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THE COUNTY SEED AND CORN WAREHOUSE, PLANT, BULB, AND FLORAL DEPOT, 13, Queen Street, Carmarthen. SPRING 1892. t sJ^xgfc !i(' 71 A H. G. EYNON (PïOJn w. Ii. Rogers, The Quee?i,s Seedsman, Southampton) BEGS mo6t respectfully to inform the gentry and inhabitants generally, of Carmarthen Suburbs, also the adjoining Counties, that he has Opened Business at the above Address, as a GENERAL SEEDSMAN AND FLORIST, CORN FACTOR, &c. An acquaintance of nearly 14 years in the busi- ness enables me, at all times, to place before you articles of a reliable quality only, at reasonable prices, and trusts by personal attention to business to merit your confidence and support. Every description of SEEDS, d-c., to be obtained at this Establishment, at the finest quality only, being procured from the best Emjlish and Continental Growers. A Select Catalogue on Application of FLOWER, VEGETABLE, AND AGRICULTURAL SEEDS, Also BULBS, ROOTS, & GARDEN REQUISITES INSPECTION INVITED. ORDERS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. WANTED. CLLTB AGENTS WANTED, to form Clubs for I J Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Silver Plate, Opera I Glasses, Musical Insts., &c. Members pay Is. per week. Terms, Catalogues, &c., KENDAL & DF.XT, 106, Cheapside, London. Splendid value. Great success. Mention Paper. Ladies' and Gents' Silver Levers 42s., worth 70s. [1254 WANTED, Female, Domestic Servants from 17 to 35 years, and Farm Labourers, seen and selected by the Emigration Lecturer, obtain free passages by steamer to Queensland where they will receive good wages. Only payments, £1 for sliipkits and fare to depot in London. Married men not to have more than two children under 12 years. On landing Emigrants received into Government depot free. Approved persons paving full fare receive Land Orders value £ 20.—Apply, Agent General for Queens- land, Westminster Chambers, 1, Victoria-street, London, S.W. PONTARDAWE UNION. WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT (female) for the Workhouse of the above-named Union. Salary, E20 per annum with rations and apartments in the House. Applications in the Candidate's own handwriting, accompanied by three recent original testimonials,to be sent to me on or before the 13th January, 1892. A list of the duties to be performed can be obtained on application to me. By order, D. BEVAN TURBERVILLE, (Solicitor) Clerk to the Guardians. 4, Herbert Street, Pontardawe, Swansea Valley, 19th December, 1891. [1291 oOOO at 3J per cent. Mortgage of Freehold at/ Land required for above.—Apply at office of this paper. HOUSE PARLOUR MAID, from London Suburbs, desires situation in or near Carmar- then; age 22.—A. H., JOURNAL Office. WANTED, immediately, good plain COOK two in family. —Apply, Mrs Lloyd, Gilfachwen, Llandyssul. WANTED, a good LAUNDRY MAID (Church- woman) and middle-aged preferred.—Apply to Mrs Howel Gwyn, Dyffryn, Neath. WANTED, by a respectable workingman with a small family, a respectable HOLTSE-KEEPER, between 30 and 40 years of age good character re- quired. Comfortable home offered. -Apply to J. J. Davies, 3, Newton street, Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil. WANTED (immediately) a General Servant, able to do plain cooking. Comfortable country home. Wages 7e12 to tfi. Address, Edwards, Homeleige, Newbridge, Mon. ) WANTED (at once) in and out-door FEMALE APPRENTICES for the FANCY DEPART- MENT. Apply, D. D. Jones, Drapery Bazaar, Carmarthen. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, Cheap Excellent Four Wheel Dog- cart. — Apply, J. Jordan Jones, Auctioneer, Rhydygof, Lampeter. TO BE LET. TO LET, a Farm aiul Lands, called GELLVGLYO, in the Parish of Llanegwad, in the County of Car- marthen, on the 29th day of September, 1892. For further particulars apply to T. E. Davies, Esq., Castle Howell, Llanegwad, or to Mr C. E. Morris, Solicitor, Carmarthen. rTIO BE LET (by tender) the Grand Stand Refresh- ment Room on the Carmarthenshire Race Course on the 3rd and 4th February next. Tenders to be sent to tle Secretary, Carmarthenshire Races, Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on or before the 22nd of January, 1892. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. PUBLIC NOTICES. F- FOR Training Young Gentlemen to become OFFICERS in the MERCANTILE NAVY. Fee 55 Guineas per Annum. SCHOOL SHIP CONWAY," Liverpool. For Prospectus, &c., apply to Captain A. T. MILLER, R.N. [129G V,N 1..11v J:< ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO CANADA AND UNITED STATES. (Under contract with the Canadian Government for conveyance of the Canadian Mails) Saloon 10 to 18 Guineas, 2nd Cabin £ (i 6s., Steerage £ 4. CHEAPEST AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the North West Territory, British Columbia, and the Western States of America. Special Emigrant and Tourist rates. Through Trains daily to the Pacific Coast, and Emigrant Sleeping Cars without extra charge. Western bound Emigrants accompanied by a special I conductor. A substantial Government Bonus for familes tat-inq uT) land in Manitoba the North West Territory, and British Columbia. Free Land Grants i of H50 acres. 1 Special handbooks of concise information, the British delegates' new reports and all the latest maps 1 and pamphlets free. Apply to the owners, ) ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Liverpool, < or to WILLIAM FINCH, 16. Nott-square, Carmarthen. 1 THREE MILLIO NS 1 HAVE BEEN I'AIK BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. } AS COMPENSATION FOR ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. 1 Established 1849. Hon. Evelyn Ashley, Chairman. c Capital One Million. £ Income One Quarter Million si ei 64, Cornhill, LONDON. ti E ^T- | secreta,ries. fl; A. MAN, S 1! SWANSEA AND WORCESTER FLOUR MILLS. Subscription List opens on MONDAY, JANUARY 11th, 1892, at the several Bankers of the Company, and closes on or before MONDAY, JANUARY 18th, 1892. WEAVER & CO. LIMITED. INCORPORATED UNDER THE COMPANIES ACTS 1862 TO 1890. Whereby the liability of each Shareholder is limited to the amount of the Share. SHARE CAPITAL £ 200,000 Divided into 8,000 Six per cent. Preference Shares of £ 10 each, having priority in Capital, and 12,000 Ordinary Shares of £ 10 each. FIRST ISSUE ttoo,ooo 4,000 Preference Shares of £ 10"each £40,000 6,000 Ordinary Shares of S10 each £üO,O¡:O Total amount now offered for Sub- scription £ 100,000 Payable £1 per Share on Application, £1 per Share on Allotment, and the Balance as may be required by Instalments not exceeding 1:2 per Share, at intervals of not less than one month between each Call, 21 days' previous notice being given for each Call Of this issue the Directors and their friends have agreed to take over £ 40,000 in Ordinary Shares. No Debentures are now issued. DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN-DR. THOS. DRUSLYN GRIFFITHS, Druslyn, Swansea (Director, Glamorganshire Banking Company, Limited). ALDERMAN JAMES JONES. J.P., Brooklands, Swansea, Merchant. JOSEPH HALL, Esq., Grosvenor House, Swansea, Merchant. -WILLIA-NI WEAVER, Esq., Lansdoune House, Worcester, Miller and Corn Merchant, Managing Director. *Will join the Board after Allotment. BANKKRS: THE GLAMORGANSHIRE BANKING CO., LIMITED, Swansea, and Branches. LLOYD'S BANK, LIMITED, Worcester and Branches. MESSRS. BARCLAY, HEVAX, & Co. London. SOLICITORS MESSRS. AERON THOMAS & CO., Swansea. AUDITORS: MESSRS. TRIBE, CLARKE, CAWKER, & Co., Swansea, Bristol, and London. SECRETARY (l'RO. TKM.): R. G. CAWKER, Esq. REGISTERED OFFICES 11, TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. THIS Company is formed for the purposes of -L erecting at the Beaufort Warehouses, North Dock, Swansea, a First Class Flour Mill of the most modern description, of acquiring and taking over as a going concern the business of Mr Win. Weaver, of the City Mills, Worcester, Miller, Corn and Grain Merchant, and of carrying on. and developing the business of Millers, Corn, Grain and Seed Merchants, and other businesses and undertakings auxiliary thereto and for other objects as set forth in the Memorandum of Association of the Company. Flour Milling Companies established in Cardiff, Gloucester, Bristol, and the West of England, divide large dividends up to Ii 2 per cent., after carrying considerable amounts to Reserve Funds, and in some cases their shares realise double their original prices. The existing services of steamers and vessels between Swansea and various grain-exporting Countries, and the fact that shipowners are at all times ready to make considerable allowances for the privilege of coming to a loading port to discharge, together with other advantages, such as moderate dock charges, cheap fuel, &c., point to Swansea as one of the best spots in the Kingdom at which to establish Flour and Corn Mills and other Manufacturing Industries. As a centre for distribution Swansea has the natural facilities of a seaport town as well as the service of three of the leading railways and other minor railways, and is certainly the natural centre for the whole of the western portion of South Wales. Although Swansea and the surrounding districts have a very large and increasing population, which can well support a Flour Mill of very large capacity, there is at present no large modern Flour Mill in the South Wales District, West of Cardiff, and almost the whole of the Flour and Offals arising from Milling are supplied from a distance, at considerable cost of trans- port, which can be saved by local manufacture. A most eligible leasehold site, up m which buildings of a commodious and extensive character have been already erected, and have complete Railway and Dock accommodation, has been secured upon exceptionally advantageous terms at the BeaufortAVarehonses, North Dock, Swansea. It is proposed to erect upon this site and to have ready for work early in April next. a First-Class Flour Mill of the most modern description, with milling machinery of advanced type capable of an immediate weekly output of 3,000 sacks, and of such a nature as to admit of additional machinery being introduced when a larger output is required. The Mill will also be provided with an electric light installation, which will minimise the risk of fire, and with a complete system of sprinklers for the automatic extinction of fire. The buildings are sufficiently large to accommodate a plant capable of producing 10,000 sacks per week, with ample space for storage and for carrying on the corn and grain trade. It has alse been arranged to purchase from Mr. Wm. Weaver the leasehold promises known as The City Flour Mills," Worcester, together with the machinery and plant therein, the goodwill of the business carried r>n thereat, and the stock-in-trade and book debts appertaining to such business as on the 31st day of March next. This Mill is situate on the canal, has connection with road and railway, and is in the centre of a district in which some of the finest English wheat is grown. Messrs. Tribe, Clarke, Cawker and Co., chartered iccountants, have inspected Mr Weaver's books, and :heir report has satisfied the Directors that the business is an increasing and successful one. The purchase money for the lease, machinery, good- will and plant is £í,OOO, for the stock-in-trade the cost )rice, and for the book debts the full amount less trade liscount, subject to Mr Weaver guaranteeing them to 'ealise 20s. in the £ within four months. The Vendor has agreed to take £ 20,000 (including the mrchase money of the Worcester business) in ordinary shares. The vendor guarantees that the profits on the Worcester branch of the Company's business for the irst three years shall average £ 2,000 a year, and it is relieved that no larger sum than £20,000 (including lurchase money) will be required to carry on this H-anch. The Directors have also secured the services of Mr Weaver as Managing Director, upon terms which they oiisider -vill be advantageous to the Company. The Director-, believe that the business in Swansea nd Worcester can be profitably worked together, and hat the local advantages available at Swansea, the uuiparativc smallness of the capital required, and the I Liccessful character of the Worcester business will nable them to pay dividends equalling, if not xeeeding, those declared by other similar companies. The only agreement entered into is one between le said WILLIAM WEAVER of the one part and -icii.vHD GARNAUT CAWKKU on behalf of the Company f the other part, and dated the 31st day of December, n. No promotion money or intermediate profit of any kind has been charged or will be paid. Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Associ- ation of the Company, of the Agreement above mentioned, and the draft of the proposed lease of the Beaufort Warehouses, can be inspected at the Offices of the Solicitors of the Company. Applications for Shares should be lodged with the Bankers of the Company, or the Secretary of the Company, at Temple street, Swansea, together with the amount payable on application. If no allotment be made the deposit will be returned without deduction, but if only a part of the amount applied for is allotted the surplus amount paid on deposit will be appropriated towards the sum due on allotment. Prospectuses, with forms of application, can be obtained at the Offices of the Company, from the Solicitors, and from the Bankers of the Company. W. FINCH, WINE I SPIRIT MERCHANT, ALE & STOUT BOTTLER, CARMARTHEN. AGENT FOR THE CUNARD, INMAN, ALLAN, DOMINION, UNION, & NEW ZEALAND STEAMSHIP COMPANIES AND THE CANADIAN PARCEL EXPRESS. Information and Dates of Sailing Free on Application. CIGARS! CIGARS!! CIGARS! J. JENNINGS Holds a large Stock of the leading Brands of HAVANA, MEXICAN, MANILA, & BRITISH CIGARS At TO RE'S PRICES. SPECIALITE. 30,000 Manila Cigars, full weight, and in fine condition, to be Sold at the very low price of 2D. EACH. 16S. PER 100. Box OF 500, 23 18s. 60. CIGARETTES. TURKISH, THE OTTOMAN, A'ALA, 8s. 100. EGYPTIAN. MELACHRINO. NESTOR GlAN ACLIS, from Co. 6(1. per 100. SPECIALITE. A Cigarette made on the Premises, from the very finest Virginia grown, and is cut especially for these Cigarettes. They are in two sizes, and sold at 8d. per oz. Many other Brands in Stock. TOBACCOS. Over 80 different sorts kept in Stock, and fresh weekly including- ARCHERS, TADDYS, WILLS, LAMBERT AND BUTLERS, HIGNETTS, COPES, PLAYERS, SMITHS, ETC. PIPES BY ALL BEST MAKERS. POUCHES. CIGAR AND CIGARETTE CASES. STICKS. Every requisite for the Smoker kept in Stock. MH. J. JENNINGS begs to take this opportunity of informing the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry of Car- marthen and District, that his FIRST CLASS TOILET SALOON is NOW OPEN, under the Management of an experienced WEST-END HAIR- DRESSER. Private room for Ladies' and children. Ladies' own hair made up into any design. WIGS, ETC.. PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. -4 large Assortment of Toilet Articles kept in Stock. JAMES JENNINGS, TOBACCO & CIGAR MERCHANT, 44, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN. u_ MADAM NE LLIE REES (LLINOS RHONDDA) SOPRANO VOCALIST, WINNER OF 1-5 PHIZES AT THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD IS OPEN to receive Engagements for ORATORIO and MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS. For terms and date apply, Nellie Rees, Llinos Rhondda, Aberdare. [1287 TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for the erection of a Vicarage JL House, &c., in the parish of Monachlogddu. Plans and specifications may be inspected, and full particulars obtained at the office of Mr J. M. Thomas, Architect, Narberth. Sealed Tenders to be sent, on or before the 3rd of February next, to the Rev D. Griffiths, vicar of Msnachlogaddu, Clynderwen, R.S.O. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Dated this 7th day of January, 1892. SALES BY AUOTION. SALE OF MARINE CLIFF HOUSE, FERRYSIDE. MR. DAVID THOMAS is favoured with in- structions tt» offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, at 3 p.m., on Saturday, 30th January, 1892, the above mentioned very desirable and pleasantly situated Leasehold House and Premises, in the yearly occupation of Dr. Peter Williams. For further particulars, apply to Mr David Thomas, Land Agent, Carmarthen or to MESSRS. G. & R. THOMAS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. 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