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LAMPETER SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS.—Master Stanley Lewis Price, son of Mr. Arthur Price. Bridge-street, and a pupil at the College School, has been awarded an open exhibition of £ 50 a year at Mertpn College, t h- ford for mathematics. Excelsior, Stanley. ELECTION TACTICS.—Now that the election is with- in a month, strenuous efforts are made to put the Conservatives in a bad light. before the electors by Nonconformist preachers, who do not hesitate what weapons they use to catch votes. Mr. Ure made some misleading and erroneous statements about the Pensions Act, and was strongly condemned by every sensible man, but. his offence was slight com- pared to a minister saying from a pulpit at Lam- peter that the old age pension scheme would be doomed 2E the Conservatives got into power! In- for-tuna y for him, there were Conservatives among Kose present, who felt inclined to leave the chapel, and the minister will have to be very care- ful in his utterances in future. Fancy a preacher of the gospel using such unworthy tactics, which he knows to be false, as it was a Conservative govern- ment which first broached the subject of Old Age Pensions, but the Radicals claim an the credit. PHYSICAL CULTURE.—Physical culture classes have been held for young men at the College School under the superintendence of Sergeant-Major Baldwin, which have been very successful. It was proposed that young women should also have a* class, and they started on Friday evening, but it is feared the movement will evaporate, as it does not receive much encouragement.. ST. PETEIB'S GUILD.—At the meeting held on Monday evening at the Lower Schoolroom, under the. chairmanship of the Rev. Canon Camber-Wil- liams, vicar, a paper was read by Mr. W. R. Lloyd, Deri House, on "The Unemployed," and another paper was read by Mr. R. J. Parry, Glyn, on "The Late Dean Edwards, Bangor." Remarks were made on the papers by the chairman, Mr. W. Lewis, Arfryn, and Messrs. Godfrey Evans and Percy Evans. On the proposition of Mr. Percy Evans, Kimberley, seconded by Mr. T. Jones. Temple-terrace, a. hearty vote of thanks was passed ro the two gentlemen for their excellent papers. "DBGREE DAY."—Degrees were conferred at St. David's College on Tuesday to the final men at the Christmas examination, a list of whom appears Jn anoCner column. POLITICAL.—Mr. D. Watkins, election agent for Mr. Fossett Roberts, the Unionist candidate for Cardiganshire, and a large staff, are busily em- ployed in making arrangements for the contest, and magnificent premises have been secured as a central office. Mr. Roberts had a. hearty reception at a meeting of delegates from all parts of Lie county at Lampeter on Thursday. BILLIARD TOURNAMENT.—The first billiard handi- cap of the season was commenced in the Institute on Monday of last, week, prizes being given to the winner and runner-up by Alderman William Davies, The College, and Councillor Walter Davies, London House. The handicapping committee consisted of Dr. E. Evans, S.S.M. Baldwin. Messrs E. Richards, E. Phil Jones, and D. W. Davies. There were thirty-two entries and the first round was finished oil Saturday last.. A full account will al)- pear in our next issue. EVENING CLASSES.—The evening classes in connec- tion with the Institute terminate their first season this week. Most of the subjects taken up justified their existence, and the enterprising committee of the Institution deserve no small praise for their efforts towards improving the minds of the rising generation of the town and neighbourhood. The Physical Culture Class, under the able instruction of S.S.M. Baldwin, gave an exhibition at the Memo- rial Hall on Wednesday evening, when the medal to the member who showed the most marked de- velopment was presented. A full report of the ex- hibition will appear in our next, issue. OBITUARY.—On the 16th inst., Mrs. Mary Jones, Greenfield-terrace, widow of the late Mr. Benjamin Jones, stone cutter, died at the age of 85 years. The funeral took place on Monday last, when the remains were interred at Ebenezer Chapel church- yard, Llangybi. There was a large funeral. The Rev. Evan Evans, Zoar, assisted by the Rev. Daniel Jones, Noddfa, officiated. WEDDING.—On the 17th instant, at the Registry Oflfice, Lampeter. Miss Eleanor Evans, of Elvet House, Llanybyther, was united in matrimony to Mr. John Evans, of Llysfaen House, Llanybyther, grocer's carman. The ceremony was performed by Mr. J. Ernest Lloyd, superintendent registrar and Mr. David Evans, registar of marriages. The happy bride (who was given away by her father, Mr. Thomas) was accompanied by her sister (Miss Hannah Jane Evans) as bridesmaid, and Mr. Thos. Rees, of Glandwr, fulfilled tho duties of grooms- man. After the ceremony the happy couple and their friends returned to St. Peter's Cottage, where a. sumptuous repast awaited them. XMAS MARKET.—There was a large number of buyers and considerable business was transacted Ducks, geese, and chickens were plentiful, but tur- keys were scarce. Ducks fetched lid to Is per Ih, turkeys lid to ll^d per lb, geese lOd to lid per lb, and chickens from 9d upwards. INQUEST.—On Thursday of last week Dr. Abel Evans, the coroner for Lampeter district, held an in- quest at Maestir Cottage, Lampeter Rural, touching the death of a boy named FreAderick John, ajed three years, the son of Leonard Pocock, a game- keeper, ,Ir, D. Hughes, Maestir, was foreman of the jury. It. appeared from the evidence of the mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Pocock, that the boy com- plained of a tior6 on the heel, which had been caused by a new pair of boots. She poulticed it and pricked it, and re-poulticed, when it was observed to be healing. Some days following she showed the boy to Dr. Abel Evans. Dr. Evans was called in afterwards, but he could not attend, and Dr. Davies was called, and said it was septic poisoning. Dr. Davies continued attending the boy up to the 8th instant. On the 9th Dr. Griffiths, at the request of Mr. Harford, called to see the boy.—Dr. Griffiths eaid he was called in to see the boy on the 9th, and on the following day he again called, when he found that septic pneumonia had set in, from which he ultimately died on the morning of the 16th.—After a brief consultation, the jury returned a verdict of "Death from peptic pneumonia the result of septic poisoning of the system through a. boot chafing the heel." SOAR CHAPEL.-Tho weekly meeting of tho Christian Endeavour Society was held on Friday, when the Rev. Evan Evans, pastor, presided. 'Papers were read by Mr. Idwal Jones, Rhoslwyn- on "Mark"; Mr. Evan Williams, Pleasant Hill, on "Peter," and Mr. John Thomas James, Compton House, on "Arehippus." The following also spoke, viz., Messrs. Thomas James, Aelfryn; Timothy Richards, Ardwyn; Tom Davies, Tynffyuon; E. D. Rees, Station-terrace, and John Rees, Peter well- terrace. SPBCIAL SESSIONS.—On Wednesday morning, be- fore Mr. Roderick Evans and Alderman D. F. Lloyd (mayor), David Thomas, of Tynffordd, Llanwonog, farmer, was brought up in custody charged with being drunk in Mount Walk on the previous even- ing. Defendant 'admitted the offence. He was crying loudly during the proceedings so that the evidence of the sergeant could hardly be heard. P.S. Thomas said he wal called to Mount Walk to turn defendant out of a shed, and he had com- plaints that he had been kicking doors. He had to lock him up as he was quite incapable. Defendant was fined 7s. 6d. and costs. On hearing that it was a fine only defendant stopped crying, thanked the magistrates, and tripped out of the hall with a pensive smile. PRizig DISTRIBUTION AND DANCE.—On Wednesday of last week the annual prize distribution to the pupils of Lyndon High School was held in the Memo- rial Hall. Mr. J. C. Harford presided, and the prizes were distributed by Mr. D. F. Lloyd, the íayor, After the distribution a fancy dress ball was held, when Mr. Godfrey Evans acted as I. t", and dancing was kept up until 2.30. Those who came in fancy dresses were few. The hall was tastefully decorated, and the paintings and fancy- work which the pupils had done during the year were arranged round the hall. The high merit of the work done reflects great credit on Miss Francis, the headmistress. A whist drive was also held at one. end of the hall. WBDDINO.—On Saturday, the. 18th inst., a wedding ■was solemnised at Brondeifi Unitarian Cha[>el. between Anne Jones, daughter of Mr. Daniel Jones, Drefach House, and Mr. William John Davies, G.P.O. linesman, Carmarthen The bride was ac- companied by Miss H. Thomas, Llwyneysgr, as bridesmaid, and Mr. David Jones, brother of the bride, acted as groomsman. The bride was triven awa4-bv her father. The Rev. Rees C. Jones and Mr. Tom Evans, district registrar, officiated. W.ODDIN-G.-On the 22nd inst., at the Registry Office, Lampeter. before Mr. E. D. Rees, registrar, and Mr. John Lloyd, deputy superintendent. Miss Mary Davies, of Caeglas, Pumpsaint, was married to Mr. David Jones. Bryucrach, Llanycrwys, farm servant. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A meeting of the Board was held on Friday last. Present: Mr. B. J. Evans (chairman); Revs. R. C. Jones, Lam- peter; T. C. Edmunds, Tretilan, and J. N. Evans, Llangybi; Messrs. T. Gwarnant Williams. Llan- wenog; Thomas Jones, Llanllwni; Dd. Williams, Llanybyther; J. G. Marsden, Dyft'ryn; William Davies, Cellan; R. T. Lewis, Talfedw, and R. J. Rees, Velindre: Drs. Abel Evans" and E. C. Thomas, medical officer, and Mr. J. Ernest Lloyd, clerk. Out-relief, etc.—The amount of out-relief adminis- tered during the past fortnight was as folloa" Lampeter district, per Mr. T. LI. Evans, £ 45 3s. to 147 paupers; Llanybyther district, per Mr. David Evans, JE54 15c. lOd. to 113 paupert,. Number in the House, 24; corresponding week last year. 26. Vag- rants relieved during the fortnight, 61; corresponding period last year. 96. Report.—The Master reported that two male per- sons had admitted into the House in the course of the fortnight; and that Miss Jenning*. had pre- sented the inmates: with some warm clothing. Vote of Thanks.—A "ok of thanks w^-s unani- mously accorded to Mis> Jennngs for her gifts. Attt,nda riot-. iV r. T. G, Williams moved that a list of the attendance of the members during tho last, three years t". made out and submitted to the Board. It was ,I",¡p by other authorities, and ho thought it would be a good thing if the Board adop- ted the same plan.—The Rev. J. N. Evans seconded, and it was carried. Landries, etc.—A resolution submitted for con- sideration by the Poplar Board of Guardians that laundries, engineering,* and other workshops now under the control of Boards of Guardians and Sick Asylums, or Metropolitan Asylums Board, be placed under inspection by Factory and other Inspectors under the Home Office, was allowed to lie on the table, as was also a circular soliciting contribution towards the proposed recogniton of work in the interest, of boarding out by Miss M. H. Mason, senior inspector under the Local Government Board Appointment.—A letter was read from the Local Government Board confirming the appointment of the Master and Matron. LLANYBYTHER RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. —A meeting of the District Council of Llany- byther was held on the same day, Mr. Thomas Jones presiding. Treherbert Water.—The Clerk stated that he had heard from the owners of the Velindre and Cwm- bedw farms, and that wanted E20 for the site of the reservoir at the corner near Lock and Key, and the grnt of water rights and the incidental rights of putting down pipes, etc.—Mr. B. T. Lewis thought the price asked was a high one.—Mr. R. J. Rees on the other hand thought it was very reason- able.—Mr. D. Williams moved that the matter be submitted to the Local Committee for their con- sideration. Mr. Williams said tthe Council were rather blamed because they did not submit the contract price to the Committee before deciding upon the tenders.—It. was thereupon agreed that the Clerk should communicate the price to the Com- mittee for their observation on it. Eiddig Bridge.—A cheque was signed for JE20 to Mr. Evan Evans, builder, for the last instalin(-Yit.- The Clerk, in reply to the Chairman, said the cost of erecting the bridge was £ 227 Os. 6d. and extras. Application had been made to the County Council for their quota of the expense, and the County Sur- veyor was expected to inspect the bridge that day. LAMPETER RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. CrOBSwinter and lUfoclygor,3 Road.—The question of taking over this road was again considered.-The Rev. T. C. Edmunds said the parishioners of Trefilan were not anxious to have the road taken over, and he himself was not in favour of it.—The matter was deferred. Llanfair Road.—It was resolved to apply to the County Council to take over, as a main road, the road leading from Lampeter through Llanfair to Llanddewi-brefi, and the Clerk was directed to write to the Clerk of the County Council making such application, and also to write to Principal Bebb, Mr. J. C. Harford. Col. H. Davies-Evans, and Mr. R. S. Rowland asking them to support the applica- tion.