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-n LAMBERT'S FAMILY!: AND I COMMERCIAL HOTEL, HIGH iSTKEET, HOLYWELL. -:0:1- "<' WHOLESALE WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. ^.POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, Speoial and personal attention paid to this Department. :0: REARSK AND MOURNING CARS!AGES AT SEASONABLE RATES «:o: in. London and orth-Western Railway Parcels Agent- THE GHARINfi-CROSS BANK Established, 1870. LIVERPOOL BRANCH8, DALE STREET HBAD OFFICES 28, BEDFORD-STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.O., AND 39, BISHQPSGATE STREET WITHIN LONDON, E.C. Braaohes: Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, 4to. ao. Aasets •»•••#•••• 607,949 0 0 Liabilities •«•••••• •••• £ 1,236,871 0 0 SurpluB sggoooooqoos oo*43719078 0 0 LOANS of £ 30 to £ 2,000 granted at a few hours' notice in Town or Country, on per- gonal security, jewellery, preoious stones, stocks, lù" »»a 'oraitura without removal. Stocks and Snares bought ona geld, TWO-AND-A-HALF PER OENT. allowed on CURRENT AOOOUNT BALANCES. DEPOSITS of £ 10 and upward* reoeivedas under Bubject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal;65 p.o pia « g C C tt g «< « 11 cc < 7" Speoial terms, lor longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able pay rates of Interest on Deposits that will compare favourably with Dividends paid on almost any olass of stock or shareholding insuring the safety of capital. We have been established foe 40 Tears, and our position in the Banking World to-day testifies to the success of our business methods, and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write or call for prospectus. A. WILLIAMS H. J, TALL. ROAD MAPS MAPS OF NORTH W A L P, Strongly bound in cloth covers with guidd to all nlaoea of intores in North Wales, AS IBB "Observer" Office, Holywell. CLEVEDON HOUSE (Opposite the N. P. Bank), 49, HIGH STREET. HOLYWELL. A IGNES BEGS to Inform the Inhabitants of Holywell JD and neighbourhood that she has now on view a GRAND SELECTION OF CHILDREN3 COSTiIJMES AND MILLIJN ERY OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Ladies and Children's Underclothing A SPECIALITY. Ladies and Children's Gloves, Blouses, Skirts, &0. Agent for Pullars', Perth, Cleaneis and Dyers, by appointment to His Majesty the King. Compare Prices before purchasing eleewhere. WILLIAMS, BROS., SLATERS PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERERS CEMENT WORKERS, ROOF AND FLOORING TILERS, PAPERHANGERS AND COLOURERS &IRE GRATES~ND RAAGIES Fixed by Experienced Men. MaMmatm givo for all kinds of Work. WHOLESALE YARD FOR TIMBER, SLATING, PLASTERING, LATHg CEMENT, BRICKS, CHIMNEY POTS, PLASTER OF PARIS, And all kinds of BUILDING MATERIALS always on hand, at reasonable rates. AÚ Orders promptly attended to. Yabd The Old Timber Yard. HALKYN ROAD, HOLYWELL. MfI)ONTQET DOWNHEARTED H ■H When Doctors fail tk K H to Cure Your Wm%fwmwmWIWi§%y H B but benefit by the experience of Mr. W. G. Hoare, I HH who tells how he was permanently cured of the H nj most severe attack of this Dread Disease. jHt II 21. School-street, Stantonbury, IOres frOm one ear to the other. I could Hw Mi Near Wolverton, Buoks. find myself (retting better before I had MHXH Mi Near Wolverton, Buoks. find myself (retting better before I had MHXH "Gentlemen,—At the end of July. 1901,1 finished the first bottle, so I continued HHH had one of the most severe attacks of Eczema with it until I had taken six bottles. I HH ■I that any man, I should think, ever saw. I should have written you before this, but I HBB HH was under medical treatment for some time, wanted to be sure it was a permanent ■SH NMjjfty and getting no better I began to be down- cure fieat, which I am thankful to say it is, MBflgil hearted, when a friend of mine persuaded as it i« now more than 4 years since I was BHH try 'Clarke's Blood Mixture,' and I oured», and I have not had the slightest ,HI HHl am thankful to say that I tried it with good (tone of any return.—Yours truly, JWM HI/ results. My face was one mass of running (Signed) W. a. HOARE. ■■■ THP 191-7 A QOTVT Clarke's Blood Affixture effects such wonderful cures BSMfrA x IVLi/iiJUli is because It is the only medicine which thoroughly Afl ■HI drives out all Impurities from the blood. Re member, For the blood Is the life," 'fflHjH HflHl and Skin and Blood Diseases, such as Eczemti, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Ulcers, B&iS! P'f"P'e3, Sores, and Eruptionsof all kinds, Blood Poison, Glandular Swellings, On Rheumatism, Gout, &c., can only be permanently cured by purifying the blood. HH ■Hfl'-i Clarke's Blood Mixture, which has stood the test of 40 years, la to-day In greater HM islill demand than ever, and the proprietors, utfth confidence, solicit sufferer* to glv« ■ ■ CLARKE'S | ■ BLOOD MIXTURE I Pleasant to the taste and guaranteed free from anything injurious to the most delicate | {HI Hi constitution of either sex. Of all Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per bottle, and in cases, con- §fffi|r| taming six times the quantity, 11/ or poII1; free on receipt of price direct from the tHH proprietors. Refuse substitutes. z!jKm. SUFFERERS who are doubtful about their case should write to us at once, fully SkS ■B describing their illness. We shall be please^ to give them, in confidence,'the best advice HH| mraH free of charge. We will also Bend copies of many additional testimonials. Address: yNBB HHH THB SECRETARY, as below. BB8 HHl Proprietors: THE LINCOLN & 14IDLAND COUNTIES DRUG CO., LINCOLfl. jjmj CROSS STREET, HOLYWELL. 0:- AF A R I « n i i 5 TAILOR & GENERAL OUTFITTER, INVITES INFECTION OF THE P N E W 300DS HE HAS RECEIVED FOR THE SPRING AND SUMMER TRADE. t, :o: ■ ■■■ The Stock consists of well-selected Patterns in Scotch, West, and lorksMre Woollens. -:0: THE READY MADE DEPARTMENT Is well supplied, with Gentleraeis, Youths, and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Caps. Ties Shirts, Underclothing, Umbrellas, &c. Special Measure Suits procured, from 25s. Ladies' Costumes made to Order in all the Latest Styles. I SIGHT TESTING FOR SPECTACLES, If you have any doubt as to the condition of your eYe-as regards Spectacles-you should have your eyes tested by a qualified Optician, who would then advise whether Spectacles shculd be worn or not. Our sight testing room is fitted up with the latest scientific appliances, and we make no charge for testing, whether Spectacles are required or not, L. Schwarz, D.E-O.A. (Qualified Optician), has charge of the Opticial Department. -:0:- A SCHWARZ, JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, HOLY W ?t' v ft ^The ORIGINAL and I||||S ONLY GENUINE. I| Mfrh. Best Bemtay Know tor |l^|| Admtted by tteProfessicn to « be the COUGHS9 COLDS, MOST VALUABLE REMEDY 9 ever discovered. ■ ASTHMA, and Effectually cuts short all fl B RDniurHiTlQ K^QRopflBattacks of SPASMS. m ^H BKwIlvrla I 10« The only Palliative in SB m Act* Nke a Charm In NEURALCIA, TOOTHACHE, DIARRHOEA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, B OHOLERA, and Convincing Medical Testimony Js* DYSENTERY, accompanies eacti bottle. jgjy BOLD IN BOTTLES BY ALL CHEMISTS. at 1/lS« 2/9, and 4/6 each. A WORD TO LAGiES We want an opportunity to convince you that SI- JUSTCU ARP> S APIOL ? STEEL PILLS Supersede Pennyroyal, Pil Cochia & Bitter App!e. We will send you sample free on receipt of two stamps for postage LESLIE MARTYN, LTD., CHEMISTS, ai, PALSTON lAKE, LONDON. GREY HAIR | restored to its original colour by usiag HAIR tlARR ISON'S cCtJR RESTORER It is not a dye, but acts naturally, is quite harmless. PRIOE 116, Postage ad" 6. W. Harrison, M.P.S. Reading. "™Aa*«i>OA Howwiw :oreWH £ S, OBBMIII, HOLYWELL COUNTY SCHOOL OHAIBICAN ON THB G-ovaSHOES: P HARDING ROBERTS, ESQ. VICB-OHAIBKAN MRS fOHNSON JONES. HBADKASTBB J. MORGAN EDWARDS, M.A. TEACHING STAFF J. MORGAN EDWARDS, M.A. (Oxox). J. T. MORGAN, B.So. (LORD.), Trained Certificated Master. R. J- OWEN, B.A. (WALBS), Erhibitiooer and Prizeman of Tjnirersity Oolleirc of North Wales. HUGH G. MORRIS, Trained Certificated Master. J. R. HUGHES, M.A. (WALBS), Exhibitioner of University Oollege of North Wales. H-tnours in Latin; Diploma in Freach. L. OWEN, B.A. WAMM), Honours in English Langnage and Literature. L. M. SMITH, B.A. (LOTOOH), Honours in French. Music (Instrumental): 0. LEWIS-JONES, Mus. BAO., L.R.A.M. WOODWOBK F. A. ROBERTS. COOXBBT AND LAUNDBY:— MISS STOBAR, First-olags Diploaaa for Cookery, Laundry Work and House* if try. For Prospectus, List of Saooesaes,&o., apply to he EinADmuTsim, or to F. LLEWELLYN-JONES, Clerk to the Governors, Holywel BEST AND CHEAPEST STOCK STATIONERY NOW ON VIEW, AT THE 0" OBSERVER OFFICE, HOLYWELL. LETTER CARDS WITH VIEWS OF HOLYWELL CHASTE Children's Party Invitations and Replies IN FANCY BOXES. Papers TWO LONDON PARCELS DAILY NEWSPAPERS APERIODIC a Lc All the Daily, Evening and Weekly Newpap;, received and delivered; Periodical. r. own published B URca SElt V. [N ELEGAN1 /UMHM-x Teachers' bibles with OoncoraaLt. &nd Maps combinea SUNDAY SCHOOL REWARD AND TEXT CAM Paul US. THE PENNY WKAPPEK MOST LSEF' L ObSERVi k < )H I j HOLYWiLl, C 0 L Sao Bettisfield Colliery PRICE LIST Best House Coal Sid. per Gwt. House Juts • • 8d. h Terms:-Cash at Weigh Cabin. TO PARTIES REMOVING. JOHN HOLMES, WHITFORD STREET, :BOjLYWELL, BEGS to announce to the Publis that he bM now TWO LARGE VANS, and is prepared to REMOVE FURNITURE on the most reaaoaabla tetme. PAINTING & Decobatinq E. J. CATVER WOOD, Painter Decorator, OJIAPEL-SL HOLYWELL ALL CLASSES OF PAINTING AND DECORATING, PAPiSRHANGING, GRAZING, UNDERTAKEN AT REASONABLE &AT±St ÄIII) QUICK DESPATCH GUARANTEED ESTIMATES GIVEN. CrCLE. Marvellous sacriftoe. Gents new 1M7. Machine highest grade fitted with elinofcer tyers, orabbe roller lever rim brakes, baok and front, the very latest. Perrys 1907 ball bearing free wheel, plated rims, coloured centres, frame blaok and gold lined, mudguards, magnificent machine not soiled, complete with gas lamp, bell, pntnp, spanner, etc. Great bargain, £ 4 10a. 0d.. worth doable. Will send on approval any distance before eash sent.—'1 HOUSE," St, Madge, fitman>road. Weston Super Mare. CHEAP LIBRARY PRESENTATION VOLUMES. AT ALL PRICES. AS XBB "Observer" Office, Holywell, < *•A it ifc i. DEFEND YOUR HEALTH by opposing to the invading i forces of disease the invigorating t and strengthening properties of < Beecham's Pills. A box of these > pills embodies a simple, safe and 4 scientific method of preserving t < the general health and fitness. t The ability of any individual to » resist the onslaughts of disease ( t depends to a large extent upon the healthy state of the digestive organs. When good digestion is f obtained the whole body is pro' < perly nourished and consequently t fortified against attacks which in the contrary case often prove dis- < astrous. Health and strength, in f the important matter of a sound digestion, can always be secured ► and maintained lw By Taking | i :6CbMVS filla Sold in boxes, Illi (56 pills) & 2/9 (168 pills) £ «i w mw vr^pvpwwv^t IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. f? VERY Mother who values the Health and JLJ Cleanlioess of her Child should n*e HAJELBI SON'S "RELIABLE" NT7B8&BY FO MA D E. One application kil's all Nits and VermiD, beautifit-s aud strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4!d, and 9d. Postage, Id. GBO. W. ELAupiaoN, Chemiot, ReadinA.-Aweints tor Holy- well D. HUGHES, Hi»rn -treet; Connah's QU«V :—K. LLOYD JONES, Med<ca] Hall Flint:— o. W. J ONES «n Co. AU Ohemieti.