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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

15 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



CURRENT SPORT. At Blackpool, a Ten Miles Race, the first of a eerie, to be decided between the well-known riders, T; Belph and J. W. Schofield and H. Sansom and R. ldiborrow, took place in the presence of 1800 spec- tators. The track was 3 laps 290 yards to the mile, and the men had to pass the winning-post 35 times. Bansom and Oxborrow showed the way until the 34th lap, when Relph and his partner shot to the front, and won, after an exciting race, by six lengths, in 27min. 50sec. Golfing competitions on Saturday showed a slight falling off as compared with the preceding two weeks. The Royal Epping Forest Club were holding their autumn meeting. The scratch medal went to Mr. H. A Gardom (82). The gold quarterly medal was won fcy Mr. C. J. Fox (80 net), and the silver by Mr. G. B. Newburn (78 net).—The Mid-Surrey Club's junior monthly medal competition resulted in a tie between Messrs. W. Wellington and H. Holland (80 net).— Several prizes were competed for in the autumn meet- ing of the Worl'ngton and Newmarket Club. The 3ftev. L. R. Tuttitt (83 net) won the Bunbury Cup, Mr. C.G. Salmon (98) the Baird Cup (scratch prize), and Mr. 21. T. C. Bunbury (89 net), the hon. sec.'s. medal.—West Herts Club, monthly medals, handicaps of 12 and under: Mr. F. A. W. Graham (80 net). Exceeding >12: Mr. A. Butcher (86 net). Littlestone Clubs' Competition: Mr. J. A. Thomas (87 net).—Chester Club beat Conway Club by 18 up.—West Lancashire Jblub, Shelmerdine prize: Dr. Fisher (93), winner.— Bouthport Club, monthly modal: Messrs. F. W. H. Campbell and R. O. N. Dean tied at 82 net. They tlivided first and second sweepstakes. The negotiations for the purchase of 159 acres of land to add to the existing golf links at Littlestone, iiave resulted in the Romney Town Council agreeing to accept an offer of £ 2000, considering it would be of great value to the neighbourhood to secure the permanent establishment of a good golf ground. The decibion of the council was made known to the club on Saturday. The ties in the first round of the qualifying com- petition for the National Cup have been decided, and of these the following were the most important: Dover were victorious over Maidstone at Dover by five goals to one. Windsor and Eton won a fino match against Cowes by two goals to one at Cowes. Luton were successful against the City Ramblers at Luton by eight goals to two. King's Own Rifles beat Maidenhead by one goal to none at Maidenhead. There was a large company at Chatham to witness the match between Sittingbourne and Chatham. Besult, a tie of one goal each. Southampton St. Mary's gained a decisive victory over Newbury by 14 goals to none at Southampton. Folkestone were beaten, by the Millwall Athletic by five goals to none at Millwall. St. Albans won a keen match over the Vampires by one goal to none at Norbury. Reading were successful against Cliiton at Reading by seven goals to three. Bristol St. George's lost to Swin- UOD by four goals to two at Swindon. West Herts were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur by three goals to two at Tottenham. Lincoln City were defeated by Grimsby at Lincoln by three goals to none. London Casuals beat Chesham, on the latter's ground, by four goals to one. Great Marlow gain ed » victory over Slough by four goals to one at Slough, Macclesfield beat Chester by two goals to one at Chester. Clapton scored a victory against Old St. Stephen's by five foals to two at Upton. Rotherham were de- bated by Gainsborough by fivegoals to one at Gains- borough. Kettering lost to Loughborough by four goals to none at Loughborough. At Burton-on- Trent the Burton Wanderers beat Walsall by three goals to none. The Port Vale Club of Burslem tost to Stourbridge by five goals to three at Stour- bridge. The League matches ended as follows First Divi- eioneveral thousand people visited Blackburn, where the Blackburn Rovers beat the Bolton Wan- derers by two goals to one. Everton beat Liverpool by three goals to none on the Everton ground. Eight matches have been played by Everton, who have won the whole of them; over 20,000 spectators wit- nessed their Saturday's victory. Aston Villa beat West Bromwich Albion, before 10,000 on- lookers at Birmingham, by three goals to one. Wolverhampton Wanderers beat Sheffield Wed- nesday at Wolverhampton by two goals to none. Notts Forest gained a victory over Stoke by three goals to none at Stoke. Derby County were defeated by Sunderland at Derby by two goals to one. Preston North End beat the United Club of Sheffield by one goal to none at Sheffield before a very large com- pany. Burnley secured a victory against Small Heath by three goals to one at Burnley. SECOND DIVIRION.-Nott.s County sustainod their first defeat in this season's competition at Notting- ham, where Manchester City beat them by three j goals to one. Woolwich Arsenal and Newton Heath met at Newton Heath. Result—a tie of three goals each. Darwen lost to the United Club of Newcastle by three goals to two at Newcastle. Old Harrovians were defeated by the Old West- minsters at Wembley-park by four goals to two. Old Carthusians and the Old Foresters met at LeÜon. Result, a tie of four goals each. Charterhouse School beat Reigate Priory by two goals to one at Godalming. London Caledonians gained a victory over the Crusaders by three goals to one at Caledonian-park. ■Glasgow Rangers (holders of the Scotch Challenge Cup) beat 3rd Lanark R. V. by two goals to none at Glasgow. 1st Scots Guards lost to the Royal Ordnance by three goals to one at Greenwich. Heart of Mid Lothian beat St. Mirren's by three goals to one at Paisley. Civil Service lost to the 2nd Scots Guards at Tufnell-park by four goals to three. At Aldershot the Highland Light Infantry beat the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders by six goals to none. Old Brightonians were defeated by Weybridge by five goals to one at Wevbridge. West Kent were victorious over Tunbridge Wells by four goals to one at Chislehurst. At Hampden-park, Glasgow, the powerful Queen's-park Club beat Battlefield by eight goals to two. For the Lancashire Challenge Cup, Warrington were defeated by St. Helens, on the latter's ground, by three tries* to nothing. Salford and ewinton played their match at Salford result, a tie of three points each. Broughton Rangers lost to Tyldesley by two goals and two tries to nothing at Tyldesley. Rochdale Hornets lost to Wigan by three goals and two tries to nothing at Rochdale. To witness the Yorkshire County Senior Coin- petition several thousand people were present at Halifax, when Halifax beat Liversedge by ouo goal and a try to a try. Hull beat Wake- field by three goals and a try to nothing at Hull. Leeds and Dewsbury played their match at Loeds. Result, a tie of three points each. Huddersfield lost to the Brighouse Rangers by one goal and two tries to one goal and a try at Huddersfield. Bradford beat Batley, before a numerous company on the latter's ground, by four goals and four tries to nothing. Manningham beat Hunslot, on the former's ground, by three goals and a try to one goal and two tries.

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