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LAUGHARNE ECHOES. (By ABERCORRAN) Laugharne, Wednesday. WAS IT A CARRIER PIGEON 1 Mr William Brown, skipper of the smack "Towy," of Laugharne, relates an interesting incident, which I herewith place on record. It appears that while they were lying in Laugharue river, a pigeon persisted in hovering around the "Towy," and though repeatedly repulsed, would not be driven away. Eventually it alighted on the Towy's deck, and was captured by the [ skipper's son. The smack sailed for Kidwelly, and, while there, the young man proceeded to cut the wing of the pigeon, and in doing so found that the pigeon's wing was stamped with the name and address of a person in Manchester. It must have been a carrier pigeon, I should think, and by some means or other got out of its course. I give the story as it was told to me by the skipper himself. THE REST HOUSE ON THE SCAUR. In our last issue, dear Mr Editor, I gave an account of the laying of the foundation stone of the Rest House on the Scaur. It is being erected in memory of the late Sir John William Kaye, K.C.S.I., F.R.S., F.RG.S., M.R.A.S., etc., and at the rate they are going on now, the work will soon have been completed. Mr Ernest St. George Kaye tells me that he and the Lady Kaye purpose placing a bell in the turret to summon the ferryman. This will prove an extra convenience, and since I was the first to bring this matter before your numerous readers at Laugharne, sir, I herewith embrace the oppor- a tunity of congratulating the Lady Kaye and Mr Ernest St. George Kaye upon the good work which is now being rapidly accomplished. A MEAN AND DASTARDLY ACT. It is surprising to what depths of meanness some people will stoop, especially when prompted by a feeling of jealousy or dislike. Mr John Evans, shipwright, Laugharne, a very quiet and harmless old man, has been the victim of what I call a mean and dastardly act. The old man, who lives in his littie cottage on the cliff, has been for weeks past busily employed making a new stream-net, with which he hoped to eke out a living. He tells me that on Monday last, while his net was hanging against the wall, near his cottage, some evil disposed person or persons deliberately cut the net with a knife in about twenty places. It is to be hoped that the per- petrator, or perpetrators, of this mean and dastardly act will soon meet with the deserts they so richly deserve. It is-to put it mildly —an obominable shame to treat the aged and helpless in such a thoroughly mean and despicable manner. THE NEW CONGREGATIONAL CHAPEL. At a meeting of the building committee held on Thursday the 19th inst, to consider the several tenders for the erection of a New Congregational Chapel in King-street, the lowest and successful tender was that of Mr James Rees, of St. Clears. I am informed that the work will be commenced at an early date. MR FIDDLE-DE-DEE. Mr Fiddle de-dee is quite an important personage, in his own estimation at any rate. He is fast be- coming inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity and pomposity. Poor Mr Fiddle-de-dee Oh would the God's some giftie gie us To see ourselves' as others see us! Just now he is busy pouring out his vials of wrath, and spitting forth his bitter venom against that grand old institution-the Chnrch. Don't talk shop my friend, and cease your puny efforts. Can you stop the flowing tide with a riddle ? Have you read those beautiful and prophetic lines The Church's one foundation Is Jesus Chiist her Lord;" and, Gates of hell can never 'Gainst that Church prevail; We have Christ's own promise. And that cannot fail, The dear old mother" can take care of herself, Mr Fiddle-de-dee and if you continue to meddle in other peoples' business, and neglect your own (I shop," depend upon it you will find to your cost that your customers have taken to themselves wings,—and that the bees have returned to the old hive." And what will Fiddle-de-dee do then, poor thing? Of what use will be your new and extensive premises, when, by your mistaken zeal you find that your old and once faithful customers, have gone gone back to the old shop."






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