Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Wholesale and lletail Wine and Spirit Merchant, ^— I High Street, DENBIGH. Bass and Allsopp s Ales in Casks and Bottt" At Brewery Rates. 0'TTT-N"NT'R,Qss'a BXTRA STOUT, eS" oS^o«'- 0cnu*; .ff;Ripe Condilkm' John Jameson's Irish Whiskey, of absolute Purity and Great Age. V SOLE AGENT FOR TEACHER'S Celebrated Highland Cream, L-) the leading Scotch Whiskey of the day. MELROSE Old Highland, and other well-known Brands. BRANDIES and RUMS Of the Highest Quality, Imported Direc PORTS and SHERRIES, Old and Valuable, of besfc known \mtaD CHAMPAGNE: All the Leading Brands. AIl WINNS, SPIRXTS, and LIQUEUR9, of undoubted Pirity, and of Guaranteed Age, and offered to the Public at the LOWEST PIIICES. A. ANDREWS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL < Wine and Spirit Merchant, The Old Vaults, Denbigh. A. & T. ASHFORD, WINE AND SPIRrr MERCHANTS, GROCERS AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, 11 HIGH STELET, DENBIGH, thank their numerous Customers for their kind patronage in the past, and trust to receive a continuance, which it will be their constant endeavour to deserve by prompt and personal attention, and supplying Goods of the best quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. The Choicest Blends of TEA from Is. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is., is. 4d.. Is. 6d. and Is. 8d. per lb. Harris' Wiltshire Smoked Bacon and Hams. AGENTS FOR Spratt's Biscuits and Crissel Game Meal. rj0 >s BURTON ALE and STOUT. 18 g&llcn Casks, 18s., 21s., and 24s. Stout, 18 Salon Casks' 24s.; 9 gallon Casks, 12s. 6d.; also in Bottles. East India Pale Ale, Imperial ?sa 6d' per dozen; Half-pints, 2s. 3d. Bass' Invalid Stout^ Pmts, 3s. 6d. per dozen; 5 u i, £ tB1 9d. WHITBREaD'S ALE and STOUT, Imperial Pints 3s. per dozen. Irish Hf^ 8h' Whiskies of all Brands from Is. 9d. to 3s. 6d. per Bottle Brandies, from 2s. and and Sooteh wmjBi upwards Ports and Sherries, from Is. per Bottle and upwards. FM1n% Cock Wine, Quart Bottles reduced to 3s. 8d. COLEMAN'S Wincarnis, Quarts, COLEMAN WOODHOUSES' BRONTE, 20s. per dozen. JACOB a Pilsener Lagar 3s. 8d., Pints, as. o Beer, Johannis Water; Cider, &c.. &c. PALETHORPES' Sausages, Pork Pies, and Brawn, Fresh every Tuesday and Friday. LATEST STYLES IN MILLINERY, JACKETS, AND MACKINTOSHES, AT BARRON'S. Best Value in low-a. ALL DEPARTMENTS STOCKED FOR WINTER TRADE. 1348.f98 It; Gladdens Every Sufferer. Try It. differs from all other Preparations. It contains those Medical Agents which STRENGTHEN and help the STOMACH to produce sufficient GASTRIC JUICE to properly assimilate food. # Sold in Bottles, Is. Hd. (13 doses) 2s. (40 doses). TKY ORE BOTTLE. /$$& BENSON EVANS' /S?/ tbe w»?in PINK gg«°Lte Liver Pilules. Qj BILIOUS &LIVEE Act like Magic on the Liver and Kidneys. Pains ^?kAlNTS. Small in size, are easy and convenient Heartburn* In ^ea*s> t0 /f$} Belching, Sold in Bo*f] s 7^d. (40), an,] ailments which are Ca»a i°f6 Is. 1^. l'ilufes) each. £ &/ the one Complai^d from T. Benson /f-fy INDIGESTION EVANS, /i V t High Street, <^>/ Gastrocyne Denbigh, ^Strikes at the Root of the evil, giving not a temporarv yf but a thorough cure. Try One Bottle! —————————— PROPEIETOR T. BENSON EVANS, y/ CHEMIST. DENBIGH. Do you like a GOOD CIGAR? The finest Brands in the World (well seasoned), all prices, Wholesale and Retail, at Boiler's, Clslar Importer, Denbigh* HAVANA CIGARS (from 3d. each), AH best Brands at BULLEB'S. Try a. Sample Box. For the Finest 2d. and 3d. Cigar in the Kingdom go to BCLLES a, Denbigh. Trial respectfully solicited. BULLER, Cio-ar Importer, DENBIGH. LOOK HEBE! Fred Roberts & Co., HOUSE FURNISHERS, 3, RUSSELL BUILDINGS, RHYL. We Furnish a House (from a Cottage to a Mansion) from top to bottom, for READY CASH, or on the EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM. Railway Fare allowed to Country Customers who give us a £10 order. Write at once, or call at 3, Ituseell. ;Buildings, Rhyl. 1589a99 T. J. WILLIAMS, having returned from London, has the honour of calling attention to the correct styles in Ladies' Mantles, Jackets, Coutumes, Dress I Fabrics, French and English Millinery, Furs, I &c. His Show Rooms are now open, fully stocked with the Latest Novelties, and a visil of Inspection is Respectfully Solicited. TAILORING: I A Large and Varied Stock, embracing the I Newest Productions II in Tweeds, Serges, Nicunas, Meltons' Beavers, Friezes, &c. Fhe bespoke Department under the supervision of a first class cutter. Mens,' Boy's and Youths READY MADE CLOTHING t Gents' and Ladies Macintoshes. 20 & 34 High Street, & Temple Bar, Denbigh. TRY JOHN HAIGS I "GLEN LEVEN" AND LIQUEUR SCOTCH WHISKIES. Established over 200 years. 2075099 MEDICAL HAXIIJ, DENBIGH. R. D. HUGHES begs to inform his numerous Customers that he has an ENTIRELY NEW STOCK OF Chbice Turkey, Honeycomb, & Bath Sponges, WASHING GLOVES, BATHING CAPS, SPONGE BAGS, ETC. HAIB, TOOTH, and NAIL BRUSHES, DRESSING and POCKET COMBS, Toilet Cases and Sundries for the Toilet. INFANTS' FEEDING BOTTLES and Requisites for the Nursery. PERFUMES of all description in endless Variety. The Celebrated Jubilee Bouquet, Sweet and Lasting. A most Exquisite Perfume. All size Bottles. Finest HAVANA and other Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos, of Choicest Brands and Manufactures. MEERSCHAUM AND BRIAR PIPES. in all Shapes and Description. Ilford Plates, P.O.P., and Photographic Chemicals. Agent for Ellis' Ruthin -ZErated Waters, in BOTTLES and SYPHONS. Also Natural Mineral Waters. 284u.c.- THE Denbighshire Free Press IS ONE OF THE 1BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN WALES TermsModerate. Autumn & Winter Novelties. We are now showing LEADING STYLES in FELT AND STRAW HATS for the ensuing Season. Also a Large Selection of French Millinery Materials. F U R S A Grand Selection of Necklets from Is. lid. MACKINTOSHES. All the LEADING SHAPES in LADIES and r: TSo Also Ladies' Cloth Jackets and Costumes. All the Departments will be found to contain NEWEST GOODS for WINTER USE. Blankets, Flannels, Flannelettes, Dresses, Linings, Calicoes, &c., &c. Charity Flannels a Specially Low Prices. Mrs. R. ARTHUR DAVIS, 4, Vale Street, Denbigh, 6301\21 hf."4 CONNAH & CO. have the Largest and Cheapest Selection of CYCLES in the Kingdom. :S'l.r¡ Bole Agents for Humber, Premier, Rudge, Swift, Enfield, Hudson, Claremont. Pneumatic Safeties from S6 10s. Od. Makers of Celebrated Royal We'sh and Druid Cycles. Narts.—These Cash Prices for Accessories :— Voider Cyclometer, 3s. lid. Miller's New Lito Lamps 12s. 6d. Pneumatic Saddle Covers, 4s. 6d. Cox's Puncture Proof Tyres 27s. 6d. each. Silver King Lamp, lis. 6d. Good Lampleigh Saddles 6s. 6a. Sole Agent for Woods' Patent Galvanized Woven Wire Saddle. Latest Design—1898. Mail Carta for Sale and Hire. Repairs and Brazing done on the Premises. INSPECTION INVITED. 2093o99 No. 5, Vale Street, Denbigh. AUTUMN AND WINTER, NEW GOODS. HUGH WILLIAMS, I. Tailor and Draper, Chapel Place, Denbigh, begs to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection of Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings tor the present Season; Choice Selection of Fancy V etings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel-place, Denbigh. WE HAVE SPENT OUR TIME IN PROCURING ONE OF THE Finest Stocks of New Materials for the WINTER TRADE, SHOWN BY ANY ESTABLISHMENT, and our MILLINERY AND TAILORING DEPARTMENT will defy Competition. THIS IS OUR ADDHESS The Pioneer Cash Drapers, Denbigh. We anticipate a greater rush than usual this Season, and advise you to pay us an early Visit or an appointment with one of our Travellers. We shall Serve you Well! YOU CAN RBLY ON IT! We Keep a PINE STOCK OF NEW SILKS, DRESS MATERIALS, GLOVES, FANCIES, HOSIERS, JUVENILE CLOTHING, HATS and OUTFITTING, SHIRTS TIES, CAPS, and COLLARS. .4,0 Complete House Furnishers, Etc. NOTE THE ADDRESS:- THE PIONEER, DENBIGH. 1255d3 GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, 12, 14, 15, & 18, PEMBROKE PLACES LIVERPOOL. Furnish for Cash, or on the Iffire-Purohase System; AT CASH PRICES. THF. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, the old-established, and by far the most ex- tensive Furnishers on the Hire System in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the oom- plete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion sonsiderably cheaper than the majority oft hose firms who sell for cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona fide manufacturer. f the principal gocis we sell. No Security Required. No Extra. Expenses. On our Hire Purchase System. The fair and equitable manner in which our business is carried on, and our reasonabi terms md low prices are so well known throughout the North ot Englsnd and Wales as to render Etiriher comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of purchasers; pay- ments Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly:— Amount of Purchase, £10 Payment 3s 6d per ki ".£20. 5s. Od. „ „ £ 50 10s. Od. „ „ ".£100 17s. 6d. „ » „ £ 500 „ 80s. 0d. „ An inspection of our stock will at onoe satisfy intending purchasers that we give better value "nd offer easier payments than any other house furnishers on the Hire Purchase System in thl Provinces. All goods are Delivered Free in our o private vans, and no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any part of Eagland or Wales. CAUTION.—As some firms adopt various means—such as copying our Prospectus, &-c.- with the evident intention of inducing the public to beiieve they are connected with us please. note our addres?. Furnish for Ca&h or on the Hire Parchaee System. New Prospectus, Large Illustrated Catalogue Press Opinions, and Price List sent Post Free on Application. Please mention this Paper. Business hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Globe Furnishing Company, 9) 14, 16, AND 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Railway Fares allowed to Country Customers d31 R. DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER, AND'1 AND 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, & Olothier; DEALER IN FUBNITUBB, JEWELLERY, SILVER, & ELECTBO PLATED GOODS, PIANOS, FURS, CARPETS, BASSINETTES, &C. JB4 15g.-Splendidly lfinished Solid Walnut Chest of Drawers, mahogany lined, large size, very cheap. 30s. and 2s. 6a.-Best make in Couches and Sofas, speoially strong frames, upholstered in leather. 6s. 6d. A Pair.—Unredeemed, worth 10s. 6d„ five pairs of Pure White Twill Sheets, immense size, hemmed. X3 IOe.-Well made Cheffonier, in solid mahogany, 3-ft. 6-in. wide, new Cgiign, high bevelled glass back. 14s 6d-—Pretty Group of Rare Birds, under large glass shade. 98 15s—Very handsome Sitting Room Suite, heavy walnut frames, with patent unbreakab'e screw back, covered with rich Genoa Saddlebags, scarcely soiled; a grand opportunity. 5 zei 14s.-Warranted for 15 years, very fine Regulator Timepiece, 8-day, in walnut case. 15s. 6d.-Forfeited, splendid real Squirrel Boa, good length. 92 6s. 6d — Magnificent Square of Carpet, 4 yards by 3, Brussells, rich pattern has never been down. 248. 6d.-Out of pledge, never worn, large parcel of Overcoats, all sizes and shapes, half price. 93 los.-Luxurious Divan Chair, s uff-over in best wearing saddlebags, silk fringe; worth double. 36s. 6d.—Complete, Arm Chair, Rocking ditto, and four small Chairs, hand-maid Kitchen Chairs; guaraateed. TAILORING at Popular Prices. GOODS SUITABLE FOR THE WINTER SEASON. TRY OUk HATS, CAPS, TIES, &c. AG KMT FOR THE OELCBRATBD CELLULAR CLOTBINQ- T. R. RUTTER, 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. [Opposite N. & S. W. Bank). Miss ROBERTS, CONFECTIONER, VALE isTKEET, DENBIGH, DINNERS AND TXASI at Moderate Charges. AH kinds of Confectionery For I ak. Open to Cater for TEAS or SUPPERS. Good Accommodation for Cyolists and Commercial Travellers. Servants' Registry. WANTED, at once. Housemaids anj A,, General Servants. e80