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JAMES ATBR, GENERAL DliAPER AND OUTFITTER, VICTORIA HOUSE, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. 'iS HIGH-CLASS MILLINERY A SPECIALITY. -:0:- rar- An inspection of the large and varied general Stock is respectfully invited. ESTABLISHED,1786. -:0:- CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. -:0:- MRS. A. HUG RES, Late E. J. Edwards, Thomas Harrison and Edmund Hughes, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, IMPORTER OF FOREIGN WINES AND SPIRITS, DEALER IN ALES AND PORTER OF THE FINEST QUALITIES Agent for Messrs. George Sandema* and Co.'s Houses at Cadiz and Oporto, -:0:- MRS. HUGHES begs to tender her thanks to the Public for their kind Patronage, and to inform them that she has just eeeured a Choice Stock of Brandies, Whiskies, Wines, Ales, &c., of excellent Quality. ■ Brandies. Per Bottle ga_ 3g> j 4g, aud B. MARTELL'S and HENNESSEY'S 1, 2, and 3 STAt ,BRANDIES, 5b.; 5a. 6d., and 6s. Scotch Whiskies. Ftne^O^d Scotch Malt," Master of RaVenV- 2°' M' 2°' IOd'' 3"' "l4 6d; wood, Roderick Dhu, Uam Var, Glen- livat, Gordon's, and 3 Star Highland r Malt,. 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Irish Whiskies. Per Bottle i. ,28. 6d.; 2s. IOd.; 3s. and 3s. 6d, MoOonnell's Old Irish Malt, Dews of Slievemore, Roppmoyue, Danville's and Henry Thompson's 3s. 6d. per Bottle, Rum. FINEST OLD JAMAIOA and DEMERARA RUMS, from 2s. 9d. per Bottle. Gin. FINEST LONDON GIN, 2s. 3d.; 2s. 7d., and 2s. lOd. per Bottle. D E K U YP -ERIS HOLLANDS. :0:- Port. CHOICE OPORTO WINE, from Is. 8d. to 6s. per Bottle. Claret. t,: MEDOC, ST. JULIEN AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, Sherry. FINE DRY GOLDEN MATURED SHERRY, from 2s. to 5s. per Bottle. Champagnes, Moet and Chandon, • COMTE ST. FLORENTE and VICTOR PERE'S FINE DRY PURE CHAMPAGNE AT Is. 6d. per Bottle. PRICES OF ALL KNOWN BRANDS ON APPLICATION. -:0:- Worthington and Co's INDIA PALE ALE IN CASKS AND BOTTLE, BITTER BEER, MILD, LIGHT DINNER AND STRONG ALES, IN THE FINEST CONDITION. -:0:- Double Imperial Stout and Porter. :0:- PRIVATE FAMILIES SUPPLIED. :o: ;l Mineral Waters. A Large Quantity of the ftbove always kept in Stock. -:0:- Cigars and Cigarettes. A CHOICE STOCK ALWAYS ON HAND. -:0:- rar Inspect the Stock of HUGHES' Choice Matured Old Special Scotch Whiskies- Unequalled anywhere in Quality. :0:- NOTE THE ADDRESS- THE OLDEST AND ONLY RECOGNISED WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, OROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. EDWARD PARRY, PRACTICAL SADDLER AND HARNESS MAKER, BRYNFORD STREET, HOLYWELL, -:0: ■ ALL WORK EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES-GOOD WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. -:0:- SADDLES AND COLLARS RE-LINED, AND GUARANTEED TO BE EASY 1,1 101 LEATHER merchant. -:0: WHIPS, HORSE BRUSHES AND STABLE REQUISITES, OF ALL KINDS KEPT IN STOCII. —:o. •• NEW PATTERN CART LAMPS ON HAND ;0;- REPAIRS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY DONE. f "RA^>IT^LT'-AOOD Wire Cut BUILDING BI,ck»ortsEaB7lftP!'lj '° ,0™ L"OT' r RA^RRICNAY:^0NST0NE °R BLACK- • 1 N" 1Ua^uie8 °n nearest rails. Write J stating price acd quantity available to « M.»- at this Office. r rpo BE L E T-A BEERHOUSE, in Baaillt • J X BISO a fully-licensed PUBLICHOUSE in Flint.-Apply to KKLSTEBTON BBEWEBY Co. LD. A SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG *t\. LADIES is now OPEN ST. WTNEFRII>K'S CONVENT, Well Street. (In 1, a limited nantbor ree.eived.-For Terms, apply lu the Su.PKBio.BBsa. y TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO yon reqnire your Corn ground? Send it to FLINT MH*- The work oan be done quiokly and well. y :n Qdi' KKaiOVK ALL I QUICKLY C* and r> u< ?v the ;tg sy.tii/iouui so loiiaTKUCn'i^j- \e sex. iioxes, 2. \) ;■ r. latter contains Iprevaltfit .mantity), of all Oheiriiflts, or will be sent Ithree times t of If* -r .'M ;fampBf by the M«kk«r—- IsTVWWTIk, Chemist. Nor; intrhai». 0y Mist vv>w?»7A* =- — A GRAND COMPETITIVE MEETING IN LITERATURE AND MUSIC, WILL BB HELD AT THE ABBEY SCHOOLROOM, GREENFIELD, ON TUESDA Y, the 24th of MARCH, z896. DOOBS tPBN AT 6.30; CO MM EN CK AT 7 P.M. ADMISSION-ONE SHILLING. PBESIDENT — THOMAS HUGHES, ESQUIRE. CONDUCrOB V. J. O. DAVIES. MliHOBOTH CHAPEL, HOLYWELL. A GRAND ORGAN RECITAL BY W. H. JUDE, ESQ., LIVERPOOL, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 25th, 1896. ASSISTED BY THE FOLLOWING AanfiTKfl t MISS MARY LANGDON, London and Provincial Concerts MR. BEN. ROBERTS, Tenor, Liverpool Cahedral. v- PBESIDENT JAS. PRINCE, ESQ., CONNAH'S QUAY. DOORS OPEN 6.30; COMMENCE AT 7 O'CLOCK. eats, 2s,; Seoond, Is. Third, Gd. VPRE LIKINARY NOTICE. ALPHA ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL '1;' A SALE OF WORK IN THB ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, EARLY IN JULY NEXT. Proceeds towards reduoing the debt on the above obapel. JOHN PETRIE, HON. SBCBBTABY. eld, Maroh litb, 1896. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE: WITH THE NEW MATRIMONIAL CODE. No MORB LAWYBBS' BILLS! 6s, 8d. SAVED AT EVERY CONSULTATION 1! Now ready, THIRTY-THIRD EDITION (1896), 750 closely-printed pages, containing 5,000 State- ments on Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. Price 6s. 8d. post free. JgVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER A Handy BOOK OF THE PBINCIPLES OF LAW AND EQUITY. By A BARRISTER. 33rd Edition (1896). Revised and Carefully Brought up to Date, and now com- prising a CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TEBMS. This New Edition includes the Summary Juris- diction (Married Women) Act, 1895 (Hiving to Magistrates largely increased powers for t1;le protection of ill-used wives), as well as new enat ments comprised in the Factory and Workshop Act, 1895; Law of Distress Amendment Act. 1895 Corrupt and Illegal Practices Aot, 1895 Local Government Act, 1894 (establishing Distriot and Parish Councils); Finance Act, 1894 (imposing the new Death Duties); Prevention of oruelty to Children Aot, 1894; Married Women's Property Act, 1893; Betting and Loans (infants) Act, 1892; and many other Acts of recent years. With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance, and how to claim Repayment of Income Tax. COMPRISING Rights andWrongs of Individuals-Commeroial Law —Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost-Criminal Law —Parish Law-County Court Law-Game and Fishery Laws-Poor Men's Lawsuits-Bets and Wagers-Bills, Cheques, Notes — Agreements Copyrights—Patents—Trade Marks-Insurance- Libel and Slander — Divoroe-MortgageL,-Stook Exobange Practice—Trespass—Nuisance—Transfer of Land-Wills, eto., etc. EXPLAINING THE LAW FOB Landlord and Tenant-Master and Servant—Work- men and Apprentices—Heirs—Legates—Husbaad and Wifo-Executors and Trustees—Guardian and Ward-Married Women Infants Partners and Agents-Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Creditor —Purchases and Vendors—Companies— Friendly Societies— Churchwardens—Clergymen—Doctors— Bankers Farmers Contractors Sportsmen- Farriers Horse Dealers Auctioneers House Agents—Hotel-Keepers —Pawnbrokers—Surveyors —Railways—Carriers—Constables, eto., etc. "As a book of reference it is without a rival "-Pall Mall Gazette. The whole law for six-and-eightpence "— TVestmimUr Gazette. Should be in the hands of every business man, and all who wish to abolish lawyers' bills."—Weekly Times. CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON, STATIONRBS' HALL COUBT, LONDON. And Sold by all Booksellers. I Corporation of the City of Manchester. CONCENTRATED MANURE Made from Slaughter-House and Mark e t Refuse, Exorement from Pail Closets, BLOOD, BONES, FISH, &c., Delivered in bags, oarriage paid, in 2 Ton lots within 50 miles and 4 Ton lots within 100 miles, at £ 3 per Ton. Speoial prioe over 100 miles. Supply strictly limited. Orders should be given early in the season to prevent disappointment. Full particulars from R. D. CALLISON, Indoor Superintendent, Cleansing Department, Town Hall, Manchester, or to BOLD ALDRED, Stamford Road, Altrincham, Dales' COLD MEDAL. Dubbin Makes Boots and Harness waterproof as a duok's back and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear and allows polishing. 19 EXHIBITION HIGHEST AWARDS. Tins 2d, Gd, Is, and 2s. 6d, of all Bootmakers, Saddlerm, Leatliersellers, &e. -1 E. P. LYONS, GENERAL RILL POSTER & DELIVERER, HJLYWBLL. Spprisillv resorved POSTING ^TATR) vg in TUWl, nd Country. Immediate attention given. V^TO THE ELECTORS 1 OF THE URBAN DISTRICT OF HOLYWELL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,-In obedience to JLj the expressed desire of mniny of the Inhabitants of the good old Town of Holywell, that I should offer myself as a Candidate for the Urban Council, I have much pleasure in complying with these requests. Should jou honour me with a seat upon your Council, my best endeavours shall be used to assist in keeping the rates as low as possible compatible with efficiency. Having the experience of many years of municipal affairs, your wants andrequire- ments shall be attended to with diligence. Holywell, as a health resort of great renown, should be made even more attractive than it now is, for the health, comfort, and convenience of its inhabitants, through the plentiful supply of good and pure water, and the better lighting of our publio streets and thoroughfares. Should I be honoured with your confidence at the ensuing election, these important matters shall be laid before the Council without delay.-I am, LADIES AND GENTLRMEN, Your obedient servant, WALTER OWEN. Stanley House, High-street, Holywell, March 12th, 1896. HOLYWELL INTERMEDIATE AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. THE SCHOOL GOVERNORS for the Holywell District invito TENDERS for the erection of an INTERMEDIATE AND TECHNICAL DUAL SCHOOL in the town of Holywell. The Plans and Specifications for the erection of the School Buildings may be inspected at the office of the undermentioned Clerk to the Governors, between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clook on any day except Saturdays. Tenders to be endorsed 11 Hol3 well Intermediate and Technical School," and to be sent to S. K. MUSPBATT, Esq., 24, Grove Park, Liverpool, on or before the 23BD INST. Dated this 2ND day of MARCH, 1896. H. T. SMITH, Bank Chambers, Holywell, Clerk to the Governors. Holywell RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. REPAIH OF DISTRICT ROADS, &c. ENDERS are invited for the supply of Road A Materials, Cartage, Tools, &c,, for the year ending 31sT MARCH, 1897. Forms of Tenders, conditions, and other particulars may be had after MARCH 6TH next, from the Surveyors of the Council, as follows :— HOLYWELL DISTRICT:—MB HENRY JUDD, Ty Maen, near Holywell. MOLD DISTRIOT :-MR EDWARD FOULKES, Surveyor, Northop. Tenders to be sent in to me, the undersigned, not later than TEN O'CLOCK on WEDNESDAY, the 1st day of APRIL next. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By Order, P. HARDING ROBERTS, Clerk to the Rural District Council, Union Offices, Holywell, A February, 1896. MONEY £ 2to £ 500 MONEY. W. WHITE HAVING a considerable sum at his disposal is prepared to advanoe Loans from £ 2 to P,500 to respectable Householders, Tradesmen, Farmers, &c., for long or short periods, on very moderate terms. No respectable application is ever refused. Applicants can be assured of courteous treatment and striot confidence.—Apply by letter only to W; WHITE, 2, North Terrace, Newtown, RHYL, OR, W. WHITE, 285, Gt. Cheetbam St. West, Higher Brougbton, MANCHESTER. W. White can be seen personally every FRIDAY from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 19, Panton Place, Holv^ll. VO APPLICATION FEES CHARGED NOTICE TO FARMERS, COWKEEPERS, HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS. A LADY, who will attend personally, having a large sum of money at her disposal, will ADVANCE amounts from P,5 to P,1,000 to all reponsible persons at any distance, on their simple Written Promise to repay, without sureties, delay or law costs. And the interest charged is very low, such as no otter office or money lender oan offer, as I have a large capital to command with, and therefore my interest is very low. Money advanced in full and the nterest is added to the amount lent, the whole to be repaid by easy instalments, either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Money advanced at borrower's own house, to save expense and a journey. All applications attended to without delay, and advances granted same day as applied fpr, thus saving the inconvenience of borrowers, as usually experienced by them when applying to the flattering advertiser, whoso sole aim is only to mislead the publio and obtain fees. Distance no object. As this is not a regular loan office, habitual borrowers need not apply. P.S.-Striatest privacy and honourable treatment guaranteed. APPLY— MRS S. DAVIES, Late VIOTOBIA HOTEL, FArn VIEW, CHESTER-ROAD, MOLD. No cpmection with any other Office in the Distric £ BICTLY ANY SUM FBOM £ 5TO £ 1000 | STBIOTLY PBIVATE ADVANCED ON EXCBP- I PBIVATB ADVANCES, TIONALLY EASY TEBMS. ADVANCES. MRs. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER, HAVING a Large Amount of Uninvested JL1 Capital is wishful to Lend same in sums of jB5 to 21000 to any Respectable Person (Male or Female) on their own NOTE OF HAND, without delay, law costs, or any impertinent inquiries at interest highly beneficial to Borrower, and on Deeds. FROM 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. This advertisement being from a strictly private source, haWtual borrowers are requested not to apply. No good application is ever refused, and distance no object, a gentleman being sent direct from the office to carry out all advances. Apply in confidence to the Actual Lender. MRS. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTBB (Next to Royalty Theatre). f m LET.—Tho HARP INN, BAGILLT. L The BOOT INN, HOLYWELL. Both fully-licensod.—Apply to the KKLSTEBTON BREWKBY COMPANY, FLINT. YSale by Messrs Churton, Elphick Sf Co FLINT AND GREENFIELD. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES COMPRISING A FARM AT FLINT, AND A CHARMING DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCE WITH LAND, AT GREENFIELD. MESSRS. CflURTON, ELPHICK & Co., WILL SELL BY AUCTION, AT THE ASSEMBLY HALL, HOLYWELL, At Two for Three o'clook in the afternoon, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 25TH MARCH, 1896, (UnIeFs previously disposed of), The following Valuable Freehold Properties, viz,: LOT 1. ALL that delightfully situate detached Villa Residence, with the Garden belonging thereto, situate near to the main road leading from Greenfield to Mostyn, and known 18 "ENGLEFIELD HOUSE," or "THE POPLARS," as the same is now in the occupation of the Rov J; 0. Davies. LOT 2. All that Freehold Croft containing about tv7o acres or thereabouts adjoining Lot 1, and in the tenancy of William Roberts. LOT 3. All that Freehold Field abutting on Coleshill Farm, at Flint, known as "BRYN LLYGAID," containing 7a. Or. 23p. or thereabouts, and now in the tenancy of Thomas Morris. LOT 4. All that Freehold Farm and Lands known as COLESHILL," and TY Ooon," situate close to the Town of Flint, containing 112a. 3r. 26p. of Land, in a high state of cultivation, now in the tenancy of Mr John Kendrick. The follow- ing is a full description of the land:- A. R. p. Cae Meirch Pellaf 6 3 2 Cae Meirch 7 0 4 Coetia Mair 7 3 28 Coetia yr Odyn 9 2 2 Werglodd 8 0 6 Roft Dolben 5 014 Coetia Shan Pryce 9 2 24 Oaiau Llundain 1 3 36 Accar Fain. 0 223 Coetia Pren Gellig 5 1 4 Coetia Pen Ty 4 127 Coetia Pen Ffordd. 6 2 9 Pigeon House Field 4 0 29 Garden. 0 126 House Buildings and Yard. 1 0 36 Marsh Piece. 3 0 2 Saith Accar 10 1 2 Oae Cocran 4 1 28 TY COCH LAND Eoft Flaen Drws 1 0 33 Gore. 0 121 House and Garden 0 1 14 Ty Coch. 3 1 7 Ty Coch and Trelawney. 4 0 1 Pum Accar 7 1 8 Total Acreage..112 326 In the event of Lot 4 not being sold, it will be subdivided into the following Lots:- LOT 5. The whole of Coleshill Farm aforesaid, with the exception of two Cottages, Gardens, and Outbuildings, and the Land- described in Lot 6. and two Fields called respectively Coetia'r Odyn and Coetia Mair forming Lot 7. LOT 6. All those two Freehold Cottages, Gardens, and Outbuildings, at present forming part of Coleshill Farm aforesaid, containing 0 1 14 Roft Flaen Drws 1 0 33 Gors o 1 21 Coetia Issa 1 3 18 Coetia Canol. 1 1 29 A. 5 0 35 LOT 7. The said two fields at Coleshill called Coetia'r Odyn, con taining 9 2 2 and Coetia Mair 7 3 28 A. 17 1 30 The Minerals under all the Lots are reserved. Plans, particulars and all further information, may be obtained of Mr H. A. COPE, Solicitor, Holywell, or of the AUCTIONEERS, Chester. v^^Saie by Mr. Frank Lloyd. THURSDAY NEXT, MARCH 26tb, AT I- 15, St. Asaph Smithfield Sale. FRANK LLOYD HAS A GRAND ENTRY. 100 to 120 Prime fat and store cattle, including a lot of prime fat bullocke, dairy cows and store stook. 500 to 600 Fat sheep, fat pigs, store pigs, fat and rearing calves. Farmers having Stook for disposal will find Sr. £ vthe be8t market in Wales to obtain fair and reliable prices, all Stock being weighed before entering the *ale ring. The Great Spring Prize Sale Will be held in the above SMITHFIBLD, on APRIL 30th R,10 WILL BE GIVEN IN PRIZES, For fat stock, dairy cows, barrenp, bullocks, year- lings, and fat lambs. Aleo. the letting of PASTUEH LAND at the PLOUGH HOTEL. Lr,tries invited for either Sales up to 12 o'clock on Sale Day. Pnze Lists from Mr JOB. LLOYD, Mr POWBI., ""■a. j. KOBEBTS, or the AUCTIONEEB. ^intshire DISPENSARY. THE COMMITTEE gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the following Donation. Surplus of Entertainment for proposed public Library for Holywell (per A. Earl) 3 1 5 Boftrrl T> T1IOS. THOMAS, *!r 00D1' SBCBBTABY. ^arch 13th, 1896. CA N-A O-A a FREE GRANTS OF 160 ACRES OF LAND "3 MANITOBA AND THE NORTH WEST. p Enormous Crops in 1895 Reports of British Farmers and other new I!lus- J{,ateA Pamphlets containing information resueotin i a°4 "■« Prices c! TFAJMITOBA, ONTABIO, QUEBKC, NOVA SFWTTA ND, or on ad vt' f be Stained either frea for farm!?,1 ST? J*™™ opportunities and domcor demand for agricultural labourers uorncstic servants. Postafi?a'byUlar'i on all points supi-'l;ed Kr"tis and post 1; () by HB. JOHN DYKE, CANADIAN GOVKKNMENT AOENT, L 15, WATER STREET, LIVERPOOL ST. WINEFRIDE'S CHURCII holyjwell. A MISSIOXV BY THE Very Rev. Fr. Bernardine, WILL COJOIEKCE ON PASSION SUNDAY {March22nd. x8^a\ AT THE 10.30 A.M. MASS, And will conclude on SUNDAY, MABOH SSth Solemn Renewal of Baptismal Vows. Wlth Order of Services during the Mission: SUNDAY—Holy Mass, 7, 8, and 10-30 a.m atTsTp. Sermon and WEEK-DAYS—Holy Mass, 7 and 8 a.nj ssssiat7^,io,ii' CONFESSIONS every Morning and Evening. FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. OPPOSITION TO BILLS IN PARLIAMENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVFN tK FLINTSHIBE COUNTY COUNCIL at a (i ,the Meeting, held at the Town Hall in the T Mold, on Wednesday, the 11th day of March tho°?oUo»ingBm,' be 'Mitt! the folloWIng Buls, VIZ.: A Bill for oonferring further powers upon the jointly ^ith „t?.r Com„L also for conferring powers acd Western Railway Company and the^6*' shire Union Railwavs m/n i o Sbr°p- and for other purposes ComPany, And the other intituled a Bill to empower fu Corporation of Chester to construct a Weil.the Tidal Dam across the River Dee, and 0H. works, to enlarge the powers of the Comoro' tion for preventing pollution of the Riv Dee, and for other purposes. And that the Common Seal of the Council b« attached to such Petitions, and also that the Costa and Expenses incurred in LB,, '8 charged to the County Fund? SUCh BlUS be THOS. T. KELLY, Mold, Clerk of the Flintshire County Council, 12th March, 1896. FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL", rpHE MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE are pre. ™Jal°S ro&fissrx g? ending MABOH 31st, 1897 °^, with full particulars, may be had on applying to the MAIN ROADS INSPEOTOB V Tenders to be delivered on or before the 4th dav taisari c • r«"i» b",d it,elt to ROBERT LLOYD, Rhydonen. Ruthin, InSPECTOE 0f ROADS. March 16th, 1896. NOTICE TO PUBLICANS. JOHN HOLMES, HOLYWFTT a i them with I M P E RIAL HA'T pp?A V GLASSES and PINT MUGS Hn S l stamped with tbe New^Son sLp A™ «Z' Enghai^"ide ,r8*' miU> Henry May7°259) FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. /-JLARKE'S WOBLD. BLOOD MIXTURE. fambd QLARKE'S wobo,. blood mixture QLAEKE'S womd- BLOOD MIXTURE. CLARKE S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE FAMED rpHE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE BL00D The Blood is the source from which our n ITIP Ttr nnn ?/ ems are built UP, and from which we L BL00D ^ye uur mental as well as our physical mTTF T!T OOT) { tixo hlood is diseased the T BLOOD body is diseased and enfeebled. rpHE BLOOD ^Clarke's Blood Mixture is warranted to mTT"F "RT ODD frnn, v. blood from, all impurities* T BLOOD from whatever cause arising. In cases of rpHE BLOOD and°uinniEczema, Bad Legs, Skin 1 a^d Blood Diseases, Pimples, and Sores of T'HE BLOOD Tlnmeflects are marvellous. 1 ei Wh! } S °J W0^ful cures have been THE BLOOD effectedb^t- rnjTTT; -RT oon t r. i great pleasure that I write I BLOOD to let you know of the wonderful effect of rnriv nr nnn Vi ,? 3 ^lood Mixture has had upon me. 1 HE BL00:D For four months have had places break rriHF RT nnn o? ?rL.I1IJ', arma and wrists (numbering L BLOOD about 3G), large painful, and very much mm? rt nnn me to give up work, 1 fjiiiiij CIJOOD have been to two doctors, and was also an «/ r 11out patient at one of our leading hospitals PHij ULOOD for six weeks, but did not get any benefit from their treatment, so I thought I HPHE BLOOD would try Clarke's Blood Mixture, and rr^rrr. tjt am,happy to say that I soon felt better, rpHE BLOOD and after haying three bottles I feel a different man altogether in fact it has rpHE BLOOD not only cured me, but has taken away rjiHE BLOOD mS did nofdo. Tou dn makers' THE BLOOD rjlUE BLOOD Mixture.—Yours truly. JL (i rr n-11 OAUNDEBS. rriTTF -RT nnn 5j» Street, Peckham, London, S.E*» BLOOD 2nd Sept., 1895." rpHE BLOOD "I tried your Clarke's Blood Mixtur,e rriT, Tji RT nnn I"11 which I have been much ^j^HE BLOOD troubled as far back as I can remember- m-crt? T>rr>r>n Af<ier 1 llad taken six bottles there AU J3.LUOJJ not a spot left on my face, and I am mm? or nnn to 8ay the. improvement has been kept BLOOD up since in addition to that my general „„„ health has much improved, and I feel rriHE BLOOD truly gratefnl to you for tbis splendid medicine,—Eemaining, gentlemen, von18 rpHE BLOOD faithfully, 7 J* Ci WATERHOTTSF TUE blood Hampton Boad, Teddingt"0 6th September, 1894 6 rpHE BLOOD rpHE BLOOD TII0USANBS OF TESTIMONIALS. rpHE BLOOD from 0^laDs.w^ an^ clearing the blo<A J- mw impurities, Clarke's rpHE BLOOD mondt^ cannot be to° highly Itc0pl~ riiHE t>T nnn A,s tflis mixture is pleasant to the tastfj 1 and warranted free from anything inju^ rriTTP. itrnnn °?s to the most delicate constitution BLOOD either sex, from infancy to old a.*e, mm? cTAn,, proprietors solicit sufferers to give rJ"HE BLOOD trial to test its value. THE BLOOD Sold in bottles 2s. 6d. each by all Chemists and Patent Medicine rPHE BLOOD throughout the World, or sent to any address on receipt of 33 stamps by tho rpiIE BLOOD Proprietors, the Lincoln and Midland 1 Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE- FAMKD CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE- FAMED /OLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE* FAMED CLARKE'S WOBLD- BLOOD MIXTURE- c FAMED WHS?XTTTRFS? ^0r CLARKE'S BLOOP fn M 1 1,6 PUt 0ff "ith t?.1'°gt £ 'in ,Tauy retailws stock substitutes all artioles m large demand, and pay their assist*^ a commission on the sale of these imitations. Tbif explains why differeafc articles from the one tieke4 for are so frequently put before purchasers