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THE JOURNAL. APRIL 3. 191C TRADE DIRECTORY. CARMARTHEN AND DISTRICT. Auctioneers Hf, Prmnou and Son, The Moant, Spilman-etreet, Oarmarthen. ft. Howell Thomaa and Son, St. Mary-street, Oar. aarthen Chemist & Optician O. King Morgan, St. Peter'e Pharmacy, t5. King Street, Carmarthen. < Coal Merchant BJaad Davie*, Coal and Lime Merohant, Blue- itreet, and 8, Quay-street, Carmarthen. Ironmonger fln. W. Phillips, Wholesale and Retail Furnishina ironmonger 4 and 5, Dark-gate, Carmarthen. Printers & Publishers ttttD JOUKNAL Company, Ltd., Old Post Office, King- street, Carmarthen. LLANDOVERY. Boot a.nd Shoe Manufacturers tH, Style, Quality and Price are the beet Salesmen la the World. See them at Jenkins and Bona, Boot Manufacturers. Llandovery and LIandilo. Money T WI OLD-ESTABLISHED PROVINCIAL JL UNION Bank continues to LEND immense tmma daily, from S10 to £5,000 on "Note of Hand atote" or other security. No office inquiry obargea whatever. Moderate interest. Easy instalment*. Special rate Cor short periods Largest and most honourably conducted business in the Kingdom. S^ousands of our regular customers have expressed their entire satisfaction in repeated transaction tilth aI. A gentleman from Bank will wait npon you at iOM with Cash. Call, or write (in confidence) to tftanager. STANLEY DOWDING, t Queen Square. The Carmarthen Bill-posting Company, 15, Bridge Street, Carmarthen BILLPOBTING and Advertising in all hi r! Braoohea throughout the Countieg of Oar- marthen, Pembroke and Cardigan. CASH ACCOMMODATION £10 to £1000 INTEREST 2/6 IN THE £ FOR AGREED PERIOD. W. JACKSON, t8p) 11, BOWEN TERRACE, BRECON. BRISTOL HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. M. & L. THOMAS RAKERS, GROCERS, CONFECTIONERS, &0. REFRESHMENTS READY AT ALL TIMES. HOME-MADE BREAD, CAKE and PASTRY. Parties catered for. Prioes Moderate. ((72 axe warranted to care, in either sex. all acquired or eon- gtafcntional Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and "Pains in the bock. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 40 yeare. In boxes 4s. tid. each,* of aU Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors ttoooghoni the World, or sent tor sixty stamps by the makers, The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug- Company, linealn. "a' Bad^ Spel Is 0 of indigestion, bilious- ness, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, & similar disorders of the digestive system i should be promptly Dispelled or worse will follow. The old grin-and-bear- it policy is a bad one. There is no reason at ( all, and there is a great deal of danger, in suf- fering the pangs of stomach, liver, and kidney complaints for By Taking Beecham's. Pills the < trouble may be at once » removed. If you are having a bad spell just now get rid of it im- mediately and go in for a good spell of health by the aid of Beecljaro's ( Pills. Sold everywhere in bores, 8 prior 1' f V ;'5C pills) & 2 9 (ISS pills). N rT0 SUFFERERS FROM Skin & Blood Diseases For cleansing th Wood or all impurities, from whatever causc arising, there is no other medicine Just. as go ;i«; Clarke's Blood MtJ:ture-that s why in S,1 marry cases uf Xczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Abscesses, Ulcers. Tumours, Boils, Pimples, Blotches, Sores and Eruptions, Piles, Glandular Swellings, Blood Poison, Rheuma- tism, Gout, &c., it has effected truly I I remarkable curcs whero all other t reatments have tailed. Clarke's Blood ^Mixture has oyer 45 years' reputation, and the proprietors solicit an sufferer* to tfive it trial to te¡;t its nùuc. j I • HAS CURED THOUSANM. •! I WILL CURE YOU.J *U CkamitU jm Agricultural Implements and Foundry Stores, Paxton House, 15, Priory Street, Carmarthen. S3E33BO" JOXSTISS FORMERLY MANAGER OF T. JONES & SONS, Priory Foundry Begs to inform Farmers and others, that he has a Large Stock of Machinery and Castings at the above address, including Thrashing Machines, Horse Gears, Oil Engines, Chaff and Turnip Cutters, Winnowing Machines, Plough Casting and Fittings, including Coulter Wheels, Malleable Coulter and Wheel Clips, Side Plates, Bolts, Pulleys, Shafting and Plummer Blocks, Brass Bearings, Field Rollers, Curd Mills, Chain Harrows. Sole Agent for the Royal First Prize Corbett Corn Mills, also the Celebrated FROST & WOOD Co.'s Mowers, Reapers, and Binders, etc — A LARGE STOCK OF — CAST STEEL CHAFF and TURNIP CUTTER KNIFES, to fit the Leading Makers' Machines, always on hand. TOMB AND VILLA RAILINGS AND GATES. A LARGE STOCK OF PIG TROUGHS AT REASONABLE PRICES. THE PLOUGH CASTINGS CONSIST OF PENLLWYNRACA'S CASTING WITH STEEL and CAST IRON PLOUGH BOARDS; ALSO DYFFRYN, WJTH OAST AND STEEL PLOUGH BOARDS, DOUBLE TOM with STEEL BOARDS. HOSPITAL FOR THRASHING and WINNOWING MACHINES, HORSE GEARS, CHAFF and TURNIP COTTERS, MOWING and REAP. ING MACHINES. 4 :)j -»:, Y',{, } L ;.? i j OLD MACHINERY BOUGHT AND SOLD ~7Z EXctipb R WyR A perfectly cooked Calf Meal. M SUCCESSFUL CALF REARING life I'N UK \CHIEVED WITHOUT THE USE OP MILK BV THE AID <»,, M\|| "M LACTIFER, If BM* THOBLEY'S PERFECTLY COOKED CALF MEAL t" The extensive use of Separators has done much I II LACTIFER ..ATIKDO to the front, as the system of separating tho Cream I AH | ||L»l from the Milk whilst the same is perfectly sweet has M brought the use of Separated Milk prominently for- T _tfllll4 iki'nlr *yfw\ ward for Calf Rearing; Milk from which the Butter suwu* Virtw' Fat has been extracted needs something actded to fjjgy Q0- Why, I! V make it a suitable diet for Calves. ,« >i t. /•v — Tho one article for that purpose is claimed to be tDCy Cclll I Keep LACTIFER fteir krais out i Tboi-ley'a pucfeotjy cooked Calf M* of y~lls. (J 3JL To sum up, all who wish to rear strong; healthy, •* and thriving Calves, and have not sufficient New /? Milk for tho purpose, should have recourse to pMff 'LACTIFER \EJ-j r.he results will prove satisfactory to the Firm 'of Thorlcy. ilic Farmer, E results will prove satisfactory to the Firm 'of Thorlcy. ilic Farmer, and likewise the Calves. i impossible to procuro a better or more- effective Calf Moal than I I W LACTIFER W LACTIFER R Thorley's perfectly cooked Calf Meal, even if double the price is paid. 1 cwt. Bag 20/ Carriage Paid. Sold by Agents in all parts. Send Card for free pamphlet on Calf Rearing to JOSEPH THORLEY, LTD., "S^038 | D. E. JONES A Co., ""s&ffias "LEADER" otoles D. E. JONES & Co., "THE LEADER" MOTOR & CYCLE WORKS 51, KING STREET (opposite the Post Office), and WOOD'S Row, CARMARTHEN, BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE AN IMMENSE STOCK OF FIRST-CLASS CYCLES. NOW ON VIEW.. Good Reliable Bicycles from öS4 10S. upwards, WITH FREE WHEEL AND TWO BRAKES. .-==:=-:c:==:=:c.==:-==c::==.==:=:===-=-====-===-=- WE CAN SrpPLY FROM STOCK c, TRIUMPH," .t HUMBER," and 'ROYAL EN FIELD: IHIC'\I'II MOTOR CYCLES. :C.C:==-C: -.C"C.c-c:C:C=: '==:=:=:=:.==-=: :-==-=.:==:= This week we Ilave One Second-hand Triumph ( J 908) in Stock— £ 27 10s. LARGE GARAGE MOTOR CARS AND CYCLES OVERHAULED AND REPAIRS DONE PROMPTLY. MOTOR SPIRIT. OILS, GREASES, ETC. MOTOR CARS for SALE or HIRE R EL I A B L E C II A U F F E U R S. ( • .\U 1.T FOR THE ROYAL ENFIELD." "T RUTMPH" CYCLES AXD MOTon. CYCLE, •HOVER. HUMBER," AND OTHER CELEBRATED CYCLES. ■A Personal Inspection re?pectfoily solicited, or write for particulars. (15S BEN. EVANS' GUINEA BALE s of LACE CURTAINS. Pair, Handsome Design, Drawing-room 0 5n A | HO Curtains, 4 yards long by 72 inches 1 A I HO wide. White or Ecro. TfiD AI Pairs Choice Parlour Curtains, Quite lUK JIO ^ew Patterns, 3 yards long by 63 inches •"■U* wide. White or Ecru. OA DDI A PC DA in Pairs, Bedroom Curtains, Splendid uAnnlAuL rAlll Wearing, 3 y.ard^ long by 51 inches wide. Whilst it is obvious that a large number of Curtains (of a lower grade) can be sold for 21. the above are all typical examples of the well-known Ben. Evans' high standard of style and quality, and, ;ts such, represent the utmost limit of value at the price. Money willingly rctterJtecl if not satisfactory tu evciy way. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. Swansea ■ If ■ I I J The PhysicMUi'g I U Ilk I R I I H Gore for GoutR EFORUS Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Btomaeh, H-:a(Liehe, Heartburn, Indigestion, Safest and most Sour Eructations. Bilious Affections. Effective Aperient for DINNEFORD^n MAGNESIA NATHANIEL THOMAS, FAMILY BUTCHER, 13a, KING STREET (Next door to the Probate Offioea), D. R. H. PRICE, G. & L., R.A.M., ADJUDICATOR Teaoher of Singing and Theory Pupils prepared for Examinations and Eisteddfods. THE BRIARS, LATIMKR ROAD ANDlLO. PRUDENT LADIES Will save tboir Hair combings and eend them to J. HODGES HAIR WORKER, TENBY, Who will riiako them up into Tails, etc., and retarn them, post free, from ls. per oz. The cheapest house in Wales for all kinds of Hair Work and Theatrical Goods. Send for price list. (48 GAS ENGINES, OIL ENGINES, SUCTION GAS PIANTS, NEW AND SECOND-HAND ENGINES IN STOCK AT CARDIFF. CASH OR DEFERRED PAYMENTS. CROSSLEY BROS., LTD., 37, WESTGATE STREET, CARDIFF. (26 AUSTRAUA by ORIENT UNE. ? Carrying I His Majesty's Mails to FREMANTLE. ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY and j BRISBANE. calling at GIBRALTAR, MARSEILLES, NAPLES, PORT SAID, COLOMBO. Through Ticket* to New Zealud & Australia Ostcrley (tw. sc) .121-9.A pi. IS A pi. 21 A pi. 23 Ormuz(tw. sc.) '1455.Apl. 29 May 5 May 7 Orontes (tw. May 13 May 19 May 21 Orsova (tw. sc.). 12036. May 27 Junv 2 JUDO 4 MANAGER*—F. GREEN FC Co. AND ANDERSON, ANDERSON & Co. Head Offioes, Fenchnroh Avenue, London. For Passage apply to the latter firm at 5, Fenehurcb Avenue, E.C., or to Welt- end Branch Offioe, 28, Cookspar Street, S.,W.; or J. VAUGHAN EVAN8. 6. Cowell St.. Usnelly. SOUTH & EAST AFRICA Royal Mail Route Union-Castle Line LOSDOS and SOUTHAMPTON. To C'aiie Colony, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Beira, East Africa, and Mauritius, calling at Madeira, Canary Islands, Asce-ntiifon. St. Helena, ruid Lobito Bay. Weekly Sailings. Superior Accommodation. Monthly Direct East African Service to and from United Kingdom and Continent. For Rates of Passage Money, and all further in- formation, apply to the Minagers- DONALD CUR-RIE & Co, LONDON. Or Local Agents. •' ADVICE TO MOTHERS.' '—Are SOU brokan m your rest by a ach ohild suiferin? with THE pain of catting teeth? Go at onoo to a chemist, and get a bottle of MBs. WINaWJWS SOttTBWG SYRUP. It prodacos -turak quiet aleep by rehoviag the child from poin, and the fittlg oberob awakes aa bright as a buttoo." Containe Do Poisonous Ingredient. Of all Chemists, 1/lfi per bonle. Carmarthen County Schools THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Headmaster: E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (Cantab). COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. Headmistress: Mist B. A. HOLME, M.A Late Open Sobolar of Girton Collefre. Oambriiro The Headmaster (at the Grammar School) and the Headmistress (at the Girls' Sohol) will be pleased to see the parents of new pnpife on Monday, April 25th, from 2.30 to 5. Boarders can be reoeived at the Grammar School. Fees-El 8a. per term (3 terms in the year). Re dootion for two or more memben of the MID, family. The next Term begins Tuesday, April 26th. HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, CARMARTHEN. President of the Council: THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. Lady Principal: Miss A F. CLARK, B.A., London Uairertitf. THE School giY88 exoeIIent education oa JL vel" moderate terms. Admirable accommodation for Boarders. Pupils prepared for LONDON MATRICULA TION and other Public Examinations. I Boys as well as girls can be received in the PT* paratory Class and the KINDERGARTIN 08 PARTMENT. For full particulars, apply to the Lady Principal. Boarders return TUESDAY, April 19th. I Next Term commences WEDNESDAY, April 20th. LLANYBYTIIER GRAMMAR SCHOOL. PREPARATION for all examinations and a JE Special Preparatory Class in Agriculture for tho Widish Universities. Numerous Sucoessep. Next Term begins April 25. (70p WELSH GIRLS' SCHOOL, ASHFORD, MIDDLESEX. O UMMFiR Tonn oommences May 2nd. 1910. A fow vaca.neios for Girls -whose father or mother shaJI have been born within the Principality of Wales, the County of Monmouth ,or the Parishes of Oswestry, Selattyn, and Uanymynech, at the re- ducüd fee of Jp32 per annum; a few children not qualified as alxivo can be admitted at E36 per annum. For form of application, apply to Dean Brownrigp, 127, St. George's Road, London, S.W. (162 For Drying up Milk in Cows DRICO PATENT No. 302,726. No Drenching Required. Easily Applied. Does not throw Animal out of condition. Milks freely after Calving. PiiiCB: 'd. BOTTLE; 7s. PER DOZ. ii H. J. AUBREY, CHEMIST, THE CROSS, WORCESTER. LOCAL AGENTS in all towns in South Wales. Beware of useless substitutions. [60p. IF the Person who found a White-knitted Silk Motor Scarf on Friday, April 1st, between Racecourse and Sarnau Station, will bring same to this Office, he will be rewarded. (90p W ANTBD. Wasted, used to Farm Work-, -B-1. Bland, Qoay, Carmarthen. (154 W ANTED, immediately, good Quarrymen and pjn!*r«j^a?ins'17 £ pp^?' Peter Evans, Builder, Penygroes, Llandsbia |84p I J. 000 General wasted j a" 21-25.—Apply, Nel- son Hotel, Oarnarthen. (147. W ^'TED, good Plun Oook.—Apply, with tajLrth^ere°°ah 0aU"<k,'1g»' W ANTED a stroag Yoath, about 16, with bno^ lodsro of Homo- Willing to help in shop, ^out -App^ Jones, Gwalia Stores (jlydach-on-Tawe, SwanK^. WANTED, Man to tafaa dharge of and work TV Small Farm; rieDCe of cattle and sbeeo necessary No milking.-Apply, immediately, •J OCRVAL Correspondent, ILenllan, Cardiganshire flffi v A OVERTLSER desires to bay for cash, goo3 ,yvsh Cheese, with sheep's milk.—Applv ••^hop, JOURN.U, Qffie;, Carmarthen. <^P TO LET TO LET, from Kith March next, the Residue known as THE PLAS,' Llanstephan, with or without land.-Apply to Messrs. J. Howell Thomas and Son. Estate Agents, Carmarthen. (81 WOOLLEN FACTORY TO LET.GLAN W GWYDDERIG," near Uandovery. Good -Niacninery Plentiful water supply. Substantial Dwelling House attached. Moderate rental. Con- veniently situated. Immediate poasession. -Apply, Dd. Evans, Bradford House, Llanelly. (82p T°^' 8* "Priat<3r*' Arms Inn,'v Priory Street, Carmarthen 1 faBy licensed; immediate go^fc"' J- Spirit Stores. Kms "I ^4 CARMARTHEN. SALE, Freehold Dwellinsr-housc together with the two Cottages, Yard, and lartre Garden at the rear; suitable for conversion into good business premises.-Apply T. Lewis, Agent, 89. Elm-street, Roath. Cardiff. 'Qfo T ° sS R-'n-WAY TAVERN, Lamn,, Street, Carmarthon; fuDy licensed: o-ood skittle alhy, oarly possession.— Applv. Buckleys Brewery, Ltd., Carmarthen. (34 piARM TO LET—"PARK-CNWC," Llanstephan • u t> ^rmar^JM»hiro, containing nearlv 22 acrc- neh Pasture and Arable Land. Substantial Dwellin- House and Otltbuildin an newly re-built. Gool Fv^f- SSPP!w' 1 29th September.-David -ca afiM, Bra(}fortl Ilous^ Uaneliy* -92j* fTl O LET, Unfurnwhedj on March 25th, 1S1C iT, Cwmc^r^Jwt? Honfe, three miles south of « ■tt"} £ '9FSte u ir?m- Llanfarian (ix.w.K.) Station it si,-nds high, facing south in ornamental grounds and h ,s u walled kitchen garden f houi-e; the >ard contains two stable-' ccach-houftp and eott^. £ r^ for eoaohman: watc- supplr abundant and srood: fields (6| acres) ar^ generally let with t}v house.—Anply to \fo-ri • Davie$, Ffo^rhydgak-cf ? .fcmfarran, qor,-Iz (17V rjlO LET. Furnisbed^ for a period of 3 month; known rh Jn Jii £ UU?, W*hm K a mile Carma- thtn.— r or full part-KuJars. apply to J. Howe ] Atr- nte, Carmarthen FOR SALE~ 1- ,3 T° FARMERS AND OTHERS. vi Q',Stat,KKla iD Corn Flour, Barley Meal, Bran, Seeds, etc., apply on Saturday and Fair Days of JOHN DAVIES. Auctioneer and Merohant (of Alltwalw), at his office, 11, Joha Street, Carmarthen. Attendance 10 to 3 o'clock (29788 SEED GRAIN. W HITE iiooioh Garton's Abondance, Tar- u7, C^^h-dti-badi, Barley, Sprin? Wheat, Vetchep Seed Potatoes, Gran and (kit Seeds, Nitrate of Soda. Superphosphate, eta. eto W. S. MORRIS, Corn Merohant, 36p) 25. Bridge Street, Carmarthen. SALE, by Tender. TIMBER aa noted -n foi lowing Farms:— YXYRHYD-Oak (Ifj years' growth), 252; Alder, 100. TW LLWYR—Aide- Ash, 88. TYCRUG-Ditto. 51 Mr. Davies TycniK't&:¡,rødig) wili sbov. limber. Good road adjoins. -RAY FOR SALE-Rick CSover Hay in prime -ZJL condition, about. 1: Toos.-Apply, Davw". Farm-yard, Llandyseui, (151 AN Oid-EstabHshed L*rapery, Grocery. Iron- mongery Business oarifed on at London House, Llanvbyther, for di«]X»3al as a going concern. Apply, Daniel Watkins, SoHcitor, Lampeter. (91v A Typewriter that embodies all essentials of perfect workmanship at about one-ha-I the price of other high- cfass r"_akes. THE BUCK will Ik" a, help in your business. For your private use there is none to compare with it. LIGHT, SIMPLE, STBONG, SPEEDY. THE PRJOE IS FROM £9 9$. to £113 t3s. only I I Liberal Cash Discount, or Easy Terms. Send to-day for BooHst,— THE BLICKENSJDERFER CO., LTD., I 14, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. | INORWELTS i J/SBFE Perth Boot I OnBargains. 1 a 8/11 BOOT •for I We*r is cn« of ■ solid leather wotUog ■ w_r. bargjtins in the W 7jar^F'. MpsenofScotclt-taniMd Iwte, Uid Boitt Igr Scotch Shot ■ itiakere. wbm know oactty the ■ sa^ss mnfrhmd wear denaaded I of the ttob, and the amdu &mJ h III> i—ii ililii to aeet ■ this atb&ctarifcr. Send Uaditg «f outfiM e* foot on N P. 3. SaflsicSoi. ouuaateed or Cash I t a (Dtpt- -i* 1, h. N.B. t J^ootiand'i Boots-by-Poct^Flm&r EsttbUched «re> zoo yean CARMARTHENSHIRE STUD COMPANY, LTD. THE undermentioned SHIRE HORSES, the property of the above-named Company, Will attend at the usual Stations during the ooininp Season MAR.DEN JAMESONM ;254091; colour, bar: foaled 1906. Sire "DU^.sn»ore Jameson" (17972) by "Moors Zealot" (15731). Dam (48681) "Marden Commotion" by "Willington Woleelav III." (17083). Fee to Members, E3 for first mare, J62 10s. for second or Ftibsoqu ont mare. Fee to Non- Members, 25 SE. "CAPSTONE HAROLD" (16690). oolour, ba-y; foaled 1896. Sire Ilaroid" ) by Lincoln- shire Lad IL. (i366). Dam U1234) "Western Lively (Vol. xii.) by "Pen Champion" (3085). Fee for service—To Members, JM 2s. P»OBUhT (25583); coloui. dark bay; foaled 1905 Sire "Vanderbiit"' 121353) by "Naiistooe Cceur Je Lion (1123) ex 0678b) "Hitchen Sunbeam" by "Harold" (3703). Lam (54518) "Lefty" by .Munchausen" it)190). Fee for sorvice- To Member*. jel 10s. For particulars and cards, apph to JOHN FlwiNCIS, Secretary, C-arnzarfben. (157 TO BUILDLRS A-ND CONTRACTORS. RN ENDERS are invited for areotnp a Stable a* X Llechdwnny Farm, LlandefeOog. Plans and specifications may be seen at the offioea of MR E. A. IT HARRIES, Solicitor, 48) Cannarthea.