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IIOLYWELL RUUAL DIsTRICT COUNCIL. The lEtul fortnightly meeting of the Couuc 1 was h-.Li on Friday last, Mr Isaac Hughes, (chairnvm) presiding, and there were also present: — Messrs W. O. Pickering and Wm. Rob^r's, Mobtyn John Petrie, Greenfield; John Davies, Ysceiuog E. Leaning, Brynford Jaui'.s Prince and W. H. Lloyd, Connah's Quay; U. T, Barker, Bagillt; C. J. Batteri, and Edward Evans, Llanasa; Robert Williams, Newmarket; Win. Astbury, Ncrthop Edward Hughes, Whitford; John Price, Gwaenysgor; Mrs Buddicom, Nannerch, and the Clerk (Mr P. Harding Roberta). ENCROACHMENT AT MYNYDD ISA. Mr Edward Foulkes, reported upon the | encroachment on tho common at Myuydd Ida, Mold He found that Mrs Peters' fence en- croached u.pon tho common for about two yards after allowing tour feet from the hedge He also s-tw Mr l'ugh, who said he had put up R fence by the advice of certain members of the Parish Council, and if the District Council compelled him to take it down, he should make them pay the expense he had been put to.—The | Clerk read correspondence upon the matter, from Mr Pugh and the Mold Parish Counel I It waa decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Mold Parish Council. BIlYXGWYN LANE. A letter was iead from the London ar.d Noith-Western Railway Company stating that they bad given instructions to their permanont way inspector to repair Bryngwyn Lane, Ncrthcp. DIVERSION OF THE STRAND PAXIL The Clerk said that he hid written to Mr U. Bromley, after the last meeting, with regard to the course to be pursued by the Welsh Flaniael Company in regard to the diversion ot the road as applied for by them, and in reply Mr Bromley stated that the matter was now in the hands of his son, Mr R. Bromley, solicitor, llolywell. PEXBEDW TOWNSHIP, The Cle'k reported that ho hid received fiom the Local Government Board a return to be filled in with regard to the expenditure of the township of Penbedw.—Th6 return ho had made was nil. BAGILLT WATER—"A STOPPAGE." The Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board which stated in effect that they were not prepared to sanction the borrowing of the money for the carrying out of the Bagillt Water supply. The letter also stated that tho Board would require that the conditions mentioned in their previous letter of January 17th must be observtd before thoy could give their sanction to the borrowing of the further loan.—The Chairman said that if this were done, it would involve them in an expenditure of about X1500. The work that had been already done cost something like £ 700, and would have to be done over again. At Bagillt they were anxious to have a drainage scheme costing from £ 4000 to 16000, and where would the rates be then ? He thought it was bad enough for the Local Government Board to nulify the effects of gentlemen who had given their time for the benefit of the locality for nothing. What had been done was on the recommendation of the Medical Officer, and a great deal of trouble had been gone to to obtain a good supply of water, and now they had found one, it was a shame the Local Government Board did not support them.—Upon the pro- position of Mr H. T. Barker, seconded by Mr W. H. Lloyd it was decided to ask the Local Government Board to reconsider their decision. —The Clerk said if this did not succeed a deputation should be sent to the Local Govern- ment Board, THE HALENDY CULVERT. A letter bad been received from Mr Dawson, of the London and North-Western Bailway Company, stating that he could find no plan of the culverts in question, or he would most willingly have sent it to the Council. DUBLIN DRAIN. It was reported that the work at Northop Hali, had been carried out by Mr. Astbury at a c st of E8 17s. 8d.. whereas the tender recei'ved by the Council for the work was £ 20. —A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Astbury for his services. TIIE DIVISION OF THE RURAL DISTRICT. A draft of the petition of the Mold Parish Council, to the County Council, to divide the Holywell Rural District Council into two parts, one to meet at Mold and the other at Holywell was considered -The Clerk said an enquiry would be held, and it was for the Council to decide the steps to be taken with regard to a represetativo attending the enquiry.—The Clerk said he did not wit-h to conduct the matter himself, but he would point out that tho Mold Committee already had power over tho sanitary matters —The Chairman said that he thought if the Clerk went over to the Mold meeting every month, it would be sufficient.- The Cleik pointed out that the memorial had not eminatod from the councillors who represntod th district on that Council. The memorial stated that sanitary matters in the Mold district were quite unattended to, which was incorrect; a9 all sanitary matters were submitted by the Inspector to the Mold Committee before they came to that Council.—On the proposition of Mr Leaning, seconded by Mr E. Hughes. it was decided to oppose the application of the Mold Parish Council, and the Clerk was appointed to represent the Council at the meeting. RESIGNATION OF MRS. RILLLIPS, RIIUAL. Mrs Philips, Iihual, wrote stating that she would not be able to attend the meetings of the Council for the future, as she was leaving tho nel,-hbourhood.-Tho Clerk said he did not know whether the letter was to bo considered as a resignation, as no member of the Council could resign without the permission of the Local Government Board. He would enquire whether Mrs Philips wished to resign or not. —Mr Batters said Mrs Philips could absent herself from the Council for six months, and then she would cease to be a member. DR. BRUCE LOWE'S REPORT. This matter was considered and upon the proposition of Mr Petrie it was decided that the Inspector should report giving his recommenda- tions, as to dealing with the various pollutions of the River Dee. THE DISINFECTANTS. Only one tender was received for the supply of chloride of limo, being from Mr T. Gratton Thomas. Bagillt, for 13s. per cwt. (delivered at the Workhouse or stored in his own warehouse at Bagill.) The tender was accepted.—Mr Petrie complained of the oxhorbitant price the Council had to pay for its disenfoctants. He did not think it was fair to the largo ratepayers to be getting a barrow-full of stuff here and there, and having little bills always cropping up.—Mr Batters supported, and said he quite agreed with Mr Petrie.-The Chairman said that if the Council had a store as suggested by Mr Petrie, and wanted a small quantity of things at Mynnongroew or a long distance"off, the cartage would cost a great deal.—Mr Petne There is also another thing I noticed a pound or two of cement at ijd. a pound. It was ridiculous J^d. a pound -was £ 14 a ton wherean it could be got anywhore for 44a delivered fr'.e to Holywell stat Batters: It is ridiculous; and how they expect large ratepayers t1 stand t. f don t ku w, DVFAPN liVWVH, WELL. Mr Loaning said t. i- ;1" hoped the Council would see that this important well was prolec.-d as halt the people of the mountain obtained. their water there.—It was decided that the Surveyor be instructed to attend to it. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual meeting of this Board was held subsequently to the Rural District Council, the Rev. T. Z. Davies (presided), and besides the District Councillors, there were present Messrs S. Wilkinson, Flint: Joseph Garner and J Kerfoot Evans, Holywell; Wm Thomas, Ysceifiog; Miss Hughes, Coleshill; and Wm. Matthews, Caerwys. THE HOUSE. The Master's Journal shewed that since the last Board-day, when there were 211 inmates, 5 had been admitted and 2 discharged. There was one death, and the number remaining in the House was 213.-The number of vagrants relieved during the fortnight was 166 as com- pared with 228 during the corresponding period of last year. CONTRACTS. The Guardians accepted the following tenders for the supply of the Workhouse, for the coming half-year Currants, 2d per lb; cheese, 5d per Ib; flour, 19s per 240 lbs; bran, 4s 3d per 100 lbs thirds, 10s per 200 lbs; eplit peas, 10s per cwt; soda, 48 6d per cwt; blacklead. Sd per doz salt butter, Is per lb; salt, Is 4d per cwt; mustard, lOd per lb; blue, öd per lb; raisins, 3d per lb; vinegar, 21d per quart; rice, lid per lb.Messrs E P Jones and Co, Bagillt. Caudles, 4d per lb.-Messrs. Edwards and Lloyd, Holywell. Coined beef, 59 6d per 14 lb tin; yellow soap, 19s per cwt.—Mr T Griffiths, Canton House. Beef and suet, 5gd per lb mutton. 6M per lb.-iNIr Geo. Edwards, Mold, Coffins, 15s; and half price for children.— Mr Sibeon. Slack, 88 3d per ton; coal, 12s 6d per ton; Mr S Lloyd, Bagillt. Soft soap, 9" 6d per keg petroleum oil, 7id per gallon linseed meal, 4d per lb.-Mr S Jones, chemi3t, Holywell Clogs and shoes.—Mr S Holgate, Hilywell- Bread, 7s lOd per 100 lbs; tea, Is 6d per lb. Mr Joseph Jones, High-street. Sugttr. 16s per cwt; oatmeal, 28s 6d per 240 lbs; starch, 3d per lb night lights, 5d per box coffee, Is 4d per lb; pepper, SAd per lb.-Mossr; J. Hague and Son, High-etreet. APPLICATION FOR AN OLD SAFE. An application was received from Mr E. M. Evans, asking whether the Board were willing to sell one of the safes used in the old Registry Office. Mr W, H. Lloyd: No, keep them; everything comes in for use at the end of seven years (laughter). THE LAST OF THE COTTAGE IIOES. The Clerk said that he had written to Mr Siboon with regard to the contracts for the building of the Cottage Homes, as instructed, I and in reply to him Mr Sibeon had written accepting the offer of the Board, which was that he should be paid E20 in conclusion of the contracts, without prejudice. THE TENDER FOR DRUGS. The following tenders were received in answer to the advertisement for drugs as required by the Medical Officer of the Work- house :-Mr Daniel Hughes, Mold, t6 6s. Od; Mr J. Carman, Holywell, 17, and Mr T. Gratton Thomas, Bagillt, X7 16s. Od.- On the proposition of Mr W. H. Lloyd it was decided to accept the tender of Mr Daniel Hughes, Mold, which was the lowest. THE ESTIMATE. The estimate for the ensuing half year was for £ 10,508, as against XIO,590 during the preceding half-year. The estimate would have to be paid to the Oounty Council by three instalments. APPOINTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL TRAINER. The Clerk said he had received four applications in answer to the advertiement of the Board for an industrial trainer, from the following applicants :-Mary Jones, aged 21 years, Brook Farm, Northop Hall; Mary Elizabeth Williams, aged 40 years, cook at the Workhouse, Holywell; Sarah Jane Jones, aged 20, Woodlands, Gronant, and Mary Ellen Needham. aged 23, at present employed by the Boaid as temporary industrial trainer.—Mr Batters said in accordance with his notice of motion, he had pleasure in proposing Miss Needham; he connsidered her very capable of occupying the post.—Mr S Wilkinson seconded. -M iss Mary Jones was proposed by Mr Astbury and seconded by Mr Prince.—Mr W. Thomas said he had pleasure in proposing Miss M. E. Williams. She was an old servant of the Board and possibly she anticipated having a little lighter work.—Mr John Davies, Ysceifiog, seconded. Mr Edward Hughes, Whitford, proposed Miss Jones, Gronant, and Mr J. Price seconded.—Ou being put to the vote, fifteen voted for Miss Needham; three for Miss M. Jones Miss M E. Williams, received two votes, whilst Miss S. J. Jones received three.-Miss Needham was afterwards unanimously appointed, and appeared before the Board, whom she thanked for their kindness in appointing her, and added that she would do her best to merit their confidence. BOARDING OUT. The Relieving Officers submitted their reports of applications for children, on the boarding- out prilciple.- Considerable timo was occupied in discussing the future homes to which the children would be sent, and the thoroughness with which the work was gone into leaves no room for doubt as to the working of the scheme. —There were about 22 children ready to be boarded-out. and after considering a large number of applications, twelve of them were provided with homes and foster parents.—The Clerk read the agreement which was to be signed on a child being handed over to any applicant, from which it would appear that the children are to be treated as much like their own children as possible, and the spiritual care of the child is also provided for inasmuch as it is compulsory, that the child should attend some place of worship on a Sunday.—Mr W. Thomas said that in considering the creed of the children, he supposed that there would be no distinction made only Catholic and Protestant," and not "Methodist," "Baptist," "Wesleyan," and all that.—Mr Batters said he did not think that Mr Thomas could say all those were the same. —The Clerk thought that as near as possible the children should be put with people of the same persuasion as the children's parents were, and in the case of orphans especially so.—The question of remuneration arising it was decided that the children should be paid for at the rate of 3s. a. week, and S I allowed for clothing. Tha FINANCE. ihe financial statement showed a balance in hand of X2045 148. 4d- cheques required TU 16s. ,d -The next Board will be held on Thursday preceding Good Friday.

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