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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Sale by Mr. William Freeman. AT THE OLD CROSS KEYS INN, AND POST OFFICE, IN THE VILLAGE OF WHITFORD, Three Miles from Holywell. Attractive Sale of Substantial aDd Modern Household Furniture, nearly new Dog Cart, Wheel Churn, Chaff-cutter, Bar Utensils, Four Grand Flitohea of Bacon, and other lA Effects. y/J MB. WM. "FREEMAN I TS favoured with instruction from MBS. ROBERTS 1 (who reth:ed from Innkeeping), to dispose of her strong Kitchen, Tap-Room, Bar Utensils, And other valuable effects, by PUBLIC AUCTION, also, a large assortment of modern f HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Which baa been removed for convenience of Sale to above-named address, ON WEDNESDAY, THE let OF APRIL, 1896. Mra Roberts' effects comprise:-An excellent old eight-day clock, three strong cross-legged tables, three round ditto, six old oik chairs, six hair-seated ditto, six Windsor ditto, and four kitchen chairs, thcee oak settles, kitchen and other fenders and fire-irons, wringing machine, brass preserve pan, various copper and tin ware, ornaments, dressing tables and washstands, clothes-maids, meat hastener d jack, three new one gallon Obina spirit kegs with plated tap9, three wool drto, three painted firkins, brass taps, spirit measures, funnels and glasses, crushers, &o., Sykes hydrometer, brewing and otber testers, twenty-three iron spittoons, lamps, four large flitohes of grand home-cured bacon, also various out-side effects, consisting of pair trap limps, V wheel-churn and stand, ch aff- cutter, grinding-stoue, hay knife, a large set of chains, beam scales and weight", head collar, &c., &c. The other valuable furniture, &o,, include a handsome seven octave grand piano in walnut, a drawing-room suite in walnut and tapestry, consisting of oouch, six single and two easy chairs, walnut cabinet, corner ditto, music Canterbury, handsome over-mantel, three occasional walnut tjobled, window and door curtains, two Brussels oarpets, white skin rugs, table covers, duplex lamp, dressing tables and washstands, strong iron bed. stead and palliasses, feather bed, hall hat-stand, clocks, mantel board, landing and other cirpets, mirrors, chest-of-drawers, China tea-service, various crockery and other very useful effects, also a nearly new light running dog-cart by Smith and Oook," Mold. Sale to oommenoe at Twelve o'clock. Auction Office Perthyterfyn Cottage, Holywell. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. HOPE HOUSE, PENYMAES, HOLYWELL. r MR. W. H.UlCKKRTON f T>EGS to announce that he is instructed by MB, If ABSALOM RBDFKBN, Hope House, Penymaes, V Holywell, to Sell by Publio Auction, on MONDAY, THE 4TH DAY OF MAY, 1896, the whole of his LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, also, the excellent modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Full particulars in future issues. Auction Offioe-Caerwys, Holywell. Flintshire Intermediate Education Scheme. COUNTY SCHOOLS FOR RHYL AND HOLYWELL. APPOINTMENTS Of HEAD TEACHERS. APPLICATIONS are hereby invited for the APPOINTMENTS OF HEAD TEACHERS of the above dual Schools. The Head Teaohers will reoeive a fixed yearly stipend of not less than £ 120 eaoh, and also a capita- tion payment calculated on such a scale uniform or graduated as may be fixed from time to time by the School Governors with the consent of the County S Governing Body, at the rate of not less than £ 1 lOB nor more than JE3 a year for each Scholar in the School. All Applicants must state their age, and shall have taken a Degree in the United Kingdom or the J" British Possessions, or be a duly qualified Science and Art Teacher under the regulations of the Department of Science and Art for the time being, or have such other qualification or Certificate, or other test of attainments as may be fixed from time to time by regulations of the County Governing Body. A knowledge of the Welsh Language is desirable. The Applicants appointed must carry out, and be sabject to all the provisions of the above Scheme so far as the same relates to the Dual County Schools for RHYL AND' HOLYWELL. Copies of the Scheme will be supplied by the undersigned on receipt of 6d. for each copy. Candi- dates canvassing directly or indirectly, will be disqualified. Applications, endorsed HEAD TBACHBB RHYL COUNTY SCHOOL," or HJKAD TBACHBB HOLYWELL COUNTY School. acoompanied by 25 Copies of THBBB BECENT TESTIMONIAIS, are to be sent to me, the undersigned, by not later than the 25th of APRIL, 1896, THOS. H. OLLIVE, Clerk of the County Governing Body. County Offices, v Mold, 12th March, 1896. RAW for MARBLE TIMEPIECE at Holywell, Maroh 21st, 1896. j WINNING NUMBER, 32 Watohes, Pipes, Toys, Hardware, wk i "n,tutei Tea, everything. Agents wanted. Wholesale Guide free, write Henry May, (259) I Birmingham. j i 'T0 BB LET—A BEERHOUSE, in BaKillt • X also a fully-licensed PUBLICHOUSE, in Flint.—Apply to KELSTBBTON BBBWBBY Co. LD. /rFO BE LET.—The HARP INN, BAGILLT V/ J- The BOOT INN, IIOLYWELL. Both fully- lioeufjed, -Apply to the KKLSTKETON BEBWBBY COMPANY, FLINT. B A ILL T .-Good Wire Cut BUILDING B k ICR:S.-Apply to JONES AND LLOYD, Brickworks, Ba@illt. Trv JnT^BER MERCHANTS. T MIXED TIMBERLaroh and about 802 and Tyn y Caeau Farms, 'rZJZiag T ^ledlom Junior, Estate Office, Coleshill, Hoi y w 11 olywell. TO BE SOI,I). rrpHE IRON BUILDING formerly U8Gf, A English Congregational Church, at Bain if* near Holywell. The building is about 12 £ yards m length, by 11 yards in width, and is lined vvitfc timber throughout and also includes a small vestry at the rear.—For terms, and to inspcct, apply u0 R. D. THOKAS, The Poplars, Bugillt. E. P. LYONS,- r 0 ur„General 4 POSTER & DELIVERER, S *>L r w B L L • Lr8^rved POSTING STATIONS gWen^ ^°untry. Immediate attention PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. E3ENEZER WELSH INDEPENDENT CHAPEL GREENFIELD. A GRAND COMPETITIVE MEETING IN MUSIC AND LITERATURE, &c., WILL D lC HELD IN THE ABOVE CHAPEL, ON WEDNESDAY, MAY IJtl., z896- PRESIDENT: WILLIAM JONES, ESQ., J.P., FRONDEG, HOLYWELL. CONI)UCTOR MYNYDDWR, HOLYWELL. List of Subjects. Id., by Post lid., to be had from the Secretary—Mr. ALBERT E. JONES, North Vi Villa, Greenfield. ^Corporation of the City of Manchester. CONCENTRATED MANURE Made from Slaughter-House and Market Refused Excrement from Pail Closet, BLOOD, BONES, FISH, &c., Delivered in bags, oarriage paid, in 2 Ton lots within 50 miles and 4 Ton lots within 100 miles, at £ 3 per Ton. Speoial prioe over 100 miles. I Supply strictly limited. Orders should be given early in the season to prevent disappointment. Full particulars from R. D. CALLISON, Indoor Superintendent, Cleansing Department, Town Hall, Manchester, or to BOLD ALDRED, Stamford Road, Altrincham. GOOD FRIDAY. Owing to the Good Friday holiday, the OBSER VER will be printed on Wednesday afternoon next. Advertisers and Oorrespon dents are therefore requested to forward their communica- tions as early in next week as possible.

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