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CHESTER STOCK AND SHARE LIST, Reported by Messrs. Wabkslbv, Jokks and Co 29, Eastgate Row (North), Chester. Comolb 85 Baxk Rate 2 PZB eigNT. Present Price. Chester Corporation SJ p cent Irredeemable Stock loo-iriol Chester Corporations Redeemable Stock. 9C, 93 Chester Gas Co. 5 Ordinary Stock ill—li,, 4 Preference (Stock 97—10, 3 £ '< Debenture Stock 89— 9 Chester Water* ork 71 Consolidated Stook.180-189 7 New Ordinary Stock 1st and 2nd moieties 170-172 6 ilo Perpetual Pre- ference Shares, fully paid _16i—17J Wrexham and East Denbighshire Water Co Consolidated Stock' 165—170 44 p cent Cons. Pref. Stock- 118-116 Ordinary stock. 12ù"h2 Hawarden & District Water Co Lio Shares, fully paid.r £ — 8 Nat i'rov Bank of England, Ltd £.75 Shares £10 10s paid. 381 3SJ 96U Shares, 912 paid -44J-44i Forth and South Wales Bank, Ltd £ 6C Shares, £ 12 ICe paid ..49}—49f Parr's Bank, Ltd.. £ 50 Shares. £10 paid — 43|—H Lloyds Bank, Ltd.. ;EbO Bhares, f.8 paiduSi— Bank of Liverpool, Ltd.. £100 Shares, £ 1810s paid -871-371 Manchester and Liverpool District Bank_ — „ — fiOOS^ares, Lit paid,48!— Chester Grosvenor Hotel Co., Ltd.. A20 Shares fully paid 22-23 Chester Queen Rail- way Hotel Co., Ltd 10.0 Share fully paid. 20-21 £20 Shares, A10 paid 10-11 Chester Blossoms Hotel, Ltd. £ 10 fully paid- -8-10 Chester Northgate Brewery Co Ltd Ord 410 Shares,fully paid. 8-10 6 p cent £ 10 Pref Shares fully pd. 9—10 4 p cent Debentures £ j—85 Bent's Brewery Ltd Liu Ordinary Shares si—3j 4 6 p cent 910 Pref bbL&reis. Birkenhead Brewery Co., Ltd B10 Shares, jES paid flo Shares, fully paid 13 Holywell Halkyn Mining and Tan- nel Co., Ltd. I Shares, ifuuy p id 10s Od—80s Od Halkin Mining Co., Ltd el Shares, fully paid- 10s Od—15s 0 East Halkyn Mining Co Ltd £ 1 do, do £ 110s, paid. — 2 South Halkyn Mining Co-, Ltd El do. do 17s M-24a Od £ 1 od-ige od New North Halkyn Mines, Ltd. 1.1 Shares fully paid 25s Od—57s 6d North Hendre Min- ing Co., Ltd. £ 210s Shares, fully paid 54—2? do £ 1 5s "■ £ 1 2i—2| Pantymwyn Mining Co, Ltd., el Shares fully paid _17s 6d—20s Bryngwiog Mines Ltd. £ 1 Ord Shares, fully paid 23s—i6s j, f.1 lass paid .12s—15s Talacre Mining Co Ltd :El Ord. do, do do i I Pref do, do United Minera Co., Ltd 1 Ord dc Isle of Man Mining Co, Ltd (Foxdale) Ltd M I-Ij 74 Pref £ 17 lOspaid 25—30 Llanarmon Mining Co, Ltd. 91 Ord. fully paid 1 Prefod I. Halkyn Drainage Co- £10 Shares, fully paid 16-17 Che ter Boat Co, Ltd 9 10 Shares, fully paid 5-6 Stubbs Boating Co., B10 Shares, fully paid.. -9-10 4percent Debenture.. —100 Chester Cocoa House Co Ltd 6 M 64—6 £ 5 £ 8 44-5 Chester General Cemetery Co. £5 Shares, fully paid Chester New Musio Hall Co, Ltd. L25 18—20 Chester Steam Laundry Co., Ltd. Lb 10—11 .1 L5 6-61 Chester Race Co., Ltd F.IDO £ 75 lsb-195 Dee Oil Co Ltd. £1 Ord, f3hares Walkers Parker Oo., Ltd., £.10 Shares, fullypaid, 6 p cent Cum. Pref 2i- 3 do ^Debentures.. 81-86 Victoria Pier and Pavilion Co., British Law, Lite, Fire inror. Ltd.- £.10 Shares, 1 paid.. — — — _4g—4j Chester Cottage Im- provement Co Ltd. 95 Shares, fully paid., a-ai Ex-dividend*


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