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; - - '-" " ■ I CURRENT SPORT.


CURRENT SPORT. Showery weather on Saturday again interfered with the leading cricket matches. At Kennington Oval, Middlesex completed their first innings against Surrey for 209. Being 259 in arrear, they, had to follow on, and in the time that remained for play, IeOred 60 for the loss of one wicket: The match thus ended in a draw. At Tonbridge, Kent gained a .victory oyer Somerset. Closing their first innings on Saturday morning, when nine wickets had fallen for 296—including 112 by A. Hearne and 111 by Mr. Patterson-they disposed of the visitors in their second innings for j 162, and obtained the 45 required to win at the cost sof three wickets. At Southampton, Essex beat Hampshire. The first innings of the home team was completed for 133, or 119 behind. Essex then made 107 for three wickets and declared the elosure. Hampshire had thus 227 to make to win, but were all out within a few minutes of the time fixed for drawing stumps for 100, and so were defeated by 126 mns. At Gloucester, play could not be resumed at all in the match between Gloucestershire and Lanca- shire, which accordingly was left drawn, the home team having scored 305 and Lancashire 262 and 121 for three wickets. Another draw took place fat Brighton, where Oxford University's first innings against Sussex was completed for 221, or 80 behind. Sussex, in their second attempt, got 111 for three wickets and then declared, and the visitors, at o, the close, had obtained 107 for the loss'of two wickets. At Lord's, M.C.C. and ground easily beat Cambridge University. After carrying their flfst innings total to 325 with only three wickets dojvn the club declared the closure, and then got rid of their opponents in their second venture for 170, thus winning by an innings and 13 runs. At Winchester, the match between Eton and Winchester Colleges ended in a draw. Eton carried their score to 235 for six wickets and then closed their innings. Win- chester wfere dismissed in their first innings for 106, and at the call of time had lost four wickets for 58 inf their second. Saturday afternoon was not an Ideal on for record performances by athletes, but some nearly approach- ing them were soen at the London Athletic Club's Simmer meeting at Stamford-bridge. Many Uni- versity runners took part in 1the various' events. In the half-mile challenge cup race W. E. Lutyens beat another Cambridge ex-president in. W. Fitz- Herbert by 30 yards in the fast.tinje of lmin. 57 1-bsee. Later FiteH&rbert could only get second in the final of the quarter-mile; handi- cap, the winner being C. J. Davison, -of the L.A.C. and Cambridge U.A.C.; who started off the six-yards mark and beat the scratch man by three yards in 50sec., dead. The performance was all the more- remarkable from the fact 'that Davison is not considered good enough to -represent his University'Hat the- Queen's CIttb next Wednesday against Oxford. W. M. Fletcher took the hurdles challenge ciOp, but H. Br. Parkes turned the tables in the hurdles handicap, 'in- which both started off the same mark: C H. JUpp proved to be in fine form. After beating the Cantab F. L. -Carter in the 100 -yards' challenge cup' race he qualified for the final of the 100 yards handicap, and ftn through froik scratch illra yard worse than lOsec., W. Paul-Jones, L.A.0i,:nina yards start, being his nearest attendant. 'In the' hammer-throwing and weight-putting, Dr. W. J. M. Barry reached 126ft. STrti. and 40ft.. O^in.Vbtifc men With long-starts were enabled to take first prizes, W. Lawrence securing the hammer andi N. 8. A/Harrison 'thb Weight. C. E. S. Leggatt proved the best of three at the high jump, and A. E. Oakeley, Middlesef^'Hosplital A.C., 105 yards start, beat a field of'24 in the mile handi- cap, his time being 4min. 19 4-5sec. Fully 5000 persons were at Manchester Rtlcecourse on Saturday, when C. Harper, of Bui well ^nd R. Bannister, of Sheffield, ran meir-130 yards match for the profeSW«faaJ sprint championship Wid £ 100. Bannister started favourite in the beating at 6 to 4 on. Harper won the toss for hoieeof -stations and selected the outside. Bannister was quickerin getttng into his- stride, and at the haff-distance vvi6 riteftrlj a yard a of Bftrper. The latter then crowded ion all pace and, Stiftadily-tWcreasing.the gap, Atevr level 20 yards from home, and going on -won -a gqod tace by half a yardt Time, 12 4-596c.-d-a fine per- formance. o i: u ia "i i Although showers fell %t tetervttls, pHy in the All England Lawri Tennis competJtibns-was nofc^fnter- rtpted to -,anylgreat extiit at Wimbledon, when the meeting was resumed for the sixth day; Excellent form was again shown, more especially in the singles, when H. L. Doherty beat H. S. Mahony in the final round after a tough struggle. The ladies' singles and the gentlemen's doubles #lso provided some good rjJay. i. i There was a large company at Hudingham on 'Saturday afternoon to witness the polo game betwepn the 13th Hussars and the Inniskillingt Dragoons for ohampionship honours. It was a keenly contested game, in which the backs on both sides played so well thatjoarly oJligaQJ. whoreaJ This the Inniskillings obtained in the opening three minutes, and being able to keep their end up afterwards they won.$trj$eil Haig the winning hit, and he was specially referred ia, the. speech of the Duke of Cambridge J^hen presented the cup, in the pre§ei}ceivof7the Dijte of Conp^u"ghtl the newly-appointed" Col^nelj-in-C^ief o the Inniskillings. Mr. W.Wkmaiter and Captain Itentbn were the umpires, the referee being Mr. F. M. Freake: The sides were as follows: Inniskillingi.- Mr. H. C. Higgin, Mr. G. K. Ansell, Mr. Neil Haig, and Major Rimington (back). 13th Hussars.—Cap- tain Pedder, Mr. J. F. Church, Mr. F. Wise, and Cap- tain K. MacLaren (back). 1 { i'i rj J v.. The results of the National Cyclists' Union cham- fionships at Norwich on Saturday were: Five Miles rofessional Race: H. F. Meyers, 1; J. Green, 2; F. Cnn, C. F. Barden,Cl, Time, lSmjji. 36. j.- £ see. Five Miles Amateur Racp: A. S. Ingram, 1; J. W. McBourke, 2; A. J. Cherry, Time, 14min. 11 2-5sec. Twenty-five Miles Amateur Race: H. Payne, 1; L. Oswald, 2. Time, 69min. 52 4"5sec. In a 20-tnile paced bicycle' race at Manhattan Beach on Saturday Linton beat Titus by five-sixths of a mile in "SSmin. 59 4-5see. This is a world's record. "The Scottish Championships mooting WIIS held at Hampden park, Glasgow, on Saturday. Resulte: 100 Yards Barty'l (after a dead heat with Auld). Time, 104-5800. Half-Mile Robertson, 1; Henry, 2. Won easily. Time, 2min. 2sec. Putting the Weight: Steonach walked over (31ft. 3in.). 120 Yards gurdles: Fletcher, 1 Grieve, Time, 18sec. Half-Mile Cycling (Amateurs): Caldon, 1; Easson 2. 2!20 Yards: Auld, 1; Barr, 2. Time, 23 8-6«ec. Half-Mile Cycling' (Professionals): Silver, 1; Machie, 2. Mils Flat: Robertson, 1; Macdonald, 2. ^Eime, 4mitt. 38.4r5sec. High. Jump: Milne, 6ft. 9in 1 Ugfaz.Und, 5ft. 7Jin. 2. Quarter-Mile: Donaldson, 1; Thomson, 2; Auld, 3. ,Tiine, 52 4-58ec. Broad Jump Barr, ^lft. 9in., 1; Laing, ~l9ft 9in 2. One Mile Cycling (Amateur v. Pro- fessional)": Caldon (amateur) lost .to Silver (pro- fessional) by a wheeL Time. 2mm. 54 2^sec. Throw- ing the Hammer: Stronach walked over. Four Miks Running raterion, 1 ames, 2 Duffus, 3. 20min. 47 1 5 A Six Hours' Amateur Race was held bythe Dane- ville Cycling Club at the London County Ground on Saturday. There were 14 entries and 13 starters, including^ five tandem cycles, the Dames being. (Tandems: E. aiid H. Sames, Daneville C.C.; C. 8. *nd W. B. Homer, Pegasus C.C.; H. W. and C. E. ■. Jtowe, Southern C.C.; A. C. Akers and J. D. Clarke, Dover Road C.C.; H. E. Haggard and D. S. White, Pegasus C.C. Singles: F. Lockyeare, Streatham C.C.; C. Batting, Daneville C.C.; S. W. Elms, Daneville C.C. i W. Batcheldor, Daneville C.C. P. litchfield, Daneville C.C.; T. Howell, Daneville C.C.; W. T. Saunders, Catford C.C; J. D: Davis, Swansea Defiance C.C. Batting went away with the lead but soon gave way to Davis, who, before the completion of the first mile, was passed by the brothers Homer and then by Haggard pnd tfch-to. Batcheldor and Litchfield were lapped m the first, mile, the last named temporary r^ taring in t^e «event\i nwk N^rly 24 miles were covered by HaggarS and White wrfo In the 32nd mile, gave the.^he" who made ,the muc^i faster, AUp andXlarke ridina into second position. Haggard and tired m the. third hour, at the end of wh:ic!h time the brothers Samw h^d cov#ed 74 miks, Akers and Clarke still being second, while the brothers had ridden into third place. At 85 miles Akers and Clarke took the lead, and at -90 miles had twice lapped the brothers Sames. One hundred miles was covered by Akers and Clarke in 4hrs.4min. 15 2-5sec., the leaders then being over a mile ahead. Litchfield retired early in the fifth hour, having covered 85| miles. At 134 miles, in 5hrs. 29min. 15sec., Akers and Clarke were 44 2-5sec. inside the amateur tandem record. Davis, who at one time looked like taking a prominent position, retired through a fall near the finish. Howell retired in his 57th mile, Batting in his 70th, Haggard and White in their 76th, and Litchfield in their 86th, Akers and Clarke, having covered 147 miles, went on for the 150 miles record, which they succeeded in getting. t- In a tennis match at Lord's on Monday, "Punch Fairs, of Prince's, beat Sir Edward Grey by three sets to one—4—6, 6-0, 6-3, and 6-2. The annual cycling match between the London B.C. v. Cambridge University B.C..was decided at Herne-hill grounds on Monday evening, when the Londoners won all three events. C. B. Bulstrode, for the 'Varsity, rode second to A. C. Nesbitt in the one mile race, the time being 3min. 29 4-5see. In the four miles race Bulstrode was again beaten byB. C. Williams in llmin. 37 4-5see., Nesbitt being third. In the ten miles race the London team furnished the first three men in Williams, R. P. Legg, and Nesbitt respectively, the time being 27min. 15 2-5sec. In the Blackrock Baths, Dublin, on Monday, a swimming contest took place between the Oxford University and Dublin University swimming clubs. In both the decisive events, a team race, and a water polo match, Oxford proved easily victorious, winning the team race by 20 yards and the polo match by five goals to nil. The persistent wet weather again interfered with cricket in all parts of the country on Monday. The match at Bradford between Yorkshire and Essex could not be begun at all, and in all the other fixtures there was more or less delay and interruption. At Kennington Oval, Surrey, going in at five p.m. against Somerset, had obtained 56 runs for the loss of one wicket when play ceased for the day. At Lord's, M.C.C. and Ground, opposing Oxford University could not go to the wickets till after five o'clock, and then had only time to make 15 without loss before another down- pour necessitated the abandonment of the game for the day. At Manchester better progress was made with the match between Lancashire and Middle- sex. The home team went in after lunch time, and batted so vigorously that at the close of the day's play they had put up 202 runs with only three wickets down. Notts and Kent met at Nottingham on Monday. The visitors took first innings, but on a difficult pitch were all dismissed for 136,.of which Mr. Rashleigh contributed 74. Notts, when play ceased for the day, had made 35 for one wicket. Derbyshire batted first against Leicestershire; at Derby on Monday, and, after a long interruption from rain, managed to get 161 runs at the cost of five wickets before the call of time.




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