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OUR WORLD-WIDE EMPIRE. BRITAIN'S ACQUISITIONS. The following is a historical sketch of Great Britain's acquisition of her colonial Empire during the present century j 1800—I'errin Island, Bee Sea, was occupicd. A I dockyard was established at Bermuda. 1802—By the Peace of Amiens she secured I Trinidad Island in West Indies and Ceylon in East Indies. 1803—Captured Santa Lucia Island, West Indies British Guiana and Kandy in India were annexed. 1804—Annexed Goree, Africa, and established pro- tectorate over Broda, India. 1806—The Cape of Good Hope was taken from Ibl land. 1807—Occupied Sierra Leone and captured Heligo- land in the North Sea. (The latter was recent ly sold to Germany.) 1809-Seized Travancore, India. 1810-Captured Mauritius, Indian Ocean, from the French. 1811-1 S13-Cce "Pied and commenced to colonise Australia. 1814—By the Peace of Paris, acquWtion of Malta, ] Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Mauritius, and Tobago Island, West Indies, was confirmed. 1f 1815—Seized Ascension Island. Rumaon, India, Vras ceded. ISlii——Annexed the Islands of Tristan de Cunha, South Atlantic. 1S17—Conquered Pindaris in India. IhIS-Annexed Poona, India. 1810—Seized Singapore. 1820—Extended boundaries to Gape of Good Hope territory and annexed Port Elizabeth. 1,S21-Took possession of the British African Com- pany's trading ports on the Gold Coast. 1823—Conquered port of Burmah, India. t 1824—Territory near Singapore was ceded b Jng- land by the Sultan of Jahor. 1825—Malacca was ceded by the Dutch in order to persuade England to leave Sumatra, which had been forcibly occupied. Annexed Tasmania. 1S2G—Penang was incorporated with Singapore and Malacca. 1828—Acquired another large part of Burrn di, -tndia, by boundary settlement. 1829-Occtipied West Australia. 1S30—Mysore, India, came Nnder protection." 1831—Acquired more territory in AEhanti. 1833-Seized the Falkland lplands. 1834—Seized Socotra Island, India, and annexed Kurg, India. 1833—Colonised South Australia. 1839—Seized Aden, Arabia. 1841—Seized Sarawak, Borneo; eolonised New Zealand, 1842—Captured Hong Kong, China. 1843—Colonised Yancouver Idnnd. Si ill further enlarged tie borders of Cape of Good Hope Colony to include Natal. 1844—Annexed Sind, India. 1845—Purchased the Danish Indian possessions. 18413-Acquired Labnaw Islands, near Borneo, for suffering piracy. 1848—-Enlarged borders of Cape of Good Hope Colony by annexing the Orange River territory. 1849—Annexed Satara and Punjab, East. Indh. 1850-Purchused the Danish possesions on Gold Coast. 1851-Coloni2ed Victoria, Australia. 1852-Cc,nquered Pegu, India. 1853-Anncxe-d Jhansi, Berar, and Nagpur, India. 1854-ADnexed the Kuria Muria Island, India. 6 1856—Colonised Norfolk Island nnnexed OuEih. 1857—Annexed Andoma Islands, India. 1858—British Crown takes control of British East India Company's territories. 1859—Colonised Queensland, Australia. 1860—-Annesed Kowloon to Hong Kong colony. 1861—Annexed Lagos Island, Gold Coast, Africa. 1862-Annexed Quish and Shebo, native kingdoms that adjoin boundaries of Sierra Leone, Africa. 1863-Seized Morant and Pedro Cays, Jamaica, West Indies. 1864—Annexed Bhutan Dwars, India. 1865—Annexed Kaffraria. 1867—Diamonds discovered in South Africa. 1869—Purchased Little Aden. 1870—Annexed Basutoland, Africa. 1871—Bought Dutch possessions on Gold Coast. 1874-Annexed 12 islaitids-Angro Fequena, South Africa. Annexed the Fiji Islands. Established pro- tectorate over South Malay. 1875—Established protectorate over Perak, North Borneo. 1876—Annexed Transvaal, South Africa. r" -1877-Seized Amboyne Cav andSprnttley Island, China Sea. Queen of England proclaimed Empress of India. 1878—Occupied Cyprus Island. 1879—Enlarged borders of Sierra Leone, Africa, by annexing the Skarcies River territory. Invaded Afghanistan. 1880—Annexed Griquland to Cape Colony. 1881-Established protectorate over- Sarawak, Bornee. 1882-Annexed Sarawak. 1883—Colonised southern part of New Guinea. 1884-Sierra Leone enlarged by annexation of territory to Manoah River. Oil iviver (Aiger Coast) protectorate established. Walfisch Bay annexed to Cape Colony. 1885 Temboland, Bomaland, and badoland annexed to Cape Colony. IggQ Lrpper Burmali, India, annexed. Annexec Sevchellee Islands, Indian Ocean. Xeriba Country annexed to Cape Colony. ISS7-Pondolard and Zululand annexed to Cap, Colony. Killing Islands occupied. Protectorate Over Somaliland. 1888—In the Pacific, Cook's Islands, Christmas Inland, Penrhyn Islands, Fanning Island, Suwarrow Island, and Johnson Island were seized. The latter was restored to Hawaii. I-fliiDplirev Island, Rierson Island, in the Pacific, and Christmas Island, near Straits Settlements, were seized and joined to Singapore Colony, 189U—Established protectorate over Zanzibar. Annexed Amirante Islands, oil' Arabia. 1891—Annexed territory adjacent to Gold Coast Colony Africa. Annexed Nyassaland. 18;) Annexed additional territory in North Borneo. 1893—Enlarged borders o! Niger Const territory. ÜÜ4-EnJe¡ronr,.d to extend British Honduras and acquire Mosquito Reservation, Nicaragua, but, accepted monev indemnity for outrage on Lntish representative whose annexation schemes aroused their indignation. 1895—Enlarged territorial boundaries near Siam to offset French endeavours to grab Siam. lc.9t>—Annexation of Ashanti.

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