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LAittfaiiSK (Continued from Page 7.) LECTURE.—A very interesting and instructive lec- ture on "The Use and Abuse of Alcohol," was de- livered by Dr. E. Evans, LB., B.S., at the weekly meeting of the Shiloh Mutual Improvement Society. The chair was occupied by Mr. E. J. Morgan, the vice-president of the society. A vote of thanks to the speaker was proposed by the Rev. S. E. Prydderch, and seconded by the Rev. T. LI. Rodcriok. TEA.—The annual tea cartv in connection with the local branch of Foreign Mission Society was held on Wednesday afternoon. The party is given every year by a lady member who takes a very keen interest in the work. A very large number attended. After tea the collection boxes were opened by the committee, and it was found that the sum was a record one. In the even- ing a concert was held in the chapel, presided over by Mrs. Captain Evans, Howth, when the following took part:—Bertie Megicks, Jack Jones, D. Dan Richards, May Richards and Doris Megicks, Katie Evans, Robert G. Bowen, Bertie Jones, Cissy Thomas, Rosma. Megicks, Gwladys Jones, Willie Prvdderch. Evan John Owen, children's choir, Kev. S. E. Prydderch, Misses A. J. Edwards, J. Megicks, Mr. Arthur Edwards, Mrs. D. Jones and party, Miss Moses, Mr. Megicks. Mr. Arthur Edwards pro- posed, and Captain Davies seconded a hearty vote of thanks to the donor of the tea, and to Mrs. Evans for presiding. SOAR CHAPEL.— The weekly meeting of the Chris- tian Endeavour Society was held on W ednesdav evening, when Aid. Tiinotny Richards presided, and a paper was read by Air. J. Emrys Jones, Rhoslwyn, giving an account of some interesting places on the banks of the Teify. The following also took part in the discussion, namely, Messrs. Tom Davies, D. Jones Davies, and John Rees, and Mrs. Rees, Peterwell- terrace. FOOTBALL.—On Wednesday last, the 7th inst., the College School played the Rev. Bailey Davies' team, and were defeated by 20 points to three. During the first half tries were scored by Cethin Jones (2) and Collier, while one was converted, while Cethin Jone6 again scored in the second lialf. Price and Bailey Davies also scored, while Steven* scored for the School. On Saturday the School journeyed to Llan- dovery to plav the College, the game resulted in a draw of a trv each. MINISTERIAL.—The pulpit of Soar Chape! was oc- cupied on Sunday last by the Rev. D. Williams. D.D., of Glasfryn, Llanybyther. The eminent divine preached eloquent sermons in the morning and evening to large congregations, who listened to his discourses with appreciative attention. The Rev. E. Evans has returned from his holidays very much recuperated. He intends resuming his duties on Sun- day next. Mr. Exans' sympathisers would prefer to find him taking a longer rest but by all account ne Is not happy except when he is up and doing. DEATH CF REV. WT. EILIR EVANS. CARDIFF. Through the death of the Rev. W. Eilir Evans. Car- diff, Wales has lost one of its brightest sons, as he was well known as an all-round litterateur. He was well-known to many in Lampeter, as he was a stu- dent at St. David's College, and the numerous readers of the JOURNAL know him as the poetry editor of that newspaper. He suffered a long H,j lingering illness with Christian fortitude .and all his friends and acquaintances deeply sympathize with his widow and only daughter. His remains were in- terred at Cardiff Cemetery on Monday afternoon, when a large concourse came together to show their respect to one who they deeply mourned. DEATH OF MISS EDITH AIARY DAVIES.—It is our painful duty this week to chronicle the death oi Miss Edith Mary Davies, only daughter of the late Mr. W. Davies and Mrs. Davies, The Pftar- macv, which occurred in the early hours of Thurs- day, the 8th inst., to the great sorrow of her mother, brother, relatives and friends. She had not reached her 14th year, when she fell a victim to acute rheu- matism, which seriously affected her heart, and ended fatally despite all mcdical skill and the devoted nurs- ing of her dear mother and other kind friends. Yhen it became known that she had died, general sorrow was expressed on all hands, as she was cheerful, of a quiet and loving disposition, and had won the affection and esteem of ail who knew her. May the God of the fatherless and widow give grace to tne sorrowing mother and brother, and all relatives and friends to bear their sorrow in patience, and enable them to say "Thy will be done. At 2 o'clock on Saturday, the funeral, which was private, took place, and amidst general tokens of sorrow, a cortege was formed in front of th Pharmacy, and the )JlGrt a1 remains of our little friend was removed for inter- ment in the family grave at St. Peter's Churchy lrd. The Rev. Canon Camber-Williams, vicar, having officiated at the house, the mournful procession s'ow- ly wended its way through Harford-square, High- street, and Church-street, all business premises being closed. The following were the chief mourners: — Mrs Davies (mother), Revs. D. Alec Lloyd and Arthur Lloyd (uncles); Miss Rosie Lloyd (aunt); Mr David Davies (grandfather); Mr John Davies, Cam brian Factory (uncle); Dr. E. Evans and Dr. Row. lands. The following were also present, in iddition to the clergy hereinafter named:—Messrs F. Lloyd, Bryn; William Lewis, Arfryn T. Jon!, Vs- trad House; J. Lewis, L. and P. Bank; E. Evans (Croft and Evans); Rees Davies. saddler; J E Evans, Nantygelly: D. Davies, Pharmacy; J. Davies, Dairy; J. C. Davies. Redhill; E. Davies. Cwminne, and J. Lloyd, Market-street. At the church, the Revs. Canon Camber-Williams, D. J. Evans, iind R. H. Richards officiated, while the last rites at the graveside were taken by the Rev. Chancellor Jones. As the relatives and friends left the sacred edifice, Mr. Jenkin Pairy. organist, gave a beautiful rendering of the "Dead Maroh" (Saul). Beautiful wreaths were sent by the following:—Mother and little Arthur, Ma-n end Auntie Rose: the four uncles: Uncle Tom and Auntie Alice; Mrs. Walters, Temperance I it el: Messrs. Croft and Evans, College-street: Ll1 and Gertie: Mrs. Lloyd. Deri House; Mr. Dalton. Mrs. Edmonds, Cedar Bank: Miss Carlisle: Nurse A. Jones, Isleworth; Mrs. Lawrence and the Owen; her Wellington School friends: Mr. D. J. Lloyd, Bryn: Auntie Minnie, and Jennie and Katie. Mrs. Davies desires to return thanks to the callers and sympathisers. Special hymns, in memory of the deceased, were effectually sung on Sunday at the morning and evening services. ST. PETER'S GUILD.—A meeting of the above was lield on Monday evening, when Mr. W. Lewis, Ar- fryn, presided over a large atrendance. The chair- man having delivered a spirited opening iddr^s, called upon the Rev. R. H. Richards to read a paper "Trebor Mai." Llanrwst, a well-known Welsh pott. The rev. gentleman gave execellent extracts frt n Trebor's works, and referred to his great talents as a poet. Several of those present spoke, and on He proposition of Councillor Evan Davies, secoiid^d by Miss Thomas, Bryn Arthur, a warm vote of 1 hanks was pased to the Rev. R. H. Richards and the chair- man. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE.—Or. Thursday the studen*? left College for their Chiistmas vacation, and all seemed in high glee at the prospect of once more visiting "Home, Sweet Home."














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