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JLLANDOVERY BOARD OF GUARDIANS The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Brtcfay, un<T&r tne presxrency o! ine rhairman, Aid. T. Watkins. There were also present Messrs. E. P. Lloyd, W. Mabon Davics, R. Lewis, W. Evans, Abernaint; D. C, Grimths; W. Evane, BIainau; W. Evans, Cross Inn; Thomas Williams, Isaar Williams, R. Thomas, T. PhiIIipe, W. Lewis, Bronfelin; Daniel Lewis, E. Davies, David Davies, D. Jones, Aocheth; Morgans, Ystradwalter; Lewis Roderick; the Rev. John Jones; the clerk, Mr. D. T. M. Jones; the master, Mr. David Evans; the relieving omoer, Mr. E, Williams, and Messrs. E. Williams and D. J. Morgan (surveyors). OUTDOOR RELIEF. Mr. E. Williams, P.O.. reported the number m receipt of outdoor relief for the week ending Novem- ber 19th to be 175, cost JB52 17s.; corresponding week last year 185, coet JB51 9s. 6d. For the week ending November 17th, 175, cost :B50 14s. 6d., correspond- ing week last year 185, cost J651 8s. 6d. IRON SLAG FOR ROADS. The Chairman said that the Master had placeo before him a letter which had been received fron. uio county surveyor the purport oi which was thai UH was desirous ot experimenting with Iron slag ob- tainable from the railway station on the roads. Ul this he wished to have some 30 tons broken at the workhouse by the casuals. After some discussion it was decided to postpone until next meeting the Board's decision as to the price they should ask for breaking the slag. fNMATES AND VAGRANTS. The Master reported the number of inmates last week to be 26; corresponding week last year, 25. This week 26 against 25 last year. Vagrants for the fortnight 138 against 119 corresponding period last year. Children attending school, 10.—The Master said that he had twenty tramps at the house the previous night. They all wished to remain in if they had been allowed that day, and one was outisde at that moment who wished to come before the Board. He wished to remain in the house to rest himself for a day or two. He did not complain of being unwell, but said that his boots were bad, so it was not necessary for him to send for tTie doctor. Further he performed his task all right. Another tramp was ill in bed. If he was to allow everyone with bad boots to remain lie would have 120 every week a'- the house. The Master further complained of the disturbance the tramps caused at the house. The vagrant referred to was then admitted, and it was explained to him that he could not õe allowed to remain for a day at the hou&e under the circum- stances. To help him along, however, Mr. E. P. Lloyd, the chairman. Mr. Mabon Davies, and others, rendered him assistance out of their pockets. THE COMING CENSUS. The Clerk drew attention to a communication with reference to the appointment of enumerators for the coming census which takes place in April next. it asked them to let members of their staff do the work.—The Chairman said there could be no objec- tion to that, and the other members concurred. CHRISTMAS DINNER. It was decided to give the inmates their usual Christmas dinner and to make the usual extr& allowance to outdoor paupers resident and non-resi- dent of Is. to adults and 6d. to children. OLD AGE PENSIONERS. Mr. Mabon Davies: What about the oM age pen- sioners? Are they to get it this year? He explained tnat he meant those who would become entitled at Tne end of this year. It was decided that they should oe included.—Mr. Richard Thomas said with refer- ence to those in receipt of outdoor relief at present that he believed that there were about 76 In then union who would become entitled to the old age pension in January next. He thought that thb guardians In the several parishes should assist by trying to get these people to get their forms filled now as soon as possible so that their cases could b<; discussed and passed by the 1st of January. Mr. David Daviee—The relieving omcer has been advised to do that about a month ago. Mr. L. Roderick—I think everyone over 70 in our parish has applied. Mr. Richard Thomas said the guardians came into Moser touch with them than the relieving omcer. The Relieving OfEcer did not think it was right lor him to do It. The Chairman—I don't think It is for the guard- ians to interfere, but they may give inofrmation. Mr. Richard Thomas said that it would mean a saving of so much a year to the guardians to get rhose entitled on the pension hst, and he felt tha: 11 was their duty to render them all assistance anu to try to convince them that It would be to their benent to make their applications. The Chairman and the Rev. John Jones qUê- t'oncd as to whether much saving would be effected the former observing that he believed that they would find In the end that they were rather de- ceived on that point. He thought Mr. Thomas had better leave the matter alone. Those entitled would soon find the way to get their pension. Mr. Mabon Davies thought that the position so far as t would affect them was not yet property understood.

Rural District Council