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--Holywell Rural DistrictI…


Holywell Rural District Council. I Mostyn Housing: Estimated Rent 45.3d. per week. MVNYDD BYCHAN LANE. Petition to Repair. The meeting of the Holywell Rural Coun- cil was held on Friday last, presentMr. It Lloyd Davies (chairman), Mr. Edgar J. Gaskell (vice-chairman), Mrs. Johiiison Jones, Capt. Williams, Messrs. John Rob- erts, J. Petrie, S. Reynolds, T. C. Roberts, S. Williams, E. Matthews, Wilfred A. Ast- buiv, Wm. Roberts, Wni. Evans, Peter Evans, Edw. Evans, Ed. Jones, H. Wil- liams, D. Hughes, with Mr. P. Harding Robert (clerk), Mr. W. H. Roberts (assis- tant clerk), and the Surveyors and Inspec- tors. HOUSING COMMITTEE'S WORK. The report of the proceedings of the Housing Committee held the previous week was read. Closing orders were directed to be issued in respect of houses at Padeswood Lane, Buckley, certified unfit for habitation. Mr. Roberts, the architect, submitted plans of the 22 houses proposed to be built on the Rock Field, Halendy, Moatyn. The estimated rent, it was reported, would be 4t!. 3d. per w-eek per house. The committee recommended the plans for approval, and that they be submitted to Lord Mostvn, and afterwards to the Local Government Board, for observations and approval. "W ith regard to the proposed houses at Greenfield, it was stated that the Talacre estate was prepared to sell a piece of land on Bagillt road, Greenfield, at an agreed price, and it was recommended that a deputation meet Mr. p, H. Cave, the agent, in regard to the pro- posal. Mr. Petrie moved the confirmation of the minutes, and explained several matters men- tioned. Mr. S. Williams seconded the proposition, which was carried. The recommendation to refer the plans of the Moetyn houses to Lord Mostyn for his observations and afterwards to the Local Government Board was adopted on the pro- Position of Mr. Petrie, seconded by Mr. Gaskell. TENDERS AND TRAFFIC. The tenders for the supply and cartage of road material in the Holywell and Mold districts as recommended by the committee for adoption were presented. Mr. Petrie said he opposed one thing, "I and that was the traction from Holywell Junction to Halkyn. The engine, etc., was about 50 tons weight. They had protested against the County Council using such heavy-weight traction for their own work. He considered the District Council should refuse the tender and accept that from Holy well town in lieu of that to Holywell Junc- tiori. He thought they should petition the County Council to do away with those heavy traction engines. He thought it would not he wise to accept that tender, and suggesed that the Council should reconsider it. He proposed that the tender be accepted as from Holywell Town instead as from Holy- well Junction. The difference was 6d. per ton more. Mr. Reynolds seconded the proposition, which was carried. Mr. Wilfrid Astburv said his attention had been called to the Moel Arthur road and its bad condition. The tender for stone from the quarry was a little less than from other quarries, but the cost of the repair of the road would be considerable. Mr. W. Williams: Should not this be brought before the Mold Highway Commit- tee ? Mr. Astbury replied that it was thought it would be better to bring it before the full Council. The Holywell Surveyor said it would cost R50 for material for the repair of that road, exclusive of labour. It was stated that the tender was asked for granite—the Moel Arthur stone was not granite. There was no grey granite in Flintshire. Mr. Gaskell: It is not actually granite, but it is a granite stone. m The Surveyor said it took 113 tons of stone to put the road in repair after last year's work. The road was only used for agricultural purposes and the quarry. The Clerk said it was a public road, and was not used exclusively for the quarry and the few farms. Mr. Gaskell proposed and Mr. Petrie see- onded that the recommendation to accept the tender for Moel Arthur stone be accept- ed. The proposition was carried. THE CLASSIFICATION OF ROADS. The Clerk reported upon the Conference with the County Council at Mold, on the classification of roads for the Road Board, and referred to the system of classifying district roads so that there would be no confusion as to the class in comparison with the County Council roads. He pointed out that in the Holywell District Council area there were 300 miles of road. In supplying the information for the classification there would be required a minute census of traffic in the neighbourhood, and it was suggested that the road men should make the census. The schedule of traffic was read by the Clerk, and drew the remark from Mr. T. C. Roberts that the roadmen would not be capable of discriminating on motor and ve- hicular traffic in the way required by the Road Board. Mr. Petrie: That is my opinion on the matter. It was agreed that the Road Board Com- mittee meet and consider the reports. GREENFIELD WATER. The suggestion was made that the water on from Top Houses well be piped to Bryn- celyn. The water was not used now as the I houses were not now inhabited. It was decided that the question be de- ¡ ferred for the present. THE GREENFIELD PUMPS. I A letter was received from the Holywell Parish Council, coplaining on the condition of the several pumps and suggesting that they should be overhauled by a competent man. Mr. Petrie said the pumps were being broken and some steps should be taken to protect them. It was decided to draw the attention of the police to wilful damage. MYNYDD BYCHAN: PETITION TO REPAIR. A letter was received from the Clerk to the County Council drawing attention to the petition of the people of Mynydd Bych- an that it was the duty of the Council to maintain and repair Mynydd Bychan Lane. The County Council had appointed a. Com- mittee of Inquiry and requested that the District Council be represented at the In- quiry. The suggestion was adopted, and the Clerk was appointed, to whom was dele- gated the defence of the Council in what they had done in the matter. THE NEWMARKET RAILWAY. The London and North-Western Railway gave notice of intended application to the Light Railways Commission for a renewal of the Order to make a Light Railway from Dyserth to Newmarket. The difficulties connected with the scheme were done away with, and the work would proceed immedi- ately the renewal was obtained. The Council agreed to give assent to the application. BAGILLT POOL The Solicitors to Messrs. W atkins, Parker and Co., wrote declining to accept the terms offered by the Council in respect to the Dee Bank Fishing Pool. They would not derive any compensating advantage in the way the L. and N.-W. Railway Co. would. PORT SANITARY AUTHORITY RE- PRESENTATION. The Clerk to the Chester Port Sanitary Authority wrote pointing out that in con- sequence of the death of Mr. S. Lloyd, and the resignation from the Council of Mr. Wm. C. Pickering, there were two vacan- cies on the authority. It was decided that the appointments be made.

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