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JOLLY'S Duch@s§" Pills r For PALE FACES, A POSITIVE CURE FOR ANEMIA, or POVERTY of BLOOD, AND ALL THE FOLLOWING AILMENTS: Paleness. Langour. Debility. Nausea. Headache. Backache, Irregularities. Sallowness. Skin Eruptions. Indigestion- I' Loss of Appetite. I Offensive Breath. < Palpitation. Nervousness- Depressed Spirits. Female Ailments; Insomnia; Pains in the Side. As all the Ailmeats mentioned above arise from ONE CAUSE, they can be oured by ONE REMEDY, viz. -T 99 JOLLY'S "DUCHESS" PILLS. These Pills are not an APERIENT, but a Tonic whioh enriohes the BLOOD. Miaa HARDY writes from Thorpe, NQrwic Pioase forward a box of 'DUCHESS PILLS,' as I cannot possibly ba without them. I can highly recomm nl llieui. I have been under the doctor's treatment for the last tan years for Anaemia, without receiving any benefit, but your Duchess Pills' have quite restored me." Mrs. ORGAN, writes from 19, Thomas Street, Robertstown, Aberdare There is a great im- provement in my daughter since taking your I Duohess' Fillig. She is stronger, her skin is much clearer, her lips have their natural colour, her oheeks are rosy, and her eyes brighter. Please send me another box for which I enolose 2s. Gd. Report of Dr. A. FARE, the well-known Physician, late Medical Officer of Health, Lambeth, London This is to certify that J OLLY'S .DUCI-IESS I PILLS do not contain any deleterious properties, and may be taken with perfect safety as a remedial agent and corrective for the various ailments for which they are specially designed and recommended. Certificate of the Analysts to the Health Corporation, London. "We have made a minute and critical Analysis of a sample, selected indiscriminately, of JOLLY'S DUCHESS PILLS, and find they are composed of most valuable Tonio, Stomachic and Purifying Properties, and quite free from injurious Vegetable and Mineral substances." BENJAMIN NICHELS, F.C.S., F.I.C. } Analysts to the Health Corporation of London. WALLACE C. F.C.S. JOLLY'S "DUOHESS" PILLS will restore colour, health, strength, and beauty, and make the palest face clear and rosy, thus producing a lovely oomplexion. ILLUSTRATED BOOK ON ANEMIA, OR POVERTY OF BLOOD, SENT POST FREE. A box of JOLLY'S "DUCHESS" PILLS containing 60 doses, easy to take, and sufficient to cure any ordinary case, will b forwarded to any part of the United Kingdom, securely packed in special boxes, with plain wrapper, post free, on receipt of 2s. 6d. Send for a box to day. WHY BE PALE AND LANGUID ANY LONGER? ADDXESS: BRITISH DRUGGIST LTD., 219, OXFORD ST., LONDON, W. CROSS KEYS HOTEL, HOLYWELL -0:- PROP BTE T O R— r J. J E N N I N G S -:0:- J THIS HOTEL, WHICH HAS BEEN RE-ARRANGED AND DECORATED, IS N o W O JP E JS* For ^Commercial Gentlemen, who will find every comfort and convenience. c 0: MODERATE CHANGES. -:0:- NOTE.—The Ales, Wines and Spirits are pronounced by the Public to be the finest qualities ever supplied in Holywell. J OHN JAMES HUGHES, BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, T)EGS to announce that he hassuccecded to the f J3 business so long carried on by his late Father, ( John Hughes, at the above premises, and trust, that by prompt attention and moderate charges, combined with good workmanship, to merit a continuance of public support. THE HOME-MADE DEPARTMENT Will continue to be a special feature of the business and great caro will be exercised to en&ure the best materials only being used. STRONG HARVEST BOOTS The best and cheapest Home-made Boots in the Market. WOMEN AND MEN'S BOOTS AND SlIOES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION KEPT IN STOCK. [OL YOUTHS AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SLIPPER OF EVERY VARIETY OanJlBS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. Repairsneatlyexecuted MONEY LENT PRIVATELY To Farmers, Trader r i » and others, in Raging-house Keepers r ON BORROWESS. OWN NOTE OF^AND without sureties, at muoh i0Wer f, HAND' charged. Repayments arranged f l £ n USUa1^ retirement, Extensive NO BILLS OF SALE Taken or prospectus and terms, apply Personally or wrlle GEORGE PAYNE, ACCOUNTANT, 3, ORESCENT ROAD, RHYL. ON IN? HEAD OFFICE: — -^NNEDY STREET, MANCHESTER. Established 1870. < Established 1870. ALFRED MAYERS, 8 .MILFOBDBTRBBT.MOLD BILL POSTER AND DELIVERER S GOUT & JJHEUMATIO piLLS V I SHOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. EADB S J3ILLS 103, Jubilee Terrace, T~i « nno T "Wolverhampton Road, J^ADLS piLLb Walsall. Nov. 22nd, 189H, n, T-VTT r a Sir, ~I write to thank you for HjAixb b the great amount of benefit I have c„ -i nl. <■ T-1?peiVT(1 from U8in& your marvellous Gout and Rheumatic Fills lam glad to think I am able to write, as had it not been for your grand Pills I should have been unable to do so, and am quite certain T I SHOULD NOW BE ILL IN BED. I am extremely thankful, as I can still keep at my work, I Goul, shall use every endeavour to make your mnmvrATTSM ,,o "K)reuWKl^ly known. You may R, uso this how you think proper.—I ^OUT remain, yours faithfully, RHEUMATISM E- GUEST Blr G Eade," I'.ADE'S QOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS. Lj Prepared only by George EvL.« 72, Goswell Road, London^ C and Sold by all Chemists, in Bottles, is and 2s9d. gADE'S Q^OUT & J)HEUMATIC JpiLLS, DR: PORS COUGH AND VOICE WAFERS RPHE ^J_REAT J^EMEDY Toil COUGHS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA A VT TT AR?P TRL()9S 0F VOICE, AND ALL AFFECTION.? OF THE CHEST AND LTJNGS These invaluable Wafers, being prepared from Herbs an Fruits only, do not contain any deleterious ingredients, an may be taken with perfect safety by old and vonnn- DR. ic' o x s COUGH AND VOICE -NVAFFRS. Prepared ONLY bi- GEORGE EADE, 72, GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON. Ii In Tins, is lid. each, /Post Free from the Proprietor on receipt of Postal /)rder for Is. 2d. HAVE YOU rdADE YOUP, WILL TF not buy one of Hinie' Will Forme, which J- contains clear, concise and legal instruction how to make your own Will. PRICE, SIXPENCE iaOLD AT THE £ ¡ i < ERYER" OFFICE- l v LAMBERT'S FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. — :0:- WHOLESALE WINE Ar SPIRIT MERCHANT, POSTING IN AL¿ ITS BRANCHES. 4A: OMNIBUSES M E S T ALL TRAINS. :1 fa London and North-Westejn Railway Parcels Agent. OCTOR ei,: BYL pt' PREPARED BONE MANURES, t FOR ROOTS, CORN AND GRASS; ALSO, SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. OFFICES :-CARR'S LANE, BIRMINGHAM. WORKS SALTNEY, CHESTER. Revised List, with particulars of PrLfcs for Roots offered in 1896, post free. AGE1&S:— MR ROBERT RICHARDS, PENSARN, LLANBEDR. I? \RR W ARIFFIF-HN NU;™ MR JOSEPH LLOYD, MILLER, ST. ASAPH. THOMPAON, SANDBACH. V ^31 E ALT XJ.^ Y 111 PURIFY THE BLOOD, CONICT ALL DISORDERS OF THE LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS, AND BOWELS. T-hey invigorate and restore to 'health Debilitated Constitutions, And are invaluable in COMPLAINTS incidental to FEMALES of all ages. For Children and t?;,¡e aged they are priceless. >- Manufactured only at 78, Oxford Street, London, kiid sold by all Medicine throughout the W"r'd. ..B.Advice Gratis, at the above address, dai^ h: hours cf 51 and 4, or Yv r. I y WOETH A GUINEA A BOX. i J > H' PlltI' I 4,A "i:' .itI'!f LS I il kt;.14 FOR ALL BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE. WEAK STOMACH IMPAIRED DIGESTION. CONSTIPATION. LIVER COMPLAINT I. AND FEMALE AILMENTS. -——————— ) LARGEST SALE IN THE WORLD. I Beecham's Cough Pills, For COUGHS ASTHMA, and a CHEST i AFFECTIONS. In Boxes, 9^d., Is. I-Icl., and 2s, 9d. each. Beecham's Tooth Paste, EFFICACIOUS, ECONOMICAL, CLEANSES THE TEETH, PERFUMES the BREATH 1 In Collapsible Tubes, Is. each. Prepared only by the Proprietor, J THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire OLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND PATENT MEDICINK | DEALERS EVERYWHERE. J GRIFFITH JONES, BILL POSTER AND rorry GRIEB) UPPER SUMMER HILL, HOLYWELL The best Posting Stations in the District. AfTWdera promptly and thoroughly carried out. VMANCHESTER FIRE AS U RAN C E COMPANY. ESTABLISHED, 1824. CAPITAL. £ 2,000,000. T. BARHAM FOSTER, ESQ., CHAIRMAN: J C. W. FURBRIDGE, ESQ., DEPUTY CHAIBMAN J CHIEF OFFICE— j 98, KING STREET, MANCHESTER i J. B. MOFFATT, MANAGES AND SECRETARY. '1: BRANCR OFFICE— MANOHESTEB CHAMBERS, 28, REGENT STREET, WBEXHAM. j M. PENNANT JONES, RESIDENT SECEETABT. THE COMPANY transacts Fire Business only .L and all Resources and Funds are available j for Fire Claims. Surveys are made and rates quoted for all deccnr tions of risska free of charge. ¡ Application for Agencies are invited. 1 VA, SCHWARZ, CLOCK AND WATOH MAKER, ç YVHITEORD STREET, HOI YWELL I ann°ance that after the ENLARGE- MENT OF HIS PREMISES, he has been /juabledto greatlyincrease hisStock. ALL KiNDS OF JEWELLERY KEPI IN STOCK Clocks and Watch (So f all descriptIons m hand HANDSOME-SELECTION OF ELEOTRO-PLATED ARTICLES REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. r A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF Guinea Gold Wedding and Keeper Rings. A present given with each ring bought. A private room to select in. DEALER IN LOOKING GLASSES AND BAROMETERS SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES in great variety. MONEY LENT WITHOUT SURETIES by iYJL the OIIARING-CROSS BANK (Registered rDFORD-STREET, CHARING CROSS LONDON. ESTABLISHED, 1870. Assets £ 46.5,052 5 G Liabilities 165,052 5 6 Capital and Reserve £ 3Q0,0C0 0 0 Advances made upon approved Promissory Note as follows:- t.dvance;C25-12 monthly repayment kof;C2 5 11 cc 50 « 4 11 8 100 << 9 3 4 Larger amountsthe same in proportion. LOANS of JE30 to £ 2,000 granted at a few hoar's notice in town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, orops, &c., without removal, and to assist persons into business also on deeds, policies, and reversions, at 5 per cent. for one month to 14 years. Distance no object. Easy repayments Strictly private. Call or write. NOTICE.—Before applying elsewhere ask any Solicitor, Auctioneer, &c., in England or Wales knowing this Bank, and you will at once find out you are treating with an old established (1870) safe and bona fide Bank. Having large capital we do business cheaper than others. No good loan ever refused. THREE PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on the minimum monthly BALANCES of CURRENT ACCOUNTS when not drawn below £ 29, Deposits of X I o and upwards received at 3 per cent. per annum payable at 14 days' notice. Subjectto 3 months'noticcof withdraw a] L4 per. cii G 5 12 Interest paid quarterly free of I iieon-ic Tax. Deposisors have no liability whatever, and are amply secured. Prospectus free. A. WILLIAMS Manager. r 3gjgLf EMIGRATiOTT ALL who desire information about Canada, the Xorlli Mest Ttrriieirii»s and British Columbia, should write to ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., 19, Jamos Street, LIVERPOOL, for their, i andbook of Information, WHICH IS SENT FREE. I I KING'S HEAD HOTEL, BOLYWELL. -:0: THE LEADING FAMILY COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HAS BEEN RE-FURNISHED AND TARIFF REVISED. :o: HEADQUARTERS OF THE CYCIITS' UNION. -:0: THE HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS THE TRAINS AT HOLYWELL STATION BARG1\INS! BAR(iAIN8!! BARGAINS! :o: —. CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. -K> GJREA T RE- OPENING- BY J. HARRIS, OF LIVERPOOL, OF THE ABOVE PREMISES WITH A LARGE ASSORTMENT Ot NEW AND SECOND-HAND CLOTHING AT EXORAORDINARILY LOW PRICES, CONSISTING OF MEN. YOUTHS AND BOYS' CLOTHING, Bedding, Table Linen, Oilcloths, Hearthrugs, Carpets, Boots, Shoes and miscellaneous Goods of every description. -:0: Under the EXPERIENCED Management of the well-known MY-. B. WUI jan". -.0:- NOTE THE ADDRESS- CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. .g- CONNAH'S QUAY. GOOD WIRE-CUT BUILDING BRICKS, ALSO, PRESS BRICKS. APPLY TO JAMES PRINCE, BRICK WORKS, CONNAH'S QUAY. HIGH STREET O,hposile the King's Head Hotel), HOLYWELL. ESTABLISHED, 1866. W. OWEN (Successor to D. Williams), FA MIL Y BUTCHER, MEAT (Prime Quality only), FRESH DAILY. A LARGE STOCK OF HOME-CTJUEL HAMS AND BACON IN GRAND CONDITION. All Orders receive prompt and carcful attention yj TRY GRIFFITHS BEAUTIFUL TEA at Is. lOd. per lb. I GOOD FAMILY TEA, at Is. 4d. per lb. Best Brands of TIMED FRUITS ,7 CAS TON HOUSE, HOLYWELL LRWEAXFAST—SUPPSR. | E P P S S GRATEFUL—COMPORTING. COCOA BOILING WATER OB MILIL- r- ^6reign AND RARE STAMPS j DAVIES AND Co., HAVE DOW on Sale a large and varied Selection of STAMPS OF ALL V A TIONS Made up in Packet. arc, :111Tn8T(" • .-f forwarded oti appl'-ati«' 11" t' O' server 'Jtlk'e, Holywell. I fe* t ■C* W J? 4? & LIGHTNING "CONDUCTORS. EIECTBIC LIGHTING Installations in Hotels, Mansions, Private Re8i. dsnces, Shops, &c., and Repaired on the Shortest Notice. THOMAS LLOYD (T ATE P. LLOYD & SON), Established, 1838, Electrical Engineer, Painter, Plumber, Gas Fitter, Bell Hanger, Glazier, Paper Hanger, Hot and Cola WATER Engineer Shower Baths and Sprays Fixed and Repaittd. CAST IRON LANDERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OILS, PAINTS AND COLORS OF THE BEST DESCRIPTION ALWAYS KEPT. Estimates given for all kinds of Work, and Ordert3 promptly executed on .the shortest notioe. EVERY VARIETY OF GLASS KEPT IN STOCK THE LARGEST STOCK OF BRASS WORK FITTING ALWAYS ON HAND HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. N.W. ST. WINEFRIDE'S BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, WELL STREET, HOLYWELL. COlTRSE-Englisb; French; German; Drawing; Painting; Dancing; Calisthenics; Manic (Vocal and Instrumental); plain and fancy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Academy for Ex. ams in Music, &c. WEEXLY 3BOARDBUS BBCETVKD. NEW POST CARDS. 50 MEMORANDUM POST CARDS FOR FOURPENCE. 50 ORDER POST CARDS FOR FOURPENCE. 50 NOTICE OF MEETING POST OABD8 FOR FOURPENCE BOOK OF 200 DUPLICATE MEMORANDUM POST CARDS FOR TWO SHILLINGS BOOK OF 200 DUPLICATE ORDER POST CARDS FOR TWO SHILLINGS. :L;RCST POST CARDÎ .\('H 7° ¡, IT THE ,;KFICE, I j O L Y \V t L L I