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SPRING FASHIONS. -:c:- J A M E S AYER, 0: HOLDS HIS ratsr SPI-IIING SHOW ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, March 31st, April Ist and 2nd. -:0:- J Special Novelties will be OP view in the following Departments: Dress Goods in great variety. Ladies' Skirts and Blouses in all the new Shades. • Hosiery, Gloves, Umbrellas, &c., &c. -:0:- NEW MILLINERY. NEW MILLINERY. ■■■ ■ :<: INSPECTION INVITED. -:0:- VICTOR IA HOUSE, HOLY WELL. ESTABLISHED,1786. -:0:- CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. -:0:- MiiS. A. HUGHES, Late E. J. Ldivards, Thomas Harrison and Edmund Hughes, Wholesale and Iletail Wine and Spirit Merchant, IMPOliTER OF FOREIGN WINES AND SPIRITS, DEALER IN ALES AND PORTER OF THE FINEST QUALITIES Agent for Messrs. George Sandeman and CO.'8 Houses at Cadiz and Oporto, :o: :o: -ITRS. HUGHES begs to tender her thanks to the Public for their kind Patronage, and •• to inform them that she has just secured a Choice Stock of Brandies, Whiskies, Wines, Ales, &c., of excellent Quality. :o: ■ Brandies. Per Bottle. 3a. 3s. 6J.; 4a. and a. MARTELL'S and HENNESSEY'S 1, 2, and 3 STAR BRANDIES, 5e.; 5a. 6d., and 6s. Scotch Whiskies. Per Bottle H2a. 6d. 28. lOd. 3s. and 3s. 6d; Fine Old Scotch Malt, Master of Ravens- wood, Roderick Dhu, Uam Var, Glen- livat, Gordon's, and 3 Star Highland Malt 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Irish Whiskies. Per Bottle 2s. 6d.; 2a. 10d.; 3s. and 3S. 6d. MoOonnell's Old Irish Malt, Dews of Slievemore, Roppmoyne, Dunville'a and Henry Thompson's.. 3s. 6d. per Bottle. Rum. FINEST OLD JAMAICA and DEMERARA RUMS, from 2a. 9d. per Bottle. Gin. FINEST LONDON GIN. 2s. 3d.; 2s. 7d., and 2s. lOd. per Bottle. D E K U Y P E R'S HOLLANDS. Port. CHOICE OPORTO WINE, from Is. 8d. to 6s. per Bottle. Claret. MEDOC, ST. JULIEN AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, Sherry. FINE DRY GOLDEN MATURED SHERRY, from 2s. to 63. per Bottle. Champagnes, Moet and Chandon, COMTE ST. FLORENTE and VICTOR PERE'S FINE DRY PURE CHAMPAGNE AT la. 6d. per Bottle. PRICES OF ALL KNOWN BRANDS ON A PPLICA HON. -:0:- Worthington and Co's INDIA PALE ALE IN CASKS AND BOTTLE, BITTER BEER, MILD, LIGHT 1 l'INNER AND STRONG ALES, IN THE FINEST CONDITION. -:0:- Double Imperial Stout and Porter. :0:- PRIVATE FAMILIES SUPPLIED. -:0:- Mineral Waters. A Large Quantity of the above always kept in Stook. Cigars and Cigarettes. A CHOICE STOCK ALWAYS ON HAND. :o: SSf* inspect the Stock of HUGHES' Choice Matured Old Special Scotch Whiskies—Unequalled anywhere in Quality.. :0:- NOTE THE ADDRESS- THE OLDEST AND ONLY RECOGNISED WIIOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, OROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. EDWARD PARRY, PRACTICAL SADDLER AND HARNESS MAKER, SRYNFORD STREET, HOLYWELL, -:0: ALL WORK EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES-GOOD WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. -:0:- J SADDLES AND COLLARS RE-LINED, AND GUARANTEED TO BE EASY :0:- LEATHER MERCHANT, -:0: WHIPS, HORSE BRUSHES AND STABLE REQUISITES, OF ALL KINDS KEPT IN STOCK. -:0. N E IV PAT T ERN CAR T LAMPS ON HAND -:0;- RE NEATLY AND PROMPTLY DONF. I G/b UNTY OF FLINT. Local Government Acts, 1888 Sf 1894 HOLYWELL UNION AND RURAL SANITARY DISTRICT. HOLYWELL URBAN SANITARY DISTRICT. TOWNSHIPS OF HOLYWELL AND BRYNFORD. OTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an order bearing date the 11th day of MABCH, 1890, has been made by the FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL, which provides as follows I.—That the District of the Holywell Urban District Council shall be enlarged and extended, so as to include therein 80 much of the Township of Brynford as lies North and West of the boundary hereinafter described, which is hereby added to the area of the Holywell Urban Sanitary District, viz. From the Holywell Township Boundary at Coetia Mawr along the Occupation Road to the Turnpike Road leading from Holywell to Brynford, and along the Southern and Eastern side of such Road, and of the Road past the Woikhouse, to the point where such last-mentioned Road ii intercepted by the Parliamentary Boundary of the Holywell Sharing Borough, and thence along the North Western and North Eastern sides of the read numbered 151 on the Ordnance Map to the union of such Road with the Main R)ad from Halkyn to Holywell, and along the SOl}t. Western side of such Road to the Parlia- mentary Boundary, and thence following such Parliamentary Boundary and the Boun of Wheltitone Township to the union tbtfixj with the Boundary of the existing Urban District of Holywell. II.—'That so much of the Township of Brynford I as is hereby added to the area of the Holywell Urban Sanitary District be united with and merged in the Township of Holywell, and be deemed to be for all purposes whatsoever a part of that Township, to be hereafter called and known as the Township of Holywell. III.—That the District of the said Holywell Urban Council be reduoed, by taking therefrom eo much of the said Township of Holywell as lies South West of the foil jwing boundary :— From the crossing of the Holywell Parliamen- tary Boundary and the existing Brynford Township Boundary, at No. 395A. near Coetia Mawr Farm, following the track of an old occupation road, through Nos. 198 and 197 on the Ordnance Map, and along the North Easterly side of an enclosed footpath, No. 196 on the said Map, to Penyball Top, and thenoe by the Public Footpath from the corner of 109, through NOB. 110, 70, and 40, to the Boundary of Gretnfield and Holywell Townships, in Nos. 466 and 48. near the Grange Farm. IV.—That so much of the District of the Holy. well Urban Council as is taken therefrom by the lastly preceding Artiole, be added to, and called by the name of the "Township of Brynford." AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that copies of the Order may be inspected by any Owner or Ratepayer in the area affected thereby at my Office, High Street, Mold, on week days during office hours for a period of one month from the publication hereof, and copies of the said Order may at any time before the confirmation of the Order by the Local Government Board be obtained at my Office as aforesaid, by any Owner or Ratepayer in the area affected thereby, upon pay- ment of the sum of threepence for each copy. Dated this 17th day of March, 1896, THOS. T. KELLY, CLEBX OF THH CvUNTY COUNCIL. tOUNTY OF FLINT. Local Government Acts 1888 Sf 194. HOLYWELL UNION AND RURAL SANITARY DISTRICT. PARISH OF HOLYWELL AND TOWNSHIPS OF HOLYWELL, BRYN- FORD AND CALCOT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an order bearing date the 11th day of MARCH, 1896, has been made by the Flintshire County Council, which provides as follows: I.-That the said Rural Parish of Holywell, which is situate wholly within the Administrative County of Flint, be divided into two separate Parishes, to be known by the names of Brynford Parish" and Holywell Parish." II.—The new Parish of Brynford hereby created shall iuclade the whole of the area situate within the Township of Calcot, and so much of tie Townships of Brynford acd Holywell as is situate without the Boundary of the Urban District of Holywell as extended, altered, acd reduced, by an Order of the County Council of even date herewith. III.-That the New Rural Parish of Holywell, hereby created, shall comprise the whole of the Townships now forming the existing Parish, save and except the Township of Calcot, and so muoh of the Townships of Brynford and Holywell as lie within the Boundary defined on the Map herein- before referred to, and hereby created a sepatate Parish. IV.—That the number of Parish Councillors to be elected for the New Parish of Brynford, shall be NINE, and the number of Parish Councillors to be elected for the New Rural Parish of Holywell, shall be FIFTEEN. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that copies of the order may be inspected by any Owner or Ratepayer in the area affected I thereby, at my office, Hizh-street, Mold, on week days, during office hours, for a period of one month from the publication hereof, and copies of the said Order may at any time before the Confirmation of the Order by the Local Government Board, be obtained at my Office, as aforesaid, by any Owner or Ratepayer in the area affected thereby, upon payment of the sum of threepence for each Copy. Dated this 17th day of March, 1896, THOS. T. KELLY, CLBBK. OF THE COUNTY COUNCIL STRICTLY ANYSUMFROM £ 5TO £ 1000 J STBIOTLY PRIVATE ADVANCED OK EXCEP- I PRIVATE ^J^FTTCES. TIONALLY EASY TBRMS. J ADVANCES, Mbb. D. B E H R M A N 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER, HAVING a Large Amount of Uninvested jLjL Capital is wishful to Lend same in sums of j65 to 21000 to any Respectable Person (Male or Female) on their own NOTE OF HAND, without delay, law costs, or any impertinent inquiries at interest highly beneficial to Borrower, and on Deede. FROM 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. This advertisement being from a strictly privale source, habitual borrowers are requested not to apply. No good application is ever refused, and distance no object, a gentleman being sent direct from the office to carry out all advances. Apply in confidence to the Actual Lender. MRS. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAÐ, CHESTER (Next to Royalty Theatre). Makes Boots and Harness 0. waterproof as a duck's bark I jOA B0^t as Adds three times to the wear and 3 allows polishing. COLD MEOAL- 19 EXHIBITION 51 9 ° HIGHEST AWARDS. ft I Tii>f 2 1, Gd, Is and 2s. 6d, jg-y I <>f all Bootmakers, Saddl<T», I Leathersellcrs, &c. TO THE ELECTORS OF TUB URBAN DISTRICT OF HOLYWELL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,- In obedience to JLj the expret-sed desire of many of the Inhabitants of the good old Town of Holywell, that I should offer myself as a Candidate for the Urban Council, I have much pleasure in complying with these requests. Should jou honour me with a seat upon your Council, my best endeavours shall be used to assist in keeping the rates as low as possible compatible with efficiency. Having the experience of many years of municipal affairs, your wants and require- ments shall be attended to with diligence. Holyweli, as a health resort of great renown, should be made oven more attractive than it now iA, for the health, comfoit, and convergence of its inhabitants, through the plentiful supply of good and pure water, and the better lighting of our publio streets and thoroughfares. Should I be honoured with your confidence at the ensuing election, these important matters shall be laid before the Council without de,ay.-I am, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Your obedient servant, WALTER OWEN. Stanley House, High-streot, Holywell, March 12th, 1896. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE Holywell Urban District Council. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—Just before the battle—whieh Was destined—with your good wishes—to be crowned with victory-a Message of Peaoe has arrived. An order of the County Council has this day been issued uniting Penyball Mountain with Calcot and Brynford as a new Parish with a separate Council for itself. My Candidaturoi had for its ultimate object- either of two things—redress of loog-fctandinfr grievances, or divorce. There being no attempt a; redress, there was no alternative but divorce, and the decree nisi, which has been pronounced, and which will shortiy be made absolute, has rendered my candidature now unnecessary, Thanking you for your good wishes. I am, yours retiringly, E. M. EVANS. Lily House, Brynford. 24th Maroh, 1896. HOCVWELL UNION & HOLYWELL RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all persons having Claims against the Guardians of this Union and the Rural District Counoil, are requested to send in their accounts to me, the undersigned, at the Board Room at the Workhouse, not later than ELEVEN o'lock a.m. on TuRSDAY,,the 31st day of MARCH, 1896, and to attend there personally, or by tbeir authorised Agents, on SATURDAY, the 4th day of APRIL, 1896, between the hours of Ten and One, to receive the amounts due to them. Any Bills not sent in on the above date will be held over for a period of THREE MONTHS. By order of the Board, P. HARDING ROBERTS, Clerk. Board Room, 25th March, 1896, ^YFFOLYWELL RURAL DISTRICT OLYWELL RURAL DISTRICT V COUNCIL. REPAIK OF DISTRICT ROADS, &c. HpENDERS are invited for the supply of Road -l Materials, Cartage. Tools, &c,, for the year ending 31ST MARCH, 1897. Forma of Tenders, conditions, and other particulars may be had after MARCH 6TH next, from the Surveyors of the Council, as fullows:— HOLYWELL DISTRICT:—MR HENRY JUDD, Ty Maen, near Holywell. MOLD DISTRIOT :-MR EDWARD FOULKES, Surveyor Northop. Tenders to be sent in tome, the undersigned, not later than TEN O'CLOCK on WEDNESDAY, the 1st day of APRIL next. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By Order, P. HARDING ROBERTS, Clerk to the Rural District Counoil. Union Offices, Holywell, 26th February, 1896. 96NEY Y,2 to Y,500 MONEY. W. WHITE HAVING a considerable sum at his disposal is prepared to advance Loans from F,2 to 2500 to respectable Householders, Tradesmen, I Farmere, &c., for long or short periods, on very moderate terms. No respectable application is ever refused. Applicants can be assured of courteous treatment and striot confidence.—Apply by letter only to W; WHITE, 2, North Terrace, Newtown, RHYL, OR, W. WHITE, 286, Gt. Cheetham St. West, Higher Broughton, MANCHESTER. W. White can be seen personally every FUIDAY from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 19, Pauton Place, Holywell. PPLICATION FEES CHABGED NOTICE TO FARMERS, COWKEEPERS, HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS. A LADY, who will attend personally, having a large sum of money at her disposal, will ADVANCE amounts from 25 to £1,000 to all reponsible persons at any distance, on their simple Written Promise to repay, without sureties, delay or law costs. And the interest charged is very low, such as no otter office or money lender can offer, as I have a large capital to command with, and therefore my interest is very low. Money advanced in full and the nterest is added to the amount lent, the whole to be repaid by easy instalments, either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Money advanced at borrower's own house, to save expense and a journey. All applications attended to without delay, and advances granted same day as applied for, thus saving the inconvenience of borrowers, as usually experienced by them when applying to the flattering advertiser, whoso sole aim is only to mislead the publio and obtain fees. Distance no object. As this iq not a regular loan offioe, habitual borrowers need not apply. P.S.—Strictest privacy and honourable treatment gnaranteed. APPLY— MIIS S. DAVIES, I Late VICTOBIA HOTEL, FAIR VIEW, CHESTER-ROAD, MOLD. Nofconnection with any other Office in the Distric i | QTTTCKIiST COItis.l.UX AXT_ j i'.k i r. A111 v: C -i. V f.foyr ArJ-; i, WINEFRIDE'S CHURCH, HOLYJWELL. A MISSION BY THE Very Rev. Fr. Bernardine, O.S.F.C., WILL COMMENCE ON PASSION SUNDA V (March 22nd, 1896) AT THE 10.30 A.M. MASS, And will conclude on SUNDAY, MARCH 29tb, with Solemn Renewal of Baptismal Vows. Order of Services during the juigsion: SUNDAY—Holy Mass, 7, 8, and 10-30 a.m., with Sermon. Rosary, Sermon and Benediction at 6-30 p.m. WEEK-DAYS-Holy Mas?, 7 and 8 a.m., with Instruction. Devotions, Sermon and Benediction at 7 p.m. CONFESSIONS every Morning and Evening. FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. OPPOSITION TO BILLS IN PARLIAMENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the 11 FLINTSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL, at a Quarterly Meeting, held at the Town Hall, in the Town cf Mold, on Wednesday, the 11th day of March, 1896, ORDERED that Petitions be presented against the following Bills, viz. A Bill for conferring further powers upon the London and North Western Railway Company in relation to their own undertaking and other undertakings in which they are in. terested jointly with other Companies, and also for conferring powers upon the Great Western Railway Company, and the Shrop- shire Union Railways and Canal Company, and for other purposes. And the other intituled a Bill to empower the Corporation of Chester to construct a Weir or Tidal Dam across the River Dee, and other works, to enlarge the powers of the Corpora- tion for preventing pollution of the River Dee, and for other purposes. And that the Common Seal of the Council be attached to such Petitions, and also that the Costs and Expenses incurred in opposing such Bills be charged to the County Fund. THOS. T. KELLY, Clerk of the Flintshire County Council. Mold, 12th Maroh, 1896. JJWNTSHIRE COUN- TY COUNCIL. THE MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE are pre- JL pared to receive TENDERS for the supply of MATERIALS, CARTAGE, &c., for the year ending MARCH 31st, 1897 Forms of Tenders, with full particulars, may be had en applying to the MAIN ROADS INSPECTOR. Tenders to be delivered on or before the 4th day of APBIL, 1896, to the Inspector, endorsed Tender for Materials or Cartage.' The Committee does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. ROBERT LLOYD, INSPECTOR OF MAIN ROADS. Rhydonen. Ruthin, March 16th, 1896. — A SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES is now OPEN at ST. WINEFRIDE's 3jSftVBNT, Well Street. Only a limited number raglved.—For Terms, apply to the SUPBBIOBBSS. So FARMERS AND OTHERS. "fit DO you require your Corn ground P Send it to FLINT MILL. The work can be done quickly d ii. FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.: CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. c FAMED THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. HE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. ■pHE BLOOD The Blood is the source from which our systems are built up, and from which we 'PIIE BLOOD derive our mental as well as our physical capabilities. If the blood is diseased the "pHE BLOOD body is diseased and enfeebled. rpHE BLOOD Clarke's Blood Mixture is warranted to n-c t»t cleanse the blood from all impurities, T BLOOD from whatever cause arising. In cases of Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Skin rPHE BLOOD and Blood Diseases, Pimples, and Sores of all kinds its effects are marvellous. PHE BLOOD Thousands of wonderful cures have been -1- effected by it. rpHE BLOOD 1 "It is with great pleasure that I write '"pHE BLOOD to let you know of the wonderful effect of A Clarke's Blood Mixture has had upon me. rpHE BLOOD For four months have had places break out on my arms and wrists (numbering THE BLOOD about 36), large painful, and very much mnp inflamed, causing me to give up work, I j1^ -BLOOD have been to two doctors, and was also an cr Da^en^ one of our leading hospitals rniiJi, I3LOOD for six weeks, but did not get any benefit from their treatment, so I thought I rpHE BLOOD would try (larke's Blood Mixture, and am happy to say that I soon felt better, rru^ VL.OOD and after having three bottles I feel a different man altogether in fact, it has lille BLOOD not only cured me, but has taken away T)T the scars from my arms, which othei rnH-b 13LOOD medicines did not do. You can make use _,TI„ or °* this if you like, as no doubt there are rpiifc BLOOD many who will be glad to know of Clarke's Trri? T>r Wonderful Blood Mixture.—Yours truly, HE BLOOD "j. senders. 55. Hill Street, Peckham, London. S.E.. THE BLOOD 2nd Sept., 1895." rpHE BLOOD I tried your Clarke's Blood Mixture for pimples, with which I have been much rpHE BLOOD troubled as far back as I can remember. After I had taken six bottles there was rpHL BLOOD not a spot left on my face, and I am glad mu., -nT to say the improvement has been kept 'puL BLOOD up since in addition to that my general n,rr^ T)T health has much improved, and I feel rPHL BLOOD truly grateful to you for tbis splendid Tttt. t.t medicine.—Remaining, gentlemen, yonrs IIE BLOOD faithfully, J mIIT7 T)Trir._ "J. C. WATERHOUSE." rpHL BLOOD Moorlands, Hampton Road, Teddington 6th September, 1894. riillE BLOOD 1 rpHE BLOOD TII0U8ANDS 0F TESTIMONIALS. mTnr „Tn™ For cleansing and clearing the blood rp±LJ!i BLOOD from all impurities, Clarke's Blood mtr„ T5T Mixture cannot be too highly recom- rjuiL BLOOD mended. n.„„ T)r As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, rlHL BLOOD and warranted free from anything injuri- rT-TTT:, ous to the most delicate constitution ot rpHE BLOOD either sex, from infancy to old age, the proprietors solicit sufferers to give it a fJUlE BLOOD trial to test its value. rpHE BLOOD Sold in bottles 2s. 6d. each by all « r»i- (Chemists and Patent Meaicme Vendors rPIIE BLOOD throughout the World, or sent to any „,TIV address on receipt of 33 stamps by the rt HE BLOOD Proprietors, the Lincoln and Midland /-N<T A U-TR-ro Counties Oru^0™P^y. Lincoln. /CLARKE 3 WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. Vy FAMHD CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE c FAMED ¡f'fLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE \) FAMED CLARKE'S world- BLOOD MIXTURE. c FAMED for GLARKE'S BLOOD Jr don't be put off with aome- thmg els0; Many retailers stock substitutes for articles m large demand, aud pay their a«sintitnts a onmmiKion on the nalo of these imitations. Tbi* explains why different artioles from the one asked for are so frequently put before purebagers. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURC 1 CAERWYS, 1 RE-OPENING SERVICES, ] Wednesday, April 8th, The following is a Ii8t of SernCPia WEDNESDAY, APRjL 8 a.m., Holy Commuuion. t. 11 a.m., Morning Prayer and Sermon (English Preacher: THE BISHOP, 3 p.m., Litany and Sermon (English), Preacher-. Rev. dAN EDWARBs /?, J 7 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon (Wei Preacher Rev. D. WILLIAMS, LlJ, ^ndyrnogt THURSDAY, APRIL gt)K 7 p.m Evening Prayer and Sermon (Wei Ll Preacher: Rev. T. LLOYD, FRIDAY, APRIL ioth. I 7 p.m., Evening Prayer and Sermon (Welsh) | Preacher: Rev. JOSEPH DA VIES, jjol CollectiOlit; will be made at each Servioe t d the RE8TORATIO FUND. °war s HOLYWELL CHURCH CHORAL SOCIETY- SIR JOHN STAINER'S LENTlm ORATORIO: N 1 THE CRUCIFIXION Will be performed in the J HOLYWELL PARISH CHURCH ON GOOD FRIDAY AFTERNOnw APRIL 3rd, 1896, WUW> COMMENCING AT 3.30 O'CLOCK P.JJ SOLOISTS « Tenor-Mr. SNELSON, of Eaton Hall Cho' Bass—Mr. E. ROBINSON, Chester. ORGANIST: Mr. J. BY. HOPE, B.A., Organist Pariah Ohuroh CONDUCTOR Mr. ROBINSON. The Offertory will be applied towards the exna incurred in the cleaning of the Organ. Penses LOYAL ORDER ANCIENT SHEPHERDS, (LORD MOSTYN LODGE). A GRAND CONCERT WILL BE HELD AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL, MOSTYN ON WEDNESDAY, THE 8th OF APRIL, 1896, BY A NTJMBEE OF EMINENT Vocalists and Instrumentalists. CHAIRMAN THE RIGHT HON. LORD MOSTYN. ADMISSION Reserved seats, 28. j first eeate, Is. second seats, Gd. Doors open at 6.30 p.m. to com- mence at 7. Proceeds in aid of the Siok Fund of the above Lodge. A PLOUGHING MATCH Will take place in a convenient Field adjoining OAKLANDS, BAGILLT, ON TUESDAY, the 31st day of MARCH, 1896, When the following Prizes will be given £ s d First Prize 2 o 0 Second Prize 1 0 0 Third Prize j" 0 10 0 Fourth Prize o 5 0 CONDITIONS: Guage, 6in. by 8in. No Ploughman to compete who has won a First Prize at any other Ploughing Competition. Entries to olose cot later than SATURDAY, the 28th inet. W. T. PIERCE, OAELAND8, BAGnXT. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE: 1 WITH THE NEW MATRIMONIAL CODE. 1 No MORE LAWYERS' BILLS 1 6s, 8d. SAVED AT EVERY CONSULTATION! j Now ready, THIRTY-THIRD EDITION (1896), 750 closely-printed pages, containing 5,000 State- ments on Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. Price 6e. Sd. post free. EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER A Handy BOOK OF THE PEINCIPLES OF LAW AND By A BARRISTER. 33rd Edition (1896). and Carefidly Brought up to Date, and now oorn prising a CONCISE DICTIONABY OF LIEOAZ. TBRH0^ This New Edition includes the Summary Juris* diction (Married WomenJ Act, 1895 (giving J^° Magistrates largely increased powers for protection of ill-used wives), aa well as new ments comprised in the Factory and Workshop AO1' 1895; Law of Distress Amendment Act. 189 J Corrupt and Illegal Practices Aot, 1895 0 a Government Aot, 1894 (establishing District Parish Councils); Finance Aot, 1894 (imposing new Death Duties); Prevention of oruelty to OhiI Act, 1894 Married Women's Property Act. 189 Betting and Loans (infants) Act, 1892; and °,sD^ other Acts of recent years. With full how to Sell or Mortgage Land tbrongh the Registry without professional assistance, and hoW claim Repayment of Income Tax. COMPRISING Rights andWrongs of Individuals—Commercial —Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost—Criminal —Parish Law—County Court jj Fishery Laws—Poor Men's Lawsuits-Bets øø- Wagers-Bills, Cheques, Notes Agreements ,]oe OopyrightS-Plitents- Trade M,,ka-Insulsv Libel and Slander Divoroe—Mortgagee—^ tot Exobange of Land—Wills, etc., etc. T EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR Lanalcrd and Tenant—Master and Servant— me?^pd Apprentices—Heirs—Legates—&n and Wife—Executors and Trustees—Guardian j Ward—Married Women — Infants — Partners J1- Agents—Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Or^6 j|jy —Purchases and Vendors—Companies— Societies- Church wardens- Clergymeu-Do.t.rlsl Bankers Farmers Contractors SportSU300 so I Farriers Horse Dealers Auctioneers IF101a t0 Agents—Hotel-Keepers —Pawnbrokers—Survey -Railways-Carriers-Constables, etc., etc. Z t "As a book of reference it is without a rival ,-Fall Gazette. "The whole law for six-and-eightpence Wtstn11' Gazette. a t&-11 Should be in the hands of every business man, an who wish to abolish lawyers' bills."—Weekly Times. OBOeBY LOCKWOOD & SON, STATIONHBS' HALL 00110 LONDON. And Sold by all Booksellers. WANTED-CLAY-IRONSTONE or BLA £ BAND, in quantities on nearest rails. stating price and quantity available to M. a* Offioe.