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"Wholesale & Family Wine & Spirit Merchants. «» Vd High Street, Denbigh. 1:. BASS and Allsopp's Ales, and GUINNESS'S Extra Stout, in Cask and Bottle. Monarch of all S TYM Temperance Drinks. Hggf3 Families and the Trade Supplied. National Telephone, No. 48. T. & S. XL ASHFORB, GROCERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, Ac., I IIIG H STREET, DENBIGH, ) Supply GOODS of the Best Quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. Choicest Blends of TEA from Is. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, lB. to Is. 8d. per lb. Baris's Wiltshire S.MOKIiD BACON and HAMS. kgect Fcr BASS & CO.'S BURTUN ALE and STOUT, and WHITBREAD'S I ALE and STOUT. Fo- POULTON & NOEL'S CELEBRATED OX TONGUES apply at T. & S. H. ASHFORD'S. -_u_- SSgjiLiPifcs of all Best. Brands. ALL WINES OF THE FINEST QUALITY. U8C.1fæ:AS: Prices from Is. 4d., Is. Gd., and 2s. ;c.} Agents :-Messrs. T. & S. H. ASHFORD. Natvnnflil Telephone: No. 3x4, Denbigh. -L- HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh, I hers to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings Oor the Secson Choice Selection of Fancy Vestings in all the Latest Designs. .4, HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh. Aslc for !5§§ CAMBRIAN TABLE WATERS. Manufactured direct from the only Artesian sparkling Spring at RUTHIN. For the Holidays. To be Cleared about 3 dozen 1908 HIGH GRADE CYCLES., such as Humber, Singer, Rover, Enfield, Raleigh, etc. CASH TERMS ONLY. "THE BEST" BUT AS CHEAP AS THE OTHER KIND. he Old Spot, U L L E R',S Portland Piace, DENBIGH. :t I MEDICAL HALL, DENBIGH. l R. D. HUGHES, M.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST. I The Dispensing of Physicians' Prescriptions, which is a speciality of this business, is personally attended to by the Princi- 1 pal. All the Drugs and Chemicals employed are WARRANTED OF ABSOLUTE PURITY, and Goods are despatched with as little delay as possible. The Greatest Discovery of Modern Science. THE MARVELLOUS CURE for CORNS and WARTS • ¡ I VERRUCACINEI-i «I l .?L is guaranteed to remove the most painful CORN or WART in a few days, without pain or incon- venience. Recommended by the Nobility, Ciergy, Gentry, Physicians, and Surgeons. VERRUCACINE possesses the most extraordinary property of eradicating the most pain- ful Corn or Wart in a few days. without the least pain, proving itself a- perfect boon to Thousands of Sufferers. The application is Easy, bimple and Cleanly. UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL. Aug. 1st, 1908. Dear Sir,—Kindly send me another Bottle of your VERRUCACINE. I must say that it is the best CORN CURE I have ever used, and have tried a good many. All my Oorns have practically disappeared except one, which is a very severe one, bat I hope another Bottle will cure it. Hoping to receive it at your earliest convenience.-I; a.m, vours, &c., W.W. R. D. HUGHES, HIGH CLASS STORE CHEMIST, DENBIGH. 25, High Street, Denbigh. T. R. RUTTER, TAILOR, Wishes to draw the attention of bis Customers to the Good Value he is offering THIS MONTH. Try One of his 45s. SUITS, made in the NEWEST STYLE and in his own Workshop by expert Workmen. I Also Try One of his I 3s. 9d. HATS, BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. SEE WINDOW. 25, HIGH STREET. Ladies' Garments a speciality. Agent for Burberry's Rain Coats. End of Rhyl Season. WADSWORTH'S lend out Large Numbers of PIANOS to Visitors. These will shortly be FOR SALE at GREAT REDUCTIONS. All the Instruments are being 0 thoroughly overhauled in our own workshop, and in ILany cases cannot he distinguishtd from New Ones. Several Second-hand ones are itcluded, as well as some American Organs and Hatmoniums. Complete Printed List ready on September 30dl.. Any Instrument will be Sold on Easy Payment's System if desired. I C) Carriage P,id anywhere. If you would like the Lit, please send Postcard at once to WADSWORTH'S MUSIC ROOMS, RHYL. Telephone-44. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. MR. T. THURGOOD, 70, Wellington Road, RHYL, attends personally at Miss Powell's, Fancy Dealer, 39, Vale Street, Denbigh, EVERY WEDNESDAY from 12 noon to 7 r.Tn PAINLESS SYSTEM, without the use of Gas or Cjcaine. ALL WORK GUARANTEED. SETS from Rl. Single Tooth, 2s. Stoppings, 2s. BADLY FITTING CASES SUCCESSFULLY RE-MODELLED. TEETH MOUNTED on GOLD, PLATINUM, EBONITE, CORALITE, &c. at all Prices. ADVICE FREE. Return Fares allowed on all work over Cl. Quick Repairs a Speciality. Attention given to Children's Teeth at moderate charges. J American Crown, Bridge and Bar Work, Inlays, &cM At MODERATE CHARGES. I BRANCHES &t:-PRrSTATY-N every Monday, 12.50 to 4 p.m.; ST. ASAPH every Tuesday, i 11.30 a.,n to 2 p.m. ABEKGISLE and PENSARX every Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. also at I MH. GIBUON, Ivy HOUSE, HIGH STREET, HOLYWELL, every Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p m. m*14 j £ 100,000 worth ofTurnishing Goods. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF BEDROOM SUITES, DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES SIDEBOARDS, CABINUTS, OVEEMANTELS, BOOKCASES, HALL STANDS, AND OTHER FURNITURE. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOOR-CLOTHES, RUGS AND MATS, CURTAINS, AND GENERAL FURNISHING GOODS, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN ENGLAND FOR CASH. RAY i MILES. 34 to 38, L8SD08 MM. UYEfiPiE Telegraphic Address » FURNISHING," LIVERPOOL. Telephone No. 1214 Roys4. 638nll H '1. _.l:- P«™RU0 H.SI. THE KING AND H.R.H- THE PRI8CE ^ALES- BY SmMENT. ELLIS'S DRY GINGER ALE. The Best in the World." R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825. Telegrams-, ELLIS, RUTHEN" Telephone-l-To. 1, RUTHIN. Liverpool Office and Stores 23 and 25, BAES-B STREET. Telephone Number 214 ASTFIELD T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Draper. RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OF PATTERNS for the PRESENT SEASON in the Latest Designs in Ladies' and Gents' Materials. Patterns and Estimates! UPON APPLICATION St. Peter's Square Ruthin. WHEW AY'IS S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, Vale Street, DENBIGH. Bargains for all Classes. Splendid Selection in China and Earthenware. Special Value in Glasses of every description and quality. Pannings, Creamings, & Flower Pots of all sizes always in stock. A Good Assortment of Enamelled and Galvanised Ware, Brushes and Hardware. Agents for Ingersoil's Watches. An inspection respectfully invited. Motto :—Small Prcfits and Quick Returns. 626uc H. MILLER, Opposite N. & S.W. Bank, 8, Vale St., DENBIGH. Agent for-Swift Cycles, from X6 10s. to £ 12 12s. Premier and Iris Cycles; also New Hudson and Elswick Cycles, from 26 15s. to .£21. Cash or Hire. Manufacturer of the famous Royal Central Cycle*, from JB5 cash; or Boys' £ 4 10s. cash. Mailcarts and Go-Carts for Sale or ,Hire. Numerous Second-hand Lady's and Gent's Cycles for Sale or Hire. 'Brazing, Enamelling, and Vulcanizing. All kinds of Repairs done to Motors and Cycles. Mangle Rollers Turned AND Lawn Mowers Ground. IT CANNOT BE DENIED THAT the best method of Trading is by making a special endeavour to suit the Customers by selling the* Best Quality at the Lowest Possible Prices. This has always been our motto, and we mean to adhere to it. Be wise in time and secure your Tea, Provisions, Flour, Corn, etc., at R. Owe Son, The People's Grocers, SISR SHOP. 51 & 52, HIGH STREET. DENBIGH. Warehouses: DIAMOND BUILDINGS, >i»" ..l_» ji1, I JOHN ROBERTS, j LADIES' COSTUMIER & GENTS' TAILOR, 1. CASTLE STREET. RUTHIN. I Begs to inform bis numerous Customers that he has received a very Choice Selection of Patterns suitable for Spring and I Summer, in latest designs, and Colours in t- adtes'and Gents' Material. Costumes to order from 50s. Suits to order from 50s. Fit and Etyle guaranteed. Compare patterns and prices before giving your Spring order. I Representative will call on receipt of post card. The Best House for Household Lineo, Millinery, Dressmaking Hosiery, Gloves, Laces, etc. 107 H. PARRY JONES (Successor to MR. ROBERT ELLIS), Penybryn, Crown Lane, AND Coronation Buildings, DENBIGH. i H.P.J. supplies only Home-Fed Meat of overy description. A large selection of Home Cured Hams and Bacon always in Stock. Home Rendered Lard. The Finest Quality of Sausages supplied when in season. Prime WELSH MUTTON and LAMB a Speciality. All Orders sent, carriage paid and oarefullv packed, to all parts of Great Britain. Prices on Application. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS. Penybryn, Crown Lane, and Coronation Buildings, DENBIGH. 352uc "OWEN'S Waterproof Composition. ¡ [ESTABLISHED 1886.], I THE WORLD'S BEST 'FOR Brown or Black Shooting, Fishing, Golf, Walking Boots, Harness, &c. Softens and Preveuts Leather from Cracking. Sold by principal Boot Shops and Grocers in Denbigh, St. Asaph, and District. All size tins; or Is. an by pest Is. 2id. FROM MANUFACTURER JAMES OWEN, 1, Temple Bar Terrace, Denbigh. el.08 High Class Artificial Teeth. H. W. GKIFFIN ATTENDS Mr. T, ROBERTS, 2, Market Place, RUTHIN, every FairJDay and 3rd Monday. I Attends at MR. MORGAN'S LONDON aOUSE, CORWEN, every Fair Dy and 1st Friday. Painless System. Moderate Fees. Satisfaction Guaranteed." TELEPHONE No. 547 WATERLOO. Teeth of any make Repaired, or Remodelled on my system. 49ne Try H. M I L L E fil for all kinds of TOBAIBCO, fresh in weekly. Brands of Ogden's, Wills', Lambert & Butler's, Smith's, Player's, Hijuett's Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Cigars. Pipes, Pouchee, Cigarette Oases', Cigarette Holders, &c., &e. VALE STREET, DENBIGH -o;¿;<i.?J 'c.\}. '7- W. M. BULLER begs to thank the residents of Denbigh and Neighbourhood for past and present favours, and to respectfully solicit a continuance of their kind support. Careful and prompt attention to all Orders. For something New try BtLIleraii Just returned from Warehouses with Latest Season's Novelties. Best of everything at BULLER'S. — Havana and other imported Cigars. Pipes, Holders, Cases. Note Address and call for Bargains at BULLER'S (The Old Original Shop), Portland Place, ¡ DENBIGH I tdaviesT BUTCHER, 2, Vale Street, Denbigh, Supplies Best Quality Vale of Clwvd Beef Mutton, Lamb, Ve&l, and Pork, at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Personal attention given to every Branch of the Business. -:0:- Welsh Mutton and Lamb a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to. (Shop Open Daily). NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 2, VALE STREET (Corner of Hail Square). NOTICE. THOMAS DAVIES begs to inform his JL Customers and others who are on the National Telephone that they are now connected with the ServiM-" No. 2x2." BKATT, ThE ONLY HIGH-CLASS UPHOLSTERER IN THE DISTRICT. FRENCH POLISHER, dtc, MATTRESSES RE-MADE. Bed and Mantel Draperies cut in the latest French designs, Lounge Chairs, Chesterfields, Cosycorners made up to order. Moderate charges. Distance no object. Orders by post promptly attended to, WORKSHOP: Vale Street, next to Smith's Bookstall. 4, Ysgubor Wen, Ruthin Rd., Denbigh. Iln728.08 Hand Brewery 17, Well Street, RUTHIN R. ROBERTS, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merohmt, Brewer and Malster begs to call the attention of the Gentry and Public to his celebrated Some-Brewed ALES (pure Extract of Malt and Hops), which may be supplied in Casks of 86, 18 as 9 gallons at the following prioea 36 gls. is gls. y gle. XXX (Mild) 50s. 25s. 12a. 6d. XXX (do.) 42s. 218. los.M. XX (do.) 36s. 18s. 9s-6d. B.Is Bitter) 50s. 25s. 12s. 6d P.A. (d,), 42s, 21s. 10s. 6d Guiness's Exiia Stout; Barclay and Perkins, London Stout; and Bass & Co.'s Burtoc AVGB in Cask and Bottles. Finest Scotch and Irish Whiskies-' and Ports Sherries and ChamDagnes of well-&.own brands. 5000 PAIRS, 1908, GUARANTEED TYRES Covers fit Clincher or Danlop Rims. 5s., guaranteed. Air Tubes with Valves, 3s. Send for Lists of Tyres and Cycle Accessories* W. A. GORTON, TIRE FACTORY, W olverhampton. TEETH: HANLON'a, LTD., 3ovedale, King's Avenue, Wellington Road, Rhyl, TELEPHONE No. 7R4. MR. HANLON Attends Personally DENBIGH, at Mr. -tL-ailjSBY'S Photographer, Vale Street, every Wednes. day, 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. :UTHIN, every Fair Day and 3-d Mondays, at Mr. Gee's, Ironmonger, Clwvd Street. OR WEN First Friday and Fairdav, at Mr. Samuel Jones, Conf»">ier, Bridge*Street. [Artificial Teeth a Speciality.] 1 Old Plates aired and ReaioleJlei at Moderate Qbarges, ti