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Wholesale and Retail — ".v'iiie and Spirit Merchant, W High Street, DENBIGH, Bass and Allsopp's Ales in CaBks and Bottles at Brewery Rates. GUINNESS^ EXTRA STOUT, in Cask and Bottle, or on Draught. Guaranteed perfectly Genuine and in Ripe Condition. b John Jameson's Irish Whiskey, ■I of absolute Purity and Great Age. P SOLE AGENT FOR TEACHER'S Celebrated Highland Cream, the leading Scotch Whiskey of the day. MELROSE Old Highland, and other well-known Brands. BRANDIES and RUMS of the Highest Quality, Imported Direct. PORTS and SHERRIES, Old and Valuable, of best known Vintages, CHAMPA ONE All the Leading Brands. All WINES, SPIRITS, and LIQUEUR, of undoubted Purity, and of GUARANLEED Age, and ofIered to the Public at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. A. ANDREWS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Wine and Spirit Merchant, The Old Vaults, Denbigh. A. & T. ASHFOE D, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, GROCERS AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, HIGH STivLET, DENBIGH, thank their numerous Customers for their kind patronage in the past, and trust to receive a continuance, which it will be their constant endeavour to deserve by prompt and personal attention, and supplying Goods of the best quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. The Choicest Blends of TEA from Is 2d. to 2s. lOet. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is., Is. 4d.. Is. 6d. and Is. 8d. per lb. Harris' Wiltshire Smoked Bacon and Hams. AGENTS FOR Spratt's Biscuits and Crissel Game Meal. -o n„ >a "RTTHTON ALE and STOUT. 18 gallon Casks, 18s., 21s., and 24s. Stout, 13 BAaS A Co. sBLBTON Casks> i2s. 6d.; also in Bottles. East India Pale Ale, Imperial gallon Ca sks 24s. ,9 gal pass> Invdid Stout, Pints, 3s. 6d. per dozen; Pints, 4s. 6d. per D^EHI'TBREFD'S'ALE and STOUT. Imperial Pints, 3s. per dozen. Irish Half-pmfcs, !• •*?* W grands from Is. 9d. to 3s. (id. per Bottle Brandies, from 2s. and and Scotc h ^^1{ m l9 upwards Ports and Si.ernes, from Is. per Bottle and upwards. "F™rds C^-SeQuart Bottles reduced to 3s. 8d. OOLEMAN'S Wincarnis, Quarts, GOLEM AN S ^V^^QDHOUSES' BRONTE, 20S. per dozen. JACOB'S Pilsener Lagar to. 8d., Pints, za. »a. johannis Wator; Cider, &c.. &a. PALETHORPES' Sausages. Pork Pies, and Brawn, Fresh every Tuesday and Friday. Mowing & Reaping Machines (NEW) FOR SALE. A BARGAIN. ONE BAMFOIiD'S. ONE SAMUELSON'S. Clearing Off. Apply THE FOONDBY, DENBIGH. 1760u. | SUMMER GOODS EEDUCEE) TO HALF PRICE. Best Value See IN Town. Our New Arttumn Costume for Ladies, in aU Colours. Newest Mackintoshes and Capes. 134ft fol -ö It Gladdens Every Sufferer. Try It. differs from all other Preparations. It contains those Medical Agents S which STRENGTHEN and help the STOMACH to produce sufficient 0 GASTBIC JUICE to properly assimilate food. Sold in Bottles, Is. l|d. (13 doses) 2s. (40 doses). y TRY ONE BOTTLE. fStP \?}L BENSON EVANS' the Wayi, PINK greatest'8 Liver Pilules. A BILIOLS & LIVER Act like Magic on the Liver aJid Kidneys. /jfrS* .COMPLAINTS. Small in size, are easy and convenient X Pa'"s aft^5 JJeals» to take Heartburn, Flatulency, 0 S -.O^ S Belcbmg, and all thope °. Bottles, /^d. (40), and /*PV/ which are caused from s- 3d. (90 Pilules) each. ^\r f the one Complaint— T' EKI*01* INDIQESTJON. ]Eligh StrBet, Gastrocyne I Denbigh. r I Strikes at the Root of the evil, giving not a tempojrary yr but a thorough CUre- Try One Bottle! PROPRIETOR /<&y T. BENSON EVANS, "X CHEMIST, DENBIGH. » T. J. WILLIAMS, having returned from London, has the honour of calling attention to the correct styles in Ladies' Mantles, Jackets, Coutumes, Dress Uu.- Fabrics, French and English Millinery, Furs. &c. His Show Rooms are now open, fully stocked with the Latest Novelties, and a visit of Inspection is Respectfully Solicited. TAILORING: A Large and Yaried Stock, embracing the j Newest Productions in Tweeds, Serges, Nicunas, Meltons' Beavers, Friezes, etc. The bespoke Department under the supervision of a first class cutter. ————————————-——— Mens,' Boy S and Youths READY MADE CLOTHING J Gents' and Ladies Macintoshes. II | 20 & 34 High Street, & Temple Bar, Deiibigh. j CO NNAH & CO. I have the Largest and Cheapest Selection of CYCLES in the Kingdom. I I ,¡wc£i Sole Agents for Humber, Premier, Rudge, Swift, Enfield, Hudson, Claremort. Pn umatic Safeties from jE6 10s. Od. Makers of Celebrated Royal Welsh and Druid Cycle,. NOTE.—These Cash Prices for Accessories :— Pneumatic 3s" lld- Miller's New Lito Lamps 12s. 6d. Silver King Lamp, °Ten,ns^ g°x'8 Puncture Proof Tyres 27s. 6d. each. Sole Agent for Wood £ pJ& De% £ 189S. Mail Carta for Sale and Hire. pairs and Brazing done on the Premises. INSPECTION INVITED. 2098o99 jNo. 5, Vale Street, Denbigh. j TRY I JOHN HAIGS "GLENLEVEN" AND LIQUEUR" SCOTCH WHISKIES. Established over 200 years. 2075o99 G LLOYD ROBERTS, F, FALKNER'S Railway Hotel, I CELEBRATED I D IM N B I G R) "EXTRA OLD" lias a Splendid sTock of the Finest hj Irish Whiskey. has a Splendid Stock of the Flllest WINES, SPIRITS, CIDER, and J CIGARS, that can be bought. THE FINEST SPIRIT IN THE MARKET. Old Tbm, John de Kuper's Geneva Glnl and Martel's Brandy. A & T. ASHFORD, Ales and Stout on Draught and in Bottle. HARVEST ALES in Casks at is. per I Sole Agents for Gallon. Agent lor Worthingtoa & Co., Burton on Trent. JJ eil DigO. • I807u c. 2142&29 Autumn & Winter Novelties. We are now showing LEADING STYLES in FELT AND STRAW HATS for the ensuing Season. Also a Large Selection of French Millinery Materials. ¡ PURS. A Grand Selection of Necklets from Is. lid. MACKINTOSHES- All the LEADING SHAPES in LADIES and GETS. Also Ladies' Cloth Jackets and Costumes. — All the Departments will be fouud to contain NEWEST GOODS for WINTER USE. Blankets, Flannels, Flannelettes, Dresses, Linings, Calicoes, &c., ctc. Charity Flannels a Specially Low Prices. Mrs. R. ARTHUR DAVIS, A 4, Vale Street, Denbigh, 530a21 Lb<fW CAMBRIAN CELEBRATED i||||»p Mineral Waters, RUTHIN. MANUFACTURED BY THE RUTHIN SODA WATER COMPANY, LIMITED. T, „ „ „ UNSOIilCITED TESTIMONIAL. the'Cotnn«ntKCI|'alar*P?Dv-pal,?f ^icaI Colle& ™ Calcutta -an entire stranger of hofti?rLPIndia,September, J833, < On the bast mode of preserving Among the BEST SODA WATER SOLD w that supplied by the Kuthin Soda Water Company-the Water being obtained from on Artesian spring in the Valo of Clwyd, North Wales. Ask for the" CAMBRIAN WATERS." SODA WATER. LITHIA WATER. LEMONADE. GINGER BEER. SELTZER WATER. AERATED WATER. GINGER ALE. DO. B HE WED POTASS WATER. QUININE TONIC. ZOLAKONE. LIME JUICE, &c. "Cambrian" Hop Bitters—OWN BRE WING BY NEW PROCESS. Goods forwarded free to all Railway Stations in Great Britain. Price List, Testimonials, and Report of Analysis, post free on application. Address-Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales. iG77n5 AUTUMN AND WINTEK NEW GOODS. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel Place, Denbigh, begs to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection of Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings tor the present Season; Choice Selection of Fancy Yestings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel-place. Denbigh. WE HAVE SPENT OUR TIME IN PEOCURIIIG ONE OF THE Finest Stocks of New Materials for the I WINTER TRADE, I I SHOWN BY ANY ESTABLISHMENT, and our r MILLINERY AND TATLORING DEPARTMENT will defy Competition. THIS IS OUR ADDKESS The Pioneer Cash Drapers, Denbigh. We anticipate a greater rush than usual thi Season, aud advise you to pay ua an early Visit or ait appointment with one of otJr Travellers. We shall Serve you Well! YOU CAN KELK ON IT! We Keep a FINE STOCK OF NEW SILKiT DRESS MATERIALS, GLOVES, FANCIES, HOSIERS, JUVENILE CLOTHING, HATS and OUTFITTING, SHIRTS ¡ TIE, CAPS, and COLLARS. Complete House Furnishers.) Etc. NOTE THE ADDRESS THE PIONEER, DENBIGH. 125533 c GLOBB FURNISHING COMPANY COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, 12, 14, 16, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACES LIVERPOOL, Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-Pnrohase Systemi AT CASH PRICES. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, the old-established, and by far the most ex- tensive Furnishers on the Hire System in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the oom. plete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion considerably cheaper than the majority oft hose firms who sell for cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona fide manufacturer. :,f the principal goods we sell. No Security Required. No Extra Expenses. On our Hire Purchase System* The fair and equitable manner in which our business is carried on, and our reasonabe terms lind low prices are so well known throughout the North ot England aud Wales as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of purchasers; pay- ments Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly:— Amount of Purchase, 110 Payment 36 6d per ki £ 20 5s. Od. „ •» » £ 50 10s. Od. „ »» >» JilOO 17s. 6d. H »». > »» JE500 80s. Od. If An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy intending purchasers that we give better value and offer easier payments than any other house furnishers on the Hire Purchase Sy&tem in th? Provinces. All goods are Delivered Free in our ow private vans, and no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. CA,UTION.-As some firma adopt variou- mean3—duch as copying our Prospectus, &c.- with the evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are connected with us please-note our address. Furnish for Cash or on the Hire Purchase System. New Prospectus, Large Illustrated Catalogue, Press Opinions, and Price List sent Post Free on Application. Please mention this Paper. Business hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Globe Furnishing Company, 2 14, 16, AND 18, PEMBROKE PLACE. LIVERPOOL. Railway Fares allowed to Country Customers dal R. DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER, AND 1 AND 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, & Clothier Dhaleb IN FCBNTTURJC, JEWELLEBY, SILVER, & EUSCXBQ PLATaD GOODS, PIANOS, id FURS, CABPETS, BASSINETTES, &ci £4 15s. Magnificent Rosewood Overmantle, all finest quality plate, beautifully inlaid frame cost some time ago ;eg gs: Very cheap. los. 6d.-Finest quality small size Eleobro- bottles CrUet' new shaPe» 4 cut-glass X2 12s. 6d.— Second-hand Wicker Bath Chair, light and easy runninor will hire ithe same. 37s. 66.—Well-made Soiid Mahogany Hat and Umbrella Stand, brush drawer, mirror back, Ac. X9 lOa.-Out of plcdsjf1, Lady's Bicycle, almost new, complete with lamp, bell, and aU accessories. 18s. 6d.—Beautifully hand-painted fihma Tea Service. £2 7s. 6d. and £3 16s., Best make in Wringing Machines, brass capped rollers, turn down handles, top lever. 4s. 6d. to 12s. 6d.-Immense Stock of Cloth Rugs, all sizes, splendid quality, and good pattern. X4 158. -In Solid Oak, Couch, pair of luxurious Easy Cnairs, upholstered in leather; almost new. 17s. 6d.-l dozen Knives and Forks, Rodger's best cutlery, real ivory hafts in excellent condition. X2 :88. 6d.-Well-made Overmantle, good size, walnut frame. 7s, 6d. to 148. 6d—Out of pledge, quantity w Tr\1^8°°(1 Pftirs oi Pure Wool Cloth; iurge siza. TAILORING at Popular Prices. II OOODS SUITABLE FOR THE W I f v hi R SEASON, TRY OUR HATS, CAP8, TIES, &c. AGENT FOR THK CELLULAR CLOTHING- T. -it,. RUTTEE, 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. (Opposite N. & S. W. Bank). Miss ROB SR IS, CONFECTIONER, VALli fcTUKE C, DENBIGH. DINNERS AND TEiSJ at Moderate Ch irges. All kinds of Confectionery For sa to Cater for TEAS or SUPPERS Good A;aoo rimoiation for Cyclists I aud Commercial Travellers. Servants' Registry. Tr^ANTl2D, at one. Housemaids arri i General iervanta. eSOJ