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\dneaday, the 16th instant, the eminem te.uperance lecturer, Plenydd, paid a. visit to the town, :ud addressed a public meeting ) in the evening at tEe schoolroom of Soar Chapel. The chair was taken by tho Rev. Samuel E. i'rydderch. CHRISTIAN SOCIETY.—At the weekly night meeting of this Society, held on Friday last, JUr. J. Christmas Davies, Redhill, Bridge-street, gave an interesting paper on the life and labours of the lafe Azariah Shadrach, the p loner of Welsh Congregationalism in the north of Cardiganshire. Aiderman Timothy Richard presided. MARRIAGE.—At Soar Chapel in this town on Wed- nesday h-st, by licence, Mr. David Lewis, of Cross Inn, LHdiadnenog, Lla.n6hahg)H-rhosycorn, farmer, was married to Miss Rachel Davies, of Blaenholiw, in the 6ame parish. The nuptial knot was tied by the Rev. Joan Davies. minister of Gwernogle, in the presence of Mr. David Evans, registrar. After the ceremony ever the paiiy adjourned to tn& Central Restaurant, in Higli-street, where an ex- cellent dinner wa provided tor them. OBITUARY.—On Sunday last, Mrs. Ann Da;VJes, tiie widow of David Davies, Undergrove, near thtf. town, died at the advanced age of 83. She had been in v'ry poor health for some years. She had resided at L'ndergrove for very many years and latterlv her son (David Davies) and gland-daughter ) (Miss'Mary Ann rendcd with her there. The funera. took place at Capel-y-groes CItapel on Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. B. Carolan Davies, Tynygwndwn, ofnciand 0:1 the occasion. SERVAXia' far as is known, there is no registry for servaii'.s at Lampeter, and this is an oppoitun.ty for some enterprising to uuder- take. La.t'peter is a good centre, and a registry oStce woukt be a great boon, especially tf apartments could be ha.d for young women who may be out of a situation. and looking for a new one. There are ;0 manv pitfalls facing the inexperienced girl on the look-out for a situation from home that a re- gistry omce is an esential in their lives. Enquiries could be made by the matron of such a registry onice. and everything possible done to en-ure the safety of the RURI-DEOAXAL MEETING.—A ruri-decana! com- mittee wa;- held at the parish room on Monday after- noon to discuss the s\flabus of the wok of Church Defence in the deanery. There was a good attend- ance, and a plan was adopted for the delivery of five lectures in each parish as follows:—The Church's ti'L'.e to us property, The Church's observ- ance of its trust. What happens to Church property. Failure of the voluntary system. The profpects for the future were the bill to pass. Canon Camber- Williams, rural dean. presided. ST. PETER'S GuiLD.—At a meeting of the guild held on Monday evening, the Rev. J. N. Kvans, vicar of L!angybi, read an inrerestitig paper on ''The Church in the Archdeaconry of Cardigan." The rev. gentleman gave some interesting facts about the church, and it was evident that it had entaUed a great deal of labour and time. Several of those present took part in the d scugsion which followed, and a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Evans for his able and instructive pape! ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE.—Cn Monday, the Rev. Hon. Talbot Rice, vicar of Swansea: dcliverC<l an address on Temperance to the students. The rev. gentleman is a fervent temperance advocate, and hi& address was highly appreciated by all v.ho heard him. FOOTBALL.—St. David's College v. Lampeter School.—This interesting match was played on the School neld on Saturday. The day turned out nne, and the ground was in splendid condition. The &h?ol boys are a straping lot of youngstf'rs, and during the first half they played with a dash and vim that did justice to the School. The College forwards were heavier, and bagged !ne ball in the majority of the scrums. During the first part of the game some voy pretty bouts of passing were initiated by Freddy Williams, but the tackling of the Collegians was too keen for scoring. At last and from a scrum on the Scho<? 25 Tommy Morgan made a. splendid burst and put Cethyn Jones in. The shot at goal was unsuccessful. On resuming there was only one team in it, the College being oc the aggresive meet of the time. D. Robert Jones, the College inside half, although well looked after by h's vis-a-vis, again and again put the baojcs in motion, and four more tries were regis- tM<d against the School. Cethyn Jones obtained three of the tries, and D. Wilde one. Final gcore: The College. 5 tries (15 .toints); The School, nil. The following were the teams:—College: Full- back, Christopher; three-quarter backs. Cethyn Jones, Tommy Morgan, L<. J. R. Davies, and D. Wilde; Imjf-b&cks, D. Robert Jones (capt.) and D. J Williams: forwards, W. E.. Williams. P. W. Em)<ys -1one1>, T. W, tEv&na, D. H. Richards, John Thomas, W. J. Jones, W. A. Jones. School: Full-back. Swart Williams; three-quarter backs, J. G. Stephens, Fred Williams, J. T. Davies, and Veraey Lewis; half-backs, J. T. HoweIIs and J. J. Jones; forwards, Jim Jones, D. Rees Jones, D. Price, Dick Lewis (capt.), Tom Jones, R. D. Williams, W. Abbot, and P. J. Harris. Referee, Mr. Ivor Jones. A NiCHT WITH CElRlOG.—The weekly meeting of t-be C.M. MutuaJ Improvement Society., presided over by Mr. Arnold W. Davies. was held on Thursday evening of last week. An able and interesting lecture was delivered by Mr. D. Worth- 'ngtoOn Davies -on the Loife and works of John Ceiriog Hughes, the WeLsh lyrical poet. Mr. Arthur Edwards sang -ome of the poet's well-known songs. The following also spoke and recited quota- tions from the poet's works:—Rev. T. LI. Roderick, Messrs. E. J. Morgan and D. J. Bo wen. FOOTBALL.—An interesting Soccer march took place last Saturday on rhe College Field between Pencader Grammar School and 2nd XI. of St. David s College. The match wag witnessed by a fair number of stUllents. The following represented the College:—Goal, Tivy Evans; fud-backf, Edward Hughes, X. A. Ajtbury; half-backs. Shields, Rees James, W. S. Evans; forwards, J. Aubrey Couutd (capr.), E. A. Evane, T. A. Rogers, Silas Evans, R. D. Edwards. The gam-e. was one of lost opportuni- ties on the pan ot the College, they being much more superior than the score indicates, Pencader being penned for the most part of the game in their own half. The home team gave a much better exhibition than against Pentrecourt. Silas Evans opened the scoring with a good shot from a centre by Cound after O minutes' play. Half-time wah reached with no furiher score. In the second Iialf Pencader fell oif greatly in their play, and S. Evans, Rogers, Shields, and Cound had hard lines in not adding to the score; however E. A. Evans found the net with a stinging shot from a centre by Edwards. The Lampeter goal-keeper had very little to do, but the goal-keeper on the visiting side, to- gether with his right back, are to be complimented for the way in which they kept the Lampeter for- wards at bay. especially so the goal-keeper. Pen- cader were well represented by rhe last-named, and also by their centre forward and left half. The College, on the other hand, were well served by the half-back line. while amongst the forwards th left wing showed more combination then the right, but jnside right must learn to use hi, out,ide man' s speed to more advantage. The Captain sometimes showed lack of form, but he broke away several times on his ov.n, and was then a. rhorn in Pen- cader's. side. The hnal whistl<e blew, leaving Lam- pefer the victors by two goals, which rhey well deserved, and should have got more. The College will play Tregaron on Wednesday and Pencader away on the following Saturday, but it is evident that they need more practice for 'the sake of com- bination. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—A meeting of the Board was held on Friday last. Dr. E. Jones in the chair: Rev. T. C. Edmunds, Trenlan Sir Courtenay Mansel. Bart.. Maesvcreigiau: E. Morgan Evans. Vale of Teifi; D. Williams. Maes- canol: D. Robert Jonet- LIwynygioea: J. G. Mars- den, Dyftryn: Thcma- Williams. Gwarnant:John Joncs, (\vmlllyruclt: Thomas Jones. X:nant: B. T. Lewis. Talfedw; Tho-. Grimths. Blaenewm: Wm. Edwards, Cwmcanol: Evan DaYies. Bryn- peler; J. T. Davies. Crugywheel. and Rees Llew- elyn Evans, Gelli House; Dt- Abel Evan and E. C. Thomas, Medical Officers, and Mr. J. Ernest Lloyd. Clerk. Outrehef. &c.—The amount of outrelief adminis- tered during the pa?t fortnight wa" as follows:— Lampeter District, per Mr. T. LI. Evans. JB45 ICa to 158 paupers: LIanvbyther District, per Mr. D. Evans, JE46 2s 8d. to 103 paupers. Number in the house, 25. corresponding week last year. 22. Two persons were admitted during the fortnight, and one person died. Mr. Evan Da\!es said the report should state the reason why the two men referred to were admitted into the workhoupe. It was not sumcient to state that the two men were admitted by order of the Medicsd OSicer. the Medical Omcer should add what was the matter with them. The Master explained that the cause of admission was t-ntered on another book kept by him in the house. (This book was afterwards produced to the Board) Mr. Davies further remarked that the particulars should be <nvpn m the Master's report as well. The Visitor's Book contained the following entry, viz:— It afforded me great pleasure to see the Inmates so comfortable, and the house so clean. J. Alhan Davies. member of the Llandilo Board of Guardians. Paupers and O'd Age Pensions.—A letter waS read from the NcwcastIe-Emlyn Union asking the Board to let the paupers belonging to that Union who are eligible for old-age pensions to apply for same at once.—Mr. Thomas Jones said that poor persons of the age of 70 who were in receipt cT relief would now be entitled to 5". a w&ek and that the diuer- ence between what they now received and the 5s. would be made no out of the Imperial Exchequer, !:o that the guardians would stilt hxve to contribute their present relief.—Mr. David Williams said that was what he also understood to be the case.—The ReHeving Dincers were directed to Inform aH eligible paupers that they couM make applications. Extra Christmas Relief.—It was decided to give the extra relief of la. each adult and 6d. to each child dependent during Christmas week. Extra Winter Reliet.—Mr .Thomas Jones moved that all non-resident paupers who are householders should receive 6d. per week extra for coal during the next ten weeks. Mr Jones remarked in support of his motion, that the paupers residing within the Union were getting extra relief for coal as had been done that day, and he did not see why aH poor per- sons should not be treated alike.—The motion was agreed to. A Settlement Case.—A letter was received from the Aberystwyth Union asking the Board to accept the chargeability of a married person named Eleanor Jones, who it was alleged had gained a status of irremovability in this union, and who had been re- moved to the Carmarthen Lunatic Asylum. It was decided to instruct the Clerk to reply that the person named had not gained a, settlement here, and conse- 4. LlenL,y was not chargeable to this L nioll. LAMPETER RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL.—A meeting of the Council was held after the Board presided over by Mr. John Jones, the vice-chair- man. Steam-roDer.—The Chairman referred to the reso- lution at the last meeting as to hiring the steam- roller. and asked if it was legal to pass the resolu- tion without previous notice of it given.—The Clerk said that it was quite legal inasmuch as the Council had no Standing Orders or regulations for the con- duct of their business.—The Chairman asked whether if any objection was made to the charge) for the !'kall1-rol!er at the audit, the auditor would pass it. —The Clerk said he thought the auditor had no option but to pass it. It was a charge for maintain- ing the district road.—Mr, Gwarnant Williams, Mr. J. E. Davies. and the Rev. T. C. Edmunds spoke strongly against the employment of the roller. con- tending that the matter should be nrst submitted to the Parish Councils.—The Surveyor said the roller had been e.ngaged, and had started on the roads that day; if it wa stopped the owners might come upon the Council for damages for breach of contract.— Mr. D. Robert Jones said he saw no reason to inter- fere with the roller, the resolution was legally passed.—The Chairman said they found no fault with the Surveyor, he did as he was told.—The matter was then allowed to drop for the present, but the Clerk \\a- directed to communicate with other dis- trict councils to ascertain what rules of procedure they had. Report.—The Surveyor submitted the following reporr:— submitted an appiication at the County Council held on the 27th October for transmission to the Road Board for a grant of JS15C for strengthening the portion that belongs to this Council between Lampcter and New Quay al- ways widening Pistilleinon Road, in the parish of Cenan, by the formation of loops. According to a paragraph in some paper the Road Board will always be sitting, therefore every Council could app)y direct to them. 80 that if the amount does not come through the County Council an applica- tion could be made direct to the Board. Medical O'ncer of Health Report.—The following rfport of the Medical Omcer of Health (Dr. E. C. Thomas) was read:—"I beg to be allowed to lay before you a special report on the health, more especially of the children, in the CeIIan, LIanfair, and L!an\ve;iog parishes of the Lamneter Rural District. On visiting Ce)!an School I found almost a!i the infanta, as well as several of the other children suffering from dry bronchial catarrh, and the school attendance had gone down about 40 per cent. during the last week. In the infant classroom the air was hot and dry, so that the little ones, in this inclement weather are subjected to an inter- mittent condition of cold and damp out of doors and hot and dry indoors. The managers intent!, in a few days, providing a new heating apparatus, and as there is also a suspicion of scartet fever in the district I thought it advisable to close the school for three we-Jks. In the adjoining parish of Llanfair two cases of diphtner:,tic croup and one of diphtheria have broken out, one having proved fatal and another in a. very critical state at the time of my visit. The house, viz., Parcneuadd, where a child died, has been repeatedly condemned, but nothing lias been done. About eight years ago a case of typhoid fever occurred there which was probably contracted from a stream running near the house, into which stream carcases of animais 'werc reported to be thrown, but that has been stopped, yet no wholesome sunnly of water has been provided. At present the pine-end of the house is riddled, so to sneak, with crevices which require cementing, and also a trench should be cut at the back and pine-end. Privy accommodation should a)so be provided, and the poultry shed near the back entrance to the house should be done away with. as it is a fertile source of diphtheria. LIwyn- piod, two thatched dwellings on the roadside be- tween Lianfair and Lampetcr. are also in an in- sanitary state. At the time of my visit a child was lying in a very critical state sunering from diphthe- ritic crouD. The condition of the house was as follows :—Mud nooM, windows defective, no proper water- supp!y, and overcrowded, irve persons sleep- ing in a small room. I also visited New Court Council School, and found several of the children suffering from impetiginous eczema, which is a very contagious affectation, but as they are in a better condition than they have been I do not think it necessary to close the school. I may state that the Sanitary Inspector accompanied me during my visit to LIanfair and CeUan, and carried out precautions necessary to stamp out the diseases." —The Ins'wctor (Mr. Joshua Evans) reported that he made house to house inspections In the parishes of LampPter Rural, LIanwenog, and Trenlan. Pre- liminary notices ha"ve been sent to the owners re- quiring them to remedy the defects. The cottage known as Penybank, near New Court, is unnt for habitation. He said that the surroundings of the Talsarn village pump give suspicion to doubt the purity of the water. Assuming that the we)) )S of the shallow kind. sunk wholly in porous soil and without, a water-tight lining, there may be very decided pollution. The nuisance arising from the cesspit at the CeDan Council School is still un- abated. He suggested that a statutory notice be served.—It was decided to ¡rivo the statutory notices In the cases of Parkneuadd and CeHan Council School.











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