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"MAlilvi.T NEWS. '> ,-< '{' MAX.: i.ank.—SO far as JcQpeern§ this ^market, the gtremi order of things has been in a much less un- settled state" tFiari' witnessed last week, Although business is still conducted on narrow lines, both the attendance and demand have continued on a more satisfactory scale, values being supported withlese difficulty, .There has been a decidedly better inquiry, and a more satisfactory trade paWing iri"wheat and With- ahtpments-cn a limited scale, prices are steady at last w<k'*8 decline, English being Is easier. White is quoted at 40s to 44s, and red ait 38BTO40s. F6reigrr descriptions have been in better support, and quota- t'on^are. generally Is to Is 6d easier on the week, t* re although not, however, further reduced to-day. No. 1 harii Manitoba, 39s to 39s 6d ex quay; with none offer- ing exslvp-" N^fthern spring. 38s and Californian at 42s, landed! Walla Walla, 40s; while red Winterre-. tnainp n'oftM&Hv South Kussian, 34s to 37 s; and Calcutta No. 2, 33s 6d, landed. The tone of the market for flour, in sympathy with wheat improved as the day advanced, but there is still only a small consumptive business passing, and prices show a further decline, quotations being nominal thereat, bakers apparently have sufficient stock to keep them from buying at the moment, white jibe little demand is still met by re- sellers who take irregular phces, The London p Millers' Association have made a further reduction the price of town household being put down to 34s &nd whites to 37s per sack. Of country makes, patents range at 35a to 36s roller at 32s to 33s; and stone, 31s to 329 American first patents quoted at. 32s to 34s; second ditto, 30s to 31s; first bakers, 28s to 30s; and seconds, 25s to 27s; Cali- fornian. 30s to 328 Hungarian, 38s to 42s j^and French nominal at 33s to 36s per sack; with none offering Barley meets with a slightly steadier demand; but te tendency of prices remains against sellers. Odessa. 15s 6d to 15s 9d ex ship, and 168 ex quay. Danubian nominal. The market for oats continues in a lifeless state, with business practically at a standstill, incj, quotations are rather easier, American mixed clipped ,14s 6d ex ship, 15s ex quay; and white clipped, 15 s 6d to 15s 9d ex ship. New Zealand nominal. Offers of maize still meet with poor re- sponse, although sellers are prepared to take less money. American mTxed, 16s 6d ex-ship; and Odessa, 17s landed, Danubian remaining stationary. Beans met a quiet-sale, but sellers are not pressing. Barbary, 19s per 3301b.; Egyptian splits, 20s to 20s 6d ex mill; while peas remain scarce-and 'firm, being sparingly offered. Maples, "32s to 33s Canadian white rifling'at 27s 9d to 26s landed. LONDON METROPOLITAN CATTLE.—Trade for both prime and second qualities opened slow, salesman asking stiffer prices, which curtailed the demand, eventually, a clearance being effected at late prices. Fat butchering cows ruled easier, but fat bulls in better request were firmer. A few grass-fed beasti were shown. Scotch quoted 4s 2d to 4s 3d; Devons, 4s 2d; Norfolks, 4s to 4s 2d; Lincoln shorthorns, 3s 8d to 4s; fat cows, 3s 4d to 3s 6d. Sheop arrivals were also smaller, but experienced a very slow demand^ ewes being, easier. n: to 8-stoe Down wethers, 5s 2d to 5s 4d; 9-stone ditto, 5s to 5s 2d; 10-stone, 5s 10-stone half-breds, 4s 8d to 4s lOd ;-11-stone Ham pshires, 4s '4d to 4s 6d; 12-sftohe Lincolns, 41.1 to 4s 2d 10-stone Down ewes, 3s 6d to 32 Bd. An improved demand prevailed for lambs at the decline established last Thursday; 5-stone fat Downs, 6s 6d to 6s 8d and 6-stone half-bred ditto, 6s Od to 6s 2d per 81b. sinking the offal. Calf trade nominal. English milch cows JE15 to £ 21 per head. Coarse and inferior beasts quotfed 2s 4d.to 2s lOd; second quality ditto, 3s to 3s 8d and first ditto, 3s lOd to 4s 3d; coarse and inferior sheep, 2s lOd to 3s 4d; second quality ditto. 8s 6d to 4s Od; and first ditto, 5s to 5s 4a; inferior lambs, 5s 4d to 5s 6d; second quality ditto, 5s lOd to 6s 2d; and first, 6s 4d to 6s 8d per Bib. SMITHFIELD MEAT. Moderate supplies were received, and met a moderate inquiry. Beef arrivals included 60 tons ScotcTi, 450 sides from Liverpool. 1150 hind-quarters and 750 fore-quarters American refrigerated. Quotations as follow Scotch, 3s 8d to 4s 4d; English, 3s 6d to 3s 8d; American, Dept- ford-killed, 3s 4d to 3s 6d; Liverpool, 3s 4d to 3s 6d American, refrigerated, hind-quartei-s. 38 8d to, 4s Od average, 3s lOd fore- quarters, 2s Od to 2s 4d average, 2s 2d. Mutton: Scotch, 4s" 43 to 5s English wethers, 4s'to 4s 4d; ewes, 3s Od; Dutch wethers, 3a 8d to 4s 4d; Argentine, Ss to 3s 4d. English lamb, 5s 4d to 5s 8d. Veal English, 4s to 4s 4d; Dutch, 3s 8d to 4s. Pork: English, 48 Od to 4s 4d; and Dutch, 3s 4d to 8s 8d per 81b. POULTKY AND GAME.—The arrivals were short, aid with a good demand the tone of the market Wall firm. Quotations Fowls Surrey, 3s 6d to 4s 6d Sussex, 3s 3d to 4s; Boston, 2s to 2s 9d; Essex, 2ft to 2s 6d Welsh, Is 9d to 2s 6d; Irish, Is 6dito 2s 6d; Aylesbury ducks, 3s to 4s; Oxford ditto, 8s to 4s; country ditto, 2s to 2s 9d; geese, 3s Gdfto 4s 9d; Russian fowls, Is 6d; wild rabbits, 90 tame ditto, Is 2d to Is 6d each Australian ditto, 8s to 10s per dozen; feathered pigeons, 8d to lid; ditto Bordeaux, lid to Is 6d; fat quail, Is 69 medium ditto, Is; ditto (live), 9|d each; English new laid eggs, 7s per 120; venison (haunches), 21s to al8 each ditto (forequarters), 5d per lb. I BILLINGSGATE MsH.-The supplies were of f4ir. extent, and met a good inquiry. English salmon, Is 2d to Is 4d Scotch, Is 2d to Is 4d; Irish, Is 8d tola 4d salmon trout, Is Od to Is 3d; grilse, 1 d tO Is Id; soles, la to Is 4d; slips, 7d to lOd; red mullet, 6d to 9d; dories, Id to 4a per lb.; turbot, 6s to 9s brill, 5s to 8s; halibut, 3s 6d to 4s 6d; lembn Soles, 5s to 5s 6d plaice, 3s 6d to 4s 6d per s'one, steamer ditto, 10s to 80s per trunk; Aberdeen ditto, 18s whiting, &* to 4s' 6d gurnets, 5s to 7s; hake, 12s skate, 10s cod, live, 15s dead, 7s to 10s per box; English mackerel, 10s to 12s; Irish, 14s per 60; fresh haddocks, 5s to 10s per trunk; eels, live, 18s to 20s; dead, 14s to 15s per draft; lobsters, 6d to 2s each; crabs, 18s per hamper; Dutch oystefs. 8s; French, 6a per 100; winkles, 8s; whelks, 4s per bushel bloaters, 8s 6d kippers, 3s 6d per box; smoked haddocks, 2s to 8s per down; whitebait, pd per quart; shrimps, 8s per bushel. I I BOEOCSH HOP.-The market, as is usual at tui period of the year, continues in a general state ioi auietness, the small sales passing showing no change in values, East and Mid-Kent goldings continue quoted at 85s up to 110s; Weald of Kents, 85sjtc 110s Sussex, 85a to 100a Farnhams and Country Farnhams, 90s to 110s; and Worcesters, 85s up to 100s per owt. Pacific coast produce con- tinues to move off slowly, sales being of,a re- stricted character. The market for Continental parcels is nominally unaltered. Variable and, on t,he Srhole, unfavourable weather has continued during the past week, and the hop plantations consequently have not made altogether satisfactory progress. Most af the large growers in all districts are busy wash- ing," but the blight is still severe, and hot dry weat-her is much needed to assist in bringing the plant into- a healthy condition. On the Continent ,bhe jn&rkots w reported quiet, but firm, for anything but common grades^ Business ha* been passing,at Nuremburg, at prices rangi hg from 75s up to 120s for medium and choice qualities, while a few parcels of very low class hops changed hands at 55s to 65s pei cwt. [Reports are generally good for average crops. SEED TRADE.—Consumptive sowing requirements are now at the lowest cebb. Whilst all speculation is non-existent, mustard is scarce and dear, the small Stocks on hand being further reduced by export orders. Rapeseed tends upwards. There is no move- ment in birdseeds.. CAMBRIDGE CATTLE.—Fat beasts, very little altera- tion in prices. A few lots of store beasts were shown, but trade ruled slow. A fair show of fat sheep, prices being a trifle better, Not so many store sheep, tc band. A short supply of fat pigs, trade improved, Not manvlstorlk, pigs were offered. A short supply of tiny and straw. Prices: Beef, 6s to 7s; inutton- 4a 2d to 5s y pork, 5s to 6a 3d. JJHADING CATTLE.—IJeef was scarce, and with im- proved business best p old at 3s 8d tp 4q; secondary. 3s to 3s 6d. Mutton jn large supply and trade dull, Best made 4s 8d to 5s j secondary, 4s to 4s 4d. Lamb scarce, best selling at 6s 4d to 6s 8d; secondary, 6s. Veal. plentiful; trade dull; best 4s 2d to 4s 6d; secondary, 3s 8d to 4s per stone. COSH IPUTTFAi.-Primest, 7?8 per cwt,; prime, 75s .fij-sts 75s; seconds, 73s J thirds, 72s; fourths, 68s. Mild' cured: Choicest 77s; ^nhoice 75s; superfine, 77s; fine, 75s; butter, 79s to 73s. GRIMSBY Fisil.-SIIPPI and demand good. Brills, 7d to 8d ner lb.: cod, live, 2s Od to 4s Od; dead, Is Od to 3s Od each piokled, 28s Od to 30s Od per bar^l; salt, 8s Od per cwt; i codlings, 6s 0d to 10s Od per bQX; halibut, liv«, <5s. 0d taJj^ Qd j 3s 9d to L it 6d per stone -haddocks, 7. Od to l,Od per round; 98 Od to 14s 0d per box; live, 10s Od to 13s Od level; .finnan, 3s Od, to 3s 6d per stone latchets. 9s Od to 12a Od per box, ling, live, 2s Od to •is Od dead;-ls 6d to-3s Od each; lobsters, Is Cd per lb.; mackerel, 4s Od to 5s Od monks, 10s Od to 30s' 0d per scorej American oysters, 4s 3d per 100 "plafee^s Od to 5a 3d per stone; 6oles, lb Od to;.Is Sd per lb. lemon, Ss Od to 6s Od per stone; salmon, Is Id to Is 5d grilse. Is Od to Is 3d per ¡. skate, live, 2s 6d 16 5s Od; dead, 2s Od to 3s 6d each; squibs, 15s Od to 30s Od per score whitings, live, 5s Od per score; dead, 3s Od to 4s Od per box; iyhelks, 3s Od per wash i««, 1? 8d per cwti r. •'ili • {

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