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MRS. THOMAS, REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS, GWENFFRWDD HOUSE, MOLD. TT AS sevenal Cooks and General Servants; House XX maids and Under-housemaids, Sewing-maids, and NTIRSEJ on her Books. Great attention is given to procure good Servants; also, good Situations. ST. WINEFRIDE'S BOAADIITG SCHOOL FOB YOUNG LADIES TILL STREET, HOLYWELL. OURSE-Nagnah;Freuoh; German; Drawing; C Painting; Dancing; Calisthenics; Music (Vocal and Instrumental); plain and fanoy Needlework. The Convent is under the Royal Aoademy for Ex- ams in Musio, &a. WBBKLY BOABDBBS BBOBIVBD. A CLASS FOR INSTRUCTION: IN PAINTING IN OILS AND WATER COLOURS, COMMENCED AT ST. WINEFRIDE'S CONVENT, WELL STREET, ON THURSDAY, rBB 10TH OF FEBRUARY, 1898 And will be eontinued till June. Foil Terms, apply to TuE SUPHBIOBHSS. A DRESSMAKING CLASS Will be held on MONDAYS, at 6 p.m., commencing FBBBUABY 7th. For terms, apply to the STOBBIOBBBS, as above. A SELECT DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LADIES is now OPEN at ST. WINBFBIDB'B CONVBNT, Well Street. Only a limited number eoeived. -For Terms, apply to the SUPBBIOBBSB. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO BISHOP MOSTYN. THE SONG OF ST. WIIIEFILIDE. MUSIC BY BRYCESON TREHEARN, R C.M., The Words by the Publisher, B. PABBY, Oxford Street, Swansea. Copies may be had of the local Musiosellers. Pmcs, 2a. NET. THE THREE LEADING MAGAZINES. THE CENTURY" FOR JULY, Price, Is. 4d.; prefaeely illustrated. "ST. NICHOLAS" FOR JULY, Price, Is.; beautifully illustrated. MACMILLAN'S FOR JULY, to The Ttea^ury-Offieet'S Wooing, by Cecil Lowis, ohaptwg VII—IX; Alphonse Daudet, by A. F. Davidson Napoleon and Josephine at Bayense, by Lieut.-Coloiiel Hill James; A Generation of Vipers, by Aadrew Lang; The Spanish People, by Charles, Edwards; A Comedy of Piraay, by A. H. Norway Country Netec, by 8. G. Tallentyre, IV—The Workhow-te; To a Blackbird in May, by Joieph TCBISAA; The Goffkha SOLDIER, by Major hue A Letter to the Editor. JUNE SAILINGS. NORTH WALES AND BACK THE SAME DAY. The Cheapest and lea" tedious Sea Trips on* ef Liverpool. BEST AND QUICKEST ROUTE TO HOLTWELL, ST. WINEPRIDEPS WELL, PANTASAPH, PRESTATYN AND RHYL niB PAST ULOOK PADDLE STEAMER FLYING FALCON SRNOLB FABBS I RHTTTBN FADS Deck Ie. 6d. Available for day of issue only Bridge.. 2s. 6d. Deok 2s. Ticket* net Transferable. Bridge. 3s. OMldren under Twelve haljfars- Will sail from Prince's Landing Stage and Mostyn (weather and other circumstance permitting) as onder:- LIVERPOOL TO MOSTYN AND BACK THE SAME DAY. Aveaage passage 1 hour and 45 minutes. Giving passengers two to three hours ashore in one of the prettiest spots in North Wales. LONG DAY TRIPS ABOUT 10 HOURS. SAILINGS MAY From LIVERPOOL. From Mosrar, 28 Saturday 2 0 p.m 5 0 p.m 31 Tuesday3 30 p.m 7 30 p.m JUXB 1 Wednesday 4 0 p.m •• 8 0 p.m *2 Thursday 8 0 a.m 7 30 p.m -3 Friday 9 0 a.m 7 30 p.m 4 Saturday 9 0 a.m 12 0 noon 8 Monday 10 9 a.m 1 0 p.m 7 Tuesday 10 0 a.m 2 0 p.m 8 Wednesday 10 9 a.m 3 0 p.m 9 Thursday .11 0 a.m 40 p-m I? .«••#• 11 0 a.m 5 0 p.m Saturday 2 0 p.m 6 0 p.m 14TWFT 3 °P*M •* 7 °P*M •LFI WLT1*7 0 p.m 7 30 p.m "16 7 « l.m ..10 t i.m -I- • »S:° W SIX- • •- JU 2rt Mondav 0 • • 12 0 noon j° «»•» j »p-« Biriliw% .10 o.:m 2 39 U ° 28 Thursday 10 « M.M •• J'JJ 34 FNA.J. 11 O.:S •; 23 Saturday 12 30p.m 4 0 27 Monday 12 0 noon 8 30 p.m 28 Tuesday 2 e p.m 6 0 p.1O 29 Wednesday 2 30 p.m 6 30 p.m 30 Thursday 3 0 p.m 9 7 30 p.m LoirG DAY TWS- Refreshments on Board at Moderate Charges For further particulars apply Telephone No, 2334 FLYING FALCON STEAMSHIP Co., LTD., 27, Water-street, Liverpool. TO THE DEAFr A TiGh lady, ourai of her Deafaess and Noises in the Head by Dr. Nicbohon's Artificial Ear Drams, has sent £1,ROO to his Institute, so that Deaf people unable to procure the Ear Drams may have them free. Apply by lftt«r TO:—O. Q. C. RLOHABDSON, 9, Great RUSSELL STREET, London, W.C. THOMAS JJUGHE8, JOINBB, BUILDER, WHEELWRIGHT AND UNDERTAKER, — HOLYWELL. WORKSHOPS & TIMBER YARD: BACK OF NORTH & SOUTH WALES BANK, HIGH STREET. The following Timber always kept in Btock: SPRUCE AND PINE BOARDS FROM HAXr-IK«H UPTTABDS; SPRUCE AND YELLOW PINE PLANKS; OHB-IKOH SPRUCE FLOORING BOARDS; TRREZ-QUABTZBS AND OMI-IHOH SPRUCE & RED DEAL MATCH BOARDS. Biroh and Oak Boards; Lanoewood and Ash bent Shafts; Felloes for Cart and Carriage Wheels; Dressed Oak Spokes for Carriage Wheels; Futohels, and Tarned Waves; Turned li inoh, 2 inch. and 3 inoh Table Legs, &o. PAINTED SPRUCE FIELD IATES KEPT ON HAND. SLATING AND PLASTERING LATHS. CEMENT AND HAIR. NEW WHEELS of every description made of the best well- seasoned Timbers. TRAPS, CARTS & SHANDRIES, MADE AND REPAIRED. ORDERS QUICKLY EXECUTED. CYCLES! CYCLESI WILLIAM H. HALDEN, 2, BjEA VIEW TERRACE, HOLWAY, HOLYWELL, AGENT NOT RETAILER. AS all who are in the "KNOW" are aware, 60% disoount ofl list prices, are the usual terms allowed by Manufacturers of Cycles to Retailers. As I am not a Retailer, but an Agent for the Manufacturers, I charge 10% as commission, and allow 40% to Customers. Suoh a large discount is not to be bad from any other Agent, or Retailer, in Great Britain. PRICES TO SUIT ALL LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. The following are a few of the Cycles that may be had on above terms:-Palmer, James, Hobart, Trent, Engineer, Victoria, Wulfruna, White, Townend, Shakespeare, Optimus, Globe, Simplex, Neptune, and a Host of others. SUN INSURANCE OFFICE, FOUNDED 1710 Sam insured in 1897 exoeeds £ 425,000,000, For all particulars apply to the following Agent, HOLYWELL.MB. ROBERT THOMAS. MOLD .MBSBBS KELLY, KEENE & 00 ST. ASAPH.MB. Ll. LLOYD. BUOKLEY .MB. EDWARD ROBERTS TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. DO you lequire yonr Corn ground P Send it to FLINT MILL. The work oan be done quiokly and well. 4 6 w.oSZR"V"F,R OFFICE, HOLYWELL. HASTE OOKLETS, QHASTE JGOOKLETS, CAPTIVATING rjlOY JJOOKS — PRESENTATION VOLUMES — AT ALL PRICES. THE CHEAP LIBRARY POPULAR NOVELS Neatly Bound in Cloth at the low Price of ilid. EACH. AN IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM CHURCH SERVICES IN ELEGANT BINDINGS. Teachers' Bibles with Concordance and Maps combined. GUNDAY GCHOOL JJEWARD AND rpEXT CARDS. 'OBSERVER' OFFICE, HOLYWELL. GRIFFITH JONES, BILL rosTEB AND TOWN aBlER, UPPER SUMMER HILL, HOLYWELL Thebee t Potting Stations in t he District. All orders promptly and thoroughly carried ou CHI '$tF-Nlg H'AIR. n's stroy Beeird" a V"o A y I d to, ang u ik T. M. W A S S, CYCLE DEPOT, FLINT. OFFICIAL REPAIRER C.T.C. Agent for Flint and District for R. & P.'s Cycles and many other Leading Makers. MACHINES MADE TO ORDER. First and Second Class from L8 10s. Od. First Class Machines for Seoond Class Prices, ill lls Call and inspect them. Eaoh machine guaranteed. All makes of Tyres fitted to suit Customers at Lowest Prices possible. Great Variety of Cycle Accessaries always on Stock. AGBNT FOB- WHEELER AND WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES. CYCLES AND SEWING MACHINES Supplied on the Deferred System. EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM. T. M. WASS. Do you Oycle P Do you Cycle P IF YOU DO, CALL AT THB "0 B S E R V E R" OFFICE, HOLYWELL, AND FUB0HASB ONB OF THBIB SPECIAL ROAD M A. F S BBFOBB STARTING ON YOUR TOUB. MAPS OF HOLYWELL & DISTRICT 1COUBTBD ON £ »D. EACH. CLOTH, O — MAPS OF NORTH WALES StroBgly bound in cloth oovers, — EAOH. with guide to all places of J interest in North Wales. The Maps are made from the New Ordnance Survey, and the Main Roads are distinctly coloured. Davies & Oo.'s Speciality. LOCAL AGENT FOR THE SALE OF COLElIAN'S WINCARNIS, For which over 6,000 Testimonials have been teoeived from Medical Men:— Sold by— D. HUGHES, Chemist, High Street, Holywell. E. FOULKES, Grooer, Well Street, Holywell. MR. E. C. BRIGGt. .Teacher of Music & Musscal imtra; (HIQHBBT DIPLOMA R.M.O.M.), Reed Organs, Harmoniums, Pianofortes, &c., Tuned and Repaired.- -Terms moderate; 4, TITHE BARN PLACE, FLINT. TO BE LET—A BEERHOUSE, in Baglllt- also a fully-licensed PUBLICHOUSE in Flint.—Apply to KBLSVBBTOX BBBWBBY Co., Ln. For the Blood ia the Life.Deutoronomy xii., 28. II Health and Vigor depend upon the quantity and quality of the Blood." —Humanitarian. Keep the Blood pure and the Health of the System will follow." ~Bectith. II We have seen hoats of letters bearing testimony to the truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's World- Pained Blood Mixture. It is the flneat Blood Purifier that Science "and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with II the utmost confidence recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally. -iramily Hoctor. QLARE3TS "gLOOD MIXTURE ^JLARKE'S JJLOOD MIXTURE QLARKE'S JgLOOD JUIXTU.BF, THE WORLD-FAMED BLOOD PURIFIER, For Scrofula, Seurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, Skin and Blood Diseases, Pimples and Sores at au kinds, and for oleansing and clearing the Blood frost all impurities, it cannot be too highly recommended. It 13 the only real specific for Gout and Kheumatic Pains, for it retuoyes the ccmee from the Blood and Bones. 10 TOLD ME HE WOULD HAVE TO TAKE MY LIP Ofy." "I feel in duty bound to add m) testimonial in farour of Clarke's world-famed Blood Mixture. I have suffered toir three years and six months with a dreadful sore on my upper lip and chin. I was forced to go to the Skin Hospital in EUm Bank-street; they did not do any good to it. Then I tried most of all the Principal institutions in Glasgow, and lastly the Skin and Candor Institution in St, Vincent-street, and paid one potmd before receiving any advice, and the advice wa« that he was afraid I would lose my upper lip I received treatment in this institution for one month, and received no benefit. Then he told me he would have to take the lip off, but I would not consent, and of which I am a proud man to-day. After tbia I went to the Western Infirmary, and was undw a olever skin specialist. I received treatment for 13 w and received a little benefit, and came out and commenced working again at my occupation, but I soon got as bad as ever I then commenced with I Clarke's World-famed Blood Mixture,' and after taking live bottles was completely cured. But I still continued taking the Mixture till I had taken 13 bottleB You oan make use of my name in any way you please.—Yours truly, „ WILLIAM PATKBBOH. "4, Greenfield-street, Govan, Glasgow, January, 6th, 1897." «TURNED OUT OF HOSPITAL, AS I WOULD NOT CONSENT TO HAVE MY LEG OFF.'> I send you this testimonial, for I have derived a gtftt benefit by taking Clarke's Blood Mixture, after two years of great suffering with a very bad leg. I have bsen in a Birmingham hospital 18 months, and six months outpatjeB(. at another hospital at Birmingham. I was turned out in- curable, as I would not consent to have my leg taken off. T was told to try Clarke's. Blood Mixture by^a friend o| so I sent for a large bottle, and by the fame I had taken it i wau able to go about on my crutches. I haa another bottle, and by the time I had finished it my leg was 'luite well, and I am able to go to my work. I am a Birimnghaan ttaa, am working at present in Halifax, and I am Willing answer any questions that anyone may to ask, j cannot speak too highly of it. I recommend it to all. You may make use of this if you like. E. t Hanson Square, Fleet Street, Halifax, Yorks, "October 23rd, Itj97." IMPORTANT ADVICZ TO-ALL.-Cleanse the vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions, and sores cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanee it when it is foul-your feelings will tell you when. Keep your blood pure, and the health of the system will follow. In bottles, 2s 9d each, by all Chemists throughout the World, or sent for 88 stamps, by the proprietors, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Coy., Lincoln. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIAL s. QLARKE'S JJLOOD j^JIXTURE. QLARKE'S JJLOOD jy £ IXTURE. QLARKE'S JgLOOD jyJIXTURE. Do not be poimwdsd V) toko an imitation or substitute. Sales by Mr. William Freeman. OAKLANDS, BAGILLT, SITUATE MIDWAY BETWEEN HOLYWELL AND FLINT. Important Sale of about 50 valuable Oil Paintings (by Eminent Artists), Engrav- ings, Oleographs, Prints, &c., the modern Household Furniture of Entrance Hall, Dining and Drawing-rooms, Breakfast- room, Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, four Bedroom Requisites, various Outside Effects, &c., ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, THE 5TH AHD 6TH DAYS OF JULY, 1898. MR. WM. FREEMAN HAS received instructions from Mr WM. PIEBCE, (who is changing his residence,) to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the above-named Premiees, the whole of the once very oottly HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS, BRIEFLY COMPRISING :— ENTBAKOB HALL, STAIBCASB, &c.Mabogany double seated settee, four feet mahogany h&t and umbrella stand, ball chairs, eight large cases of stuffed birds, two large stag's heads and antlers, several pairs of horns, bronze figure, dagger, in silver case, bronze shield, barometer, hall lamp, eleven valuable unframed and framed oil paintings, en. gravings, &o., clock, with painted dial, door mats, mahogany and other tables and chairs, stair and landing oarpets, gent's mahogany wardrobe, eight- day grandfather's clock, by Winstanky, &o. DINING ROOM :—Mahogany teleeoopa dining table, occasional side tables, &e., 7 ft. 4 in. pedestal side board, with lofty silvered glaes back, drawers, cellaretts and eliding trays, 7 ft. 3 in. mahogany side- board, with raised back, collarette, drawers, &o., 7-octave cottage pianoforte, in rosewood case, 6 ft. 6 in. by 6 ft. 4 in. chimney mirror, in gilt frame, mahogany framed couch, ditto framed sofa, easy and single chairs, Brussels oarpet and hearth rug, fender and fire-irons, coal vase, plated good?, outlery, plated caudlestiohs, lamps, ornaments, various glass, decanters, &c., twenty-two valuable oil paintings, by eminent artists, such as W. Marshall, J. S. Jackson, Pinx, Mulzag, Little, Meizer, Verko, one of the above by Pannini is said to be over 200 years old, ten various oleographs, sporting soenee, &o. DBAWINO ROOM Large Brussels oarpet, hand- some chimney mirror, 6ft by 5ft, in gilt frame, valuable mantel olook in ormolu and enamel under glass shade, and pair of gilt oandelabra under shades, a 6ft cabinet inlaid with buhl and tortoise shell, with shaped glass doors, valuable suite in ebonized and gilt frames and stuffed backs, oomprising-aetteep 6 single and 2 easy chairs and dwarf ditto, eight occasional chairs in mother-of-pearl and enamel, walnut framed four-seated Ottoman, inlaid papier machie and other occasional tables, beautif ully oarved marble figures, &o., handsome china, glass, and other ornaments, fender and fire irons, en- gravings— I Coronation' and Wedding of Queen Victoria' and 'The Allied Fleets in the Bosphorus,' water color, fcc., marble medallions of Nelson and Wellington In circular gilt frames, window cornices, &o. BBEAKFAST Roox -Floor linoleum, cast fender, mahogany telesoope table, mahogany writing table with movable double desk, large chimney mirror in gilt frame, handsome Chippendale book case with antique glazed front with eacrtoire, drawer, under cupboard and cellarette, Spanish mahogany cabinet with 48 pigeon boles and under-oupboard, 7ft by 2ft 7in, oheffoniere, dwarf oak bookcase with glazed doors, two engravings double-bnrrelled guns, lar^e 2ft 7in, oheffoniere, dwarf oak bookcase with glazed doors, two engravings double-bnrrelled guns, large number of various well-bound books, &e. THH CONTENTS O. BBDBOOXS, IN(;LUDIE: -Mahogany half'tester bedstead, with massive oarved foot board, iron half-tester and other bedsteads, box spring mattrasses, feather beds, two very well-fitted up mahogany wardrobes, large old oak ditto, two sets of mahogany and walnut duchesse dressing tables and washstands. handiome toilet services, pitchpine pedestal oapboards, towel rails, C.S. and other chairs, large oak linen chests, carpets, fenders and ir np, engravings, prints, ornaments, window poles, hang- ings, &o.; ALL THB USBTOL KITCHEN AND CULINARY REQUISITHS, OOMPRIIING-Syoamore, oak and deal tables, part antique dinner service, copper, brass and tin ware, B.M. diah covers, and other effeots. ALSO VARIOUS OUTSIDE EFFECTS of-Three iron- framed garden seats, two ditto chairs, iron balanced garden roller, four various sized lawn mowers, oil cake crusher, get of harrows, ploughs, chaff-cutter, aouffler, carts, two-wheel trap, old phaeton, dog oarts, ohurn, &c., &o., &o. SALE TO COMMENCE AT BLBVEN A.M. Order of Sale will be shewn in Catalogues which may be had at OAXXANDS, and of the AUOTIONBBB, a few days prior to Sale, with permission to view. Auction Oflice Perthyterfyn Cottage, Holywell. Sale by Mr Robert E. Hughes. SEA VIEW, FFYNNONGROYW, MOSTYN. Sale of modern and antique HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, by direction of Mrs ROBERTS, who has sold the Residence. MR. ROBERT E. HUGHES WILL SELL BY AUCTION on the premises, W as above, on MONDAY, THB 4m DAY OF JULY, 1898, At 12.30 o'clock, the substantial FURNITURE, consisting of-Brass and iron bedsteads, bedding, linen, cheatfl-of-drawers, toilet tables, oarpets, rngs and mate, mirrors, pier glasses, massive grandfather's clock (indicating seasons, in thorough going order), drawing-room and dining-room suites, dining tables, pictares, china, kitchen furniture, mangle, garden implements, out-houses and general effects. ON V IBW FBOM TEN O'CLOCK MOBNINO OF SALE. Auctioneer's Offices:- Auotion and Estate Offioes, Rhyl and Prestatyn, Where further information may be obtained. DENBIGSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S FIFTY-SIXTH ANNUAL SHOW WILL BB HBLD IN ACTON PARK, WREXHAM, On Friday, July 22nd, 1898 (The day after Shrewsbury Show) WHBN UPWABDS OF P/^AA f Will be awarded in Prizes for d&DUU I Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry Dogs, Butter, Cheese, Bread, Eggs, &c. Entries olose July 1st, or with extra fee July 8th. If yon have not had a Schedule, send a Post Card to the Secretary, T. WELSBY, 5, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. A GENTS WANTED to push first-olass i\ Machinery Oils. Liberal Commisiion.—'Box 31, POST OFFICB, LIVEBPOOL. TO BE LET —with immediate possession— SA1THAELWYD COTTAGE," situate about One Mile from tho Town of Holywell, and cear to Pantasaph. The House itands within its own will-wooded grounds, with lawn in front and gardens. It contains Dining, Drawing and Smoking Rooms, two Eitihens, baok Kitchen and four Bed- rooms, Splendid situation, overlooking Estuary of the River Dee. Stable and Coach-house oontigr" —Apply, "OBSBBVEB" OFFICE, HolyweU, HOLYWELL FESTIVAL, Bank Holiday, August 1st, 1898. SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS!! athletic" SPORTS AND A VARIETY OF ENTERTAINMENTS. DOG SHOW AND CYCLE GYMKHANA. RACES. Flat, Hurdle, and Donkey Races. Fot further particulars see programmes, &0. For ground for Hobby Horses, Swings, Stands, &o., apply to THOS. C. GRIFFITHS, Secretary. WHITFORD AND MOSTYN GARDEN SOCIETY FOR PBOMOXIKQ THE CULTIVATION OF VEGETABLES, FRUITS, AND FLOWE RS, IN COTTAGE GARDENS, SITUATB IN TUB DISTRICTS OF Whitford, Gorsedd, Holywell, Llanasa, Ffynnongroew and Mostyn. THE ANNUAL SHOW WILL BB HBLD (By the hind permission of W. H. Tate, Esq.J, IN DOWNING IJ ABK, ON Wednesday, August 24th, 1898. ATHLETIC SPORTS DURING THE AFTERNOON. Sohedule of Prizes and other partioolarrs can be obtained of the Hon. Seeretary. WM. BAKEWELL, DOWNING, HOLYWBLL. OR HBB DDUW, HEB DDIK: DUW A DIGON. Y GWIB YN EBBTN r BID. B A GT L L T THIRD ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD IN A SPACIOUS BUILDING (Capable of holding 1,000 people), On Saturday, the 17th of September, I8f)8. BRASS BAND CONTESTS. SBLXOTIOKS Pride of Wales" (W. and R). First price, 8, and Silver Cup to the Bandmaster; Seoond prize, 94; Third prize, 42 Fourth prize, *1- • MABCH :—(Own ohoioe)—First prize, One Guinea. OoBNBT SOLO :—" Ma Normandie." PrÙle, Gold Medal. SLIDE TBOKBONB ROilY MOTU.Prize, Gold Medal. VIOLIN SoM :—Svenden'a Romanse (Opus 26). —Prize, a Carrodus VioliD, bow and case, value 910 10s. Od. MIXED CHOIB COMPETITION :-Choirs not less than 40. Test pieoe-" Bydd melus ooiio y Oyfamod" (Isalaw). Prize, J64 4a., and Silver Cup to Conduotor. JUVENILE CHOIR COIUISTMON:-Oboirs not over 30 in number. Test Pieoe-" Y Deryn Pur" (D. Emlyn Evans), A2 2a., and Silver Cup to the Con- duotor. Numerous Competitions in Vocal and Instrumental Mueio, Literary and Miscellaneous Subjects. ADJUDIOATOBB. H*sic: WILFRED JONES, ESQ., R.A.M., Wrexham. HERBERT SCOT, ESQ., Oldham. (Champion Euphonium Player). .Pas" OAD V AN, Programmes Id. each, per post lid., may be had from the Seoretariea- HUGH JONES, Sea View, Bagillt. EDW. ROBERTS, Dee Bank, Bagillt. THE ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES. 1898, TO BB HBLD AT BLAENAU FESTINIOG, JULY 19, 20, 21, 22 and 28. oi?i-A.3srr) c'oisrcujRT EVERY EVENING, PBEFOEMANCB of the two WaLSH OBATOBIOS "YSTORM TIBERIAS" (Stephen) and"TRAETH Y LAFAN (D. 0. Williams), also, the "ELIJAH (Mendelssohn). EISTEDDFOD CHOIR number- ing 300 voices, supported by FULL ORCHESTRA. INTBBBSTINQ PBOQBAMMH each day. ARTISTES (amongst others) MISS MAGGIE DAVIES, MADAME HANNAH JONES, MR. BEN. DAVIES, AND MR. FFRANGCON DAVIES. CHEAP TRAINS FROM ALL PARTS. PBIOBS OF ADMISSION Reserved Seats (8 meetings), transferable, 25m. Single Meeting or Concert, 4S.; 1st class Season Ticket (8 meetings), 20s. not transferable; Single Meeting or Conoert, 3B. 2nd class Season Tickets (8 meetings), not transferable, 12s. 6d.; Single Meeting or Conoert, 2s.; 3rd class Single Meeting or Conoert, 111.; Saturday (Special Day), Uniform Price, Is. For further particulars apply to the GBN. SEC., MR. H, ARIANDER HUGHES, BLAKNAU FBBTINIOQ. FLINTSHIRE SUMMER ASSIZES, 1898. NOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that The HONORABLB Sin ALFBBD WILLS, KNIGHT, one of the Justices of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, assigned to hold the next Assizes for the County of Flint, will proceed to open the said Assizes, at Mold, on FBIDAY, the 22nd day of JULY, 1898, and all Justioes of the Peace within the said County, and all others having business at the said Assizes, are required to attend at the Oounty Hall, in Mold, on SATUBDAT, the 23rd day of JULY, 1898, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely. MICHAEL ANTONIO RALLI, ESQ. High Sheiifl. Mold, 28th June, 1808. HOLYWELL UNION AND HOLYWELL RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having Claims against the Guardians of this Union and the Rural Listriot Council, are requested to send in their Accounts to me, the undersigned, at the Board Room at the Workhouse, not later than ELEVEN o'clock a.m. on TUESDAY, the 6th day of JULY, 1898, and to attend there personally, or by their authorised Agents, on SATUBDAY, the 9th day of JULY, 1898, between the hours of Ten and One, to receive the amounts due to them. Any bills not sent in on the above date will be held over for a period of THREE MONTHS. By Order P. HARDING ROBERTS, Olerk. Board Room, Holywell, June 27th, 1897. HOLYWELL UNION. TO DRAPERS, CLOTHIERS, AND OTHERS. WANTED, for the Union Workhouse, the following articles :— 12 Dozen Pairs of Strong Twilled Sheets. 12 Coloured Quilts. 1 II White Quilts. 2 Full Pieces Coarse Bed Tick (double width). 2 Strong Linen Sheeting (double width) 4 Coarse Linen Sheeting (single width) 1 Strong White Calico. 60 Yards Oilcloth for flooring, 1 yard wide. 4 Full Pieces Striped Flannel. 2 Plain Flannel. 3 Billy Foden. 2 of Check. 2 Galatea. White and Blaok Linen Thread, at per lb. White and Black Cotton Reels, at per dozen. Tapes, Buttons, Needles. 12 Dozen Men's Shirts. 4 Dozen Boys' Shirts, sizes 3, 4, 6. Tenders, with samples, to be sent to the Work- house, addressed to the Visiting Committee," not later than 10 o'clock on FBIDAY, the 8th JULY next. By Order, P. HARDING ROBERTS, Union Offioes, Holywell, Clerk. 27th June, 1898. HOLYWELL UNION. ADDITIONAL MALE OFFICER WANTED. THE Guardians of the Holywell Union will at their Meeting to be held on FBIDAY, the 22nd JULY, 1898, prooeed to the election of a suitable person to attend to the Vagrants, the Labour Yard, assist in the Sick Wards, and discharge other duties that may be found needful. The Salary will be 14s. per week, together with board, lodging, and washing, which will be provided in the Workhouse, where the officer will be required to reside. The value of the emoluments for the purposes of the Poor Law Offloers Superannuation Act, 1896, is fixed at A35, and the appointment will be subject to the provisions of that Act, and also subject to the approval of the Looal Govern- ment Board. Candidates must be single men between the are of 25 and 40, and the person eleoted will -be under the directions of the Master of the Workhouse, from whom all particulars as to the duties of the offiee may be obtained. A knowledge of the Welsh language is absolutely necessary. Applications in the Candidates own handwriting with copies of dot more than three recent testimonials as to oharaoter to., to be sent in to me not later than 10 o'clock on the day of the appointment, and candidates to attend personally, and at their own expense, at the Workhouse at 2 o'clock p.m.. on the said 22nd July, 1898. Oanvassing the Guardians is strictly prohibited, and will be a disqualiifcation. By Order:- P. HARDING ROBERTS, Union Offioes, Holywell, Clerk. 27th June, 1898. TO BE SOL D—A oompact FREEHOLD FARM (one mile from Caerwys Station, Flint- shire), comprising Eleven acres of excellent Land, with good Farmhouse, Stabling, Buildings, &o.— Apply, Joomwn SMITH, Legh Street, Warrington.