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-=-=::=::=:=:="=-=-= -SILVER MEDAL, EDINBURGH, GOLD MEDAL, JAMAICA, 1891. GOLD MEDAL, DERBY, 1891. 0:' ALTOGETHER 6 GOLD MEDALS RECEIVED and HIGHEST AWARD at CHICAGO EXHIBITION. all CDLEMAIJS witic OARMIS OR Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine. X, a Delicious Beverage and Tonic made from Port Wme, Liebik's Extract of Meat, and Extract of Miat- ,lis a Kew Name, Registered to prevent fraudulent Imitations. OVER FIVE THOUSAND Unsolicited Testimonials have been received from Medical Men in favour of The follow.og Important Testimonial has beea received frocn Dr. FLETCHER. Applecross, Rasa-shire, NJB., July 2nd, 1897. Dear Sirs,—Please forward quarter-of-a-dosen Wincarni? immediately as my patient's supply is > about done. I trust there will be no delay, as be takes no other nourishment, and h** been austafawd and gained ■strength by Wfectnia for twfrve weefcs. Irours fidthfar, DUNCAN FLETCHER, L.R.C.P. ? mHHMM Is -ill Drugjjits, Wnse Merchants, and Pateat "Vendors. Ask for ColemM"s \IN'CARKIS." or Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine, and see that the word WINCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. Sold in Bottles, 2L 9d. sad 4s. 64. everywhere. Sample Bottle of Sent Post Free on receipt of Full Address to WlNCARNIS WORKS, Norwich, COIEHAITS COCA WINE A Splendid Tonic. Can be obtained of all Lkmoed Grocers and Chemists and a/ am Manufacturem COLEMAN & CO., LTD., NORWICH A LONDON. Sold In Is. ML. 2*. ML, and 4a. ML BottlM. fiilTMATTS uilllli1 LIEBIG'S ¡, IXTflACT of MEAT Has is a genuine article at a moderate prioc, and is •stvocgly recommended by the MEDICAL PROFESSION. Sold In 107. OZ., 4oz., Sot,, and I lb. Jars br all dualists and oroMHW* Ask for COLEMAN'S and have no othss. COLEMAN'S INYALID CBAMPA&NB It writable for the Robust as well as the Invalid. T- u a sauna, wnatecame, Fruity WUM. Is sold by all Grocers and W!ne Merchants. Orer 2.000 Testihiooials have been received from Medical Men. 249, St. Ann's Road, S. Tottenham, M. August 28th, 1894. Dka& Sirs,—I htrve great pleasure in testifying to •Iha efficacy of war Enrmlid Champagne submitted to me for irial by Mr. Cashing. I administered it to a child in a state of extreme collapse from an attack -cif Influenza and Pleurisy. The result was marvellous. The smouldering embers of life seemed at once to burst into flamo, and an uninterrupted recovery eneuad. I have no hesitation in saying that your Irram Champagce" is possessed of powerful stimulating and invigorating qualities, and cannot fail to be appre- ciated in all rases of debility, from whatsoever cause -arising. kV._ I am, yours WtWWV H. CXattow Fox, M.R.C.S., Eng., L.S.A., Load. I lleesse. Coleman & Co., Ltd. Price, 308. per Doten HalfJJottfes; SO*, per j Dosen Full-nice Bottles. Carriage paid to any part of the United Kingdom. SOLJt PROPRIETORS & MANUFACTURERS OF THE ABOVE, I Coleman & Co., Ltd., ¡ NORWICH a LONDON. ¡ AjOOAt Agbnts — DEN B I, G B: A. & T. ASHFORD. Higli Street: j W. CLWYD PIEIICE, GBOCKB, Crown Square [ THE » DENBIGHSHIRE FREE PRESS" IS ONE OF THE BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN WALES. TERMSMODERATE. =- Rears from the Shell. SPRATT PATENT CHICKEN MEAL. In Sealed Bags and Original Packets. Sample and Pamphlet on Chicken Rearing Poet Free. Spratt's Patent, Limited, BEP-MONDSEY. LONDON. 141Sf f*SW j^l CiL* iXi JefjLxj £ sL^ » \t/ PEARS r JL SQAP MAKERS J3 Special Hppofntment TO HIS BOYAL HIGHNESS THE eA* Pnn^Wales -FAMILY UsS. THE: PILLS p¡;r'ify thn Bloods correct rlil disorders of the interial organs, and are invrtluahi* MS all complaints incidental to FaiLviales. THE OINTMENT (k the reliable R«mec!^ tOSsest eirfcd. 71iicat Affections. oouti Bh»urriMium, Stiff Joints, <cym Wouada, Sores, Ulcers, and ail Skin Di«i>o«w?s. f>?at.m'acvur»i( only at 78,- .fjew .Oxford Street, London, f:"7' «he W„Hd. Su» Vba twe e'J'lres^, dnslv, between <■>,„ b? lotfceev I WORTH A, GWOTA '1 ø A l-GR ArJi S DTI RS BILIOUS AND liyOUS DISORDERS, SCCHAB stipation, Sick Heell" jo Con Weak stowo^Ii red Digestion, Disordered & :Fo le, Aliments. t Spared only bv thP Prr-H^o- Tho*a* Be^ham, St, Helens, l^ncaslm-e in iKJaS Srf Mil diwctoM.- tod.vo^wfcere. =- -==:;¡;




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