, and the soap i s not expensive, i"1 Bottles, Is lVjd and 2s 9d each, b CJULPHOLINE SOAP is a refined, chemically pure soap, i'lteii general use, but specially bv those en 7 hringinS Sensitive skins. For washing at all times, antj ^ui- skin to a soft, pliable, healthy coram1 > very 5«oIine Soap holds tuo first place. Its odour. 6c[ ^^asant, and the soap i s not expensive, i"1 Mnziwss J\.bbr2zz£S. NEW NOVEL FOR THE JQAKDIFF RJUMES AND NEWS w v v BY MISS BRADDON. NEW NOVEL JGY MISS BRADDON. •J^EW NOVEL BY MISS BRADDON GECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS GECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS SECURED 'FOR OUR COLUMNS ^ECURED FOR OUR COLUMNS /"COMMENCED ON SATURDAY, JAN. LY 21st, 1893. MISS BRADDON'S NEW NOVEL IS ENTITLED "^LITALONG THE RIVER. I- T ISXLOVE STORY OF AN ENTHRALL- ING AND PASSIONATE TYPE. I ING AND PASSIONATE TYPE. ALL .tWNG THE RIVER IS "~R-D6MESTIC~NOVEL WITH A PLOT A OF DEEP INTEREST. À LL ALONG THE RIVER IS AN ENGLISH STORY FILLED WITH WARMTH AND BEAUTY OF A DEVONSHIRE SUMMER. THE HEROINE IS A LOVABLE ENG- LISH WOMAN. EH HUSBAND IS A BRITISH OFFICER ENGAGED ON ACTIVE SERVICE. rnHE VILLAIN OF THE PIECE-IF R_| SUCH HE CAN BE CALLED— IS LORD LOSTWITHIEL. FROM FIRST TO LAST THE STORY SHOWS ^TISSBRADDON'S DESCRIPTIVEARI\ 1 DRAMATIC SKILL AND LITER- ARY BRILLIANCE. RIVER (Our New Story) IS FROM THE PEN OF I S S 13RADDON. AUTHOR OF 'The Cloven Foot," "Cut by the County," "Dead Men's Shoes," "Aurora Uoyd, 'Birdsof Prey," "TheDay Will Come. "Dead Sea Fruit," Ishmal, "Just as I am," Lady Audley's Secret," "Like and Unlike, One thing needful,Phan- tom Fortune," "The Trail of the Ser- pent," "Weavers and Weft," &c., &c. PUBLICATION COMMENCED IN THE CARDIFF rpIMES AND 'U' JL SOUTH ALES "^TEEKLY NEWS ON SATURDAY, JANUARY, 21st, 1893. pRESS QPINIOKS WYLLARD'S WEIRD. Miss DRADDON is the Queen of the circulating libraries."—The World. ISHMAEL. I have always ranked MISS BRADDON among the greatest benefactors of the present generation. When I read a novel I have no desire to B instructed or to be improved. I wish to be amused and there is not one of Miss BRADDON'S books which does not enlist the interest of the reader. They are sensational, as all good stories ought to be. They are no reproduction of everyday hfe. The circumstances narrated are exceptional, and yet the details are so well worked out that the improbable is made to appear pro- bable. What, however, surprises me is that, far from her inventive powers falling off, they seem to expand with each new nove), instead of—as is often the case; with writers of fiction-all originahty being ab- sorbed u technique and mannerisms. Ishmael,' which has just appeared, is un- questionably one of her best novels. MISS BRADDON'S popularity as a novelist ought to be a lesson to the story-tellers of the day, who bore us with bread-and-butter trah or with lengthy disquisitions between boys and guls about the mysteries of the universe, and who seem to pride thomselves, like the needy knife-grinder, upon having no story to tel! —Truth. "\VIth aJl the marvellous fertility of her pen, MISS BRADDON'S hand has not lost its cunning neither has her fancy faded, nor power of invention suffered visible decline. But with the work of maturer vears has been developed a riper style, tnht, discarding the fascmatmg element of mysterv, still enthralls the reader by its pictures of romance and imagination. "-Dail?1 Chionicle. While MISS BRADDON describes vice easily and freely, a moral tone and moral lesson underlie her descriptions. She does not vice alluring. All her bad people men and women, come to prief, and most of them begin early to taste, and ultimately tø drain to the dregs, the bitter that poisons"the enp of illicit pleasure."— Dublin Freeman. Miss BRADDON has striven to teach a lesson of forgiveness to erring human nature when repentant and purified through suffer- ing. The ethics of the book could not well be other than they are when the most important figure is so truly noble."—Manchester Courier. Miss BRADDON has been a great many years before the novel-reading public and seems as little likely as ever to lose her hold of it. She has a great fertility of invention, yielding the palm in this matter only to Mr Wilkie Collins, who is certainly the greatest master of plot interest we have ever had. Miss BRADDON is a conscientious and careful artist, and what she attempts is always done wen. "-lIIanchester Examiner. Extract from a Sermon preached by the Rev W. B. Benham, B.D., at St. Stephen's Church, South Kensington — "I have undertaken to speak freely concerning our social hfe and habits, and therefore I shall not shrink from speaking about two subjects net often mentioned within the walls of a Church. I mean Sensational ^Novels,' as they are called, and the Drama. I know an aged living Prelate, whose praise is widely spread in the Church for his con- tributions to sacred literature, and who is venerated by all who know him for his piety and samthuess, who declares that the writings LIIJ A R-^C'UE^ THESE novelists—1 mean Miss •OKADDON—are anion? the best of the works of fiction." O U R NEW NoVEL, BY M 1 S S "G R A D D O N ENTITLED ALL A LONG THE RIVER, COMMENCED IN THE (CARDIFF TIMES AND ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1893, }<'ORES, U E S NOW TREKS, T PP.SWDY. >»L SHRUBS, &C. AND FOREST TREES. GARDEN WREANKLNTI0N AND CUT #T CROSSES, FLOWER BLOWERS, SEEDS, OF FLOWER SHOP, HIGH-STTM^T ALL KINDS. ARCADK RKET APPLF tIPviV,1,1 Lines- API LE TKEEB AND THORNS AND WREATHS ^ILLIAM RTRESEDER, CROSSES AND NURSERYMAN, US? BOUQUETS. CARDIFF lihtaingss JU&rgssist MR THOMAS BURT, M.P., Secretary to the Board of Trade, writes :—" I and my family have used DR WHITE'S KOMPO for more than nine years, with the most satisfac- factory results. It is not only a first-class family medicine, but as a pure and healthy stimulant I consider it unequalled. When well sweetened with sugar it is very palatable, and a capital substitute for tea or coffee. In travei- ling long distances in cold weather I have used it with great advantage it gives a glow and genial warmth to the system of a much healthier and more endllring kind than any- thing else I have tried." KONIPO A valuable remedy for Colds, InfluV enza, Sore Throat. KOMPO For Quinsy, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera Relax, Pains in the Stomach and Bowels, Disordered Stomach, Headache, Cold Feet, Cold Sweats, Bad Circulation of the Blood, Giddi- ness, &c., &c. Kompo Is not only a Medicine but a Beve • as;e.—See directions How to Make a 'i'cnipe.'finee Cordial." Kompo Is a pure and healthy stimulant far superior to brandy or any other in- toxicating drink. All teetotalers and temperance advocates should recommend it. Kompo Can be taken in either Hot or Cold Water, Tea, Coffee, Milk, or Cocoa. ASK FOR 13 R "W H 1 T E'S K 0 M P °' And do not be persuaded to take a worthless substitute. KOMPO FOR COLDS. KOMPO Is registered as a Trade Mark under the Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883, No. 43,220. Any person or persons using the word will be prosecuted. KOMPO FOR COLDS. KOMPO Is sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Dealers. ALL PERSONS EXPOSED TO COLD WEATHER SHOULD TAKE DR WHITE'S OMPO. HOW TO MAKE A TEMPERANCE JLJL CORDIAL. Take three quarters of a pound of lump sugar and one quart of water let it boil two or three minutes when COLD. add two or three,, tablespoonfuls of Dr WHITE'S KOMPO and it is ready for use. A wine-glassful, neat, or the same quantity with hot water, makes a very agreeable drink, anù a ood stimulant for all persons exposed to cold weather. By many It IS used as a substitute for tea or coffee, and instead of brandy 01" such liquors after dinner or supper, who find it much better than those stimulants, and without any'of the bad effects intoxicating drinks produce. KOMPO FOR COLDS. DR JBITE'S KOMPO Sold in Bottles at Is and 2s 9d each (the 2s 9d bottleg contain three times the quntity of the Is one), by all CHEMISTS AND PATENT MEDICINE DEALERS. Post free J. F. WHiTE & Co., Benson-street, Leeds. 14944 50S0 GREAT SALE OF FURNITURE, LINOLEUM, BEDSTEAPS, IRONMONGERY, CARPETS, ELECTRO PLATE, GLASS, CHINA, and EARTHE WARE, AT JJERRY AND O. S 34 QUEEN-gTREET, CARDIFF. WHO ARE NOW HOLDING THEIR ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE, AT SPECIALLY REDUCED PRICES. In consequence of the great depression in trade throughout the country, N. BERRY & CO. have taken advantage of these circumstances, and have made extensive purchases of a grand assortment of goods at prices that will enable them to clear at such figures that are rarely seen in Cardiff. The whole of N. B. valuable stock of House Furnishing Requisites has been specially reduced, aud will be included in this Sale, and the Proprietors respectfully beg to call the atten- tion of all intending Purchasers to the many and varied Bargains which will be offered. TERMS-CASH ONLY. 6354 G. A. STONE CO., I COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS EVERY REQUISITE~FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. proprietors of Cars, Hearses, Snellibiers, fnveib Flemish Horses, Coaches, Broughams, and every necessarv equipment for Funerals. PRICE LIST on APPLICATION. 10 11 & 12 WORKING-STREET, 1108 C A R D I F F ROSSES ROYAL » BELFAST" AERATED TABLE WATERS. AND LIME JUICE CORDIAL, T • .0 cnpciallv for our GINGER ALE at all first- JIFSSZ™? Chen.hH Hotel,, :& SONS>ITED, BELFAST. A RISING A RTICLE, BEATING LAST YEAR'S HECORD ALL TO SMASH. THE "pRINCIPALITY" v JgGG AND BAKING pUWDlRS. (FREE FROM ALUM.) Housekeepers should ask their Grocer for THE « pRINCIPALITY" JgAKING AND EGG pOWDERS (FREE FROM ALUM.) In Id Packets, or 6d and Is Tins. THE "pRINCIPALITY" JglGG & JgAKING POWDERS, (FREE FROM ALUM,) Make Bread Light and Digestible and Pastry Delicious without THE "PRINCIPALITY" JflGG AND JgAKING pOWDERS. The good old sort—wholesome. If you can't get it at your Grocer, cut this advertisement out and send stamps for sample packet to the Manufacturers, J/JESSRS J £ ERNICK & SON, LTD., NEW-STREET WORKS, CARDIFF. A WORD TO MOTHERS, The best and safest medicine to give to children in difticult teething is K10RNICK?S "MOTHERS FAVOURITE" TEETHING POWDERS, and it is surprising how great and perfect a change will be brought by their use in the case of fevers, convulsions, diarrhœa. and ot,her alarmill symptoms. Wheueve the teething of a child is difficult, give immediately one" Mother's Favourite" Teething Powder (see directions 011 each packet), and keep the bowels regular and the blood cool with one, two, or three powders a week, as the child may require. If the skin is hot and dry, give the child a warm bath at bed time and a Mother's Favourite" Teething Powder. In Is and 2s 6d Boxes containing Hints to Mothers at all Patent Medicine Stores. 8610 ftontqss JUtftnsais. THE Â TLAS pURNISHING QOMPANY, (LIMITED), HAYES JgUILDINGS,, JL-N-. JLP THE HAYES, CAR D IFF, mHE SPECIAL ATTENTION OF OUR JL Numerous Friends and Patrons is directed to our IMMENSE STOCK OF FURNITURE, &c. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, WATCHES, CLOCKS, BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, &c. 100 JQRAWING ROOM SUITES, From J65 to £50. 200 JOINING-ROOM SUITES From jE6 to £60. 200 BEDROOM gUITES From JB7 to £100. 2,000 BEDSTEADS. From 109 Each to J650. OFFICE pURNITURE OF ALL KINDS, AT POPULAR PRICES. FURNITURE FOR THK MANSION. FURNITURE FOR THE VILLA. FURNITURE FOR THI COTTAGE. FURNITURE FOR THE APARTMENTS. FURNITURE FOR THE HOUSEHOLDER. FURNITURE FOR THE LODGER. FURNITURE FOR THE RICH. FURNITURE FOR THE POOR. FURNITURE FOR THE MARRIED. FURNITURE FOR THE SINGLE. FURNITURE FOR THE MASSES. FURNITURE FOR THE CLASSES. Furniture for all. For Cash, or on the Hire Purchase System. CARPETS, LINOLEUM, OILCLOTH, HEARTH-RUGS, &c., &c. PIANOS, by eminent makers, for Cash or on the Hire Purchase System. HARMONIUMS and ORGANS, by eminen makers, for Cash, or on the Hire Purchase System. WRINGING MACHINES, WASHING MACHINES, SEWING MACHINES, FOR CASH OR ON EASY TERMS. WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, &c. FOR CASH ON EASY TERMS. 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We now Showing a Large and Select Stock of JQRAWING JJOOM pURNITURE DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, HALL & LIBRARY FURNITURE. BED-ROOM FURNITURE, gARPETS. AXMINSTER, WILTON. TURHRY. BRUSSELSAc BY BRST MAKERS. IN NEW AND CHQICg DESIGNS. CURTA TNS & QURTAIN FABRICS, INCLUDING ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN DEHIGK AND COLOURINGS. Our Prices are exceedingly Moderate. The Design and Quality of our Goods are very Superior DEPICJNS SUBMITTED AND ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. FUNERALS UNDERTAKEN. LEWIS AND T EWIS, 23, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT 137, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 56e 3647 IFOR SPRING WEAR. HERNE jr> ROTH F. R S -B-& JQRAPERS, QUEEN gTREET, CAR D IFF, ARE NOW SHOWING A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF JJEW Q O O D S FOR SPRING WEAR THE LATEST FASHTONS CAREFULLY STUDIED AND THE BEST VALUE IN THE TRADE GIVEN. 1290 4413 piPORTANT j^OTICE TO THE pUBLIC, 0HEMISTS QROGERS, & all RETAILERS of PATENT MEDICINES. OWBRIDGKS LUNG TONIC docs not con tain any Scheduled Poion; therefore ALL persons holding Patent Medicine Licences can sell ft. and no one has a right to attach Poison labels to the bottles. This Notice and Caution have been ren- dered necessary by the recent action of the Pharmaceutical Society in reference to Patent Medicinas. rTHE known Superiority of Owbiidge's Lung 8 Tonic as a safe and effective remedy for Coughs, Colds, or any affection of the Lung", makes it important the Public should know that no difficulty exists in obtaining it. Sold everywhere at Is ld, 9il, 48 6d, and lis by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. 13711 1158 IJAYMAN'S gAUAM OF HORKHOUNP RELIEVES COUGH IN TEN MINUTES. PREVENT INFLUENZA, COLD, AND COUGH BY TAKING on first appearance of Cold or Chill. CURED inv son of a dreadful Cough. Send two more bottles. "—Mrs W. JOHNSTON,G.N. E. Office Belleek Station, Co. Fermanagh. July, 01. "DANGEROUSLY ILL with Asthma, it has saved my life."—Mis H. IIUBBlr, 63, Wood pecker-roafl, New Cross, S E. Mept.. ib91. Prepared only by Alfred Hayman & Co., London, Sold everywhere. Price, Is IJ, 90,4s 6d. 1022 p A It M E R S~ SEND YOUR OWN WOOL TO BE MADE INTO CLOTH from 1«5 3d to 2s 4d per yard. Blankets from Is 2d to 2s 6d jer yard, Flmmel" from 9d to Is 6d per yard. Stocking Yarn from 8d per lb. Patterns tor- warded to select from. Carriage paid to and from the Mills on all orders of over TYLER AND COMPANY, MAESLLYN MILLS, LLANDYSSIL 13667 SOUTH WALES 1139 CARDIPF ADVERTISING, BILL VJ POSTING, AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITED) OFFICES CASTLE CHAMBERS 21, CASTLE-ST CARDIFF. SECRETARY FRANK H. SIMPSON. Best Permanent. Postinc: Stations in Cardiff and f-ighbourhooil. Contractors for all description- "f Advertising Circular Distributing, &c. 101' 32001 a.11 orders Droinctly at.r.«nH«d tn I, ÀùlirrSSt5. T f|H H RE E EARS' SYSTEM -&. JL rjpHREE YEarS SYSTEM piANOFORTES BY BROADWOOD, pIANOFORTES BY COLLARD. piANOFORTES BY BRINSMEAD, piANOFORTES BY NEUMEYER, pIANOFORTES BY KIRKMAN, piANOFORTES BY ERARD, AND ALL THE LEADING MAKERS. FROM 10s MONTHLY Until Paid for; after which, and Without any Furthe Charge whatever, the instrument becomes the Property of the Hirer. rjpHOMPSON AND gHACKELL LIMITED, QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF rjlHOMPSON AND gHACKELL IMITED, 32 CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA. rpHOMPSON AND gHACKELL JL LIMITED, 118 HIGH-STKEEl, .MERTIIYR. /jjHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, LIMITED 5, COMMERCIAL STREET. NEWPORT ALSO AT 30, BRIDGE-STREET, AND 142, NEWFOUNDLAND-ROAD, BRISTOL 60, STEPNEY-STREET, LLANELLY, MAESTEG, CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, PONTYPRIDD, &e. &c. rjlHREE YEARS' SYSTEM Was first introduced into South Wales by THOMPSON AND SHACKELL upwards of thirty years ago, since which time many thousands (If homes have bcea ren- dered happy by the possession of a Musical Instrument on such easy Lenns. The Monthly Payments are o low that there need be no house without a PIANO, AMERICAN ORGAN, OR HARMONIUM. I IpHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, I LIMITED, Are always pleased to send Full Particulars, with Descriptive Pamphlet, Photographs of the Newest Styles, Ac free by post. on the application of any ntending purchaser. DISCOUNT FOR CASH. The most liberal Discount is llowed to Cash Buyers and a large number of SECOND-HAND PIANOS arE always in Stock to select from at about HALF PIUCE. rjpHOMPSON AND gHACKELL, LIMITED, CARDIFF, SWANSEA" BRISTOL, CHELTENHAM LLANELLY, NEWPORT, MERTIIYR, MAESTEG, PRYGRAIG, GLOUCESTER, PENARTH, 1047 16ge CARMARTHEN, AND PONTYPRIDD CHEAP LINES AT JOHN "^TILLIAMS AND SONS, 9, 13, 15, 17, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, IN W OOD 0HIMNEY pIECES 19s Upwards, full size. A!so MARBLE MANTEL PIECES Very Cheap, DRAWING & DINING-ROOM GRATES, KITCHEN RANGES, Including- the Cornish, the Cambrian, the E;igle, the Quadrant. THE BEST SELECTION IN THE PRINCIPALITY. 4893 COUNTY BREWERY CO., pENARTH ROAD, .°L j!_9L.' 0ARDIFF, Are now supplying their EXCELLENT MILD AND BITTER ALES, In 4 gallon casks and upwards. MILD ALE from lC-d per gallon. BITTER ALE from Is. STRONG ALE, Is 6d. 6709 JOHN ARBOUR & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF BEER AND MINERAL WATER CASES, CONFECTIONERY BOXE", &c., etc.. 6476 109, THOMAS-STREET, BRISTOL. t;pOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE." CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Trade Mark—" Blood Mixture.' THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER. SKIN DISEASES. Eruptions, Blotches, Ulcera- ted Sore Legs, Old Sores, Glandular Swelling, Cancerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils Carbuncles, Ringworms, Scald Heads, Soro Eyes Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discoloration of the Skin, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of what- ever name and nature are literally carried out. of the system in a short time by the use of this world-famed medicine. TI'.OUSANKS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. ''Carlton, Hear Nottingham, February 27, 1383. Messrs the Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. Gentlemen,—Some ten years ago my wife became bme with ulcerated legs. ] tried eyery recommenda- tion for a cure, and aha a large number of doctors (iome of them very clever men with diseases of this kiud), hut to no effect. After being: in tIJis state for betwixt live and six years, I determined to try your B]ood Mixture as a last resource, as she at that time appeared to be at dea,tlÙ; door and had to be put to bed, hasing no use in Iwr legs anù I am thankful to say. after taking 13 of your small bottles she experienced u perfect cure. This is now lour years "go since tha cure was effected, and there is IlO sign of the complaint returning. I may add that it had cost us scores of pounds trying one remedy after another previous to taking your invaluable medicine, for which I leturn you my sincere thanks.—I am, gentlemen, yours grate- fully, C.S. P.You may make what use of the above yon thihk fit, but in the event of advertising it kindly keep my name. You can, however, refer anyone making prinlte enquirie to my address as onows C.S.. Midland Station. Carlton, near Nottingham. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.—Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you iintl its illlpnli ties bursting through the skin in pimples, erup- tions, or sores cleanse it when you tind it ob- structed and sluggish in the veins: cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and the health of thu system will follow. As'this Mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to th.c mllt delicate constitution of either sex, jhe pro prietors solicit sufferers to give it a trial to tesv its value. CLARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE. Is sold in Bottles, 2s 9d each, and in Cases containing six times the quantity at lis eac!1-sufticicnt to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing wises—by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world, or sent on receipt of 36 or 32 stamp" bv Lhe proprietors. lCOJ THE LIUCOLN MIDLAND COUNTIES COMPANY, Lincoln. TRADE MAIm- "BLOOD MIXTURE. :|^U\)jri,ANTT()(JENrrLErvIli;N. One Box of llorton's I.X.L. Pills are guaranteed to cure all complications, whether acquired or otherwise. Also gravel ann pains 111 the back. Free from mercury. Post free for 4s from G. j) llorton, M.P.S. (from the General Hospital), Aston- rd.,Birmingham Agents Cardiff—A.Hagon, Chemist, 59, Bridge sc.,aud 11, Bute-si. Merthyr—Wills, Chemist, Swansea—Lloyd, Chemist, Oxford-si. Newport— Young,Chemist, High-st. N ,B.—Has never been known to f til. I ,'I;eJ"¡lIlS\"er. 1 frw. Picas • -,isu«epaper. 238'), ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PELLS is warranted to cure all derangements cf the Urinary Organs (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and l'ains in the Back Guaranteed free from Urinary Organs (acquired 01' constitutional), Gravel, Rnd l'ains 111 the naek Guaranteed free irom Mercury. Sold in Boxes 4s 6d each, by all Chemists ant* Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the world, er sent to any address for sixty stamps by llie Makes I 'las Liucoiu "))d Midland Cuuutles Drug Compaiiy Lincoln. IT'T0 IDuziu£Z5 AtÙ!'£55tS. t G-WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM THE GWILYM VEGETABLE KV- -jiTILas. TONIC U LrnElts. GWILLIl For U'.vjj.Y; INDIGESTION, F. VANS' BITTERS. NERVOUSNESS, BITTERS. WEAKNESS, LIVER DISORDERS, QUININE and QLIXIXE BITTFIKS. LOW SPIRITS. BITTERS. Contains GWILDI QUININE, GWILYM SARSAPAR1LLA, BITTERS. BURDOCK, BITTERS. GENTIAN. LAVENDER, GWILYM SAFFRON, GWILYM EVANS' AND EVANS' BITTERS. DANDELION. BITTERS. THE PERFECTION QUININE OP QUININE LITTER,. MEDICINAL Bm'KKS- PREPARATIONS. PREPARATIONS. GWILYM vt EVANS' I».ALTII C'V. 1KTTEK3 AO J. HE sir K. BLUMTS. QUININE DOCTORS OL'INIM' HITTER-. RKCOMMEND UIRINV GWILYM IT AS UWil YV EVANS' TRUSTWORTHY BITTERS. AND SAFE. BITT-R- GU™ SPECIFIC E\ A.XS L-OLL EVINS' BITTERS. INDIGESJTON. N'TTERP. TESTIMONIALS. 14, Montague street, Edinburgh, December 1, 1392. Gentlemen,—Please send QUININE me by letum A4S 6d bottle QUININE BITTKES. of 'Gwilvm Evans" Bit- BITTERS. ters. I took four bottles last winter, and derived much benetjt ham it. truly, s. JAMES NERVOUSNESS. I,lanycefll, Ellesmere, GWILYM S llop, GWILDl EVANS' Nov. 23, 1S92. BITTERS. SIR,—Please forward BITTERS. lllC another -is 6il bottle 0: Gwilym Evan. Quinine GWILYM Bitters. The last has done GWILYM EVA.NS' me much good, and I wish BITTERS, to try another.—Believeme. FITTERS. yours truly, (Miss) A. JONES. WEAKNESS. QUININE Towyu, North Wales. QUININE BITTERS. July "0th, 1892. BITTERS. Gentlemen, I have A large sale for GWILYM Gwilym Evens' Bitters, GWILYM EVANS' NIUL I tind that my BITTERS, customers generally speak BITTERS. highly of its virtues as :t general touie and" pick- GWILYM me-up." GWILYM Yours truly, BITTERS. M. HOWELL JOXES. mTTERS. Chemist. THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. For Indigestion, Use Gwilym Bitters. For Debility in every Form, Use Gwilym Quinine Bitters. For Liver Complaints, Use T Gwilvm Evans' Bitters. For Nervousness and Weakness. Use Gwilym Evaus' Quinine Bitters, For Depression of Spirits, Use Gwilym Enuu: Bit [ers. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. At this season cf the year no one should be without GWILYM GWILYM QUININE BITTERS. A course GWILYM taken now will he invaht- EVAXS* BITTERS. able in giving tune to the BITTERS. system, new life to the blood, and in bracing the nerves. BE CAREFUL. See that the name GWJLYM QUININE BITTERS is on the hbe], sUlmp, nnd bottle, without whkh none ar0 genuine. Sold by all Chemists in bottles at Is 2s 9D, and 4S 6:1. Cases containing three 4s 6d bottles, at 12s 6d per case; also sent, ca1Tiat: paid, for the above prices, to anv adrlres by t h0 Proprietors. QUININ.; BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO.. LTD., LLANELLY. SOUTH WALES. 1122 ——— 13133 13e AMERICAN DEPOT MR R. D. WILLIAMS. PLYMOUTH. P. A. B O A T E S 'j PURE, UNADULTERATED, and DELICIOUSLY FLAVOURED lUNSTER SAUCE. EXTRACT OF ANALYSIS :— "Its Vegetable constituents possess considerable Medical value as Stomachics and Tonics." I F E, ADAMS. M.D., F.C.S., Public Analyst for the County Borough of Bolton. M. P. BOATE, SAUCE AND PICKLE WORKS, CORK. LOCAL AGENT :— 5359 MR G. THOMAS, 6, MORTEN-ROAD, NEWPORT. N E U R A L G I A — KE ALL'S TONIC TESTIMONIAL ICE ALL'S from Bazaar. KEALT/S I was :0. fearful suf- TONIC ieier from Neuralgia, IONIC and despaired of a CTTRES remedy I heard CURES of Keall's Tonic and NEURALGIA. Neuralgic Mixture, NEURALGIA two small bottles of CERTAIN which quite cured me. CERTAIN E W. AND Price — Is AND 2s Sd, and 0..1 per SPEEDY! bottle: Free by, SPEEDY Is TIL, 3s, and 4s Sd. AGENTS. CARDIFF.— Mr Mucday, Chemist., 1, Duke-stieet l. Robb, Chemist, Boath NEWPORT.—Messrs Garret' Bros Chemists, 171, C.1:)Ln2,'ir1.street. NEATII MI J. G. Isaac (late Hayman), Chemist. LLANELLY. — Gwilym Evans. LONDON.—Newbery and Son. Proprietor. Mr KEALL Dentist, 4:6, 6"31 AS11HMA.BHONCHTTIS, INFLUENZA COLDS, COUGHS, and all OKES DISEASES (jONGREVKS B ALSAMIC ELIXIR THE FINEST MEDICINE in f he WORLD Bottles and 4/6 of all Cmmists. 149J5 5294 fUtMkftncns. NOW HEADY, MORIEN'S GREAT WORK on DBU1D1SM A 59 PASES and index; Royal ovo. Round in scar'et and blocked in -old. Price 10s 6.1 five bv pest, lis. Title "rjlHE LIGHT OF BRITANNIA." The Mysteries of Ancient Bruidism Unveiied The Original Source of the Phallic Worship Revealed. The Secrets of the Conft of King Arthur Laid Open. The Source of Doctrine of the Divine Logos Discovered. "Enquire, I pray thee, of the foimer Ages. Prepare thyself to the search of their Fathers— For we are but as yesterday ADDRESS DANIEL OWEN & CO., Publishers CARDIFF. NOW READY rjn H E I N I N G A N U A L FOR 1S33, BY WALTER R. SKINNER, Contains full particulars of all Mining Companies known to the Exchanges of London anti tiie Provinces. A separate section is devoted to South African Com- panies. A full list of mining directors is AL. O given. J he particular's given of each Mining CONMANV in- clude the directors and other oiiicials, date of estab- lishment, seat "f operations, description of the property with the purchase consideration, details of capital, calls, dividend; paid, and the latest financial position as ftisch.sed by the accounts. The present volume contains several new features. FIFTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. I Price, 10s 6d net. Post free, lis. LONDON 4, BJ RCHIX-LANE, LOMBARD- STltEE L', E.C. 6500 nnHE ARCHITECT AND CONT!;ACT A REPORTER. Established nearly a Q-MRTER of a Century The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER has a. largo and intlueatial circulation amongst Archi- tects, Builders, Contractors, aud the wealthy classes of the public, and has been iound to be a very valuable medium of publicity. The ARCHITECT and CONTRACT REPORTER contains a larger NUMBER of Tenders and Contracts Open thau any other paper. The whole of Prout's valuable Plates of Confiiienta Architecture are appearing in the ARCHITECT as two-page Permanent ink Pnotos on Plate Piper, and are given in addition to the ordinaw Architectural or Fine Art Illustrations. WEEKLY, PRICE 4d. PUBLISHED BY P. A, GILBERT WOOD, 175, MTRANJJ, LONDON, W.C. 1:153 CARDIFF, SWANSEA, AND NEW- .J PORT SHIPPING GAZETTE. Published every Monday Morning. Price 2ls per annum, U1: bv Post IIOS. The "CARDIFF, .SWANSEA, AND NEWPORT l SHIPPING G AZE'LTE contains a complete record of the Shipping business of Cardiff, Swansea, Newport Bristol, Neath, Briton Ferry, Burry Port, &c., ami cir- culates among all tin.- Mtrclnuii.-s and iirokcrs ct' the Bristol Channel Ports,, and generally throughout the various ports of the United Kingdom. It is tilad at Llovus, the Lombard, and most "of the Chambers of ComQ'.erce, and is also sent to the leading Foreign Ports Llovus, [he Lombard, and most "of the Chambers of l\)r;11}1ree, and is also ent t, the leading Foreign Ports CHIEF OFFICES New Edition Just published, post free, ó stamps ATilEATISEONNERVOUSDISEASES and AY kAIVTN in MIuN", with ;i tlescviption of the ruoat C'ommon-scn.«e and Hciontulc 'J'reatmciit ever incvoduceiL 4610 Fi9i; I^UTIOW A. J. LEIG H. 92 and 33. Great ITUSSDL-RITT'COT -<


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