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LAMBERT'S FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL. :0:- WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. :0:- r POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. :0:- HEARSE AND MOURNING CARRIAGES AT REASONABLE RATES. -:0: ——— .OMNIBUSES MEET ALL TRAINS. -:0, London and North-Western Railway Parcels Agent. ESTABLISHED "LAST JUBILEE" 1887. -:0:- JAMEFTONES, TEA AND COFFEE SALESMAN, PROVISION MERCHANT, PLAIN AND FANCY BREAD BAKER AND 'iCONFECTIONER, CROSS SHOP, FLINT, AND THE STORES, BAGILLT, HAS OPENED A BBABOH ? AT THE MARKET HALL, HOLYWELL, WITH A CHOICE SELECTION OP HIGH CLASS GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. We quota a few of our Speoial Lines:— Tea, good liquor, @ Is. to Is. 4d. per lb. Ditto, special blends, @ Is 6d, and Is. 8d. Ditto, finest blend of Indian and Ceylon Teas, Is, IOd., ,and 2s. per lb. Tate's finest Lump Sugar, 2d. per lb. Sparkling Lump Sagar, 2 lbe for Sid. Crystal Sugar, 2 lbs for 2id. 21b Jars Hartley's Damson Jam, 6d. 4 44 Marmalade, 5Jd. Good Damson Jam, 4jd. and 5d. U-ooa Balmon, 6d. and 6d per tin; Crown Brand, 7d. OUR PROVISIONS ARE CAREFULLY SELECTED — AND OF THE BEST QUALITY. Splendid Cheese at 6d. per lb. finest Rose Kiel Batter, Is. per lb. Irish Creamery If 10a. per lb. Guaranteed Pare, at gd. per lb. 9 6 Lard (beat brand) 3d. per lb. Smoked and Pale Baoon, (Oollingwood's pea fed), splendid quality f from 6d. per lb. Gorgonaola Cheese, lOd. per lb. Cumberland Out Baoon, beat brands, 4d., 5d., 6d. per lb. Hams, best quality (about 121bs weight), 6d. per lb. Shoulders ditto. 4d. per lb, Good Margarine, 4d. aad 6d. Bast Margarine, 6d. per lb. THESE ARE RECORD PRICES. CALL AT THE MARKET HALL, AND COMPARE uu PRICE AND QUALITY, AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES. GOOD HOUSEHOLD BREAD, ONE PENNY PER LB. OUR PIES AND CONFECTIONERY ARE MADE FROM THE BEST INGREDIENTS. CASH PRICES. NO CREDIT GIVEN. CASH PRICES. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS FOR LARGE QUANTITIES. t;" BNGLISH-THB BEST! law 9 Aft ME 8 BENSON'S ENGLISH ATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. B sl! e!; S I BENSON'S English Lever Keyless English Levev If 13r, ii "LUDGATE" WATCH "BANK" WATCH. IN USE ALL TQE WORLD OVER. In Silver Cases. 1D Silver Canes, 111 snver Cas" In 18- Gold Cas". N Selections of Wakhes or Jewellery sent free on receipt of reference. Illustrated Book Post Free. r OLD W ATCRES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. All Goods Not Approved will be Cheapest^ Strongest and moat Durable London A good Knockabout Watch for rough W6&f at a made THREE-QUARTER PLATE ever sold. low price. Best London made. Three-Qnarter Plate An English Level', Jewelled with 13 Rabies, Ohrono- English Lever, Lart'e, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter Balance, Patent Large Barrel, and Damp and 'a Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof Ring Band. Price £ 5 5s. An Exact Timekeeper, and better value than ftnv Keeps better time than, and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for giO. In Ster"°K ^o^inExBaStenBh,Si™1iiwBa«r,OrnW Made in Four Sizes at one Price, £ 5 6s.No. 1, ^abcs. Gentlemen & Youths (as illustrated); No. 2, Working REKSON'S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half* Men; No. 3, Railway Men and Miners No. 4. Ladies. Hoop, Marquise, Gipsey and all other designs, In massive 18-ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, set with Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap- Gentlemen s size, £ 12 I2s. Lady's size, £ iO IOs. phires, Opals, Turquoise, &c., &c.,or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Draft, Cash, or P.O.O., payable at G.P O. CEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 23. to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMEN i RINGS, BROOCJHES, TLA.TE, &c. Sent post free on application to J W o WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO w J3I H.M. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. J, Steam Factory: 62 64,"E f, I M, r ANA 28, ROYAL EXHANGE. E.G., and 25, OLD B JjnD STREET, W., LONDON. WATQH. &c„ GLUB3 —Applications for agencies invited. Easy syitcm, no risk- _gEALTH POK/jALLllI A,,v7 Purity the Blood, correct all Disorders of the LIVER* STOMACH, KIDNEYS, AND BOWELS. They .invigorntc ancl restore to health Debilitated Constitutions, And are ir luabie a LA.- NTS incidental to FEMALES Of all i> For Children and the aged they are priceless. Llanufactured only at 78, Now. Oxford Street, London, I Ind sold by all Medicine Velars throughout the World. B-\l'1ic at the ab. o adinag, daily, lttttr, iV KING'S HEAD HOTEL, HOLYWELL. ;c ?-' -:0-; THE LEADING FAMILY & COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HAS BEEN RE-FURNISHED AND TARIFF REVISED. J ■; HEADQUARTERS OF THE CYCLIST'S UNION. :0: L ,¡ TI^HUTSL OMNIBUS MEETS THE TRAINS AT HOLYWELL STATION MANCHESTER FIRE ASBURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED, 1824' CAPITAL. £ 2,000,000. T. BARHAM FOSTER, ESQ., OHAIBHAN: 0. W. FURBRIDGE, ESQ., DEPUTY CHAIRMAN OHIBF opiricit- 98, KING STREET, MANCHESTER J. B. MOFFATT, MANAGKB AND SECRETABY. BBANOH OFFIOB- MANOBBBTBB OHAKBBBS, 28, REGKNT STBBBT| WBBXHAX. M. PENNANT JONES, RESIDENT SBOBBIABT THE COMPANY transacts Fire Business only and all Resources and Fanda are available for Fire Claims. Surveys are made and tates quoted for all desorip tions of risks free of charge. Application for Agenoies are invited. t' Uniform with the People's Edition of 11 Cassell's Illus- trated History of England A People's Edition, IN WEEKLY NUMBERS, price 6d., each containing 96 Quarto Pages, Old and New London (INCLUDING "Greater London"), JRevised and brought up to date. TO BE COMPLETED IN 60 Weekly Parts at 6d. Part 1, price 6d., includes a Large j COLOURED MAP OF LONDON, which alone is worth more than » the price charged for the Number. THIS magnificent work, containing nearly 5,000 QUARTO PAGES and over 1,000 ILLUSTRATIONS, is now being placed within reach of the public for less than half the price for which it has hitherto been obtainable. The Map given away with Part 1 has been brought up to the present date as far as practic- | able (scale, four inches to the mile), and shows clearly the Squares, and Gardens, Streets, Railway Stations, Tramways and Omnibus I Routes, Parks, Public Buildings, Churches and Chapels, Board Schools, Theatres, County and Police Courts, Boundaries and Postal Districts, etc., of the Metro- polis. —————— ■ '—— Important Notice. A POPULAR EDITION of the Celebrated Work, entitled Familiar Wild Flowers, BY F. E. HULME, F.LS., F.S.A., i Will be published in Monthly Partust (id. Part 1 ready Feb. 25. efo be completed in 21 Parts.) i I. This Woilc, hitherto issued in 1% Parts at Gd., will now be obtainable .in 21 Parts, or one-fifth 01 its former cosfcJ'V- Co 2. The Plates are being specially rep duced for this Edition. 3. There will be 10 Seaut fui.Colourgd I' Platesand40 Pages of Text in every Part is a] io- IN VIEW OF THE IMMEtlSE DEMAND orali issue, orders should at once be regLtered for PAHT I Booksellers', to ensure securing a copy on thetlay of publication. P. ospectuses, giving full particulars, may be had ai the Booksellers', vr post JreeJrom the Publishers. f _L-S-' THOMAS LLOYD, (LATH P. LLOYD & SON), ESTABLISHED, 1838, Painter, Plumber, Gas fttier, Bell Hanger, Glazier, Paper Banker, Hot and Cold Water Engineer. Electric Bells Fixed and Repaired. Shower Bathfl and Sprays Fixed and Repaired. CAST IRON LANDER OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OILS, PAINTS AND COLORS 07 THB BB8TDBSCBIPTION ALWAYS XBPT. Estimates given for all kinds of Work, and Orders promptly executed on the shortest notice. EVERY VARIETY OF GLASS KEPT IN STOCK THE LARGEST STOCK OF BRASS WORK &FITTING ALWAY ON HAND PICTURES FRAMED AND MOUNTED. HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, N.W L A GOOD ipMlSSION i* (hat which has for its oMeot a desire to afford relief to fchema suffering from NERVOUS TROUBLES. EXHAUSTION, DEBILITY, LIVER OR KIDNEY Airxonom, and all complaints of a weakening nature. I have been restored to health, after many years' suffering, and will now gladly send the prescription which cured me free to any sufferer forwarding an addressed envelope. I send it with every confidence, knowing its virtue. Name thia paper. ADDRESS — W. H. BROWN, 14 CHKSHAM ROAD, BRIGHTON, SUSSBX. — — V0asseii'& Magazin MONTHLY, 6d. a < The jQuiver. 112 Pages, MONTHLY, 6d. Cassell's Magazine. MONTHLY, 6d. Little Folks. MONTHLY, Is. 4d. The Magazine of Art. WEEKLY, Id.; MONTHLY, 6d. Cassell's Saturday Journal. WEEKLY, ld.; MONTHLY, 6d. CHUMS: The Paper for Boys. WEEKLY, ld.; MONTHLY, 6d. WORK: for all Mechanics. WEEKLY, ld.; MONTHLY, 6d. Building World. JUST COMMENCED, Monthly, price 6d. BISHOP KIXICOTTS Bible Commentary for EngHsh Readers. Embracing the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS. (To be completed in 36 Parts.) This work has been written by some of the most eminent Biblical scholars, under the supervision of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. New Serials. MONTHLY, rd. The Church of England: A History for the People. By the Very Rev. H. D. M. SPENCE, D.D., Dean of Gloucester. Profusely Illustrated. MONTHLY, Gd, Cassell's Dore Gallery. Containing 250 of the finest Drawings of GUSTAVE DOFÉ. MONTHLY, ¡¡d. Cassell's Illustrated Eunyan. With 200 OI initial Illustrations. iioNTHi.V, t;d. Casseli's FairiJy Lawyer. By A BAR- Rls'l ER-AT LAW. M'INVHLY, (; Electricity in the Service of Man. Willi UJIHVJ^S of 9:1 ] !¡:t Ld iU)Js. '■VT (id. CasseTs TecV.nica-1 Educator. Each Part T:-JIIT.ii s 9 lllt!stratioi.s. C assell's C'lassifed Caialcgue, containing of llpw.'uj- 0; 0.\ U ViiLUMKS 1,ell by McsÍ"s. CA¡¡ELL. & CtJAiiAAiVj ranging in. puce ivoni Threeponce to Fifty Guineas, a 111 be sent oil request, postjrec, to any CAIJ £ £ U< & COMPANY. LIMITSD, Ludgatc Hill, Lendea. J' GARNER AND SON, HOLY WELL. -:0: ST. WINEFRIDE'S WELSH FLANNEL IN WHITE, CREAM, SCARLET, NATURAL AND COR A L :0: PRJCES FROM 5tn. TO 2s. PER YARD. 2 -:0:- For Charitable and Household purposes. — :0: PATTERNS POST FREE ON APPLICATION. RAGGETT'S NOURISHING STOUT GEoRGE RAGGETT, AND SONS, LONDON. -:0:- This Stout is recommended by the majority of the Medical Profession throughout the iS-ingaom, as well as by many Continental Physicians, as the finest procurable, and its supply to Her Majesty the Queen is in itaelf eminent testimony of its quality. -:0:- RAGGETT'S NOURISHING STOUT AS SUPPLIED TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. Its reputation has been maintained by a due regard to Quality, which is considered of greater benefit to the consumer than the use of inferior goods at a less cost. — :o:- IMITATION OF TRADE TITLE. The Public are cautioned that the word NOURISHING" is being used on the Labels of cheap Bottled Beers of very low quality. To guard against the fraud that is intended, it is absolutely neoeesary to see that the "POSTAGE STAMP"—TRADE MARK, in red, appears upon every Label, as well as the signature. -:0:- Extract from a letter from the Purveyors to Her Majesty the Queen, Balvagra. AWoi3ty -.tbe QUEEN WISHES for RAGGETT'S NOUBISHINO STOUT may we ask yoa to mi as & Ow by Steamer leaviag London for fl Tjffiitiiin m WwiiiMit^ l iiMin -.0:- Sole Consignees and Bottling Agents for FLINTSHIRE AND lJENBIGBPJJIRE- BIRD AND SON, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, PAHTASAPH, Near HOLYWELL, N.W. -:0:- Raggett's Nourishing Stout and Golden Hop Pale Ale. HALF-TINTS 2S. (3d. PER DOZEN. -:0:- jN-B:—Deliveries by Carl within 6 miles, and Carriage of 6 dozen Case, paid by Rail V ADE'S GOUT & PHEUMATIC plLLS. E I I SUFFERED AGONY FOR THIRTY YEARS, TRADE'S 'DILLS. 30ndal Street, Bridge Road Battersea, S.W., TRADE'S piLLS. JanuaryVth, 1S92. "*• Dear Sir,—I feel it my duty TRADE'S plLLS. to write and {five you great praise for introducing such a valuable medicine as your Gout Pills. Having SUFFERED UNTOLD AGONY FOR 30 YEARS. I can truly say I have never had anything to relive my pain so quickly as your Pills. I used to lay in bed for tw or three months at a time, but now I not only got reli<> O.OUT in a few hours but am able t work in less than a week. M RHEUMATISM, comp'aint is the worst of a R Gouts, called Chalk Gout.— RJOUX Yours truly W.LITTLEJOHN. RHEUMATISM. "Mr. G.Eade." E ADE's GOUT & jgHEUMATIO pILLS Prepared only bv George Eade 72,Goswell-road London, E,C. Soldby all Chemibtsin Bottles,Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. E ADE's GOUT & RHEUMATIC pILLS THE BEST MEDICINE FOR BILE. THE BEST MEDICINE FOR WIND, THE BEST MEDICINE FOR INDIGESTION. is E ADE'S TIBILIOUS pILLS. I IThey quickl7removethe irritation and feverish state o the STOMACH, correct the morbid condition of the LIVFIC, relieve the system of allimpurities, which, by circulating in the blood, injuriously affert the action of the KIDNEYS, and by removing the cauaes of so much discomfort,restore he vital energies of body and mind. E ADE's A NTIBILIOUS pILLS. ESold by all Chemists, in Boxes, 18: 1.1d. and 2s. 9d., or mailedfree on receipt of remittance by GEORGE EADE 72, GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON, E.C. EAD'E'S A NTIBILIOUS pILLS. ift, ^ONEY £ 5 to Y,1,000 MONEY A RETIRED GENTLEMEN having a LARGE SUM OF MONEY at bis disposal is willing to dvanca the same At LESS INTHRSSP TH AN ANY LQAN OFFICE IN ENGLAND to all; espectable HoueholdH;, Tradaspeople and other?. Diastftnoe co object. No Fees. No Bondsinen. Special Inducements to Farmers. All Transactions strictly prirate. Terms to suit everybody. Apply and be convinced, or write to- W. WHITE, 2, North Terrace, Newtown, BRIL, HIGH SXPtEKX (Opposite the King's Head Hotel), HOLYWELL. ESTABLISHED, 1866. w. OW E N ( Successor to D. Williams J, FA MIL Y B Jj TCHEH MEAT (Prime Quality onlyJ, FRESH DAILY. A LARGE STOCK OF HOME-CURED HAMb AND BAC< IN GRAND CONDITION. All Orders receizeproitifit and careful attention BBBAXTAST—SUBMOL E P P S OBATSFU&—OOKTOBTZVCk COCOA gomyg WATEB OB, MIT* STRICTLY 1 ANTSUJIFBOM £ 5TO £ 10C0 STBIOTLT PEIVATK I ADVANCED ON EXCHP- I PMVA.TR ADVANOBS. I TIONALLT EAST TFBJCS. | ADVANCBB. MRs. D. BEHRMAN, 16, CITY ROAD, CHESTER, HAYING a Larsre Amount Uninvested Gapital ia wisbfal to Lend same in sum* 0* 25 to alooo to any Respectable Person (Male 0" Female) on their own NOTE OF HAND. without delay, law costs, or an y i nipertioon • ru| •*» r at interest highly beneficial to Borrower. » Deed?. FROM 5 PER CENT. INTEREST. This advertisement being from a strictly r)ri S' source,haMtual borrowersarc requested nott" app y- io good application is ever refused, and diotaco, no oh^ect, a gentleman being sent direct from e o ce o carry oat all advances. Apply « confidenee to he Actual Lender. MRS. D. BEHRMAN, 16, Orn ROÅD. OSHTN L(Next to Royalty Theaire). m