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LAMPETER TOWN COUNCIL. The following members were present at the monthly meeting of the Town Council held on Thursday, the 7th inst. :COunoillor Josiah Jenkins (mayor), Alderman Wm. Davies, Lewis Jonea, Evan Evaire, Councillors Evan Davies. Tom Jones. John Evans, David Davies, Chas. Evans, Walter Daries. Wm. James and David Jones; J. Ernest Lloyd (clerk), E. D. Rees (assistant clerk), and R. W. Ash man (surveyor and inspector). The Inspector reported that no infectious disease had been notified during the past month. Witfc re- gard to the water supply he suggested that water be obtained from the Low Level Reservoir for two hours daily and the inhabitants informed of the fact. Some discussion arose as to this matter not having been considered by a special meeting of the Water committee, and it was decided that the committee should 3neet early to go into the question. RAILWAY AND POSTAL. The Town Clerk reported upon the visit paid by the deputation to tho Postmaster General and the general manager of the G.W.R. Company. He referred to the assistance given them by Mr. Vanghan Daviee, M.P., and through his instrumen- tality they had been able to obtain personal inter- views with those two gentlemen. With regard to the up night mail, the Postmaster General pointed out that on the arrival of the mail train at Carmar- then the mail bags had to be taken up to the Post Office to be sorted, and if the mails were sent by a later train it would necessitate a special staff to deal with the work. He held out but little hopes for the alteration pf the status of the Lampeter office. Respecting the telephone service he stated that Iiandyssul and a few other places had-been i accorded that convenience. They neat saw Mr. Pottes (general manager of the G.W.R.). whom they found most obliging and promised to look into the matter of drains and aflscr the present charge for iftarket tiekete. THE DUST FIEND. A letter was received from Dr. Griffiths, North- road, complaining of the very dusty state of the street and fuggesting that tho Council should owl-ve tbe elementary rules of health. The Chairman thought that this street had fojavy traffic and should be watered liko tho rest. On the proposition of Mr. Walter Davies, seconded by Mr. Evan Evans, it was decided to water daily as far as Dr. Davies' place and weekly to Tr<ksdy- rbiw. CONDEMNED HOUSES. A letter was reoeiyed from the Local GoTeTOfpent Board asking what steps the Council intended tajdeg in the mattur of houses condemned by tho Council officials as beiig unfit for habitation. The Indpgctor also reported on the question and suggested that the Red Lion Court houses should be decnoliew. Alderman Wm. Daries was of opinion that the Council should purchase the ground and erect new houses in place of these. Councillor Walter Davies did not consider that Red Lion Court was a suitable sito to erect houses on. Eventually the matter was referred to the Finance Committee. Mr. Drumnaond wroto stating that with regard to the houses in Victoria-terrace he had aaked bH assistant to eonfer with tho Inspector in ordfcr to .1 ascertain what wais required to be done, so that the I matter might be completed. The Town Clerk was appointed as an extra., representative on thn tSoaid of Governors of the t. David's College School. On the proposition of Alderman Wm. Davies, the salary of the Town Clerk was increased to L50 per annum. WEDNESDAYS AT ABERAYRON. Alderman Wm. Davies brought forward the flues tion of a late train from Aberayron on Wednesdays during the summer months and proposed that an application be forwarded to the G.W.R. Company. It would prove a great boon. Mr. Walter Davies suggested the directors ef Mie Aberayron railway should also be written to. The late train would be very beneficial, especially for persons employed in shops and all kinds of busings* houses. It was dccided to petition the G.W.R. Company and the Aberayron Railway directors on the matter.

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