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FOUNDED 1871. THE OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, Ltd. (Empowered by Special Act of Parliament). authorised" £ 1,000,000 INC01IE'1901 £ 1,120,358 CAPITAL £ AQ1 ZAf) reserVES p-J f\A/1 QQQ SUBSCRIBED &V £ ±9'^<±KJ Dec. 31st, 1901 ^b±,U±4:,O0i/ FUNDS, 31st Dec., 1901 £ »-| 0 017 (excluding Uncalled Capital) <L)0 £ ) | The" Advanced" Policy is based on wide and liberal lines. It not only provides against Accidents, but also against Illness and Permanent Incapacity, and the sum assured automatically increases upon each renewal. It possesses, in addition, the important advantage of being World-wide as to Travel. Send for Prospectus. Fidelity Guarantees. Third Party Indemnities. The Bonds of this Corporation are accepted by all Departments of Mortgage Insurance. H.M. Government. Excess Bad Debt Insurance Workmen's Compensation. Sickness Insurance. Boiler and Lift Inspection Burglary Insurance. and Insurance. NORTH WESTERN BRANCH: Ocean Chambers, ALFRED W. GREOORI, NORTH JOHN STREET. LIVERPOOL. SECRETARY. HEAD OFFICE: R. J. PAULL, 36 to 44, Moorgate Street, London, E.C. General Manager and Secretary. T. DAVIES, I BUTCHER, 2, Vale Street, Denbigh. Supplies Best Quality Vale of Clwyd Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork. at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Personal Attention given to every Branch of the Eusiness. Welsh Mutton and Lamb a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to. (Shop Open Daily). NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 2, VALE STREET. (Corner of Hall Square). 1796. Cigar and Cigarette Importer and TOBACCONIST, Wholesale and Retail. An Immense Stock of the leading makes in HABANA CIGARS, Murias, Bock, Valley Yea. Cabanas, Alvarez, and many others, all in perfect smoking condition, from 3d. to is. each. Mexican, Manila, Indian and British Finest Brands at wholesale prices. mi C! CIGARETTES, Turkish, Egytian, Russian, Brazilian, Virginian direct from Manufacturers and Importers. Agency for Ardath, Carreras, John Cotton, and other High Class Mixtures. Latakia, Perique, Flakes, Hand-Cuts, Finest Shags, Cavendish's Cakes, Rolls, Plugs, Navy Cuts, Golden Bar, &c.. &c. All Best Brands obtainable. Sole Agent for Loewe. BBB. Petersons, and other best Pipe & Pouch Manufacturers, and every other requisite for Smokers. Samples and prices on application. Contracts taken. Shops, Hotels, etc., supplied at absolutely Wholesale Prices. Note the Address:— (THE OLD FIRM), BULLER, Portland Place, DENBIGH. ESTABLISHED 1874. HELSBY. HELSBY. For every description of Photography, go to HELSBY'S, 30, VALE STREET, DENBIGH. Branch at MR. LEWIS JONES, RUTHIN Better work than ever at the same low prices All sizes from midgets to life-size enlarged portraits. Satisfaction guaranteed. Family, School, Wedding, and Class Groups, &c ictures darefully mounted and framed at lowest prices to suit everybody. LOCAL VIEWS. Best House in the Trade. HELSBY. HELSBY. S. EMMANUEL, HAIRDRESSER, &c., s to announce that he has removed from Park Street, to more commodious premises, 7, BitIDGE STREET, nder the Constitutional Club) DENBIGH. LADIES' COMBINGS MADE UP at Is. per £''jnce. Umbrellas recovered and neatly Rey-.ilred at Moderate Charges PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS :— 7. BRIDGE STREET, [DENBIGH. .m2810 BROLDFORDIS UNIVERSALLY APPROVED 1 I AUNDRY AND DAIRY MACHINERY Over «50 Gold A Silver Mcdnlg and First Prize Awards, NEW" TwPLJ:" W ASKING Machise, SO*, complete. "VOWXL" WASBIXO Whihoiso, I "DiArrtRAQM9 Cmntm. a*i. MTXOUM Machixx. Buttm Voauu Lalkdrt KTYLFISITICA. 1 Daiky ArmmcM. Liberal Cuh Term*. Catalogue* Port Fre% THOMAS BRADFORD A 80.. 140-142. High Hoi bom, London; 130, Bold Street, Liverpool; Victoria Avenue, Maireheeter; Creecent Iron Works, Salford. Thomas J. Davies, CLWYDIAN VIEW, 8, CLWYD STREET, RUTHIN, Painter, 'Gilder, and Paper-hanger. House, Sign, and Furniture Painting, Paper-hanging, Graining, Decorating, Gilding. Marbling, Whitewashing, Colouring and Glazing. WALL PAPER WAREHOUSE Large Selection. Mr. Davies begs to announce that he- is continuing the business formerly carried on under the style of J. H. DAVIES, and whilst thanking the numerous Customers for past favours hopes by strict attention to business and good workmanship to merit a continuance of their support. 1352u.c. T. R. RUTTER, 6, Vale Street, Denbigh, is now shewing NEW GOODS for the Season in all the Latest and Newest Designs in Suitings, Fancy Vestings, Rainproof Coatings, Trouserings, &c. A Trial Order respectfully solicited. Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed. Hats, Caps, Ties, &c. The Newest for the Season. Makes BOOTS and HARNJSSS water- —^ rn — M ■ proof as a duck's back, I J A B ■ Hi^ soft as velvet, and wear Y three times as long; pleasant odour; allows GOLD MEDAL 22 ^iwiion Highest Awards for Superiority. nTT"R"RT"W Tin* 2d-> 6d-> V- 2/- XJ JLjJDJLJJI of Boot Makers, Sadd- ler., Ironmongers tie. Manfy. K. Dulvrich, London. BROCKLEHURST'S CHEAP COLLECTION Of Vegetabla Seeds, 3s. 6d. post free. BROCKLEHURST'S GRAKD COLLECTION of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, 10s. 6d. post free. TOMATO PLANTS Is. 9d. and 2s. 6d. per dozen. Sent free to any address. Tomato Growing."—A practical treatise on the indoor and outdoor culture of Tomatoes, 6d; post free 6d. LARG. STOCK of Geraniums, Asters and other bedding plants. Beautiful Blue Lobelia 6d. per dozen. Bouquets, Wreaths, and fresh cut flowers. W. T. Brocklehurst, FLORIST AND NURSERYMAN, LONDON HOUSE, RUTHIN. 1437u.o SEED. WHITE Short Oats, Yellow or Black Oats, from 8s. to 9s. per hobbet, delivered. Barley (feeding), from 8s. to 9s. per hobbet on rail. Pure Seed, Up-to-Dates. Potatoes, 60s. to 65B., delivered any Station. Eating Potatoes, 60s. on rail. Clover and Timothy Hay, 1051- delivered Meadow Hay, 105/- delivered. Chilian (Chopped), 105/ delivered any Station in two ton lots. Flour, Baking and Pastry, 22s., 24s., 26s., and 28s. per Sack of 280-lbs. Samples on application. HUGHE S'S, STORES, RUTHIN. I531jel4 FREE. pYCLES! CYCLES /'lk^ Marvellous Bargains 2,800 Cycles, Motors and Accessories. Bargains in *» Eadie s and B.S.A. Machines. F±v,xL,ii. co any address, the most interesting 50 page Catalogue in the trade. Second-hand Cycles from 30s. 2,000 New Machines from P.2 17s. 6d. Plated Rims, Rim Brake, Free- wheel Machines from .£4 10s. each. Every class of Maohine in Stock. Accessories Half Price—50 cheaper than others. Marvellous Bargains; Agents wanted; trade supplied. Don't buy before you have seen our 50 page new Illustrated Catalogue, which will be an eye-opener and money-maker to all interested in the Cycle trade. This Catalogue FREE to all.-WARRILOW & Co., WESTON SCPBR MARE. 143 4A30 I Messrs. CLOUGH & Co., Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, DENBIGH. SALES OF FAT and STORE STOCK AT Denbigh Smithfield, Every Fair Day, the 2nd Tuesday in the month. Next Sales on Tuesday Next. June 10th, 1902. THE Auctioneers beg to announce that they SELL FIRST, commencing with the Cattle at 10.30 a.m. The Auctioneers have a good Entry of Prime Fat Beasts, including some from Mr. Jones, Kilford; Mrs. Williams, Llewesog; Mr. Lloyd, Lodge, &c. 1789j7 Sale of SURPLUS FORAGE, &c at the Yeomanry Camp, Myddleton Park' Denbigh. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. are instructed to Sell By Public Auction at che above on SATURDAY, JUNE 14th, 1902, viz.: The SURPLUS YEOMANRY FORAGE, in suitable lots, including English White Oats, Pure White Crushed Oats, Broad Bean, Mixed Provender, Prime Baled Straw, and Peat Moss Litter. Sale at 11 a.m. prompt. TERMSCASH. Estate and Auctioneers' Offices-Vale Street, Denbigh. 1790jl4 YeomaDry Camp, Myddleton Fark, Denbigh. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. have received instructions from Messrs. Wright & Son, the Contractors, Redditch, to Sell by Auction, at the above, on FRIDAY, JUNE 20th, 1902, viz.: — 100,000 feet of 1-inch Flooring and Deal Boards. 50,000 feet of 21-inch x 3-inch Scantlings. 50,000 feet of Quarterings. Several Wooden Erections, Nails, Bolts, &c. All in suitable Lots Measurements of which will be given time of Sale. Sale at 11 o'clock prompt. TERMS CASH. 1781i 13. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Villa Residences. Snop and Cottage Propeity, which will shortly be offered for Sale by Public Auction by MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO., vizNos. 3, 5, 7 and 9, GRAWYS VILLAS, Denbigh, Nos. 1 to 11, BRYNFFYNON TERRACE, Denbigh, No 1 to 4, GLODDAETH VILLAS, Denbigh, HOUSE and SHOP, situate in Henllan Street, Denbigh, formerly in the occupation of Mr. James Owen, greengrocer, but now the occupation of Messrs. Williams, Bros., Grocers. 2 HOUSES and PREMISES, situate in Henllan Street, Denbigh, in the respective occupations of Messrs. R Howell Lloyd and Wm. Ellis. BUILDER'S YARD and PREMISES, situate in Lenton Pool, Denbigh. Full particulars will appear in due course. ANEURIN O. EVANS, 1791u.c Solicitor, Denbigh. TOWER TEA. An old Scotch provorb says :— AS YE BREW SO YE MAUN DRINK," But if ye brew TOWER TEA ye may rest assured of "drinking" a really good refreshing and stimulating cup, unsurpassed in flavour and aroma by any Tea in the World. It is a Daily Treat. Moreover, it is an exceptionally strong Tea and goes nearly as far again in the brewing as others. It has taken Six Highest Awards, And discriminating housewives who believe in the old adage SPARE WELL AND bPEND WELL Always buy TOWER TEA and thereby show their keeness in obtaining the very BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. In Packets only at 1/4, 1/8, 2/- and other prices. SOLD BY T. & S. H ASHFORD, GROCERS, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. Wholesale only. TOWER TEA, LIMITED, 71, EASTCHEAP, LONDON, E.C. U.C. R. D. HUGHES, M.P.S., FAMILY CHEMIST, DENBIGH. The Dispensing Department is under his own personal supervision, and nothing but the BEST AND PUREST DRUGS obtainable are used for COMPOUNDING PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS. Sick Room and Nursery Requisites. Feeding Cups, Hot Water Bottles, Ice Bags, Chest Protectors and Respirators, Sponges, Tooth, Nail, and Hair Brushes, Dressing Combs, and Toilet Requisites in great variety. Agent for ELLIS' AERATED WATERS in Syphons, and all Natural Mineral Waters. 1772 uc. Musical- Mr. Wm. J. Kempton, Professor of Music, Conductor, Trained Singing Master, and Cathedral Organist (Ely). Voice Development, Solo Singing, Sight Singing, Classes, Pianoforte, Organ, and Theory Lessons. MODERATE FEES. SCHOOLS VISITED. PREPARATION FOR ALL EXAMS. PATRONS :—Countess Cowper, Lady Ewart, Hon. Mrs. Newdigate, &c., Earl Devon, Rev. Sir Frederick Ouseley, Bart.; Sir William Ew&rt, Bart; Sir Arthur Sullivan, Sir John Puleston, Constable of Carnarvon Castle; Dr. Steggall, Editor of Hymns A. and M. &e. Wrexham, Chester, Denbigh, and Mold visited weekly. PARK HOUSE, RUTHIN and o/o JUDE AN16 LEFFLEB, MUSIC STORES, Kenahaw Street, Liverpool. 1381u.c 8ales by Messrs. Frank Lloyd and sons. NEXT AND FOLLOWING WEEK. 1,200 HORSES. Great Quarterly Coronation Sales. MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD & SONS will Bell on :— Wednesday and Thursday Next, June 11th and 12th.—400 High Class Single and Double Harness Horses, including 30 Matched Pairs Wednesday's Sale. Friday, 13th.-300 Show Horses, Hackneys, Show Cobs and Ponies, including many Great Winners. (- HAlklPIO- CUP COMPETITION. Wednesday and Thursday, June 18th and 19th. -500 Heavy Town Mares and Geldings, Light, Lurry, Van, and Young Horses. Judging at 10.30. Sales each day at 12. All descriptions guaranteed. Two days' trial for work. Catalogues ready from the Auctioneers. Entries for Second Week's Sales taken to Saturday, June 14th. 1779j7 Special Notice! Special Day! Thursday, June 19th, at 1 o'clock. GREAT CORONATION SALE IN ST. ASAPH SMITHFIELD. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Early Entries for this Sale, when the following Prizes will be given Half-a-Guinea each for the best Fat Beast, Dairy Cow, Pen of 5 Fat Lambs, Best Lot of 30 Lambs. 1778jl4 DAVID BOBbKTS & SON Auctioneers and Valuers, CORWEN AND DENBIGH. Vrongelyn, Llandyrnog, Denbigh. MESSRS DAVID ROBERTS & SON have received instructions from the Trustees of the late Mr John Jones, to Sell by Auction on the premises at Vrongelyn, Llandyrnog, on FRIDAY, JUNE 13th, 1902, the whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STCCK, which include 13 head of crossbred Cattle, 2 powerful Cart Horses, Yearling Cart Filly, Pigs, Farm- ing Implements, &c., together with the whole of the DAIRY UTENSILS and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Credit upon the usual terms. Lunch at 11 and Sale at 12 o'clock. 1764j7 Sale by Mr. G. F- Byford- DENBIGH SMITHFIELD. Sale of Fat and Store Cattle. GF. BYFORD'S Auction will include some Grand Stall Fed Bullocks and Heifers, Butchers' Calves, Fat and Store Sheep and Lambs of various classes. Sale at 10.30 a.m. Further Entries respectfully solicited. 1786j7 Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin. (Close to the Railway Station.) The Special Summer Fortnightly 9ales during the months of June, July, August, and September will be held on the Third Monday in each month. The First Fortnightly Sale will take p'aca On Monday, June 16th. 1902. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. Entries respectfully solicited. 1787j1* G. F. BYFORD, Auctioneer, j Sale by Mr- J- E. Davies. At BODYNGHARAD, RUTHIN' about two miles from the Railway Station. HIGHLY Important and Attractive Sal.6 of Valuable Household Furniture, 0^ Paintings, Water Colours, and Engravings by Eminent Artists, Services of Silver and Electroplate, China, Glass, Linen, Cellar of Wine, Guns, Fishing Rods, &c., &c. MR. J. E. DAVIES begs to announce his instructions from the Representatives of the late Dr. J. T. King, to conduct this Important Sale on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, JUNE 19th and 20th, 1902, commencing each day at eleven o'clock prompt. May be viewed on Tuesday, 17th June, from 2 to 5 o'clock p.m., by catalogue only, which may be obtained from H. Davies-Cox, Esq., Accountant, Hamilton Chambers, Birkenhead, or from the Auctioneer, 11, Wrexham Street, Mold. 1774jl4 SERVANTS' REGISTRY. conduated by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONER, RUTHIN Mes^ rowboiham, Hall Square (LATH op 28, VALE STREET). Ladies' and Children's Outfitter Fancy Repository and Servants' Registry. WANTED, at once, Experienced and Plain Cooks, Parlourmaids, Housemaid Waitresses, Housemaids, Experienced Nurse, age about 2b, for June, one capable of taking entire charge. Also Laundrymaid and to assist Housemaid; Housemaids and Waitresses for Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and Rhyl; several good Cook Generals, for near Denbigh. All kind of Hotel Servants wanted at once also Young General Servants for light situations, and General Servants for farm houses in Denbigh district; one for near Rhyl, able to undertake Dairy. Wages up to .£18. ESTABLISHED 1870. Mrs. WOOLLEY, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, Ruthin Road. Denbigh. WANTED Experienced Cook for St. Asaph, small family, JB25; good Plain Cooks for Holywell, Denbigh, and St. Asaph, L16 to £ 18; good Waitress for near Denbigh; Housemaid Waitresses for Rhyl and Colwyn Bay; Kitchenmaids and good Generals for Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, and Abergele; also an Experienced Laundress, good wages. MRS. PIPER, Servants' Registry, Denbigh. WANTED, Experienced Cooks and Plain Y' Cooks for Denbigh, St. Asaph, Rhyl, Chester, Corwen,:and Derwen; Parlourmaids for tit. AEaph, Colwyn Bay, and Chester; Housemaid Waitresses for Denbigh, St. Asaph, and Flint; Upper-Housemaid for Birkenhead Cook-Generals, Kitchenmaids, Scullery Maids, Between Maids; also Generals and Young Girls for light situations. Wanted for May good Dairymaid, C20 wages, and other Farm- house Servants.—Disengaged Cook-General, age 30, where one or two in family preferred. 303my31 MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS REGISTRY, i, Post Office Lane, DENBIGH. WANTED good Plain Cooks and Cook— Generals; also Good Generals.—Dis engaged: Young Person as Working House- keeper in small family, Housemaid Waitresses, Kitchenmaid, and Under-Housemaid or Between Girl. Ruthin Assizes. 12th JUNZ, 1902. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Corwen for Ruthin at 8-55 a.m., calling at Gwyddel- wern at 9 a.m., and Nantclwyd at 9-7 a.m. A SPECIAL TRAIN will also leave Denbigh at 9-55 a.m., calling at Llanrhaiadr at 10-2 a.m., and Bhewl at 10-6 a.m.. on the above date. J. PARRY JONES, Undersheriff. Denbigh, June, 1902. j7 Denbighshire Summer Assizes, 1902. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the commission of Assize and General Gaol Delivery for the County of Denbigh will be opened at the COUNTY HALL, RUTHIN, in the said County, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th day of JUNE, 1902, before the Honour- able Sir Arthur Richard Jelf, Knight, one of the Judges of His Majesty's High Court of Justice, Justice to our said Lord the King, when all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Escheators, Stewards, Chief Con- stables, and Bailiffs of Hundreds and Liberties within the said County, and all Jurors, Persons bound by recognizances, Prosecutors, witnesses, and others having business are required to attend at the County Hall, at Ruthin, aforesaid, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, on Thursday, the 12th day of June next, at which hour the Court will Sit and Proceed to business. Jurymen notlkttending will be fined unless some reasonable excuse be proved by oath or affidavit, as required by the Act 6 Geo. 4 Capt. 50 Sec. 38. THE RIGHT HONOURABLE WILLIAM CHARLES WYNN, BARON NEWBOROUGH, Sheriff. J. PARRY JONES, Under-sheriff. Sheriff's Office. Denbigh. 14th May, 1902. 1727j7 The King's. Coronation. BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. AT a Meeting held in the Council Chamber, Denbigh, on Friday, the 18th ultimo (the Mayor in the chair), it was resolved that a sum not exceeding jfilOO be spent on local celebrations in the form of Treats to all the old people and school children in the Borough, and other Festivities, and that the surplus of the Funds raised be devoted to (1) The Denbigh- shire Infirmary; (2) The Nurses' Institute; (3) The building of a new Soup Kitchen for the Town. Should the Festivities Fund not reach the sum of X100 it was resolved that the Committee be empowered to charge the other funds pro rata with the deficit. It is requested that subscribers will kindly pay their Donations to the National Provincial Bank, or the North and South Wales Bank, Denbigh, stating the object to which they wish their contributions applied. The Bank lists will contain columns showing the total amount subscribed by each subscriber, and how he or she wishes it to be appropriated. t J. PARRY JONES, 1666u.c. Hon. Sec CERRIG-V-DRUIDION. GRAND CHAIR & CROWN EISTEDDFOD TO BE HELD ON Thursday, June 12th, 1902. PRESIDENTS: PRINCIPAL JOHN RHYS, M.A., LL.D. OXFORD, J. HERBERT ROBERTS, Esq., M.P.. COL. C. S. MAINWAKING. CONDUCTOR—GWYNEDD. Splendid Prospects J Oyer 300 v;omoe*isor«!! 14 Choirs!! I A great number of Boloists aud Reciters. &c. Grand Concert in the Evening. ARTISTES MISS L. TEIFY DAVIES, R.A.M., MR. MANSELL LEWIS (Of the Royal Albert Hall Patti Concerts, &c.) The following will run conveyances on the day of Eisteddfod. From Denbigh :—Mr J. Williams, Love Lane Mr. Williams, Crown Stables; Mr. D. Jones, Berllan. From Ruthin: Mr. E. Tegid Owen, Castle Hotel. Further particulars in the programme to be obtained from the Secretary on receipt of 2fd. in stamps. D. J. HUGHES, BBYNSAINT, 1768j7 Secretary C. D. PHILLIPS, ELTON HOUSE, RUTHIN. Modern glass-sided Hearse to Let. Funerals Completely Furnished For terms apply as above. 1416 u.c. Scholastic. ^IBLS' JgOAEDING AND DAY SCHOOL Love Lane House, Denbigh. PKiirciPii—MISS K. HUBBARD. The Course of Instruction includes English Musia, Singing, French, German, Drawing Painting, and Needlework. Pupils can be pre- pared for the Looal Examination. Arcville College, East Parade, Rhyl. Preparation for London Matriculation, Oxford and Cambridge Locals and Associated Board of Music. FRENCH and GERMAN Spoken. L PRINCIPAL: MISS MERCIER. Dentistry. Dental Notice. IVIR. THOMAS LUKYN (FROM LONDON), DENTAL SURGEON, successor to Mr. W. H. Key and Mr. W. B Williams), may be consulted daily tt Fern Villa, Church Street, Ehyl National Telephone No. 0174, Rhyl. DENBIGH.—Every Wednesday at Mra Row- bdtham, Hall Square. RUTHIN.—The Firs Tuesday and Th.rd Monday in each Month at Mr. Williams Tudor House, 6, Well Street. N.B.—Patients visited by appointment* MB. E. W. KEATKNOE L.D.S., SURGEON DENTIST. Vaenol," Opposite the Church), Russell Road RHYL. ATTENDANCES. JZNBIGH-AL Mr. R. D. Hughes, Chemist High Street, every Wednesday. ilUTHIN-Al T. H. ttigby, Jeweller's Shop, 14 St. Peter's-square, every First Tuesday in the Month (Fair Day), and every ThirdMoaosy Denbighshire Intermediate Education Scheme (No. 11). DENBIGH COUNTY SCHOOL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Accounts of this School for the year ended the 31st day of March last are open for public inspection at my Offices, Swan Chambers, Denbigh, on any IVeek day except Saturday, between the hours of 10 in the forenoon and 4 in the afternoon, and copies thereof or extracts therefrom, can be made by all persons applying for the purpose. A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Clerk to the Governors. Swan Chambers, Denbigh, May, 1902. 1782j 7 Howell's School, Denbigh. HEAD MISTRESS MISS BELOE, B.A., Hons., Lond., formerly Senior Mathematical Lecturer at Westfield College, London. TWO Scholarships will be given in September next on the entrance examin- ation, which will be held at the Howell's School, Denbigh, and at the Draper's Hall, London, on July 8th and 9th. These Scholarships, which are intended mainly for the daughters of Professional men of limited means, secure the holders their education, board, washing, and maintenance on a yearly payment of £20. Candidates must be approved by the Governors, and a preference will be given to such as are of Welsh birth. In September next a Hostel under the charge of one of the Assistant Mistresses, will be opened. The fees for pupils in this Hostel will be £28 a year. Six beds will be reserved for the benefit of children living in the neighbour- hood who are unable to attend the School daily from home. These candidates will be elected by the Governors, and will be required to pass an Entrance Examination. Ten beds will be reserved for Scholars who will receive their education, board and maintenance, for a yearly payment of X28. The Scholarship Examination for these candidates will be held at the Howell's School, Denbigh, and at the Drapers' Hall, London, on July 8th and 9th. One of the Scholarships will be given for Music (piano), the Examination of which will be held at the Howell's School, Denbigh, only. All applications, both for Election and Scholarships, must be made before June 20th, to the Clerk to the Local Governors, Howell's School, Denbigh, who will furnish further particulars if desired. 1749jl4 CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Every description of Wanted, For Sale," and simila advertisements can be inserted in this column at the ollowing cheap PREPAID rates. Stamps r Postal orders can be sent:- 16 words, once 6d., three times Is 24 words, 9d., 18.64. 32 words, Is., „ 2s. 40 words, Ls. 3d. 2s. 6d. And so on, adding 3d. for every additional 8 words Hf This Scale only applies to PREPAID advertisemen Situations Vacant. ANTED, Young GROOM-GARDENER, \'y good driver, live in; reliable character, abstainer.—Miss Bradbury, Bryn-iach, near Ruthin. "'j14 WANTED a respectable Young Woman as GENERAL SERVANT. Apply Hitchin, the Wine Vaults, Ruthin. u.c. AIRDRESSE H.. WANTED an AP- .LJL PRENTICE. Apply J. E. Jones, Coronation Buildings, Denbigh. u.c. r*7ANTED, a Steady YOUNG MAN to assist temporarily in the garden.—Apply Bryn Dyffryn, Trefnant. i14 For Sale TO BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, the desirable Upland Farm, known as WERN SHED, 50 acres, 2 roods, 10 perches of useful Arable and Pasture Land, good Farm- house and Outbuildings, situate near the Village of Bontuchel.. Apply G. F. Byford, Estate Offices, Ruthin. jl4 FOR SALE, Fine Mezzotint Engraving of Thomas Jones, Esq., F.R.S.F.A.S., M.P. for Denbigh about the year 1800, engraved by Reynolds, published by Orme 1801, in splendid condition. Offers; Griffiths, 32, Mill-street, Kinpton, Herefordshire. j7, SAFES.—300 Fire, Thief, from 35s. 1171!) Bargains. Levy's Safe Company, Frederick Street, Sunderland. *j7 N SALE; cheap PONY TRAP, or ex- 0 change for Bicycle. Apply Hughes, Park Villa, Park Street, Denbigh. *j7 OR SALE, a Freehold Residence known F as "SUNHILL," with gardens and stabling, within one mile of Bodfari Station, on the main road between Mold and Denbigh. Apply by letter to C. Spencer Thorn, Sunhill, near Bodfari, or to Mr. Wm. Freeman, Auctioneer, Holvwell. *j7 ARGAINS in LADIES' BIOYCLEST"it £ 2, £ 3 10s., £ 4 15s., &c., &c., at Buller's, Denbigh. j7 FOR SALE, a Young COLLiE DOG, sable, sire and dam both prize winners. For particulars apply to "J ,W. Free Press Office, Denbigh. *jl4 FOR SALE, a few SHARES in North Hendre Mining Co., at £ 4 5s.—Apply to No. 1776, Free Press Office, Denbigh. *j21 FARM-V,tie of Olwyd. VERY desirable Freehold Dairy Farm called GLANCLWYD, within half-a- mile of the City of St Asaph. Good House and Buildings, Cottage and about 36 acres of rich meadow land, on which there are splendid building sites, and excellent fishing in the river Clwyd.-Apply Messrs Norris and Miles, Solicitors, Tenbury. 1763j 14 To Be Let. TO LET, 2, CLWYD VILLAS, Denbigh. semi-detached, two entertaining rooms, four bedrooms, bathroom (hot and cold water), and usual offices. Immediate possession. Apply at the House. 155lu.c.^ TO BE LET. with immediate possession, COBDEN COTTAGE and Garden, Patfc Road, Ruthin. Apply to R. G. Joyce, LlanfaiV D. C. 1708u.c. O LET. No. 9, Brynvffynnon Terrace, Denbigh. For full particulars apply to Mr. Aneurin O. Evans, solicitor, Denbigh. il4 The Finest Health Resort in North Wales. RHOS ABBEY HOTEL, COLWYN BAY, RHOS-ON-SEA, COLWYN BAY. Facing the Sea, Pure Bracing Air, Delightful Climate, Charming Soenery. Water Supply and Sanitation Perfect. Elegant Apartments. Every Home Comfort All Bedrooms Sea View. Excellent Go Links by the Sea within half mile. High Class Cuisine. Terms Moderate. Tariff, apply to Fr. Meier, Proprietor (late at he i WINDSOR HOTEL GLASGOW. j30.02: Miscellaneous- WANTED, Governess Car, Harness, good condition. Also Donkey, good tempered, fast trotter. State lowest price. Vicar, Brithdir, Dolgellcy. *jl4 Welsh Ponies Wanted. TT7ANTED to purchase two WELSH *» PONIES. Address, Thurles, Ireland," c/o Free Press, Denbigh. *j7 OST,^ CIGARETTE CASE. The finder will be rewarded on returning it to H. Free Press Office, Denbigh. j7 ANTED; for August, FURNISHED COUNTRY COTTAGE, pleasantly situated in North fWales, 3 or 4 bedrooms. State terms, Mrs. Thompson, 50, Park Road, West Hartlepool. *j21 THB GREATEST DISCOVERY OF MODERN SCIlON The marvellous Cure for Corns and Walia r II Verrucacine II 15 is guaranteed to remove the most painful Corn or Wart in a few days, without pfcis or inconvenience. Recommended by the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, Physiciant, and Stirg,oizo. VERRUCACINE possesses the most extraordinary property of eradicating the most painful Corn or Wart in a few days, without the least pain, proving itself a perfect boon to the thousands and cleanlyItS application is easy- simple Sole Proprietor and Manufacturer: R- D. HUGHES, Operative & Dispensing Chemist, COUNTY MEDICAL HALL, Hioh Street, DENBIGH. To be had of all Chemists, lilf and 2 9. 1773 uc Testimonial to Mr. Scales. rpHOSE who having kindly promised Sub- JL scriptions to the above are respectfully asked to forward the same to W. T. JONES, ESQ., London and Provincial Bank, Ruthin, on or before the 16th day of June, when the list will be closed. 1780J13

Family Notices