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Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau

CHRISTMAS SHOWS WIllTLA-Ni) The Whitland Christmas Hhuw of sheep, pigs, poultry, etc., was held at tue Council School, \\jhit- iand, on Friday, December 16th. The officials Werl; as iuilowR:—Fresidt;nt, Rev. T. Lewis, Laiiiiietor \elfrey; vice-presidents, Di-. Lawrence, Mr. D. U. Prothcroe; Mr. L. B. Blake, Dr. J. T. CjreBwick Williams, -U r. David Eva.ns, Mr. R. H. Harris, Mr. J. C. 6. Glanviile, Mr. W. S. Poweil, M r. E. &. Protheroe, Dr. R. L. JLhcma6, Mr. C. W. Rowiande, Mr. J. H. Silvan Evans, Mr. W. L. Philipps, Mr. P..N. Owen, Rl'v. W. L. Davies; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. S. Hughes, Lloyds Bank; hon. secretary, Mr. John Uuve; hott. vet., T. Willtams, M.R.C.V.S., Wliitiand; h(jit. a.uctiJneer, lr. T. L. .r!l Y.l"'1D. Št (:1 r. The judges w&re: Fat stock and carcase, .Mr. C. S. Smith, Tenby; poultry, pigeons, and cats, Mr. C. A. House; roots, Mr. J. Cibbon, Yaynor; garden produce and walking sticks, Mr. W. Harries, Rail- way Hotel, St. Clears; dead and trussed poultry, Air. J. Lewis, :\aroortn; bread, Mrs. W .S. Poweil and Miss Evans, Lan; general manager, Mr J. ScouiUpld. The stewards were as follows:—Fat. stock, Messrs. J. S. Owen, J. BL Lewis, and J. A. Lewis; poultry, Messrs. David Evans, Vincent Thomas, Edgar Reeves, and E. C-impbeil; pigeons and eats, Messrs. Hugh PhiUips and Hugh Davies; roots, Messr-. Ben Thomas, Pengawse, and Richard Thomas, Castle- toch; garden produce, .Ie:sl'.rs. C. Driscoti and B. T. Davies; dairy produce, Messrs. Jack Williams and D. R. Thomas; dead and trussed. Messrs. D. J. Edmunds and Daniel George; miscellaneous. Meesr". R. RowLanda and J. M. Thomas. LIST OF AWARDS. FAT STOCK. Fat Beast—1 and 2, Philip Lewis, Pa;itg!a! Myd- rim; 5, David Evaiis, Dytiryn, Lianboidy; 4, J. Scouriield, Biaenwernddu. Fat Beast fed on Messrs. Sdcox'e Food Stuffs—1, D. Evans, DySryn; 2, J. Scourneid. Pea of Fat Lambs—1, Davids, Llwyngwydd. Fat Pig (opHa)-l and 4, P. Lew.6, Pantglas; 2, J. Howells, Ostrey Faint, St.. Clears; 2, J. 0. Philips. Fat Pig, open to Cottagers not keeping Ccw—1, S. Walters. Pair of Porkers, not exceeding 150ibs. live weight -1, F. Phillips. Block Test, live weight of a Bea-t—Mr. P. X. Owen .chemist, Whitland. Block Test, live weight of a Pig—Divided between Messrs T. Lewis, J.P.. Penybont; Hugh DaÙcE, Llanglydwen, and J. L. John, grocer, Narberth. POULTRY. Plymouth Rock, cock or cockerel—1, Harrier Bros., Abergwiii; 2, John Bros., Sarnagol, Golden Grove; 2 and 4, D. Evans, LIanglydwen; vhc, E. Morris, Hebron. Plymouth Rock, hen or pullet—1, A. Davies, Bon- cath; 2 and vhc, H. Daviee, LIanglydwen; 2, E. Morris; he, Mrs. Nicholas, St. Dogmael&. White Wyandotte, cock or cockerel—1, D. Rees, College House, Pencader; 2, W. Preece, Dryslwyn; 'vhc, T. H. Carver, Clare Hill; he, D. Thomas, Smithy. White Wyandotte, hen or pullet—1, Mrs. Forbes, Begclly; 3, D. Thomas, Whidand; 4, T. H. Carver; vhc. Miss Evanc, Lan, Llantallteg; he, T. H. Carver, St. Clears. Wvandotte, A.O.C., cock or cockerel—1, Will Bach, Llanglydwea; 2, H. J. W. Jones, Dryslwyn; 4, J. M. Thomas, Forest; vhc, Morris and Son, Lanhwnt. Wyandotte, A.O.C., hen or pullet—1. J. Edwards, Bankyfelin; 2, Mrs. Thomas, Velindre; 3, J. Morris and Son, Lanhwnt; 4, Davies and Lewis, Caerau; yhc, J. M. ThMaas, Whitland. Leghorn, cock or cockerel—1, E. Simon, Pem- broke; 2, T. Evans, Redstone; 4, J. Jone-, Crym- mych; vhc, J. Evane, Bryneithin. Leghorn, hen or pullet—1, F. P. Edwards, Pem- broke; 2, J. H. Spurry, Singer's, Cardigan; 4, Miss Evana, Lan. Orpington, cock or cockerel—1, J. L. BushcH, Walton Eaet; 2, H. Rees, Springneld, Haverford- west; 3, B. D. Jone- Whitland: 4, Miss Protheroe, Glantaf'; vhc, J. H. Lewis, Llanlliwc. Orpington, hen or pullet—1, J.. E. BusheII; 2, J. H. Lewis 2, Miss rotberoe; 4, M. M. Fowles, Whitland; vhc, H. Rees; he, Elias Jenkins, Clyn- derwen. ? ? r Indian Game, cock or cockerc!—! anu 4, 0. Joneg, Crymmvch; 2, D. Haverson, Whitland; 2, 0. Thomas, Crymych: vhc and he, D. Haverson. Indian Game, hen or pullet-1, J. James, Eglwyswrw; 2, J. Edwards, LIandilo; 4. 0. Thomas, Crvmmych; vhc, 0. Jones, Crymmych. Indian Game, cockerel or pullet, bred In 1910- 1 and 2, 0. Jones; 2, vhc, and he, D. Haverson; 4, 0. Thomas; c, D. Davies, Plasabanal. Any other variety, cockere!, bred in 1910—1, Thomas. Chester Buildings, Nantwich; 2, E. L. Simon, Pembroke; 2, H. Rees, Springnclde, Haver- foidwcst: 4, P. L. Jones, Whitland; vhc, Mrs. Powell, Waungron. Any other variety, pullet. 1910-1, F. P. Edwards, Pembroke; 2, J. Eynon. Narberth; 2. Thomas, Nant- wich; 4, W. Harris, Millneld, Gorscinon. Any other variety, not scheduled, cock or hen— 1. T. CdMtcr. Nantwich; 2, C. Deuquet, New-road, LIanelly; 2, J. Edwards, LIandilo; 4, E. C. Be van, Sea View, Mumbles. Breeding Pen, 2 birds, any breed—1 and 2, Oliver Jones, Crymmycn; 2, Mrs. Forbes, Bcgelly; 2, J. H. Spurry, Cardigan. Game Bantam, cock or cockerel, hen or puHet— 1 and 2. H. Pees, Haverfordwest; 2, F. J. TaIIet, Pembroke Dock; 4, Davies and Lewis, Caerau. Rose Comb Bantam, cock or cockerel—1. J. Thomas. Gilfaeh Cynon, Merthyr; 2, D. Eyan", Whitland; 2. D. Evans, Whitland. Rose Comb Bantam, hen or pullet—1, D. Evans; 2, J. Thomas, Mertbyr; 2, A. Burton, Queen's Hotel, Carmarthen; 4, J. W. T. Bogg, Whitland. Bantam, A.O.V., cock or cockerel, hen or pullet- 1, W. Summers, 24, Aboyne-road. Tooting; 2, C. Deuquet, LIanelly; 2, Mrs. L. Thomas, Golden Grove. Setting Classes, A.O.V., cock or cockerel, hen or pullet, the price not to exceed 15s.,I, E. Li. Simon, Pembroke; 2, Will Bach, L!anglydwen; 2, Elias Jen- kins, CIvnderwen; 4, T. Mathiae, Milton-terrace, Pembroke Deck. The winner of the second prize wa-, sold by auction to H. Rees, Haverfordwest, for JB1. Turkey Cock. any variety—1, D. F. Reevea, Whit- land; 2, C. Driscoll, Whitland; 4, J. G. Reynolds, LIanglvdwen. Turkey Hen, any variety—1, C. DrMcoIl; 2, Jones Bros., Golden Grove; 4, J. G. Reynolds. Gander or Goose, any variety—1. J. Thomas, ewmill. Cardigan; 2 and 4, T. John, LIantidwell, Whitland. Drake, any variety—1. T. John; 2, R. Jones, Rhiwfelen. Pencader; 2, Misses Thomas, St. Thomas Green, Haverfordwest; 4, Camille Deuquet, New- road, LIanelly. ? Duck, any variety—1. R. Jones, Pencader; < Misses Thomas. Haverfordwast; 3,' J. Davies, Pen- oyre Hou.,e, Narberth; 4, T. John, Park View, Whitland. Special Prize.—Best exhibit in Poultry Section, cpen to resents within 14 milea of Whitland—1. Mrs. Forbes, Sunnyside. BegeJIy; 2, J. H. Lewis. BM-t local exhibit in Bantam Classes—1, D. Evans, Xorth-road. PIGEONS. Magpie—1, 2, and 5, E. Thomas Hoole. Llanishen; 4, W. Evans, Davies Town, Pcnsa.rn. 'Fantail—2, E. T. Hoole. Fantail-2 and 4, E. T. Hoo'e. Long-faced Tumbler-2, Hill and Payne, Siour- bridgc; 4, G. Salt. Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen. Any other Variety—1. Hill and Payne: 2. C' Gt-imn, Stepney-street LIaneUy; 4, L. H. John, Tenby. Selling Oa-M, any variety; pncc not to oxceett 7- 6d —1, W. H. Lane. Narberth; 2. E. Patmer, Tenby; 2, G. E. Snowdon, Yorks; 4, E. Parley. Tenby. CATS. Short hair-1 and 2, T. Davies, St. James-street, Naiberth; 2, J. H. Spurry, Cardigan; 4, Miss Jones, St. George's Cottage, o Af A Long hair—1, J. Lewts, Yetverton Arms; ?, M. ?. Phiilips, Whitland; 2, Mrs. Howells Ynyslantaf; 4, W. Young. Llangofman. Oynderwen. Kitten, under 3 months, any -variety—1 and 2, T. Davies. Narberth: 2. J. Lew;s, Yelverton Arms; 4. J. GriSiths, St. Marystreet. SPECIAL PRIZES. Beat exhibits 'n Cat C'iasses, confined to working men reading In Whitland-1, M. A. PhiIliPE, Whit- land; 2, J. M. Williams, Wh'tland. Foreign Cat, connned to Pembrokeshire and Car- marthen",hi!'üI, T. Davies, Narberth; 4, Mrs. Howe!!s, Whir!and. British Cat, confinod to Potiibrokehire and Car- marthenshire—1. T. Davies, Narberth; 2, D. E. Reeves, Whitland. Beat. Cat the, nropertv of a working man in receipt of a week'.v wage-1, T. Davies. Narberth;2,Mrs. ) John, Railway-terrace, Whitland; 4, S. A. Gnmths. Trevaughan, Whitland. Pet, owned by a child under 14 years of age—1. iVI,6 Joan Forces; 2, Miss Jones, St. George Cot- tagt'o ROOTS. 12 Mangolds, long red-1, 1. Evans, Penralltcadw- ?n, Rhoehill.. < T T-. o fr 12 Mangolds, a.ny other vanety—1, 1. Evaas; Z, 1. I .bbon, BryBbMk. 12 Swedes—1, Mr. Thomas, Coedllys, Llanginmng; 2, T. Bowen, Mountain Farm, Whitland. GARDEN PRODUCE. 6 Seed Onions—1, A. Thomas, LIanddewi. 12 Shallots—1 and 2, P..N. Owen, Whitland. < 6 Parsnips—1, A. Thomas, LIanddewi; 2, D. < Thomas, Trevaughan. 6 Carrots—1 and 2, A. Thomas. ] 6 Beet—1 and 2, A. Thomas. S ?tTcks of Celery—1 Mrs. Uavidson. 6 Leeka—1, J. Eynon, Narbertli; 2. Anthony Thomas, Llanddewi. 6 Round Potatoes—1, A. Thomas; 2, J. P. Scour- tield. 6 Kidney Potatoes—1. J. P. Scourneld; 2, A. Thomas. 6 Dessert Apples—1. D. Thomas, Trevaughan Mills; 2, Mrs. Philiips, Blacncwmmau. 6 Cooking Apples—1, A. Thomas; 2, E. Davies, Hebron. Special PriM.—Best exhibit in the Garden Produce Clashes—1. J. Eynon, Narberth. DAIRY PRODUCE. Ca-k or tub of Butter, not less than 25 Ibs.—l, Mis- Hancock, Henilan. 21bs. of Butter in rolls, unprinted—1, J. H. Lewis; 2, Miss Evans, Lan. Welt-h Cheese—1, -Mrs. Scourneld, Raenwernddu; 2, Philiins, End Town, Lampeter. 1 dczen White Eggs—1, Miss Ebans, Lan; 2, Mrs. E. Jones, Crymmych. 1 dozen White Eggs—1, Miss Evans, Lan; 2, Mrs. TreA-ern. DEAD OR TRUSSED POULTRY. Pair of Fowls—1 and 2, Mrs. John, Craigydifor; vhc, J. Morris and Son, Lianhwnt. Turkey, 191G hatch-3, Mrs. John. I Goose, the tir.t prize goose to become the property of the committee—1, Ben Davies, Llwyngwydd, Whitland; 5, B. Davies; vhe, T. John, LIantidwel.— The nr-t prize goose was afterwards raffled, the winner being John Evans, shunter, Whitland. Pair of Ducks—1, Mrs. John, Whitland; 2, Miss Llewelyn, Trcwcrn, Whittand; 3, John Bro-6., Goiden Grove; vhc, T. Gibbon, Brynbank. MISCELLANEOUS. 2tbs. oi Rum ney in Glass Jars-2, J. M. Wil- uams, Whitland. Host Hauu-made Walking Stick, unpoii&hed and unvarnished—I, E. George, Cernydd, Maeneicchog; D. Uavies, Wintland. Best V\ hite Loaf ot Bread—1, Mica Seourneld, Biaenwernddu; 2, Mrs. Davies, St. House, Crytn- mvch; vhc, C. Emery, baker; he, J. Gnmths, grocer, and Miss M. M. Owen, Medical Hall. Best Brown Loaf of Bread-I and 2, C. Emery, baker; vhc, Miss M. M. Owen. Bara Ceirch—1 and 2, Mrs. Philiips, BIaencwm- mau. Loaf of Bread made from wheat grown by ex- hibitor—1, Mrs. John, Craigydifor; 2, Mrs. Lew is, Liaailiwe. Liaailiwe. Best Loaf of Bread of about 21bs. made from Rank's "As You Like It" Flour only—1. Miss Scouriietd; 2, Miss Scourhetd; vhc, Mrs. Evans, Penybont Inn, Llangiydwen; he, J. Grimths, Aibion House. Bent Carcase of Welsh Mutton, not to exceed 401bs. in weight—1, J. H. Philiips, butcher, Whit'and; 2 and 3, Edwin John, butcher, Whitland. Homer—1, W. H. Lane, Narbertb; 2, S. C. Sar? der&, Gray's-road. London; 2, Hill and Payne. Stourbridge. ———— LAMPETER. A very successful show of live and trussed poultry was held in the Market Place, Lampeter, on the 21s). 4n;4t. The l\ofi.owing were the omciats:— Judges: Live poultry, Messrs W. Taylor, Faicondale, and T. Jones, Casteil Creuddyn; trussed poultry, Miss Pomeroy, Falcondaie; hon. treasurer. Coun- cilor Waiter Davies; hon sees.. Councillors J. Morgan and J. E. Jones. The awards were:— Couple Lhe Turkeys—1, Mr. J. C. Harford, Fal- condaie; 2, Mr. D. Evans, Penwern; 5, Mr. W. Davies, Taneoed. Davies, Taneoed. Couple Live Gee?e—1, Mr. D. W. Davies, Goyallt; 2, Mr. D. Evans; 5, Mr. T. Thomas, Penshettid. Live Duck or Drake—1, Mr. D. Evans, Penwern; 2, Mr. Williams, Glynhir; 3, Mr. T. L. Davies, Meurig Viiia. Live Cock and Hen—1, Mr. Chas. Spencer, Ltan- wnen; 2, Mr. T. L. Davies; 3, Mr. J. H. Jones, Dryslwyn. Live Cock and Hen—1, Mr. Thomas, Berthlwyd; 2, Mr. Thomas, Brynmanalog; 5, Mr. J. H. Jones. Live Cock and Hen—1, Mr. Evan Thomas, Creu- ddyu Cottage; 2, Mr. Idria Jones, Cycle Works; 3, Rev. L. Williams, Bedlwyn. Trused Turkey under 121bs.—l, Mr. Williams, Glynhir; 2, Mr. Davies, Blaencwrt; 3, Mrs. Edwards, MaesyfeIIn. Trussed Turkey over 12!bs.—I, Mr. Davies, Tan- coed: 2, Mrs. Edwards; 5, Miss C. Jonathan, Tyn- gwndwn. 0) Trussed Goose under 31ba.—l, Mr. Davies, BIaen- cwrt; 2, Miss Hughes, Nantenfoel; 3, Miss Thomas, Llwvn. Trussed Goose over Siba.—l, Miss Thomas, Llwyn; 2, Mr. D. Evans, Penwern; 2, Miss Hughes. Tru-sed Duck under 51bs.—l, Mr. Davies, Pant- gwvn; 2, Mr. Davies, Llwyncwrt; 5, Mr. D. Evans. ° Trussed Duck over 51bs.—l, Mr. Davies, Pant- gwyn; 2, Mr. D. Price, Bank; 3, Mr. T. L. Davies. ° Trussed Fowl over Sibs.—l, Miss Jenkins, Gwar- ffordd; 2, Mr. Evan Thomas, Creuddyn Cottage; 3, Miss Jenkins, Gwarffordd. Trussed Fowl over 51bs.—l, 2, and 3, Mr. Evan Thomas. Six White Eggs—1, Mr. Davies, Penshcthn; 2, Mr. J. Davies, Tvn'reithin. Six Brown Eggs—1, Mr. MIchcH, Home Farm, Fatcondale; 2, Misa Jonathan. Bunch of Hol!y-l. Mr. D. Jones, Tiemeddau; 2, Mr. E. Jones, Henfeddau. The market was not a brisk one. Geese were ?!ack and nrices were low. Turkeys were from lO?d. to lid. per Ib.: geese, 9d.; ducks, lid.; fowls. 35 6d a couple: eggs, 10 for Is; fresh butter, Is 2d per Ib.; beef, 9d. per Ib.; mutton. lOd. per lb, The shoos had been gaily decorated for the occa- sion Messrs. "L'avies. Brothers, the. boot manu- facturer's. new shop, formerly Stationers Hall, was very prettilv made up, and attracted a host of spectators. Messrs. Da-vies have left their old pre- mises. and have started at the above place, which is a more commodious and more central one.