Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

Flintshire County Council.



GRHaNFIlLD. A Sxohh-Thsowimg VAoRam.-Whou the ohildren were returning from the Boot Council School, on Monday afternoon, along the Btgiltt-road, a tramp from some cause, or no oanse, threw stones after the children, striking a little girl naamei Foulkes, with one of the missiles in the head. Fortunately a Mrs Ellis, living in one of the adjacent housei, saw the child and picked her np and oarried her home. As the child's mother was not in the boase at the time, Mrs Eilis, taking the little girl with her, followed the man in the direction of Greenfield, with the view to his being taken in obarge. It appears that the man made too baste to eicape, possibly It was well he did not, or in the neighbourhood he may have been 11 summarily dealt with." His disorstion in that way eaved him. The police officer was on duty else. where, and the vagrant: proceeded on his way. Visit OF TEEB Nobtb WALBa Unionist Van.— Last Friday, the Unionist Von of the North Wales Division of the Natioual Union, vUited Ireenfiwld. The van was stationed in the Square, opposite the Queen's Head, and here a meeting was htid, when Mr O. A. Emlyn, the representative of the National Union, addressed the assembled crowd of hearers. The address, dealing witb labour and anemployoieat, and free imports of manufaotnred artiolee was dealt with in an interesting manner. Qaestions were asked and replied to by Mr Samlyn. Land taxation was the subject of one questioner, and import taxation of another. The object of the latter question was to obtain a direot reply in favour of the taxation of food stufia. Mr Emlyra io a lucid on a tines gave a reply to the question whiob was punotnatad by hearty applause. Mr JSmlyn was much appreciated, and his speeoh was listened to most attentively. The work ot the van in touring from place to plaoe ia North Wales is doing mnch to open the eyes of the people npon the question of Tariff Reform. Major Badcliffe, the organisillg secretary for North Wa es, makeii the general arrangements, alid the looal arrangements for the meeting were made by Mr Thoa. O. Griffiths, the Unionist agent of the district. PROPOSED EXTENSION OF HOLY TBjlqITY CHURCH. The congregation of Holy Trinity Church have made a spirited start towards the oompletion of the Ohurch, and the amount colieoted from among the members themselves is greatly to their oredit. The foundation stone of Holy Trinity Ohuroh was laid on Monday, August 15th, 1870, by (the latb) The Most Noble The Marchioasss of Westminster. Owing to a lack of fund*, the original intention* of the then Building Committee were not carried oat in their entirety, and it was resolved to prooeed with tha ereotion of the nave and aisles of tha Charoh only, leaving the erection of the ebanoel and vestry to a future date. A temporary out wall (now showing evident signs of detachment from the edifice) was built, with a view to future extension by means of a chancel, and portion of the vestry, ware also erected. These now show signs of dilapidation owing to exposure to the weather. Within the last few months the question has been carefully considered by a committee of the members of the congregation, aid it has been unanimously decided that the time has now arrived when the Ohorah should be properly completed by addition of a ehaaeel and vestry. Plans and spscifioations of the work have been drawn up by Messrs Douglas aid Fcrdham, ecolesiaatioal arobiteots, Chester, aad the estimated cost of the whole when completed amounts to nearly S700. 8nbsoriptions, etc., amounting to over Alto hava been promised, and most of that amount has already been paid, and within a very short period of time, by subscriptions and other efforts, an amount of about £200 will have been provided by the members of the congtegation at Holy Trinity Chnroh. Messrs Grosvenor, Ohater and Co., of the Paper Mills, Greenfield, have kindly promised to support the project with a subscription of fifty guineas.




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