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SUCCESS.—At the March examination, held in London, Mr. Alfred Christopher Bedington, Stud, S. A. (grandson of the late Mrs. Bickell. Fountain Hall), passed the examination for the Professional Associateship of the Surveyor's Institution- Mr. Bedington was articled to Messrs. Philip Munro na Son, Civil Engineers and Surveyors, Bristol. A meeting in connection with the Carmarthen branch of the National Lifeboat Institution will be hold at the Guildhall, Carmarthen, to-day (Friday), the 20th instant;, at 3 p.m., for the purpose of forin- Ing a ladies" auxiliary. The meeting will be addressed by Mr. Herbert Solomon, organising secretary. The Mayor (Mr. J. B. Arthur) will preside, and it i earnestly hoped that all persons interested will make n effort to attend. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY.—The Secretary begs respectfully to acknowledge the receJpt of the followings :-Periodicals from Mr. R. James. Stafford House, Nott's-square; Mrs. Gwynne-Hughes, Glan- c-othy, and Mrs. R. Thomas, Whitiand. LLANGUNNOR CHURCHYARD.—The Vicar of Llan- gunnor begs to call the attention of all those who have relatives buried in the above churchyard to make an effort to keep their graves tidy as the graveyard has just been put in onln. ST. DAVID'S CHOIR.—The adult members of St. David's Church Choir, tbout,60 in number, are going to take part with the Welsh Choir at the London de- monstration on Saturday next at Ilyde Park. The mass choir will be led by the celebrated conductor, Mr. John Williams, who led at the Carnarvon National Eisteddfod. CARMARTHEN STUDENT AND FIELD MISSION.—Mr. D. Picton Evans, of the Presbyterian College, Car- marthen, has .been accepted for ministerial services in Western Australia under the auspices of the Colonial Missionary Society. CYMMRODORION.—The executive meeting of the Cymmrodorion Society was held last Friday, Mr. Wm. Evans, postmaster, presiding. At the com- mencement the committee wol-jomed the Rev. B. Parry Griffiths, vicar of St. Peter's, who has been newly elected on the committee. Speakers were elected for the coming session. On the suggestion of the secretary (Mr. E. W. Rees) it was decided to offer prizes to the children of Carmarthen under 16 years of age for compositions in Welsh. DR. BANNADO s HOMEs.-On Friday last. Dr. Barnado's musical boys, with Mr. A. J. Mayers (deputation secretary) visited Carmarthen and gave two performances at the Assembly Rooms. The Mayor (Mr. J. B. Arthur) presided. A most attract- ive programme was gone through by the boys, and Mr. Mayer delivered an instructive lecture on the work done among destitute children accomplished by the Home, which was magnificently illustrated with life photos. OUTING.—A most enjoyable day was spent at Llanstephan on Tuesday in last week by the mem- bers of St. Anne"s Chinch, Cwmffrwd. The dismal weather of the early hours did not forecat a line day, but as time went on the clouds scattered aid it opened out bright. The party made their journey in brakes, leaving St. Anne's about 8.30 a.m .and arriving at their destination in good time. Meals were partaken of in the open air. and during the afternoon young and old joined in various games. The return journey was safely accomplished, Car- marthcn being reached about 8 p.m. Rev. and Mrs. Roberts were unavoidably absent. 4TH BATTALION THE WELSH REGIMENT (" E" Com- pany)—Orders for the week ending Saturday, the 28th June :-Officers on duty, 2nd Lieutenant W. L. Dudley; company orderlies, Sergt. J. Greenwood and Lance-Corporals T. Yorke and J. Orman. Mon- day: Company parade, 7.30 p.m., drill order; recruits' dr,ill, 7.30 p.m., plain clothes. Tuesday: Company parade, 2.uu p.m., drill order. Wednesday Recruits' drill, 7.30 p.m., plain clothes. Friday: Recruit:; drill. 7.30 p.m., plain clothes. Saturday: Route march, 3.0 p.m., drill order.—By order, J. F. de Ilpes,, Capt., commanding E. Co. 4th Welsh Regi- nwnt., Carmarthen. THE RINK PICTUREDROME.— During the latter sec- tion of this week a remarkable triumph of the biosoopic art will be shown at the 'Drome. The following is the programmeAurora Floyd," adapted from Miss Braddon's well-known story (in two parts,I; "The Engine of Destruction," an absorbing (two-part) drama: "Lake Como," "The Awakening of Bianca." a delightful story; How they got the Vote," "Mr. Dawson," "Little Charlie," three funny stories. For ine first part of next week the pictures are:—"The Beggar Prince," a fasci- nating and thrilling story, in two parts; "The a I I Leopard Avenger," an exciting story of a leopard hunt, in two parts; "Cross your Heart," a delight- ful story; "Life in Tripoli." "The Press Gang," "T"-e(-(ile(ium as Boxer," "Calamity Anne's Vanity," three laughter-makers. For further particulars see advertisement. DISTINCTION FOR MINISTER.—A twofold honour and privilege have fallen to the lot of the Rev. Gwilym A. Edwards, M.A., late pastor of Zion Chapel, Carmarthen, but now minister of Oswald Road C.M. Cnurch. Oswestry, in that he is this year the chaplain of both the Mayor of Oswestry (Alderman C. E. Williams. J.P.) and of the High Sheriff of Merionethshire (Dr. John Jones, J.P., of Dolgelly. The Rev. Gwilym A. Edwards, to whom this distinction has fallen, and who accompanied the incoming High Sheriff at Dolgelly last week, is a graduate in hononurs of both the Universities of Wales and Oxford. and at the latter he took both the schools of classics and theology; taking in the latter a coveted first class. WELSH FIELD COMPANY—ROYAL ENGINEEERS.— Carmarthen Section.—Orders for week ending June 28th, 1913 :-Offiocl' on duty, Capt. J. Francis; N.C.O. on duty, Sergt. G. Jones; Orderly Corporal, Corpl. S. E. Bowser; Orderly Trumpeter, Tpr. A.. D.uckfield. Monday: Infantry training, at 7.30 p.m.; dress, khaki, belt and frog. Tuesday: Re- cruits' drill, at 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: Dismounted —Engineering, Mounted—Riding drill, at 7.30 p.m. Thursday: Musketry—trained men only, at 2.30 p.m. Friday: Recruits' drill, at 7.30 p.m. Satur- day Musketry—trained men only, at 2.30 p.m.— (Siened) John Francis, Captain, Welsh Field Co., R.E. TIDE TABLE.—High water at Carmatrhen Quay; I at Ferryside high water is about half an hour earlier. Morning. Afternoon. Thursday. June 19th 6.50 7.11 Friday, June 20tn 7.32 7.52 Saturday. June 21st 8.12 8.22 Sunday, June 22nd 8.52 9.11 Monday. June 23rd 9.30 9.48 Tuesday. June 24th 10.6 10.24 Wednesday, June 25th 10.43 11.3 Thursday, June 26th 11.23 11.43 MARRIAGE.—The wedding took place on Wednesday in last week of Mr. James Da vies, Wellfield Lodge. Wellfield-road, to Miss Beatrice iFlorence George, 79, Water-street. The bride, who was .given away by her uncle (Mr. Harry Lohr. Cambrian-place) wore a dress of blue coline trimmed with white insertion, with hat to match. The bridesmaids were Miss Harriet Edwards. 7, Water-street, and Miss May Davies (sister of the bridegroom). The Rev. J. Gwynfe Jones performed the ceremony and Mr. Cledwin Davies (brother of the bridegroom) acted as best man. WEDDING.—On Wednesday in last week a pretty -but quiet wedding was solemnized at the English Wesleyan Chapel, Carmarthen, when Mr. Gilbert Banweli, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Banwell, Cardiff, was married to Miss Mabel Gwenllian Jones, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Jones. More- lands, Waterloo-terrace. Carmarthen. There was a large attendance at the service, at which the pastor (the Rev. Christopher Whitfield) officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father, was atten- ded by her two sisters (the Misses Ethel and Ger- trude Jones), as bridesmaids, while the best man was Mr. Louis J one (cousin of the bridej. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, when there was a large gathering of the family, relatives and friends. The happy couple left for Clevedon and Bournemouth, where the honeymoon is being spent. The presents were both numerous and costly. FUNERAL.—On Thursday in last week the funeral took place of Mrs. Margaret Jones, 18. St. David's- street, Carmarthen. The otficiating clergy being the Rev. Griffith Thomas, vicar of t. David's. The chief mourners were :—1st carriage Rev. Griffith Thomas. Mr. Rees Davies. Mr. David Morgan, and Mr. E. Evans. Second carriage: Mr. Richard Jones (husband), Rev. Fred. Jones, Mr. T. Bland Davies and Mr .T. Scoiirfield (brother-in-law). Third carriage Mr. J. Jones, Mr. D. Jones, Mr. W. L. Leonard, and Mr. Walter Lloyd. Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by the following:—Husband and children. Tom and Mary (brother-n-law and mister: Esther and Maggie (nieces), Rev. Lewis Jones and Mrs. Jones. Vicarage. Bangor; Fred. Catherine and Jane (brother and sisters-in-law); Annie and Esther (cousins); the Leonards and Nancy: Mr. ,.rid Mrs. H. H. Jones. Union-street: Mr. and Mrs. Jones and family, Barnsfield-terrace; Mr. and Mrs. Robertson and family: Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy, Francis-terrace; Mr. and Mrs. and Miss B. Thomas, Johnstown. PROMOTION OF INSPECTOR MOUNTJOY.— Inspector James Mountjoy, of Carmarthen, who has been in charge of the West Wales districts of the Great Western Railway for several years, has been pro- moted to a more important district, and will now work the Reading and Oxford district. Mr. Mount- joy is a native of Cinderford. and joined the service of the G.W.R. Company at Cardiff in 1896, and after going through vaw'ous grades was appointed to the detective staff in 1901, under Supt. Matthews, who was then in charge of the Souin Wales districts. After being in the detective department some few months, he displayed marked ability, which soon gained for him well-merited promotion, and he was given charge of the West Wales districts, including Waterford and Rosslare, where he has remained until his present removal. During his charge at Carmarthen he was instrumental in breaking up a number of gangs of thieves, for which he received the thanks of his superintendent and the commenda- tions of the magistrates and judges. Many instances can be recalled where he showed a commendable trait in his character, viz., his sympathy with prisoners, not only speaking a. kindly word for them at their trial, but also in obtaining employment for them when the necessity arose. Mr. Mountjoy's removal is very much regretted in the locality. The S. Wales branch of the National Union of Journalists have conferred an honour on a local pressman, and at the annual meeting elected Mr. Emlyn Thomas, the West Wales representative of the "Western Mail, one of the vice-presidents. MARRIAGE.—A pretty wedding was solemnized at the English Baptist Church, Carmarthen, on Wednes- day. the 18th inst., when Mi ;s Ethel Lewis, 31, St. Catherine-street. Carmarthen, uuughter of the late .\1r. Wm., atUiunin -it Joint Counties' Asylum, Carmarthen, was married to Mr. R. Wil- liams, Ponty-berem. The t;v:ue. who was given away by her uncle (Mr. Davies, Sunnyside, St. Catherinc-streU, Carmarthen), was attaod in a sky- blue dress, with hat to match. LIe H, Y. Gwiiym Davies. M.A.. pastor of the English i->a> Church, officiated. ST. DAVID'S PAROCHIAL BAZAAR ASD U-'ETE.—'We beg to draw our readers' attenuoii to aoove. full particulars of which will be seen in our auva»,0.- ment columns, and which will be held at Carmar- then next Wednesday and Thursday. There will be numerous stalls of every description and by the large amount of articles gathered together by the various stallholders, and givi n two fine days success is anticipated. Tho ai true dons include roundabouts, which Mr. Henry Studt. by nis usual generosity, has very kindly put ai the disposal of the committee, cocoanut shies, hoop-la stands, and numerous other attractions. The bazaar, which will be opened by Lady Phillips, of Coomb, on the first day, and by Mrs. -1. C. Bond on the second, is in aid of the restoration funds of the St. David's Church, Christ Church, and the Model Schools. The hon. secretary is Mr. D. Howell Thomas, Starling Park, and the assistant secretaries, Messrs. W. Rupert Evans and W. David Thomas. TEXXB: Carmarthen v. NevVcastle-Emlyn.—On Saturday last the Carmarthen team met Newcastle- Emlyn at Carmarthen, when after a fairly exciting game the visitors were victorious by 8 events to 6. Mr. E. Walter Rees and Miss Lilian Harries went through unbeaten, whilst Mr. Richards and Miss M. Williams only lost one event for the winners. The return game will be played at Newcastle-Emlyn in July. The following are the scores:—E. Thomas and Mrs. Cash (Carmarthen) lost to B. Hughes and Miss Davies, 3-6, 46; lest to M. Richards and Miss Wil- liams, 7-5; 1-5, 2-6; lost to E. W. Mathias and Miss G. Davies, 6-2, 6-2. E. W. Rees and Miss L. Harries (Carmarthen) beat Richards and Miss Davies, 6-2, 6-4; beat Mathias and Miss Davies, 6-1, 6-3; beat Randell and Mrs. Dr. Lloyd. 6-1, 6-3; beat Richards and Miss M. Williams, 6-1, 3-6. 6-4. T. T. Lloyd and Miss L. Jones beat Mathias and Davies, 6-3; 6-2; lot to Hughes and Davies, 5-7. 36; lost to Richards and Williams, 4-6, 6-3, 4-6. R. Stacey Jones and Miss G. Thomas lost to Randell and Llyd. 2-6. 2-6; lost to Richards and Williams, 4-6. 3-6; lost to Hughes and Davies, 4^5, 6-2, 4-6.




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