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a w elsn urocer s Jbxpsnence. Mil. ARTHUli PHILLIPS, "The Emporium," ACREFAIR, writes:— Having given p Spratt's Poultry Spice a tnal before selling it, I find it first-class. I penned 16 Buff Orpington Pullets and ised it with greut success. In tajct I gathered eggs all through the Winter, only being one day without any." Spratt's Patent Chicken Meal. Gaa A Cooked Food containing M,'at. Brings Chickens on Amazingly. fc »p<*n oil. aud Gd. Packets, also 3-Mb., Tib., 141b., 281b., and Cwt. Sealfcd Bags. Add to Sott Food SPRATT'S CRISSEL TltADE MAnK. A GRANULATED PRAIRIE MEAT. And SPRA rI" POULTRY 1L ICE. Sold in Packets and Sealed Bags. Of all Corn Dealers, Grocers, &c. Pamphlet on Chicken Rearing Post Free of SPR&TT'S SMVFJBNT LIMITED, 24 and i5, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C. „, RIGHT AHEAD. raft y &aft BULLER'S Best Bicycles lor 1902. Absolutely the Best Value in the Trade. JVOTE. Free "Wheels, Dunlop Tyres, choice of four kinds of Brakes, Hand Band Rim, or B.P., Plated Ri ms, and every Improvement from lOs> I We respectfully invito Inspection of the following Best British Makes, for wlr'ch we are SOLE DiSTRICT AGENTS SITBILWH ALL F,NFIE'J0- PREMIER, EXCELSIOES TRILMPH, QUADRA.NI, and other leading makes from j £ 8 8s. Other Good Makes from £6 10s. MOTOR BICYCLES, &c., by leading English Makers. LIsts, Lessons, and all particulars free. B:3 sure and C,Jl if yon want B/t, and Cheapest. NOTE ADDRESS B S B )) BE' BULLER, Portland Place, DENBIGH. ■ 199nc NItWn'fWJii::y.i:Yir!ii'i!i]!f!1iY'Wf{e-'t!Y!Y-m:y.WY.YNHM'IVÚ"'v. d Soak.pma.kers By Royal V/arra.ivis. j$ tS | 15" I 'JJ' I I I^?King | ) and Queerk. i | HM'\W.W<.y.wmMYm'Mw.MYM:wmN Holloway's fJ. I PBiS THEY ARE INVALUABLE FOR LIVER AND KI.DNEY COMPLAINTS, also Bronchitis, Asthma, and other affections of r THE THROAT, CHEST AND LUNGS. For upwards of Sixty years they have held front rank as the best and most Reliable Family Medicines: ;-L, Wag:rr*I A GUINEA A BOX. w )S B B j& R &B< FOR ALL • BILIOUS ft NERVOUS DISORDERS, Sick Headache, Constipation, Wind, Weak Stomach, impaired Digestion. Disordered liver & Female Ailments. Prepared only by the Proprietor. THOMAS BEECKAM, St. Helens. Lancashire, in boxes, Is. Hd. (56 pills) and 2s. 9d. ea/?b- with full directions, bold everywhere. I p- "DENBIGHSHIRE FKEG PKEiSx" This Coupon-Insuraace-Ticket must not be detached. be paid by Tlie Ocean Accident miti Cot'ijoi'ifc— a tion, Limited, Chief Office, IVos. 36 to 41, Moorsute Street, London, E.C., to the legal personal representative of the b-ma fide owner of this Coupon- Insurance-Ticket if such owner shall be killed by an accident within the United Kingdom to any Railway Company's passenger-tram in which such owner is travelling as an ordinary ticket bearing passenger, season-ticket-holder, or trader's ticket-holder. Provided that the above undertaking is subject to the following special conditions which are of the essence of the contract, viz.: a) That such death result within one month after the accident, (!>) that such owner's usual signature shall have been written in ink, in the space pn-vi.u-d underneath before'the accident, (c) that notice of the accident be given to t-i,- Corp. r .t;ou at its Chief Office i'u London within seven days after its occurrence. that medical certificates al,d other information be furnished by the person elaimii-'y' t for the saUl8 bv tiv Corporation, and (e) that this Insurance applies oniy to peipoi eYel" sixteen years of age, is limited to one Coupon-Insurance-Ticket for F-6cli hc;luei, and holds good for the cunent week of issue only. This Insurance entitles the holder to the benefit of, and is subject to the conditions of the OCKAST ACCIDENT AND 'GUARANTEE COMPANY, LIMITED, ACT, 1890, Risks Nos. 2 and 3 when they are not incompatible with the special conditions above stated. The possession of this Coupon-Insurance-Ticket is admitted to he the payment of a premium under Sec. 33 of the Act. A Print of the Act can be seen at the Chief Office of the Corporation. Signature. Week of issue :-J une 14th, 1902. "Come, give us a Trial of our Quality," Winners of the Silvep Niodal at the D. and F. A. Show 1900. CONNAH & CO., The Wheelmen of North Wales, are making TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS in the Prices of NEW MACHINES EXAMPLE—Druids, £7 10s. Od. Royal Welsh, £ 9 9s. Od. Royal Cambrian. X12 10s. Od. All fitted with Detachable Pneumatic Tyres. 92 per Machine less than last year's prices. Quality better than ever. Swift Cycle-—His Majesty the King has granted his Royal Warrant to the SWIFT CYOLJI Company, who have supplied with the Swift Machine for over 20 years. Bassinettes, from 25s. Mail Carts, from 12s. 6d. For Sale or Hire. Repairs and Brazing a Speciality. Agents for Rudge, Crescent, Raleigh, Swift, New Hudson. Pneumatic Safeties from.26 10s. Od. Accessories at Factory Prices, Last year's Stock of Machines at less than cost prioe to clear. Second-hand Machines largest Stock in the country, Pneumatic Safeties, thoroughly reliable, from £ 3 10s. Write for particular. MOTOR CARS. The conveyance of the future a Speciality, I We have a large Stock of Sandow's Developers, Hockey Sticks and Requisites, the Ge-Ty- Of Snapshot, and the celebrated new Game of Ping Pong or Table Tennis. Contracts for Schools for large or small quantities. Hockey Sticks from 2s. 6d. CONNAH CO., North Wales Cycle & Motor Car Manufacturers, 5, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, and RHYL. They are wise who order our Machines. We well mount the Rider and ecnsiclc-r iheirrt-eans Full particulars on application to the Manager, H. MILLER. I