Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



the Academy, Pontypridd T CLASSICS, &C. e DUNMOR EDWARDS, M.A. I.lATKEMATIC &C. bar. Rev w- J- GtORGE. M 'EPARaTIOIS ior Matricni lion, Theological Colleges &e. Next Tefill begins March 0, 19o8 COLLECIftTE SCHOOL, P'OISTT YP RIDO ■ w HEADMASTER: dEN KYN JONES, B.A. (Lond.), w Prospectus on application. wttmrik SCHOOL, AMANFORD. On6 of the Oldest Schools of the kind in Wales. (Established 1830.)- re Curriculum of the School is adapted to the q remants of the London and Welsh Matriculation, ^didates are also prepared for the English '"Jfonal 'Ca' Colleges, as well as the various Profes- TVi a<?^ Commercial Preliminary Examinations. H ■rr,e es each year equ«,l those of any School ales, in proportion with number of Students. TUTORS Itev J. WELDON DAVIES (Late Jesus College, Oxford). Rev. T. JAMES. Mr. JOHN LEWIS. Mr W. R. MATHIAS, B.A. (Honours). the tjjher Particulars may be obtained from ead Master. Term bep-ins Wednesday, April 22,1908. OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL p CARMARTHEN. aiN°iPALs Rbvs JOSEPH HARRY AND J. B. THOMAS. 20 b. SUCCESSES FOR 1905-6-7. to^VLATI0N 0Fi b ^bjt^8' Division), o «tte"an College/ PrecePtors. Kangor College. SCHOLARSHIPS 5 Scholarships King's and J.Jones) 2 Bank Clerkship. 2 Normal Studentships. 6 Baptist College, Catdifl. 2 Trevecca College. 20 Commercial Post. Total for Three Years, 116. lil>iited Plete List of Successes apply as above. "amber of Boarders kept at Mr Thomas's Bouse leahlinnton Spa, Warwickshire. an<^ highly recommended home ■ft ^riv fVlsito« to Shakespeareland. Board ryrt-hs e Apartments. Moderate Terms, ^reh Rooms, Near Reading Rooms, > hardens and Stations. THORNTON, ,^JUQ)0y». LODGE, AVENUE ROAD. Aro^ J>0reu a rhataf am bob math o ^erthy7aith' ydyw'r Swyddfa'r TYST, fxcl rcN r5 WA TCHES 1 ree H. Samuel offers you a series of ad- |3 vantages such as no other firm in the |» If DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. 11 HI f4 T 1. An assortment of Watches ll|| tH 0^ Jewels and Clocks to which |i|| SSI 4 &c- practically every known source 111 1|| I —of supply has contributed of rag Its best. HI c?™^aIa 2. Valuable improvements in lii sll Hnarj J ™lthl" Watches, protected by Boyal gra§ 111 _Ji^. ib wgjBk W Vocr. Letters Patent, ensuring double Hi M: H\ 11 §^8^ £ ^llewne're' the average service and wear, |» Bp de j§2 -Ml H yet given without extra cost to |l|j the purchaser. T/J 8. A Month's Free Trial with jl§ every article, enabling you to {pa HlP=*™iF/vo45^ n | put your purchase to the most M tf,\jj T ^JjM searching test before deciding j||l to keep /—t IfK if m \&w #• Single articles at their lowest ||j| f—/ .1 I A Factory Prices, giving you the §gi f—3 II f l^ftVl gratifying advantage of either 1« p'°| I SI twice as good an article or a jfjp r~' I N «-43ia7 H- Samuel's saving of almost one-half. gag —| III 1 1 f- Of W 5. Every facility for inspection ||| I j KLSSSS2TI and choice, and the same studied gig ~f i >4 IMBr lmSt! courtesy whether you buy or ~i I S U$W -lllS not. Train Fares Paid. S || ||I READ THIS! 1 Rothesay Villa, Totton, Hants. Feb. znd, i gos. Silver. Dear Sir,-THE WATCH Hnf WHICH'! KSSS -mm H M LUCKY 22 rt" IlH 1 FR0M Y0U 20 YEARS M H lAi^nS n,«f ''18111! I ar ago is still keeping || H ^I SdL S ^i«. iHll EXCELLENT TIME. WE H Free Wedding Gift with IHISMarKI xran nm ■ nnnn flf each. Private Selecting .HfiMIl ALSO HAD A GOOD ||y @ Room. IBIinli TIMEPIECE FROM YOU 3 /mL*iA1 twelye years ago, g AND IT IS JUST AS Set of Carvers in Silk. GOOD AS EVER. B ii,,ed Case. 3/3. Com. Yours truly, with 6/6 sets elsewhere. WELCH. 1 pited. Put in a nutshell, you get a H H better article at a lower price §11 pMpj^Tnlflf than elsewhere, and the cer- 0 tainty of a pleasing selection, Hg 19-ct.ooid.Rea.-9,& no matter what you pay- H ■^WfiGSI SS?rd5S5«/0 VISIT H. SAMUEL TO-DAY. M Wrn Senwnonal value. See Crue'.s to many Rings sold else* YAH IIAUE EVERY INDUfiFMFMT 1H H sold elsewhere at 6/6. where at 12/6 lUVflH** fcWfcUl IllHVWtm&ni. ■ 11| CAMlin 119 HiSh Street, I 1 n. OAlVIUbL MTTPTTTVP I SL > (of Manchester), XVLJlj _Lt _L JUL X _LV).